Girlie Show - Crew

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Madonna: Vocals
Donna DeLory: Backing Vocals
Niki Haris: Backing Vocals

Jai Winding: Keyboards
Michael Bearden: Keyboards
Paul Pesco: Guitar
Victor Bailey: Bass
Omar Hakim: Drums
Luis Conte: Percussion
Mike McKnight: Additional Keyboards


Ungela Brockman: Dancer
Christopher Childers: Dancer
Michael Gregory: Dancer
Carrie Ann Inaba: Dancer
Jill Nicklaus: Dancer
Ruth Inchaustegui: Dancer
Luca Tommassini: Dancer
Carlton Wilborn: DancerĀ 


Alex Magno
Keith Young
Michelle Johnston
Niki Haris

Costume designers

Dolce & Gabbana
Rob Saduski


Christopher Ciccone: Production designer
Jai Winding: Musical director
Jeffrey Hornaday: Stage director
Peter Morse: Lighting director

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