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30 November - No TOTP Awards
Fortunately Madonna didn't attend the TOTP tonight, because she was snubbed for an award in both nominated categories.

30 November - Magazine fined for misleading title
OK! have been fined for misleading readers over pictures of Madonna's wedding. The magazine was ordered to pay £4,500 and to apologise to readers. The cover of one of its issues made reference to exclusive pictures of Madonna's beautiful wedding dress and her secret romantic ceremony. (source: Ananova)

30 November - More GHV2 megamixes
It seems there are more official (but rejected) GHV2 megamixes surfacing on the web. Other then the one from Thunderpuss and the one from Tracy Young, there is one called 'The Johnny Rocks & Mac Quayle GHV2 Megamix' (download at Sidewalk Talk). A source at Warner Music told Madonnarama: "I can tell you that there's a 3rd GHV2 Megamix which will definitely surface officially. It's by someone called Johnny Rocks. There's gonna be a video for the Tracy Young Club Megamix and the Johnny Rocks Club Megamix - both by Danorama (note that Danorama did *not* do the Thunderpuss Megamix video)."

30 November - Madonna bits & bytes
- You can follow tonights TOTP Awards online, starting at 7.50pm GMT. Madonna is up for two nominations and might be attending.
- Madonna is rumoured to be giving a webchat on MSN on December 12th. An official announcement is expected soon.
- Impressive Instant drops from no. 3 to no. 6 in its seventh week in the US Dance Charts.

30 November - More on Madagascar *rumour*
According to the Hollywood Reporter the cast will go as follows: Jason Alexander, Madonna, Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, and others that haven't been cast yet. Although, previously rumoured that Madonna would play a hippo from New York she is now being rumoured to possibly playing the role of a giraffe and all the main animals will be from New York. Read a description of the movie at UpcomingMovies. (source: Madonnarama)

30 November - Madonna 4 times in 'top-grossing gigs' list
The Concert For New York City benefit, which brought in over $12 million, is Amusement Business' top-grossing concert event of 2001, capping a list that puts pop artists in seven of the year's top 10 moneymaking positions. Madonna took four of the top 10 spots, the most by any artist — credit ticket prices upwards of $250 a pop and five-and six-night stints in part for her stellar showing. Her five shows at (where else?) Madison Square Garden between July 25 and 31 brought in a total $9,297,105, earning her the #3 slot, while her six performances at Earl's Court in London between July 4 and 12 earned $8,734,149, landing her at #4. Her four concerts at the Staples Center in Los Angeles between September 9 and 15 grossed $8,303,165, cinching a #5 position. She also nabbed the #8 slot with two shows at Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden on September 1 and 2, which brought in $6,503,950. (source: SonicNet)

30 November - First anniversary at Skido Castle
Pop queen Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie are to spend their first wedding anniversary at the Scottish castle where they tied the knot. The couple have invited friends to join them at the plush Skibo Castle in the Scottish Highlands. Madonna married her film director husband on December 22 last year when guests included music legend Sting, his wife Trudi Styler, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and designers Stella McCartney and Donatella Versace. More at Ananova.

30 November - Madonna puppet auctioned
Spitting image of MadonnaSpitting Image puppets of Dame Barbara Cartland and OJ Simpson have fetched £3,290. They were sold for more than those of Madonna, The Beatles and Sean Connery at Sotheby's sale in London. The Madonna puppet fetched just £1,292. (source: Ananova)

29 November - Thunderpuss about their megamix
The hitmaking remix/production team of Barry Harris and Chris Cox, collectively known as Thunderpuss, added an impressive name to their client roster when Madonna tapped them for a megamix of her greatest hits earlier this year. The duo completed a "Thunderpuss GHV2 Megamix" for her, which was released on a promotional-only basis to radio in support of the release of her greatest-hits package, GHV2: Greatest Hits Volume 2.

The set, which showcases the pop icon's work from 1991 through 2001, has sold more than 300,000 copies in its first two weeks of release. Cox explained to Launch that they were one of many remix/production teams that Madonna approached about the project, but they eventually got the gig: "Basically, they were dong the greatest-hits album, the Greatest Hits Volume 2, and so they approached actually a couple of different remix entities to take a stab at doing a megamix, and it was kind of a cattle call, actually. They basically liked ours the best and so they put it out." More at Launch.

29 November - Madonna "under consideration" for Madagascar
A source for Dreamworks/PDI, the company behind "Antz" and "Shrek", has confirmed that Madonna "is under consideration for the voice of Gloria (a hippo) in "Madagascar" but casting has not yet been confirmed". The CG animated project is about a group of animals who have lived their entire lives in a zoo and are taken from their home, winding up in the wilds of Madagascar off the African coast. Jennifer Lopez is also being considered as well (so no doubt the J-Lo hippo wide ass jokes are bound to begin soon). The project is due out sometime around 2003 or 2004. (source: DarkHorizons)

29 November - Madonna download service
Songs by Madonna, Prince and REM are among those that will be available through one of the biggest legitimate internet download services to date. The service, which will launch in mid-December, will give music fans access to a certain number of songs for a limited period in return for a monthly subscription fee. More at BBC.

27 November - Madonna prepared to duet with Bedingfield
A newcomer is set to pip a string of top names to number one with a song which started a record label bidding war. Sales show Daniel Bedingfield, 21, is expected to oust S Club 7 and stop Hear'Say from notching up a third chart-topper. Bedingfield's track Gotta Get Thru This was championed on the Ayia Napa club scene during the summer and record labels were blown away by the track. Madonna's company Maverick was among those chasing the star and he is said to have been offered a duet with her if he signed with them. (source: Ananova)

27 November - Will hunting Mo loose a friend?
Stella McCartneyFormer best friends Madonna and Stella McCartney have had a major falling out over the singer’s new penchant for hunting. Rabid animal rights activist McCartney is furious, says a friend of the designing music scion, about how Madonna has recently taken up pheasant hunting. "When you're shooting you are standing in the forest for really long periods of time, so you end up looking at the leaves and the sky and the trees," Madonna recently told the BBC. "You have more of a respect for the things you eat when you go through or see the process of killing them." A friend of McCartney’s says she’s considering completely dropping Madonna as a friend.

"Stella recently bought a one-million-pound estate in England and she banned hunting there and, after those comments, I wouldn’t be surprised if Madonna’s banned from the estate as well," says the source. "Madonna’s obviously just trying to impress [hubby] Guy Ritchie with her newfound love of hunting, but she’s going to lose more friends than she makes. Obviously, Madonna’s fascination with yoga, inner peace and spirituality was just another in a long line of insincere poses." Madonna’s rep had no comment. (source: MSNBC)

26 November - Madonna with singing navel for auction
"Spitting Image" creator Roger Law has unveiled his final celebrity puppet - a latex model of Osama bin Laden. Law, speaking ahead of a sale of some 250 puppets of celebrities, politicians and other figures from the 1980s TV satire by auction house Sotheby's, said he made the bin Laden figure to raise money for charity. Proceeds will go to victims of the September 11 attacks and to Afghan refugees. Auctioneer Kerry Taylor said puppets of Madonna, complete with singing navel, John Lennon and the Thatcher family, sold as a threesome, are expected to fetch between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds each. The auction will take place on November 29. (source: Ananova)

26 November - Madonna song on "DJs and Divas" ? *rumour*
Taken from rumors section: Tommy Boy Records will be releasing a CD called "DJs and Divas" that will feature Thunderpuss' mix of "Clubland" next year on January 22, 2002. The CD will also include songs by Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Lara Fabian, Jennifer Holiday & more. (source: MLVC Mailing list)

26 November - MTV France GHV2 special
You can find a GHV2 special on the website of MTV France, including video streaming of the Music performance at the 2000 MTV EMA, pictures, contests, etc.

26 November - Chart news
More chart positions for GHV2: Argentina no.5, Australia no.3, Belgium no.20, Brazil no.34, Canada no.11, Estonia no.1, France no.3, Holland no.25, Ireland no.2, Italy no.9, Japan no.15, New Zealand no.8, Norway no.7, South Korea no.5, Taiwan no. 1, UK no.2, US no.7.
Meanwhile, Impressive Instant dropped to no. 3 in its sixth week in the Billboard Club Play.

On the interview with Jo Whiley, Madonna just announced she'll start recording a new album in January 2002! She'll be collaborating with Mirwais again, as well as with Stuart Price (aka Jacques LeConte from 'Les Rhythmes Digitales')! :)
Jo Whiley and Madonna Other highlights from the interview: on the subject of touring Madonna said "never say never". About GHV2 she said they chose the title coz it's "to the point". She only selected songs she "can listen to 5 times in a row" ("some of my old songs make me sick"). American Pie was punished after wrongfully ending up on Music. She said she was proud no wedding pictures made it to the press. About the unauthorised Morton bio she said she wasn't happy about it and she'd sent him a Kabbalah book to make him change his mind. Madonna also said she turned down a duet with Frank Sinatra, because he wanted to record her vocals on a tape, rather than sing together in a studio. She keeps a duet with Pavarotti and others hanging on "because then they keep sending flowers". You can download the complete interview (in MP3) at essentialMadonna. You can read the complete transcript at BBC Radio 1.

23 November - American Pie punished
American Pie was left off Madonna's second greatest hits album because the singer didn't like it. She says her record company persuaded her to record the track, although her gut reaction was not to. Madonna says she regrets agreeing, and has "punished" the track by omitting it from GHV2. Speaking to BBC Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley, Madonna said "a certain record company executive" convinced her to record the classic Don McLean track. She said: "My gut told me not to do it, but I did it and then I regretted it so just for that reason it didn't deserve a place on GHV2. It didn't really belong, but I did it and therefore it's being punished - it's not allowed on there." Madonna also revealed that her children, Lourdes and Rocco, are big fans of Kylie Minogue. She said: "Lourdes and my son have become quite obsessed with that Kylie track," adding that Lourdes listens to "mostly jazz and classical." (source: Ananova)

~ The Jo Whiley interview will start within the next hour (it's 11.20am CET when I'm writing this). You can stream BBC Radio 1 here (click on listen under Radio 1). As soon as it's finished I'll give more details for those who missed it.

22 November - Entertainer of the Year
Vote for Madonna as 'Entertainer of the Year at Entertainment Weekly (thanx to Jordy Chen)

22 November - "Madge, cover up them raspberries!"
Madonna told Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 1: "I'm very punctual and Guy's very unpunctual. He doesn't like it when I wear see-through shirts. He doesn't want anyone to see my raspberries. I have to pick and choose my battles. He doesn't want me to dress like an old slapper. Those are his words." Madonna says most expensive fashion item she owns is a £12,000 Fendi bag. "The thing is that's what it cost, but I got a bit of a discount. It was really expensive still anyway, it was ridiculous. It's just an aubergine coloured alligator bag. It's gorgeous. Fendi are obscenely expensive but I figure that's the kind of thing that will last forever." She adds that apart from her family, her most precious possessions are her paintings. More of Jo Whiley's interview with Madonna will be broadcast on Radio1 on November 23rd at 10am GMT. (source: Ananova)

21 November - Tour video hits no. 1

The Drowned World Tour DVD debuts at no. 1 on both the combined (DVD & VHS) Music Video chart and the Music DVD chart. (source: MadonnaMusic)

Meanwhile, GHV2 will debut on next weeks US album chart with sales of 150,000 copies. (source: Madonnarama)

21 November - Madonna is (related to) a saint
Pop queen Madonna, who has a history of outraging the Catholic church, is actually related to a Scottish saint. Her film director husband, Guy Ritchie, is a descendent of St John Ogilvie, according to author Andrew Morton, who traced the couple's family tree for a new book. He claims her in-laws are related to the Jesuit priest, who was hanged in Glasgow in 1615 and canonised in 1976. Now the singer - who once kissed a black "Jesus" in the video for Like A Prayer - has been invited to join church celebrations in Blantyre, where St John Ogilvie's parish will mark its 25th anniversary. One parishioner said: "It's amazing that she is related to our patron. Maybe she'll come and give us a song. Does she know Faith Of Our Fathers?" (source: Sunday Mail)

20 November - Chat with Mo's dancer
Antonio RodriguezTomorrow, wednesday Nov. 21st at 7pm CET you can chat with Antonio Rodriguez, the flamenco-dancer from the Drowned World Tour at (click on 'ik wil chatten'). You can ask him anything about the tour and about Madonna ofcoz! One hour earlier, Kurt Jaspers, cowriter of 'Madonna: Voice of a Generation' will talk about the evolution of Madonna's music.

20 November - New Madonna interview
BBC Radio 1 presenter Jo Whiley is said to be interviewing Madonna this week. Highlights of the interview will be broadcast on Thursday at 10am GMT, and the in-depth interview will be on Friday at 10am GMT. Fans outside the UK can stream BBC Radio 1. (Sources: BBC Radio 1)

20 November - Like A Prayer voted best M video
Like A Prayer, the videoLike A Prayer has been voted the best Madonna video. It was chosen by viewers of Q TV, the music channel spin-off from Q magazine. The channel played Madonna videos non-stop for a week, to mark the launch of her new compilation album, GHV2. The Top 10 was: 1 Like A Prayer; 2 Dear Jessie; 3 Erotica; 4 True Blue; 5 Hanky Panky; 6 Vogue; 7 This Used To Be My Playground; 8 Into the Groove; 9 Don't Cry For Me Argentina; 10 Papa Don't Preach (source: Ananova)

~ I must admit this story surprises me. After all, how can videos like True Blue, Dear Jessie and Hanky Panky (??) make it to the top 10, leaving out masterpieces like Express Yourself, Bad Girl, Ray Of Light, Music, etc...

19 November - First chart news for GHV2
In its first week, GHV2 has placed itself on no. 2 in the UK album charts (behind the kids of Westlife) and it's already certified double platinum. In Belgium it has debuted on a rather disappointing no. 20. Other album charts: no. 3 in Australia (certified platinum), no. 2 in Ireland, no. 14 in Argentina, no. 15 in Japan, no. 5 in South Korea and no. 1 in Taiwan. (sources: MadonnaMusic, thanx to Jordy Chen)

19 November - Madonna back on stage... for theater act ?
Madonna could be the next big name to star in The Vagina Monologues. Although the Material Mom's acting has, at times, been less well received than her music, it appears that she is still determined to pursue her thespian interests. According to an insider, Madge has been approached with a view to treading the boards at the Arts Theatre in London and is giving the idea serious consideration. A spokesperson for the show said, 'Madonna is very welcome, she'd be wonderful.' Madge's only previous stage appearance was in a New York production of David Mamet's play, Speed the Plow. Others who have previously appeared in the London version of The Vagina Monologues include Sophie Dahl, Jerry Hall and Maureen Lipman, who claims she told her mother the play was called The Geneva Monologues. (source: PeopleNews)

18 November - Billboard megamix news
Since 1999, the remixes/productions of Thunderpuss (aka DJs Barry Harris and Chris Cox) have resulted in 18 No. 1 postings on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. Recently, the duo made its "Total Request Live" debut via the Madonna-fronted "Thunderpuss GHV2 Megamix". Delivered to radio the week of Oct. 29, the promo-only track finds the twosome creating a musical collage of nine Madonna hits (including Deeper and Deeper and Don't Tell Me) culled from her "GHV2: Greatest Hits Volume 2," which was released Nov. 13. In other Madonna news, the label will service club DJs with "GHV2" Nov. 20. The noncommercial single features six Madonna tracks seamlessly woven together by DJ/remixer Tracy Young. Next month, club DJs will receive a promotional three-disc set featuring the singer's best remixes of the past 10 years. One new remix (That Kid Chris' overhauling of What It Feels Like For A Girl) will also be included. (source: Billboard)

18 November - Rocco's Drowned World

Madonna's baby is going on his own Drowned World tour. Rocco Ritchie has joined a group called Aqua Tots, which teaches that babies can hold their breath and swim naturally if thrown into the water, the London's Sunday Express reports. The Material Mom's 1-year-old son will get private lessons - part of a three-month course that can end with him qualifying as a "Whale". "Rocco took well to the water and enjoyed himself," said instructor Evy Bentzon. Many parents with children in the group are angry that Madonna opted to give her son private lessons. Madonna's personal assistant rented the entire 10th floor of the London facility and made sure it was sealed off to other swimmers. "We were looking forward to seeing Rocco joining," said Mary McMullan, 27, who takes her son to the group lessons. "We were disappointed that even as a 1-year-old he's too grand for the rest of us." (source: PageSix)

18 November - Ciccone house sold

The Material Girl's childhood home went to the highest bidder in just 12 minutes. Sam Michael, representing an Ohio real estate group, bought Madonna's former Oakland County home and a few items of rock memorabilia with a bid of $331,000 Saturday afternoon. "I had no idea this was going to happen," Michael told The Detroit News for a Sunday story. "It was very exhilarating." Michael said he hopes to profit by reselling the 1.3-acre wooded property. (source: AP)

17 November - Cover song for LSD&M ? *rumour*
Sources at the set of 'Love, Sex, Drugs and Money' claim that Madonna has recorded a song to be featured on the movie's soundtrack. The track is a cover of Della Reese's "Come On - A My House". In the film there's supposed to be a dream sequence with Madonna singing the song with a Sardinian jazz orchestra. More on this later...

17 November - DWT video
DWT videoThough the tour video was announced for a November 13th release it seems it's set back to the original release date of the 19th (at least in the territories that I know of). Click here for pictures of the art work: one - two (source: Madonna Electronica)

16 November - Still Impressive
Impressive Instant spends its second week at no. 1 in the Dance Chart.

16 November - Madonna's Millions
The man who was responsible for Madonna's early financial success, and who was unceremoniously dumped by her in 1995, Bert Padell, talks for the first time about his experiences. Producers from Madonna's early career and financial experts on her millions provide a unique insight into the Diva. Maripol, who carved out Madonna's early image talks about this stage in her career and provides 'never seen before' footage. We are also treated to a guided tour around her childhood home, now on the market for $2 million. 'Madonna's Millions', broadcasted on BBC Choice on November 18th at 8pm GMT. (source: BBC Choice)

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