Madonna news - Oct. 2001

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31 October - 10 000 visitors !!
Right before turning four months old, Mad-Eyes has welcomed its 10 000th visitor! Thanx for your loyalty and support! The site has been a lot of fun to do. As a thank-you you can now download the fantastic Mad-Eyes screensaver, made by Justin, by clicking the image on the right. (4.6 Mb in .zip-format; you need Winzip to unzip the file). Enjoy! And do keep on visiting! :) ~ bARTie - your webmaster

30 October - Soccer club promotes GHV2
RSCA shirtBelgian soccer club RSC Anderlecht is about to promote the upcoming GHV2 album. During their game against RWD Molenbeek on November 3rd the players will be wearing a shirt with the Music logo, saying "Madonna - Greatest Hits". During the game Madonna classics will be played, while the players will receive lots of Madonna goodies. The kick-off will be given by a lookalike, who will sing Music, Don't Tell Me and Ray Of Light during the break. Organiser announces a lot of promotion on their site during the week prior to the release, which is now set for November 9th. (Thanx to Marco)
~ The lookalike is also a friend of mine, whom I met in Bercy. Marijke, I know you'll do a terrific job! :)

30 October - No Q Awards
At last nights Q Magazine Awards Madonna lost out to the Manic Street Preachers in the category 'Best Live Act'.

29 October - Deep Dish remix for II
This excerpt from the site of Deep Dish implies there will be another remix for Impressive Instant: "Just got back from a loooong session in the studio working on Madonna's 'Impressive Instant'. It's coming along very nicely and pretty much done but sounds radically different than our 'Music' mix."

29 October - Morton fails to provoke
The exclusive serialisation of Andrew Morton's Madonna, the biography, has failed to provoke a bidding frenzy, fetching just a fraction of the sum clinched by Victoria Beckham for her recent biography. Madonna, which is being serialised in the Daily Express and OK! magazine, is believed to have been sold for just over £100,000, compared with the £750,000 which was paid out by the Mail on Sunday and Hello! magazine for Victoria Beckham's Learning to Fly. Sources say the book, which is unauthorised and has attracted the opprobium of Madonna and her friends, fails to give any new insight into the life of the powerful star. (source: MediaGuardian)

28 October - No TMF Award
At the 2001 TMF Awards (Belgium), Madonna lost out to Jennifer Lopez in the category 'Best International Female Singer'. Neither one of them attended the show.

27 October - WBR site updated
Warner Brothers official Madonnasite has been updated. It plays the Thunderpuss megamix in the background.

pLATINum Rhythm 27 October - pLATINum Rhythm
Here's the cover of the upcoming album pLATINum Rhythm, which is released on October 30th by Mavericks Latin label Musica. The 14-track compilation starts off with a previously unreleased remix of Music by Robbie Rivera. (source: Madonnapower)

27 October - II soars in dance chart
The Peter Rauhofer remix of Impressive Instant is storming up the Billboard Dance Chart. After debuting at no. 25 the song has reached no. 12 and is expected to top the chart soon.

27 October - No different tracklisting?
Last week Amazon posted different tracklistings for the GHV2 in the UK and Japan. According to fansite Madonnapower Warner denied these different tracklistings.

27 October - Megamix video
The Dan-o-Rama video that accompanies the GHV2 megamix will be released on TV music channels by the end of next week.

GHV2 megamix cover 25 October - GHV2 Thunderpuss megamix
The GHV2 megamix by Thunderpuss has been distributed to radio and club DJs and will soon be played in your area. You can download the MP3 at Sidewalk Talk.

25 October - Madonna on DWT
"It's a theatrical presentation of my music. I've taken my inspiration from many things - martial arts, flamenco, country and western, punk, rock and roll, Butoh dance and the circus." More about the release of the tour video at MadonnaMusic.

25 October - Madonna nominated for IMA
The nominations for the Italian Music Awards 2001 were announced today. Madonna is nominated for 'Best International Album' (Music), 'Best International Song' (Don't Tell Me) and 'Best International Female Artist'. (Thanx to Madmarfi)

24 October - Guy and Madge want a safe home
Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie are certainly keen on their privacy. The couple are so worried at the possibility that ramblers (and, of course, unwanted fans) would have access to Ashcombe House, their newly acquired £9 million mansion on the Wiltshire-Dorset border, via a public footpath, that they are considering building a whopping great fence around the property. 'An application for fencing the footpath or planting the area could probably be completed in eight weeks,' said a spokesman for Salisbury District Council. The alternative would be to reroute the path itself, a time-consuming course of action that would involve the Ramblers Association and English Heritage. 'I think it's unlikely that the path could be moved,' mused a spokesman for Wiltshire County Council. Fencemakers throughout Wiltshire and Dorset must be licking their lips. (source: PeopleNews)

23 October - Lola shy when meeting Britney
Madonna's daughter Lourdes went into hiding when she was about to meet her own chart idol Britney Spears. The five-year-old hid behind her nanny because she was so nervous about being introduced to Spears, currently in the charts with I'm A Slave 4 U. But 19-year-old Spears told Star: The Celebrity Magazine that she was similarly struck with fear when she met up with Madonna herself just moments later. She said: "I'm usually so cool when I meet people, but once I was walking into the room I just felt something come over me and I was so nervous. "So I walked in - I'm so embarrassed at what I said, I said, 'I feel like I should hug you'. Afterwards I was like, 'eeeuw, why did I say that?'. "She probably thinks I'm the biggest dork in the world." Lourdes - who her mum has previously said believes it is normal to have famous parents - accompanied Madonna to the meeting, but went silent when she saw the Baby One More Time singer. Spears explained: "Her nanny said that she normally talks a lot, but she was being really quiet and shy. "She looked at her nanny and said, 'Tell her, will you? Just tell her'. And the nanny was like, 'Tell her what?', and she went, 'Tell her that I have all the watches and all of her Barbie's and stuff. "I thought it was so sweet - she was hiding behind her nanny the whole time." (source: Ananova)

23 October - Tour shirt raises £ 9,500

Tour shirt for auctionMadonna's Stars and Stripes T-Shirt raised £ 9,500 [about € 15,300] at a live auction to raise money for a children's cancer charity. A total of £ 106,550 [about € 171,680] was raised in aid of Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood's London Home. (source: Madonnarama)

23 October - Hunger album
A benefit 15-song CD entitled "Groundwork: Act to Reduce Hunger" will feature donated songs by artists including Madonna, Harris, Tom Waits, Moby, Sheryl Crow, Artis the Spoonman, and Joe Henry. (source: Reuters)
~ As reported a while back, the contributed song is Cyber-Raga.

22 October - Thunderpuss megamix completed
Barry and Chris (Thunderpuss) have completed a Promotional Only Madonna herself approved Thunderpuss Megamix for GHV2 coming out next month. It's a mix of all the original versions of Don't Tell Me, Erotica, Secret, What It Feels Like For A Girl, Take A Bow, Deeper and Deeper, Music and Ray Of Light. To be promotionaly released world-wide to radio in a couple of weeks. (source:

21 October - GHV2 promo
GHV2 promoOn you can order the UK promo of the GHV2 which features the already confirmed tracklisting. On the right you can see the front and back cover of this promo. Click here for the alternate tracklistings, that have appeared on Amazon.

19 October - Madonna the puppet
Madonna, Geri Halliwell and Destiny's Child have been turned into foul-mouthed puppets for a new series of BBC Scotland's Top Of The Poppets. The stars have been transformed into string dolls for the risque sketch show only broadcast in Scotland. Top Of The Poppets will be featured on a new series of BBC2's regional music show The Beat Room, starting tonight at 11.35pm. (source: Ananova)

18 October - HBO pre-show
Watch the HBO pre-show, which shows Madonna and her dancers backstage right before they go on stage in Detroit (Quicktime format): one - two - three. (source: MadonnaFever)

18 October - DVD cover
DVD coverHere's the fabulous cover of the tour video, to be released on November 13th. The picture was shot by Madonna's friend Rosie O'Donnell. (source: Madonnarama)

18 October - Second diamond certification for Madonna
On the eve of the release of Madonna’s much anticipated "GHV2: Greatest Hits, Volume 2," the pop icon will be honored by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) with its coveted Diamond Award - denoting sales of more than l0 million units for her sterling hits chronicle, The Immaculate Collection.

Covering her creative output between 1991-2001, Warner Bros/ Maverick's GHV2 encapsulates Madonna's most critically lauded period, featuring an all-hit retrospective of such smash hits as Erotica, Secret, Take A Bow, Frozen, Ray Of Light, and Music. "If you listen to the record, you can really see my evolution as a singer, songwriter and more importantly a human being," stated Madonna. The set deftly illustrates the artist's continued influence on popular music and culture, offering songs from a career that has seen sales of over 150 million units worldwide. The record, which is due in stores worldwide on November 13th, 2001 will be accompanied by one of the most significant tv, advertising and promotional campaigns ever launched. There will also be special MTV and VH1 programming featuring Madonna which will coincide with the release of GHV2.

The deluxe packaging for GHV2 features over 600 career retrospective photos of Madonna and was designed by Grammy award winning art director Kevin Reagan.

The GHV2 compilation will be complemented by the simultaneous release of a DVD/VHS recording of Madonna's widely acclaimed Drowned World Tour, which played to sold-out audiences throughout the world during the summer of 2001. The DVD/VHS offers footage of Madonna's performance at The Palace of Auburn Hills in her hometown of Detroit. Drowned World Tour first aired on HBO in August to record-breaking ratings. "The tour was a celebration of everything I've done musically in the last 10 years. It seemed appropriate to punctuate that with a DVD and record that contained the singles from the same time period. I loved being able to perform these songs from my last three records, “ added Madonna. The cover photographs on the DVD/VHS package were taken by long time Madonna friend, Rosie O’Donnell.

The RIAA's Diamond Award for The Immaculate Collection covers the first phase of the diva's career spanning from 1982's Holiday to 1990’s Justify My Love and includes the timeless classics Like A Virgin, Vogue, and Like A Prayer. To date, the compilation has sold more than 22 million copies worldwide

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