Charity Concert / The Art Of The Possible


On this night
On this night
On this night of a thousand stars
Let me take you to heaven's door
Where the music of love's guitars
Plays forever more

Eva Duarte?
Your act hasn't changed much
Neither has yours

I stand here as a servant of the people
As we come together for a marvelous cause
You've shown by your presence, your deeds, and applause
What the people can do true power is yours not the government's
Unless it represents the people

One always picks the easy fight
One praises fools
One smothers light
One shifts from left to right
Politics, the art of the possible


Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice
Produced by Nigel Wright, Alan Parker, Andrew Lloyd Webber and David Caddick
Vocals by Madonna, Jimmy Nail, Jonathan Pryce and Antonio Banderas


Evita, the album

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