A Certain Sacrifice

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A Certain Sacrifice, the movie


A Certain Sacrifice A Certain Sacrifice A Certain Sacrifice A Certain Sacrifice A Certain Sacrifice A Certain Sacrifice


Jeremy Pattnosh: Dashiel
Madonna: Bruna
Charles Kurtz: Raymond Hall
Sarah Magill: Susan Porter
Michael Dane: Transvestite Slave
Russell O. Lome: Male Slave
Joseph Pattnosh: Father
Ann Pattnosh: Mother
John Joseph Pattnosh: Young David
Chuck Varesko: Narrator
Karl Ludwig Selig: Professor Mann
Ed Krakaur: Learning Center Friend
Charles Daguerre Alvaré: Preston Basset
Daniel Merrit Lundquist: Basset's Friend
Brian D. Coleman: Snob with Glasses

Movie info

This was an amateur movie project of Stephen Jon Lewicki, who was a friend of Madonna back when she was living in New York City, before she made it famous. The bizarre movie was made in 1979, but was not released. When Madonna became famous, the director smelled easy money and decided to release it. Madonna tried in vain to stop him. The movie hit theatres in 1985.

Movie synopsis

Daniel/Dashiel runs away from home to escape "normal life". On his way he meets Bruna, a punk drifter, and they find each other in their search for an alternative existence. When Bruna gets molested and raped, she and Dashiel and some friends decide to avenge her. She murders the guy in a bizarre sacrificial ritual which takes place under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Production info

Directed by: Stephen Jon Lewicki
Written by: Stephen Jon Lewicki & Jeremy Pattnosh
Produced by: Adam Fields, Peter Guber, Jon Peters & Stan Weston
Production company: Cine Cine Films
Location: NY (US)
Date of filming: 1979

Release info

Released as: A Certain Sacrifice
Released in theatres: 1985
Released on VHS: July 1, 1992
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama/Crime
MPAA rating: Not rated


Original Music by: Jeremy Pattnosh
There's no official soundtrack. Madonna didn't contribute any songs to this movie.

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