Drowned World Tour - Setlist

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The setlist of the Drowned World Tour promoted her Ray Of Light and Music albums. The setlist only contained 2 tracks from her 80s repertoire.

Cyber-Punk Segment (Element: Water)

Drowned World/Substitute For Love
Impressive Instant
Candy Perfume Girl
Beautiful Stranger
Ray Of Light
Drowned World (end line)

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Geisha Segment (Element: Wind)

Paradise (Not For Me) (video interlude)
Nobody's Perfect (with opening chords of Open Your Heart)
Mer Girl (part I)
Sky Fits Heaven
Mer Girl (part II)

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Cowgirl Segment (Element: Earth)

What It Feels Like For A Girl (remix video interlude)
I Deserve It
Don't Tell Me
Human Nature
Oh Dear Daddy
Gone [in some US cities replaced by You'll See]

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Spanish / Ghetto Segment (Element: Fire)

Don't Cry For Me Argentina (instrumental interlude)
Lo Que Siente La Mujer
La Isla Bonita

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