Filth And Wisdom

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Filth And Wisdom, the movie


Filth And Wisdom Filth And Wisdom Filth And Wisdom Filth And Wisdom Filth And Wisdom Filth And Wisdom Filth And Wisdom Filth And Wisdom Filth And Wisdom


Richard E. Grant: Professor Flynn
Stephen Graham: Harry Beechman
Eugene Hutz: A.K.
Vicky McClure: Juliette
Olegar Fedoro: A.K.'s Father
Ade: DJ
Gogol Bordello: Themselves (also archive footage)
Elena Buda: Ballet Student
Francesca Kingdon: Francine
Clare Wilkie: Chloe
Shobu Kapoor: Sardeep's Wife
Elliot Levey: Benjamin Goldfarb
Tim Wallers: Mr. Frisk
Hannah Walters: Mrs. Goldfarb
Holly Weston: Holly
George Keeler: Frail Man
Inder Manocha: Sardeep

Movie info

This shortfilm was Madonna's first project in the director's chair. For the main role, she cast the lead singer of Gogol Bordello, the band that later played on the Sticky & Sweet Tour.

Movie synopsis

In London, A.K. is a Ukrainian Gypsy, seeking fame as a rocker, doing odd jobs: he's a dom, drives a hack, and runs errands for his neighbor, a poet full of self pity since going blind. A.K's flatmates are Holly, a ballerina who becomes a reluctant stripper in need of coaching, and Juliette, a pill-popping assistant at a pharmacy run by an Indian tired of his marriage. Juliette, estranged from her family, dreams of helping the poor children of Africa; A.K. has a crush on Holly; Juliette's boss lusts after her. Her hapless sister calls from time to time. The poet despairs. Is there a route from filth to wisdom for these souls? Can they find fun and fulfillment? A.K. provides philosophical comment. (source: IMDB)

Production info

Directed by: Madonna
Written by: Dan Cadan
Produced by: Nicola Doring, Madonna
Production company: Exposure/HSI
Location: London (UK)
Date of filming: May 2007 - ?
Budget: £1,000,000 (estimated)

Release info

Released as: Filth and Wisdom
Released in theatres: Sept. 2008 (limited)
Runtime: 45 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Music / Romance


There's no official soundtrack. Madonna didn't contribute any songs to this movie.

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