Hello And Good-Bye


Hello and good-bye
I've just unemployed you
You can go back to school
You've had a good run
I'm sure he enjoyed you
Don't act sad or surprised let's be friends civilized
Come on little one! Don't sit there like a dummy!
The day you knew would arrive is here you'll survive
So move, funny face!
I like your conversation
You've a catchy turn of phrase
Your obviously going through some adolescent phase

So what happens now
So what happens now
Where am I going to
You'll get by you always have before
Where am I going to

Don't ask anymore


Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice
Produced by Nigel Wright, Alan Parker, Andrew Lloyd Webber and David Caddick
Vocals by Madonna, Jonathan Pryce and Andrea Corr


Evita, the album

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