Sticky & Sweet Tour - Crew

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Madonna: Vocals & Guitar
Kiley Dean: Backing Vocals
Nicki Richards: Backing Vocals

Kevin Antunes: Musical Director, Keyboards & Programmer
Brian Frasier-Moore: Drums
Ric'key Pageot: Piano, Keyboards & Accordion
Monte Pittman: Guitar, Backing vocals & Cow Bell
Eric Jao (DJ Enferno): DJ
Arkady Gips: Violin & Backing Vocals
Alexander Kolpakov: Guitar & Singer
Vladim Kolpakov: Guitar, Backing Vocals & Dancer
Sean Spuehler: Sound Design
Demetrius Moore: Audience Mic Master


Leroy 'Hypnosis' Barnes: Dancer
Sofia Boutella: Dancer
Jaron Boyd: Dancer
Emilie Capel: Dancer
Williams 'Norm' Charlemoine: Dancer
Paul Kirkland: Dancer
Jennifer Kita : Dancer
Kento Mori: Dancer
Yaman Okur: Dancer
Charles Parks IV: Dancer
Valeree Pohl: Dancer
Anthony 'Ant Boogie' Rue II: Dancer
Nilaya Sabnis : Dancer
Jason Young: Dancer
Riki 'Rickiccho' Onodera: Dancer (Hamutsun Serve)
Yuki 'Da-Yoshi' Yoshida: Dancer (Hamutsun Serve)
Tiffany Saxby: Dancer (She's Not Me 'Madonna')


Stefanie Roos: Supervising Choreographer
Richmond Talauega: Choreographer
Anthony Talauega: Choreographer
Jamal Sims: Choreographer
Dondraico Johnson: Assistant Choreographer
RJ Durell: Choreographer
Alison Faulk: Assistant Choreographer
Aakomon 'AJ' Jones: Choreographer
Aljamaal Jones: Assistant Choreographer
Jason Young: Choreographer
Rickiccho & Da-Yoshi: Hamutsun Serve Choreography
'King' Charles Parks: Footwork Choreography
Prince Jron: Footwork Choreography
Yaman Okur: Abstract Freestyle Choreography
Brahim Rachiki: Tektonick Choreography
Jason 'Xtravaganza' Lester: Tektonick Choreography
Natasha Bielenberg: Roma Gypsy Choreography
Flii Stylez: Locking Choreography
Danielle Polanco: Wacking Choreography
Stephone Webb: Double Dutch Choreography
Khadijah Maloney: Double Dutch Choreography Assistant
Stacey Hipps: Double Dutch Choreography Assistant
Shavonne Monfiston: Double Dutch Choreography Assistant
Julian Phillips: Boxing Trainer

Costume designers

Arianne Phillips: Costume Designer/Tour Stylist
Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy: Costume Designer
Tom Ford: Costume Designer
Jeremy Scott: Costume Designer
Dolce & Gabbana: Costume Designer
MiuMiu: Shoes Designer
Stella McCartney: Shoes Designer


Jamie King: Show Director
Tiffany Olson: Assistant Show Director
Tony Villenueva: Madonna's Dresser/Costume Crew Chief

Dago Gonzales: Video Director
Christian Lamb: Video Producer
Eugene Riecansky: Video Director
Steven Klein: Video Director
James Lima: Video Director
Nathan Rissman: Video Director
Tom Munro: Video Director
David Nord: Video Producer & Editor

Tom Munro: Tourbook Photographer
Giovanni Bianco: Art Direction & Graphic Design

Guy Oseary: Manager
Liz Rosenberg: Publicist

Numbers & Figures

3500 Number of individual wardrobe elements for tour
653 Hours of rehearsal time for Madonna and band
250 Number of travelling personnel
200 Triangle sponges used to apply makeup
180 Q-Tips used for entire tour (3 per night)
120 Powder puffs
100 Pairs of out of stock fishnet, pantyhose in old style weave, purchased for Madonna via ebay and local dance shops
100 Pairs of kneepads
69 Guitars
36 Different Designers contributed to the onstage wardrobe
30 Wardrobe Trunks travel to each venue
28 Maximum number of performers onstage
20 Nationalities represented in touring stuff (including Japanese, Israeli, Russian, Romanian, Australian and Algerian)
18 Racks of Clothing for Band, dancers and gypsies
16 Caterers
12 Seamstresses working non stop in Cardiff to finish costumes for opening night
12 Travelling trampolines used in training by Madonna and dancers
10 Large flight cases of medical supplies
10 Number of guitars Madonna will travel with
9 Number of people working in wardrobe department
8 Major Madonna Costume changes
5 Number of people it takes to change Madonna into next costume
5 Keyboards on stage for Kevin Antunes, Musical Director
4 Large freezers to carry ice packs for Madonna and dancers
4 YSL Lipsticks will cover entire tour
3 Romanian gypsy musicians playing acoustic instruments
3 Racks of Clothing contain Madonna's stage wardrobe
3 Shu Uemura eyelash curlers
2 Rigs for DJ set up
2 Stages
1.5 Minutes - Shortest time required to change Madonna's costumes between numbers
1 Chiropractor
1 Personal trainer
1 Masseuse
1 Set of Swarovski crystal ear phones for DJ

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