Angels With Dirty Faces




Written by Madonna and Patrick Leonard




This is a demo written by Madonna and Patrick Leonard during the recording session for the Like A Prayer album. The track was first mentioned by Bruce Gaitsch, co-writer of La Isla Bonita and guitarist on True Blue and Like a Prayer, during an interview with Madonna music expert Peter Magennis in 2006:

"I have a tape somewhere of some songs I had to learn parts from and none of these songs are on it. But there is a song called Angels with Dirty Faces on it that is killer".

Patrick Leonard also mentioned the track in an Instagram post in July 2017:

'Angels' is a song called 'Angels With Dirty Faces' that M and I wrote for the album and ultimately must have decided wasn't good enough. Having said that, it's a finished song with her vocal that no one has ever heard and it's pretty darn good. Wish I could post it. Obviously I can't. Was crazy to hear it and vividly remember doing it. Just another song on another day of writing... then. Now it seems unreal that that's what we're up to...

Angels With Dirty Faces is also the title of a 1938 movie, starring Pat O’Brien, Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney. Cagney's film White Heat had already inspired Madonna for a track on the True Blue album.

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