Blue In The Face

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Blue In The Face, the movie


Blue In The Face Blue In The Face Blue In The Face


Lou Reed: Man with Strange Glasses
Michael J. Fox: Pete Maloney
Roseanne: Vinnie's Wife
Mel Gorham: Violetta
Jim Jarmusch: Bob
Lily Tomlin: The waffle eater
Jared Harris: Jimmy Rose
Giancarlo Esposito: Tommy Finelli
Malik Yoba: The Watch Man
José Zúñiga: Jerry
Victor Argo: Vinnie
Stephen Gevedon: Dennis
Madonna: Singing Telegram
Sharif Rashed: Purse Snatcher
Mira Sorvino: The young lady
Keith David: Jackie Robinson
Peggy Gormley: Waitress
Harvey Keitel: Auggie Wren

Movie synopsis

Wayne Wang's follow-up movie to Smoke presents a series of improvisational situations strung together to form a pastiche of Brooklyn's diverse ethnicity, offbeat humor, and essential humanity. Many of the same characters inhabiting Auggie Wren's Brooklyn Cigar Store in Smoke return here to expound on their philosophy of smoking, relationships, baseball, New York, and Belgian Waffles. Most of all, this is a movie about living life, off-the-cuff.

Production info

Directed by: Paul Auster & Wayne Wang
Written by: Paul Auster & Wayne Wang
Produced by: Francey Grace, Greg Johnson, Harvey Keitel, Hisami Kuroiwa, Peter Newman, Diana Phillips, Bob Weinstein & Harvey Weinstein
Production company: Miramax Films
Location: NY
Date of filming: July 1994
Budget: $ 2 million

Release info

Released as: Blue In The Face
Released in theatres: Oct. 13, 1995 (US)
Released on DVD: March 4, 1999 (Eur.) / May 25, 2003 (US)
Runtime: 80 minutes
Genre: Comedy
MPAA rating: R
Box office: $ 1.3 million (US)


1995 Stockholm Film Festival:
Nomination for Bronze Horse

1996 American Comedy Awards:
Nomination for 'Funniest Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture' (Lily Tomlin)


Original Music by: John Lurie, Billy Martin & Calvin Weston
The soundtrack doesn't contain any songs by Madonna. Mel Gorham does a rendition of Fever which was also covered by Madonna a few years earlier.

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