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14 January - New photoshoot ? *rumour*
Madonna at Highgate Studios - Picture courtesy of Where Life BeginsDedicated fansite Where Life Begins has pictures of Madonna and Lola leaving Highgate Studios, where she's believed to have done a photoshoot.

14 January - Madonna and Guy to honor Sting
It has been announced that Madonna and Guy Ritchie will present a lifetime achievement award to Sting at the 2002 Brits which take place in London on Feb 20th. It is yet unknown if Madonna herself is nominated in any of the categorys - you must remember that Madonna scooped her first ever Brit in 2001 for best International Female. (source: Where Life Begins)

13 January - Rumour alerts *rumour*
The MLVC mailing list reports a rumor that Madonna's people checked out the Pepsi Center in Denver to see if it was big enough for a performance. And a quote from AllMadonna: "This year will see Madonna perform a Beatles classic for a benefit album honoring the late Linda McCartney." If either one gets confirmed, you'll read it here. But I wouldn't get up my hopes just yet...

12 January - Don't call her Madge
Madonna has banned husband Guy Ritchie and his cockney mates from calling her Madge - because she DETESTS it. The Queen of Pop has issued strict orders that no one uses the nickname first given to her by her movie director lover. Friends say the American superstar 'absolutely hates' being called Madge and has insisted everyone calls her by her full name. The revelation was made by British actor Jason Flemying who became a close friend of Guy when he starred in his movies 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and 'Snatch'. Jason said: "She just hates Madge. We're under strict instructions not to call her that. She absolutely abhors it." But the British star insisted that Madonna was not at all stuck up, said she was 'one of the boys'. He said: "she loves being one of the lads and being treated normally." Madge recently announced that she wanted Guy to be knighted - so she could be called Lady Madonna. However, it only showed her lack of British noble affairs - a knight's wife always takes her husband surname so she would be known as Lady Ritchie. (source: Daily Star)

12 January - Yesterday's poll at PeopleNews
Who would you prefer to see Frank Skinner interview? According to the good readership of PeopleNews, The Queen of Pop, Madonna, still rules, winning a stunning 74% of your votes. Limping behind in joint second place is corset-loving Joan Collins and Barbra 'my voice is as big as my nose' Streisand at 13%. Will Madonna take note of the public's wishes and do a Britney Spears and appear on the cheeky Brummie's show? Hard to imagine, but in light of recent revelations of Madge's love of comedian Bernard Manning, nothing would surprise us. (source: PeopleNews)

12 January - Highs & lows in 2001
USA today announced the highs & lows in Celebrity World for 2001. Madonna is mentioned in the 'highs' twice: Coming together: In the days after Sept. 11, Hollywood's glitterati joined forces to fight terrorism in their own way. Julia Roberts and Madonna each donated $2 million to the Red Cross. Comeback kid: After two marriages and two kids, Madonna, 43, proved she still has it. The Material Girl launched a sold-out world tour, her first in eight years.

10 January - New VH1 special
Once upon a time, Britney Spears, Madonna and Marilyn Manson weren't household names. So what did they have to do break out of the pack and reach the top of the music world? The new VH1 series 'Driven' brings the music world's biggest pop icons' unknown pasts to life with footage that the public has never seen, plus interviews with those special people who played integral roles in their development as artists and individuals, providing a rare glimpse at what they were really like. Upcoming one-hour episodes of 'Driven' will focus on Britney Spears (Jan. 22), Madonna (Feb. 5), Marilyn Manson (Feb. 12), Jennifer Lopez (Feb. 19) and others. More about 'Driven' at Zap2it.

09 January - DWT video banned in Singapore
Madonna's Drowned World Tour 2001 concert DVD has been deemed "too explicit" for Singapore and banned from release there, Billboard reports. The Singapore Board Of Film Censors took issue with two scenes in particular: Japanese-inspired animation sequences that depicted a monster fondling and raping an Asian-looking girl. Madonna's management is reportedly debating whether to release an edited version of the DVD in that country. (Launch, thanx to Josh from MadMax)

09 January - Madonna lived with Hernandez in Belgium
Tonight on the Belgian TV program 'Man bijt hond' there was an item about Madonna living in Belgium. In an interview with Radio Donna last month, Patrick Hernandez ('Born To Be Alive') admitted Madonna, who was his backup singer in the late 70s, lived together with him in Aalbeke, a small village in Belgium. In the TV program people from Aalbeke were interviewed about the now-famous former inhabitant of their town. They remembered her as a friendly girl, who did her shopping in town and liked dancing a lot. Funny was the remark of a little girl: "I hope to be as famous as Madonna one day, and it's possible because after all Madonna started out in Aalbeke too!" :-)

09 January - Madonna in Guinness Book of Records
According to the 2002 edition of the Guinness Book of Records, Madonna is the most successful solo female artist in the world. This is based on her total sales of more than 120 million albums and more than 40 million singles, more than any other female artist. She's had 34 top ten singles and 12 top ten albums in the US and 48 top ten singles and 14 top ten albums in the UK. There is another title given to Madonna. The most watched concert via internet with a record breaking audience of more than 11 million for her 2000 gig at the Brixton Academy. (source: AbsoluteMadonna, with thanks to Walter Mendoza)

08 January - Rare picture for auction
Rare picture for auctionA rare signed picture of Madonna is being auctioned through Ananova's ecommerce partner qxl. The 10-inch by 8-inch signed picture is guaranteed authentic by the sellers. You can find out more, or place your bid at qxl. Bidding closes on Friday. (source: Ananova)

06 January - Madonna asks comedian for party
Madonna has reportedly asked comedian Bernard Manning to perform at a private party for her husband Guy Ritchie. She first met the controversial comic when he cracked jokes about the flat cap she was wearing at a the birthday party of chef Marco Pierre White. Bernard says Madonna really enjoyed his performance. His agent confirmed that he is in talks with Madonna to appear at a party later this month. (source: Ananova)

05 January - Back In Business
Hope you've all had a great time celebrating New Year; I certainly have! Seems there hasn't been any revolutionary Madonna news the past few days, but I'll sum up some of the more interesting details.

  • Madonna has received a Grammy Nomination for Don't Tell Me as 'Best Short Form Music Video'. She has to compete with Aerosmith, Missy Elliott, Fatboy Slim and Outkast. The show will be aired live on CBS on Feb. 27 at 8pm.
  • Chart news: GHV2 is at no. 30 in the Billboard 200; the DWT video is at 9; the megamix is at 38 in the Club Play, Impressive Instant at 31.
  • According to a poll of visitors to London's Madame Tussaud's waxworks, Jennifer Aniston beat Kylie and Madonna to take the title of 'Most Beautiful Woman'.
  • Madonna is at no. 18 in the list of most played artists in the US for 2001.
  • The English Office of National Statistics mentions the occurance of the name Rocco in birth registers since Madonna gave her son this Italian name.
  • IMDB mentions Madonna as one of the performers on the 2002 Brit Awards, though there's no official confirmation for this.

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