He was the sultan of Samarcand
He had a harem of dancing girls at his command
He owned all the eye could see
Something was wrong, he wasn't happy 
And then it happened much to his surprise
The loveliest woman he'd ever seen
He asked her name and she replied

She was the daughter of the Grand Vizier
A real beauty with the heart of gold, she was so sincere
She made a date with destiny
Marry the king, make him happy 

He was enchanted on their wedding night
Just a captive under her spell
Spending a thousand and one Arabian nights 

All of his body tingled with delight
Hearing the stories she loved to tell
She was a vision, such a lovely sight

He made a promise on the morning star
He would change, throw away his scimitar
So she came to stay
And that's the why the story goes
Until this very day


Written by Peter Cetera, Patrick Leonard, Diane Nini
Produced by Peter Cetera, Patrick Leonard, Diane Nini


Peter Cetera  - One More Story, the album
Peter Cetera - One More Story


When Patrick Leonard produced the album One More Story for American singer Peter Cetera, he arranged for Madonna to provide vocals on the track Scheherazade. Cetera didn't want to profit from Madonna's fame, so she was credited as Lulu Smith, the pseudonym Madonna used for hotel reservations at the time. In interviews years later, Peter Cetera expressed regret for not having used Madonna's name to get more attention to the song, which largely remained unknown.

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