Drowned World Tour - Crew

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Madonna: Vocals & Guitar
Donna DeLory: Backing Vocals
Niki Haris: Backing Vocals

Stuart Price: Musical Director, Keyboards & Guitar
Mike McKnight: Programmer & Keyboards
Marcus Brown: Keyboards
Monte Pittman: Guitar
Ron Powell: Percussion
Steve Sidelnyk: Drums


Christian Vincent: Head Dancer
Ruthy Inchaustegui: Dancer
Nito Larioza: Dancer
Tamara Levinson: Dancer
Marlyn Ortiz: Dancer
Anthony Jay Rodriguez: Dancer
Kemba Shannon: Dancer
Jamal Story: Dancer 
Eko Supriyanto: Dancer 
Jull Weber: Dancer
Addie Yungmee: Dancer


Alex Magno: Choreographer
Kelly Parker: Assistant Choreographer
Debra Brown: Aerial Choreographer
Leslie Dewhurst: Assistant Aerial Choreographer
Stefanie Roos: Associate Choreographer
Taimak Guerreillo: Martial Arts Coordinator
Ho Sung Pak: Assistant to Martial Arts

Costume designers

Arianne Phillips
Jean Paul Gaultier
Dean and Dan Caten of D Squared


Hamish Hamilton: Broadcast Director
Jamie King: Stage Production Director
Joyce Flemming: Creative Technical Consultant
Tif'nie Olson: Assistant to Director
William Orbit: Engineer
Mirwais: Engineer
Pat McCarthy: Engineer
Mark Stent: Engineer
Caresse Henry: Management
Shari Goldschmidt: Business Management
Richard Feldstein: Business Management
Leeann Hard: Business Management
Liz Rosenberg: Publicist
Chris Littleton: Tour manager
Luigi Murenu, Rita Marmor: Artist hair stylist
Arianne Phillips: Tour Stylist
Klexius Kolby: Make up designer & supervisor
Julie Harris: Artist make up
Joseph Kale: Art director
Peter Morse: Lighting director
Jake Davies: Sound design
Carol Dodds: Video director
Edwin Stern: Yoga instructor
Kevin Reagan: Tour book art direction / design
Rosie O'Donnell: Cover photo

Behind the Scenes info

Madonna's DROWNED WORLD Tour has over 100 tons of equipment. It takes two 747 jumbo jets to fly the equipment to between continents. Eight trucks will bring the equipment from venue to venue. 
The tour has over 100 tons of equipment. It takes two 747 jumbo jets to fly the equipment between continents. Eight trucks will bring the equipment from venue to venue.
The equipment fits into 1500 trunks.
The stage is 70 square feet by 70 square feet, i.e. 4,900 square feet.
There are 88 traveling production people.
The total traveling group is close to 200 people.
100 local production people are hired for each show.
Regarding the technology and equipment, it is state of the art, newly made and never before used by an artist or group in Europe. It is a "less is more" philosophy. While it may not have the biggest number of speakers of any tour, the sound quality is crystal clear and of the highest possible quality. 
The creation of the sound requires 103 "inputs"/signals. All Madonna’s studio engineers who worked on her last two albums including Pat McCarthy, Spike Stent, Mirwais, William Orbit amongst others had input in creating the "marriage" of a studio and flawless live quality sound in concert setting.
There are four large video screens on the stage and two in-house screens for close-up viewing.
The mechanical bull was manufactured in Cheyenne, Oklahoma and was blessed by a priest there prior to being shipped to Los Angeles for rehearsal. The seat was designed to fit Madonna perfectly.
The flying sequence in the "Geisha Girl" section is a "Peter Pan" style fly rig – single cable, non mechanical. Three flying people balance offstage with each of the three flying people – including Madonna.
Favorite backstage drinks: Red Bull and Starbucks Cappuccino.
Favorite pill: Advil which is purchased by the case.

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