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Costume designs
Tour book
Tour pictures from rehearsals and from Moment Factory
Tour pictures Middle East: Abu Dhabi - Istanbul - Tel Aviv
Tour pictures Europe: Amsterdam - Barcelona - Berlin - Brussels - Copenhagen - Florence - Gothenburg - London - Paris - Rome - St. Petersburg
Tour pictures North America: Philadelphia

Tour schedule

The MDNA Tour lasted a massive 7 months, performing 88 stadium shows (her most ever) in 29 countries across the Middle East, Europe, North America and South America. Plans for an Australian tour once again failed. The tour visited some new territories in the UAE, Ukraine, and Colombia.

→ Check out the full tour schedule here

Tour setlist

Strangely, the tour initially didn't have a name. The press announcement spoke about 'The Madonna Tour'. Once the tickets went on sale, the name 'MDNA Tour' started appearing. The setlist promoted her latest album MDNA. Some classics, such as Open Your Heart and Papa Don't Preach made their long-awaited comeback. Express Yourself was mixed with a few lines of the "reductive" 'Born This Way', which stirred some controversy.

→ Check out the full setlist here

Tour diary & reviews

Throughout the tour, we kept a tour diary with specific details for each show:
Middle East - Europe - North America - South America

We also saved some press reviews to give you an idea how the show was received by critics:
Middle East - Europe - North America

Tour crew & collaborators

Once again, a massive list of crew members and collaborators worked on this tour. No less than 24 dancers and 16 choreographers were hired, including several from previous tours. Also the costume department was filled with a lot of talent, including Gaultier, Arianne Phillips and Jeremy Scott.

→ Check out the full crew here

Tour recording

MDNA World Tour, the album Colombia was the first choice to film the show, but due to director's conflicts, it were the Miami shows on Nov. 19 and 20 instead that were recorded by St├ęphane Sennour and Danny Tull. The concert special was first broadcast on Epix on June 22, 2013. The release of the video album 'MDNA World Tour' on DVD and Blu-ray followed on Sep. 6, 2013. The accompanying live album contained all tracks of the concert. In the Music DVD charts, it hit #1 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and US. It was Madonna's 10th video to top Billboard's Top Music Videos chart, the most for any artist.


The MDNA tour was the highest grossing tour in 2012.

2013 Billboard Music Awards:
Award for Top Touring Artist

2012 Pollstar Awards:
Nomination for Most Creative Stage Production

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