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14 June - Madonna ranks 5th in top-earning list
While U2 singer Bono is campaigning for Third World debt relief, his rock band topped Rolling Stone magazine's list of top-earning music stars last year. The Irish quartet took home $61.9 million from touring, recording and publishing (i.e. copyright royalties), ahead of rap mogul Dr. Dre, the Beatles, the Dave Matthews Band and Madonna. The top 50 earners are contained in the magazine's next issue, due on stands Friday. While admitting that calculating the earnings of famous people involves some guesswork, the magazine said it compiled the numbers through conversations with music industry insiders, such as managers, label executives, agents, lawyers and publicists. The figures are "net" - what's left after expenses, fees and label deductions. Most of U2's income came from its successful "Elevation" tour of North America and Europe, with album sales and publishing providing some very rich icing, the magazine said. [...] Madonna, who also toured last year, ranked No. 5 with $40.8 million, driven by a reported $20 million to $30 million recording advance from a contract renegotiation with AOL Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Music Group, Rolling Stone said. (source: Reuters)

Madonna in Swept Away 14 June - New picture from Swept Away
Fansite Madonna's World features this new picture from Madonna's upcoming movie Swept Away.

13 June - Madonna for Mae West role? *rumour*
Following her sell-out West End play, Up For Grabs, Madonna has expressed an interest in reprising Mae West's controversial 1928 musical Diamond Lil. The musical tells the story of a New York singer and nightclub owner who is romantically entangled with, among other men, a violent criminal who seeks her out after he gets out of jail. A film version of the play, She's Done Him Wrong, featuring the memorable line, 'Come up some time and see me' was written by West and is credited with launching the career of Cary Grant. The film was nominated for the best picture Oscar in 1933 and cemented West's reputation as a writer for film. Madge, no doubt, will hope that the musical may have a similar effect on her stuttering acting career. (source: PeopleNews)

13 June - Outtakes from Pop Magazine
Outtakes from the photo shoot for Pop MagazineIn February 2002 Pop Magazine showed us three new magnificent photos of Madonna. Now some great outtakes of this photo shoot have appeared on the auction website Ebay. Click the image on the right for a preview. (For some unknown reason, the auction has been halted)

12 June - Kelly Osbourne's Papa Don't Preach on album and video
Fresh from conquering MTV with the highest ratings in the music channel's history, Ozzy Osbourne's brood hits record stores today with the release of "The Osbourne Family Album". The album features 17-year-old Kelly Osbourne's rendition of Madonna's Papa Don't Preach, as well as old and new songs hand-picked by the family. [...] Meanwhile, a music video of Kelly's Madonna cover is on its way, just a week after Kelly performed the 1986 hit for the first time at the MTV Movie Awards. (source: AP TV)

11 June - Orbit confirms new collaboration
Madonna has asked William Orbit - responsible for producing her Ray Of Light album - to work on her next project. Alongside producers Mirwais and Michel Colombier, William Orbit has already had meetings with Madonna, who now apparently likes to be known as simply 'M'. He told the Mirror: "I will definitely be working on her next album but it is very early days at the moment. We are discussing what sound and feel she is looking for but I'm not sure when we will start working in the studio. I certainly haven't got as far as titles yet. I'm very much looking forward to working with her again though." The album is expected to hit the shelves next year. (source: UK)

11 June - Bond theme retitled to 'Die Another Day'
The title song to the upcoming James Bond movie, 'Die Another Day' which was previously given the title "Can't You See My Mind" has been changed to 'Die Another Day'. (source:

11 June - Official denial of pregnancy
Despite persistant rumours to the contrary, "I want to officially state on behalf of Madonna and Guy Ritchie that they are definitely NOT expecting a child", stated Madonna's long time manager, Caresse Henry. "I'm aware of press reports stating that Madonna's father confirmed her pregnancy, but it is all fiction from beginning to end," added Ms. Henry. (source:

11 June - officially launched launchedToday Madonna's official website has been launched at Finally Madonna got a site up to her standards and to our expectations. Visitors can choose between a HTML and a Flash version, and on the site they'll find streaming music videos, a complete discography (including a reviews section), lyrics, an interactive timeline of M's career, a news section, merchandise, galleries (pictures, magazine covers, etc), downloads (wallpapers, screensavers, etc but no demos as rumoured earlier), and lots more to discover. Right now the look&feel is inspired by GHV2 but with the use of skins they'll be able to easily change that for Madonna's upcoming projects. Pretty heavy to load, but it's worth the wait.

10 June - Taraborrelli updated
With yesterday's news that the J. Randy Taraborrelli book "Madonna: An Intimate Biography" is available as a mass-market paperback for just $7.99, we now hear that in the UK, a updated version is now for sale. The new version has three more chapters, and goes right up to just after the 9/11 attacks. (source: MLVC mailing list)

10 June - Swept Away postponed again
Yahoo! reports that the release date of Swept Away has been postponed again. Instead of Sept. 27th, it will now get a Oct. 18th release. (thanx to MLVC mailing list)

08 June - Deep Dish working on Madonna remix reports that Deep Dish are in Washington "retouching a Madonna remix". No word if the song in particular is the Bond theme or any other new material. (Thanx to Dani for the translation)

08 June - Bond video filmed next month? *rumour*
According to a forum member at, Madonna is scheduled to film the video clip for the 'Die Another Day' Bond theme song in July. No details about the video clip have been made available yet; however, a September/October release date has been reportedly attached to it. Although this is an unsubstantiated rumor, the time frame does make sense, as Madonna will be finishing her commitment to "Up for Grabs" towards the end of July. And if she is indeed pregnant, a July shoot would enable her to get the filming complete before she really starts showing. (source: AbsoluteMadonna)

08 June - Die Another Day worldwide tentative release dates
France: Nov. 20, 2002 - UK: Nov. 22, 2002 - US: Nov. 22, 2002 - Belgium: Nov. 27, 2002 - Estonia: Nov. 29, 2002 - Germany: Dec. 5, 2002 - Australia: Dec. 12, 2002 - Russia: Dec. 20, 2002 - New Zealand: Dec. 26, 2002 - Austria: Dec. 2002 - Denmark: Dec. 2002 - Hungary: Dec. 2002 - Malta: Dec. 2002 - Norway: Dec. 2002 - Argentina: Jan. 2, 2003 - Italy: Jan. 31, 2003 (source: Floris Van Raaijen)

06 June - Madonna backs Crusaid charity walk
Madonna on one of the banners during the Aidswalk in NYA pair of the West End's hardest-to-get tickets (for Madonna in Up for Grabs) are on offer to whomever raises the most money in a sponsored walk for AIDS organized by long-standing AIDS charity Crusaid. Numerous other prizes are also available for those who raise significant amounts of money on the day. The ten-kilometer walk begins on the South Bank of the Thames at the Royal Festival Hall and ends at the parade ground of the Honorable Artillery Company (one of the country's oldest regiments) in the City of London. The walk, which will take place on June 23, has been supported by Madonna, who is a patron of the charity, as is Dame Judi Dench. Called "Walk For Life," the purpose of the walk is to raise awareness of AIDS, and the fact that, despite vast improvements in drug treatment (though this is a case of suppression rather than cure), the disease has not gone away, and is ravaging much of Africa. AIDS had a devastating effect on the theatrical community in New York in the 1980's and also took its toll — though less dramatically — in London, so the West End has always been closely associated with AIDS charities, and with Crusaid in particular. (source: Playbill)
~ Madonna also showed her support on the May 19th Aidswalk in New York, by appearing on banners, cardboards and flyers, expressing her sympathy. (Thanx to Acid Rock for the scan)

06 June - Gone, Gone, Gone full demo
Fansite Madonnapower is turning into a multimedia download heaven! After providing us the full demo of 'Like A Flower', you can also download 'Gone, Gone, Gone', another demo that was recorded during the Ray Of Light recording sessions.

05 June - More on Wonderland theme
While working with William Orbit during the Music recording sessions, Madonna was contacted by her friend Peter Berg who asked them to compose and produce the theme for his short-lived ABC television series Wonderland. Although most of us have heard the theme on MP3, a little bit more information about the track has come to my attention. The following is an excerpt taken from an interview with director Randall Balsmeyer who created the show's unique opening sequence:
"Peter wanted the show to feel uplifting and hopeful despite its subject matter; while the environment and the predicaments of the characters are sometimes grim, 'Wonderland' shows people trying to help society and comprehend the mysteries of the human mind. He wanted to make sure that the title sequence had the same positive aspect; even though individual images might be unrecognizable, viewers would come away with the feeling there was a ray of hope in spite of the insanity. The score is another important element of the open. We were looking for a very organic, human sound that would reinforce the uplifting feeling of the open. Peter personally called Madonna and asked her to work on the title track, which she agreed to produce. We went back and forth over several weeks revising our edit as the track was completed to match the music with the images. We wanted them to have a common ground and punctuate each other; when the music was fluid, for example, we would reflect that with a fluid presentation of images rather than a rapidly-cut sequence."
To read the complete article about the Wonderland show and watch some opening sequences, go to Postindustry. (source: Absolute Madonna)
~ The Wonderland theme can also be heard in the Mad-Eyes intro.

04 June - Is she or isn't she?
Madonna's family needs to start signing non-disclosure forms. Her father Tony Ciccone has said that the music icon is pregnant again. Not surprisingly, Madonna's publicity machine is denying the story. "It's completely not true," a rep from Liz Rosenberg Public Relations told Launch. However, during an interview with the U.K. tabloid The People, Mr. Ciccone let slip, "We are very excited that she is expecting again. It is always exciting when your children have children." However, the 70-year-old father of the "Material Mom" also commented, "I don't know if Madonna's child is a boy or a girl yet, we just want it to be healthy." Apparently realizing he'd already said too much, Mr. Ciccone refused to give any more details: "It's an area I can't really talk about, we just want it (to) be healthy. Look, this is stuff I can't go into. Of course it's an exciting time, we were delighted when we heard, but I can't talk about it." (source: Launch)

03 June - to offer rare demos for download? *rumour*
Rumour has it that when finally relaunches, Madonna will be offering her fans some very rare material - including demos and previously unreleased songs from her extensive catalogue. (source: Madonnarama)
~ If this is Madonna's reaction to the recent leaking of demos onto fansites, then she proves once again what a great marketing woman she is! And you won't hear anyone complaining! ;-)

03 June - Mad Donna does it again
Mad Donna who surprisingly scored with their joke/hit 'The Wheels On The Bus' tries to repeat their success with a remake of the children's song Hush Little Baby set on the tune of Don't Tell Me. But as usual, a joke only works once. Judge for yourself: you can download it at Madonnapower .

03 June - Kelly Osbourne performs Papa Don't Preach
Kelly Osbourne performs Papa Don't Preach Kelly Osbourne performs Papa Don't Preach Reuters Picture: Kelly Osbourne performs her cover of Madonna's Papa Don't Preach during the 2002 MTV Movie Awards taping June 1, 2002 in Los Angeles. The MTV Awards show will be telecast June 6 in the United States.
~ The second picture looks like a funny reference to Madonna's shirts and guitar strap at the Drowned World Tour! :)

03 June - Real-life 'All The Way Mae' dies
Faye Dancer, a star of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League in the 1940s and an inspiration for the movie A League of Their Own, has died. She was 77. Dancer died May 22 after breast cancer surgery at UCLA Medical Center, a former teammate and lifelong friend said Friday. "She was a great all-around ballplayer," said Lavonne "Pepper" Paire Davis, who served as technical adviser on A League of Their Own and was a model for Geena Davis' character. The character "All the Way Mae," played by Madonna in the 1992 movie, was inspired by Dancer. (source: PasadenaStarNews)

03 June - Madonna to buy and destroy Howson's portraits? *rumour*
Madonna is so unhappy with two nude portraits of her by Scots artist Peter Howson that she may buy them herself just so she can destroy them. The paintings are on sale for £120,000 and £150,000 at an art fair at London's Olympia next week. (source:

02 June - Madonna's dad says she's pregnant *rumour*
Madonna's father says she's pregnant. Tony Ciccone confirmed the news from his home in Sutton's Bay, Michigan. He said: "We're very excited that she's expecting again." Madonna has repeatedly denied recent rumours she's pregnant. The couple have made no secret about wanting another child. The Sunday People quotes her father as saying: "I don't know if Madonna's child is a boy or a girl yet - we just want the baby to be healthy." When pressed for further details, he then said: "It's an area I can't really talk about - we just want it to be healthy. Look this is stuff I can't go into. Of course it's an exciting time. We were delighted when we heard, but I can't talk about it." (source: Ananova)

01 June - Like A Flower full demo
You can now download the full demo of Like A Flower at Madonnapower ! This demo was recorded during the Ray Of Light recording sessions but wasn't selected for the album. Too bad Madonna didn't use it as a B-single or as a bonus on GHV2, because it's really a gorgeous ballad! At Madonnapower , you'll also find a compilation of all the demo snippets from the Ray Of Light sessions that we heard earlier, except that these snippets are slightly longer.

01 June - Madonna written off by author
A playwright has had enough of his superstar leading lady, Madonna. Up For Grabs writer David Williamson says he never wants to see her again after she ends her run on the London stage. Williamson described their relationship as nothing more than a business transaction. He said was grateful for the huge interest in the play generated by Madge but has had enough of the hysteria. He said: "There's a certain madness about all of this that I'm not used to. It's amusing but I think I'll have had enough." Madonna just laughed at him when he told her off, said the writer. He added: "She knows she's a bad girl sometimes." (source: Sunday Mail)

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