Oh Dear Daddy


I went up to the local bar
To buy my daddy a big cigar
When I got home he was dead
Somebody shot him in the head

Oh Dear Daddy
You're not gonna see me grieve
'Cause you brought out the worst in me

When the funeral was through
I had myself a barbecue
Daddy's bones they sure taste good
I'd 've kill 'em myself; if only I could

Oh Dear Daddy
You're not gonna see me sad
'Cause everything you did was bad






Oh Dear Daddy @ Drowned World TourMadonna sang this old country song during the Drowned World Tour. It's based on an old Italian folk song named 'Oh Susannah'. She reportedly got the idea of including it in the show after it was played on the Letterman show which she attended late 2000. During the concert she used the song as one big joke in which she communicates with the audience all the time, with a strong southern accent. Each time she told everyone this was a new song, never heard before and especially written for that city! Througout the song Madonna, Niki and Donna keep on joking around. That's why it was often called 'the funny song'.

During the show in Detroit - which was recorded for the tour DVD - Madonna specified this song wasn't about her father (who was attending the show that night). She then took a moment to thank her father: "Dad, you're one cool dude; thank you for everything!"

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