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30 January - Madonna takes Lola to photo exhibit
Madonna & Guy at photo exhibitMadonna took the rare step of taking her daughter out on the town for the opening of a photo exhibition. She was also accompanied by Guy Ritchie at the bash to launch the display of work by top fashion photographer Mario Testino. Five-year-old Lourdes has featured in at least one of the photos that Testino has taken of Madonna. A host of other stars, including singer Natalie Imbruglia as well as models Helena Christensen and Kate Moss also turned up at the party. The exhibition, at the National Portrait Gallery in London's West End, brings together more than 120 colour and black-and-white pictures by Testino, who was Princess Diana's favourite fashion photographer. Extraordinary images of Diana taken just before she died will be shown alongside portraits of icons from fashion, film and music. British stars whose portraits are on display include Robbie Williams, Catherine Zeta Jones and Liz Hurley. Special sections of the exhibition have been devoted to images of Madonna, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow. (source: Ananova)

29 January - Kylie & Madonna good friends? *rumour*
According to British 'Todays Paper' Madonna and Kylie Minogue have become inseparable friends. The two singers would've met through Madonna's stylist, after daughter Lourdes asked to invite the Australian singer. Kylie and boyfriend James Gooding would often dine with Madonna and Guy, and the girls would spend a lot of time together shopping. Close friends would have declared that a duet in the future would be a possibility and that Guy considers casting Kylie in one of his movies. (source: LouiseVeronicaCiccone) ~ What it's all worth, we'll have to wait and see...

27 January - Immaculate Collection is the greatest
Blender magazine, a music magazine from the publishers of Maxim, compiled a list of the 100 Greatest American Albums of All Time. The no.1 album on the list was Madonna's The Immaculate Collection. In the article text it mentions that Madonna still listens to it. It was her only album to appear on the list. (source: Madonna Information Report)

26 January - New pix in POP art book *rumour*
Earlier this month fansite Where Life Begins showed pictures of Madonna leaving a photo studio. Rumour has it that she did an exclusive photo shoot for the bi-annual art book POP that will be released in the spring. Madonna has exclusively modelled for it and the pictures will only be used for the book. The book is created by the makers of The Face. You can order it from the 11th of February and the price will be 5 UK pounds. POP have said that everyone will talk about the pictures. (thanx to Floris Van Raaijen)

26 January - Madonna Weekend on MTV Europe
During the first weekend of February, MTV Europe will broadcast another Madonna Weekend: "from her 1983 debut, you'll be able to watch her chart success all the way through nearly two decades and through over forty video releases."

26 January - Austin Powers song denied *rumour*
Earlier this week fansite Madonnarama reported that Madonna has contributed a song to the soundtrack of the new Austin Powers movie Goldmember. Dotmusic claims now that an official spokesperson for Madonna has denied this rumour. Madonnarama's Edward replied again with a statement that he believes in his sources. We'll have to wait and see...

26 January - Madonna to cover Bowie *rumour*
According to MTV2, Madonna just recorded the David Bowie classic Ziggy Stardust for her new album. They said Madonna has always been a big fan of Bowie and Ziggy Stardust is her all-time favorite song by Bowie. They said that she is recording more music for the album at the present moment and that the album should be in stores this summer. They also said this album will be her first where she plays guitar. (source: Madonna Information Report)

25 January - More on VH1 special 'Driven'
The new VH1 series 'Driven' has managed to find some information about pop icon Madonna that actually isn't common knowledge. The show, which looks at key early moments in the careers of music stars, will provide some fresh material for Madonnologists when it airs at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday (Jan. 29), including reminiscences from her first manager, Adam Alter, and paintings by an artist named Anthony Panzera, who hired the then-struggling singer as a nude model. In addition, 'Driven' will show clips from two rarely seen movies in which Madonna appeared before she became famous: "A Certain Sacrifice" - Madonna sued (unsuccessfully) to block its release on video in 1985 - and "In Artificial Light," which is described as a "rarely seen art film". Pictures of the singer modeling for a fellow student and footage of her performing with her early band, Emmy, will also be part of the show, as will interviews with Madonna's high school guidance counselor, college roommate and the director of her first video. (source: Zap2it)

24 January - Peggy Lee dies at 81
Peggy Lee, the legendary pop and jazz singer whose best-known song 'Fever' was covered by Madonna on 1992's Erotica, died Monday from a heart attack at her home in the Bel Air community of Los Angeles. She was 81. (source: Sonicnet)

23 January - 'You Must Love Me' on Webber's 'Now and Forever'
Madonna's recording of 'You Must Love Me' is included on an Andrew Lloyd Webber box set called 'Now and Forever' compiling various performances from his musicals. Antonio Banderas's 'Oh What A Circus' from the Evita film is also included. (source: Madonna Information Report)

22 January - Beautiful Stranger part II *rumour*
According to Madonnarama Madonna has recorded a song for inclusion in the forthcoming Austin Powers film, 'Goldmember'. Madonna submitted the track to the movie's producers a few weeks ago. It's thought that, subject to approval, it will be the main song for the movie - echoing the extemely successful 'Beautiful Stranger' which appeared in 1999's 'The Spy Who Shagged Me'. The details of the title or the producer are not yet available, but insiders reckon that - provided the movie's producers accept the song (and why wouldn't they!) - it could be released as a single in late Spring this year. ~ No official confirmation as yet

22 January - LSD&M in Cannes *rumour*
According to Madonnarama Guy Ritchie's new film, still provisionally titled 'Love, Sex, Drugs & Money' will be shown at the 55th annual Cannes Festival. The festival takes place in the second two weeks of May and it's not yet known if the film will be enterred in the competition. It is, however, likely that the Ritchies will attend the event. Last time Madonna premiered a movie at Cannes was 1991's preview of 'Truth or Dare' / 'In Bed With Madonna'. Despite what you may have read elsewhere, it's not confirmed that Madonna has recorded a song for the movie. Though it seems likely, there's no news on this yet. But there's bad news for fans. The film is not receiving a general release until the Autumn.

22 January - Celine sells better than Madonna
Celine Dion has beaten Madonna in record sales in Europe. Over the past six years the French-Canadian singer sold twice as much as Madonna. From 1996 to 2001 Celine received 33 Platinum discs for 8 albums, while Madonna got 17 times Platinum for 5 albums. (source: Hollywood Reporter, thanx to Thierry Veran)

22 January - A weekend in Paris
Earlier we reported that Madonna had attended a fashion show of Donnatella Versace last saturday evening, together with her friend Gwyneth Paltrow. Other celebs attending the show were Rolling Stone Ron Wood, Boy George, Sheryl Crow and Chelsea Clinton. Afterwards Madonna went dining out with Stella McCartney in 'La Cantine du Faubourg'. After spending the night at Hotel Crillon (where she stayed during the tour as well), Madonna went to Jean-Paul Gaultier's fashion show and took him and Sigourney Weaver for lunch in Balzar. Later that sunday she returned to London. Quite a fancy weekend! (source: Madonna Electronica's Thierry Veran)

21 January - News on new album *rumour*
From Madonnarama: "Our spies in Paris managed to pick up some news about Madonna's latest recordings. She is indeed working in Sarm West studios in London and she and Mirwais (plus another, as yet unnamed producer) have recorded two songs. There is no news yet as to whether these are destined for a new album or part of a film project. We hope to have more news on this very soon."

21 January - Bird agreed with abortion
Other news sources have highlighted parts of Bird's story:
"The ex-boyfriend who made Madonna pregnant says he supported her decision to abort their baby. Andy Bird, a penniless English drifter when he met the Material Girl - who'd already had daughter Lourdes - in 1997, insists neither he nor Madonna was ready for a child. "I wasn't sure I should be allowed to father a child," Bird, 30, told Scotland's Sunday Mail." More at PageSix. Part two of the interview is now available at Little Star.

20 January - Andy Bird's story
A while back we heard that Madonna's former lover Andy Bird is going to cash in on their relationship by selling his story. English newspaper Daily Mail has started a serialisation of Bird's story. You can read the first part at Little Star - The Madonna Site; the other parts will follow next week.

20 January - Anti-fur protesters disturb Versace show
Madonna at Versace show - courtesy of Little StarAnimal rights protesters stormed the catwalk at Italian designer Donatella Versace's haute couture show in Paris on Saturday, stunning an audience which included Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rolling Stone Ron Wood. [...] A well-dressed blonde woman managed to partly unroll a banner reading "Fur Kills. Peta" in front of photographers before being forced off and wrestled to the ground, a few yards from where Madonna and her celebrity friends sat. The woman was rapidly escorted away as models, apparently oblivious to the incident, continued to parade to a thumping disco soundtrack. Moments later, the mood was back to normal and Madonna and Paltrow whispered jokes to each other. (source: Reuters)

20 January - Ewan bashes Madonna
"Madonna made an arse of herself. It was really embarrassing, I thought. She was trying to be provocative" - Ewan McGregor in W regarding Madonna's foulmouthed presentation of the prestigious Turner Prize to artist Martin Creed. (source:

20 January - No NRJ Award
Madonna was nominated for 'Best Female Artist' for the French NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, but lost to J-Lo.

19 January - Stuart Price interview
2-Pop has a complete interview with Stuart Price, musician on the DWT and co-producer on Madonna's next studio album. He talks about how he gave up touring with U2 to join the Drowned World Tour and what material he reworked. The interview was taken at the end of the tour, so there's no news on the new album. Read here. (source: 2-Pop, thanx to Madonnarama)

18 January - Remix Madonna yourself
AcidPlanet has set up a new website where you can make your own remix of Music, Deeper and Deeper and Ray Of Light. They promise cool prizes for the hottest mixes. So go to and enter the Madonna Remix contest!

18 January - Rolling Stone's 2001 Music Awards
In "Rolling Stone's" 2001 music awards issue (No Doubt on cover), Madonna is #3 on the reader-voted Favorite Female list, following Britney and J.Lo. (source: MadonnaMusic)

17 January - E! Sexiest women
Madonna is at no. 10 in the list of 'Sexiest Women in Entertainment' of E! Online.

17 January - Montreal covered Madonna with gifts
Canadese newspaper 'Le Journal de Montréal' put Madonna on the cover with a tour picture. The article reads that the 'Centre Molson', one of the biggest venues in Quebec, constantly covered Madonna with gifts during the tour. From Barcelona to Los Angeles gifts and flowers were sent to Madonna (several were addressed to Guy, Lourdes and Rocco) to convince her to include Montréal in her tour schedule. Manager Caresse Norman didn't reply. It became a running gag during the tour. The owner of the 'Centre Molson' explains that he didn't expect Madonna to change her tour schedule, but he hopes that the gifts will make her think of Montréal next time she goes on tour. Hopefully he hasn't spent more than a million American dollars for nothing... (source: Madonna Electronica)

17 January - DWT video producer gets nomination
The Art Directors Guild (ADG) announced nominations in six categories of Production Design for motion pictures and television competing in the ADG's Sixth Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards for the year 2001. Art director of the Drowned World Tour, Bruce Ridgers is nominated in Category IV - Variety of Awards Show, Music Special, or Documentary. (source: Yahoo!)

17 January - Madonna items auctioned by Britney & Justin
A dance lesson with the 'NSYNC member is one of several prizes up for auction at a charity Super Bowl party Timberlake and girlfriend Britney Spears are hosting at New York's Planet Hollywood on February 3, the day of the big game, according to an event spokesperson. While watching the game on big-screen televisions strewn about the restaurant, guests will be able to bid on the dance class with Justin and the opportunity for a cameo role in an upcoming Spears movie, video or commercial, as well as items from New York Yankee Derek Jeter, golfer Tiger Woods, and Madonna. (source: SonicNet)

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