A League Of Their Own

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A League Of Their Own, the movie


A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own A League Of Their Own


Tom Hanks: Jimmy Dugan
Geena Davis: Dottie Hinson
Madonna: Mae 'All-The-Way-Mae' Mordabito
Lori Petty: Kit Keller
Jon Lovitz: Ernie Capadino
David Strathairn: Ira Lowenstein
Garry Marshall: Walter Harvey
Bill Pullman: Bob Hinson
Megan Cavanagh: Marla Hooch
Rosie O'Donnell: Doris Murphy
Tracy Reiner: Betty 'Betty Spaghetti' Horn
Bitty Schram: Evelyn Gardner
Don S. Davis: Racine Coach Charlie Collins
Renée Coleman: Alice Gaspers
Ann Cusack: Shirley Baker
Eddie Jones: Dave Hooch
Freddie Simpson: Ellen Sue Gotlander
Anne Ramsay: Helen Haley
Robin Knight: 'Beans' Babbitt
Patti Pelton: Marbleann Wilkenson
Kelli Simpkins: Beverly Dixon
Neezer Tarleton: Neezer Dalton
Connie Pounds-Taylor: Connie Calhoun
Kathleen Marshall: 'Mumbles' Brockman
Sharon Szmidt: Vivian Ernst
Pauline Brailsford: Miss Cuthbert
Justin Scheller: Stilwell Gardner
Alan Wilder: Nelson

Movie synopsis

While all the American men are fighting against the nazis in WW II, the American baseball league decides to keep the professional league running with women teams. Dottie (Geena Davis) and Kit (Lori Petty) are among the women, who are discovered by a scout and given a chance to escape their dull life as a housewife. The Chicago Peaches soon learn that they're not taken very serious, not even by their coach Jimmy (Tom Hanks). Until they show the men they sure know how to play ball. Not only do the women get respect and success, they also learn about teamplay and friendship.

Production info

Directed by: Penny Marshall
Written by: Kim Wilson & Kelly Candaele (story); Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel (screenplay)
Produced by: Elliot Abbott, Ronnie D. Clemmer, Robert Greenhut, Joseph Hartwick, Amy Lemisch, Penny Marshall & Bill Pace
Production company: Columbia Pictures
Locations: Cooperstown, NY; LA, CA; Evansville, IN; Henderson, KE; Huntingburg, IN; Chicago, IL (US)
Date of filming: July 1991
Budget: $ 40 million

Release info

Released as: A League Of Their Own
Released in theatres: July 1, 1992 (US)
Released on DVD: Sept. 9, 1997 (US & Eur.); April 20, 2004 (Special Edition, US)
Runtime: 128 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama
MPAA rating: PG
Box office: $ 107.5 million (US)


Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell, best pals on the set Mae and Doris, became real-life best friends. It was O'Donnell who shot the cover of the Drowned World Tour video, 9 years after this movie.


1993 ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards:
Award for 'Most Performed Songs from Motion Pictures' (Madonna - This Used To Be My Playground)

1993 American Comedy Award:
Award for 'Funniest Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture' (Tom Hanks)

1993 Artios Awards:
Award for 'Best Casting for Feature Film, Drama' (Ellen Lewis & Amanda Mackey Johnson)

1993 Golden Globe Awards:
Nomination for 'Best Original Song - Motion Picture' (Madonna - This Used To Be My Playground)
Nomination for 'Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical' (Geena Davis)

1993 MTV Movie Awards:
Nomination for 'Best Breakthrough Performance' (Rosie O'Donnell)
Nomination for 'Best Female Performance' (Geena Davis)
Nomination for 'Best Kiss' (Pauline Brailsford & Tom Hanks)


A League Of Their Own (OST)

Original Music by: Hans Zimmer, Carole King, Madonna & Billy Joel
Even though Madonna sang the theme song This Used To Be My Playground, this track didn't appear on the soundtrack.

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