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Who's That Girl, the movie


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Madonna: Nicole 'Nikki' Finn
Griffin Dunne: Louden Trott
Haviland Morris: Wendy Worthington
John McMartin: Simon Worthington
Bibi Besch: Mrs. Worthington
John Mills: Montgomery Bell
Robert Swan: Detective Bellson
Drew Pillsbury: Detective Doyle
Coati Mundi: Raoul
Dennis Burkley: Benny
James Dietz: Buck

Movie synopsis

Louden Trott (Griffin Dunne) is a simple lawyer on the verve of marrying rich Wendy Worthington. His soon-to-be father-in-law asks him a favour: to put ex-con Nikki Finn (Madonna) on the bus to Philadelphia. This task seems harder than expected, as Nikki turns out to be a real pain-in-the-ass. Serving 4 years in jail for a crime she didn't commit, she's out for revenge and takes Louden along on her trip to find the evidence to clear her name. The highly organised middle class guy has no choice but to follow this crazy girl, and eventually they find out that what they're looking for, is something they both needed to know...

Production info

US working title: Slammer
Directed by
: James Foley
Written by: Andrew Smith & Ken Finkleman
Produced by: Roger Birnbaum, Peter Guber, Rosilyn Heller, Jon Peters, Andrew Smith, Bernard Williams, Bernie Williams
Production company: Warner Bros
Locations: LA & NY (US)
Date of filming: Nov. 1986 - 1987

Release info

Released as: Who's That Girl
Released in theatres: Aug. 7, 1987 (US)
Released on DVD: Feb. 14, 2006 (US) / March 20, 2006 (UK)
Runtime: 92 minutes
Genre: Comedy
MPAA rating: PG
Box office: $ 7.3 million (US)


The original title was 'Slammer', but Madonna had difficulties writing a matching title song.
This movie is loosely based on the screwball comedy classic Bringing Up Baby from 1938.


1988 ASCAP Awards:
Award for 'Most Performed Songs from Motion Pictures' (Who's That Girl)

1988 Golden Globe Awards:
Nomination for 'Best Original Song - Motion Picture' (Who's That Girl)

1988 Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies):
Award for 'Worst Actress' (Madonna)
Nomination for 'Worst Director' (James Foley)
Nomination for 'Worst Original Song' (El Coco Loco)
Nomination for 'Worst Picture' (Rosilyn Heller & Bernard Williams)
Nomination for 'Worst Screenplay' (Andrew Smith & Ken Finkleman)


Who's That Girl, the soundtrack
The movie soundtrack contains four songs by Madonna. Read more in our Discography section.

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