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28 December - Holiday!
I'm taking a break from the web to celebrate New Year on Cyprus. I'll be back on January 5th, but until then there won't be any news updates. However, you can enjoy a new section at Mad-Eyes: the Tours section gives you details about Madonna's six past tours. It's the first of a few new sections, coming up in 2002! Enjoy and Happy New Year! ~ Bart, your webmaster

27 December - Dick Tracy DVD
Madonna's smash 1990 film 'Dick Tracy' will finally be released on DVD in the U.S. on April 2. The DVD is expected to include cast interviews and deleted scenes that did not make the film. This edition will also be released worldwide around the same time. In other DVD news, MGM Pictures is said to be considering releasing 'Body Of Evidence' in the U.S. by next summer. (source: Madonnarama)

27 December - Madonna no. 6 in Yahoo! Buzz Top celebs
Yahoo! Inc., a global Internet communications, commerce and media company, today announced the annual release of its most popular search terms for the year 2001. The list is compiled using the Yahoo! Buzz Index, an interactive market research tool developed by Yahoo! to measure public engagement with brands, products, people and technologies on the Internet for both consumer knowledge and as a valuable tool for marketers. The Yahoo! Buzz Index 2001 Leaders lists are compiled from all the searches conducted on the Yahoo! network from January 1, 2001 - December 15, 2001. Madonna is no. 6 in the Yahoo! Buzz Index Top 10 Leaders - Celebrities, behind Britney, J-Lo, Eminem, Pamela and Nelly (source: Yahoo)

27 December - Kylie, Robbie & Madonna for xmas
Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams have topped an internet survey about ideal Christmas visitors, with Jesus coming in only just above Osama bin Laden. The poll, organised by website, questioned 2,700 visitors about who they'd most like to entertain for Christmas dinner. After Kylie and Robbie, the top 5 was completed by Madonna, Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt. (source: UK, thanx to Madonna Electronica)

26 December - Radio Donna Top 2001
This week Belgian fans can listen to the Top 2001 at Radio Donna (also streaming radio on the site). Of course Madonna made the list several times. Today we already heard This Used To Be My Playground and Justify My Love. Tomorrow the 27th you can hear Drowned World/Substitute For Love (at 7.33 CET) and Open Your Heart (18.30). On the 28th they'll play Nothing Really Matters (7.30), Don't Tell Me (13.26) and Borderline (18.48). On friday there's Take A Bow (3.04). Saturday the 30th there are Express Yourself (3.02), What It Feels Like (6.46), American Pie (10.03), Beautiful Stranger (11.44), Vogue (15.28) and La Isla Bonita (17.38). And finally on the 31st they broadcast Like A Virgin (00.24), Ray Of Light (5.22), Music (6.51), Frozen (11.51) and Like A Prayer (17.51). Check the Donna website next week for the exact positions. Mad-Eyes now has a Madonna playlist.

25 December - Annodam, the Madonna portal !
We got a nice xmas present for all of you! Check out, the brand new Madonna portal, which unites 9 of the finest Madonnasites!
Also happy to report that Miss Boogie Woogie, the great picture site and also member of, has re-opened (renew your bookmarks).

25 December - Today Show transcript
Read the complete interview with Madonna at the Today Show at MSNBC. There are a few pictures too.

25 December - Merry merry!
I wish all of you, your friends & family a merry christmas! :)

23 December - GHV2 review
Read a late GHV2 review at Popmatters.

23 December - DWT 4th biggest concert grosser
When it came to the year-end concert-grossing chart, there was no way U2 were gonna get left behind. The band's Elevation Tour ranked as the top money-maker of 2001, bringing in $143 million, according to a report by Amusement Business. The band's earnings eclipsed those of its competitors, largely because U2 played a whopping 113 arena concerts across the globe. [...] Madonna's Drowned World Tour brought in $74 million worldwide from only 47 shows, landing her at #4. (source: Sonicnet)

22 December - Remix Madonna
You can remix Madonna songs yourself at the site of AcidPlanet.

22 December - Happy anniversary!
Happy anniversary for Madonna and Guy! It's exactly one year ago that they wed in Dornoch's Skido Castle. This year the couple will celebrate with friends at the mansion of Sting and his wife Trudie Styler. Many more years together M&G!

21 December - Tartan as anniversary present
New tartan for Madonna and GuyThe Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board has given Madonna and Guy Ritchie a new tartan for their first wedding anniversary. Host commissioned the tartan as a thank you for the couple making Scotland one of the most desirable places in the world to be married. The tartan is called Romantic Scotland. Miss Scotland, Juliette Horne, modelled a wedding dress in the new material in front of Drum Castle in Aberdeenshire. The unique tartan was designed by Johnstons of Elgin. The colours in the tartan are blue after Madonna's early True Blue album; yellow after her Blond Ambition Tour; pearl white after her Like A Virgin hit; and purple to represent Scottish heather. (source: Ananova)

21 December - DWT video at no. 9
Weekly charts for the nation's most popular videos as they appear in the Dec. 29, 2001, issue of Billboard magazine: Madonna's "Drowned World Tour 2001" video at no. 9.

21 December - Madonna among most influential people
Euro RSCG Worldwide, the world's fifth-largest advertising agency network has published a white paper titled "Influence & Influencers: What to Expect from the Near Future." The report focuses on some of the key people, places, and things that will influence our world in the coming months and years. Topping Euro RSCG's list of influential people is Madonna, who continues to demonstrate unbelievable marketing savvy. (source: Euro RSCG)

21 December - Madonna inspires picture artist
Art by Maximilian OtteMadonna has been used as the inspiration for a new art exhibition. Maximilian Otte says she has been his "lucky star" since he decided to base his fantasy girl pictures on her. But the artist refuses to accept his pictures are actually of Madonna. Martin Suppan, organiser of Otte's latest exhibition in Vienna, said: "He doesn't say that the pictures are Madonna but everyone can see it, and they are hugely popular. "It's one of the best shows we have organised all year." Many of the works have already been sold for thousands of pounds each. (source: Ananova)

19 December - Madonna blames Turner Prize organisers for swearing
Madonna has blamed the organisers of art's Turner Prize for her swearing on live television. She says they had tempted her to do it by trying to vet her speech. The singer swore as she presented the prize at London's Tate Britain gallery in a ceremony broadcast on Channel 4 earlier this month. She said today she could not resist the temptation after organisers asked her not to "use profanities". She told American broadcaster NBC's Today show: "I didn't talk about freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I talked about how silly awards shows are." And she hit back at critics who demanded an apology after the on-air swearing and said: "Whatever. I mean, as if no-one says that word. It is a cutting edge, contemporary award. People expect that sort of behaviour from me. They wanted me to give them a copy of my speech before I went on and I said 'No I'm not going to'. So they kept trying to get the information out of me in really unclever ways and I just got pissed off with them. Then they said 'How would you like to introduced?' and I said 'Mrs Ritchie'. They said 'Oh no, we can't do that because everyone knows you as Madonna'. I mean come on, can't we play a little bit? It's ridiculous. Then they said at the end 'We hope and pray that there is no profanity in your speech'. So of course I did take that as an invitation and I did swear and I felt much better afterwards." (source: Ananova)

19 December - Like A Virgin and Material Girl are kitchy
Madonna says she thinks some of her most famous hits are "kitsch". She also says she would like to record another album and travel more. And she plans to do more acting and might try directing films. "I have been writing a screenplay for 100 years," she said on American TV's Today show. "I keep starting and getting distracted by a project and putting it away, so I want to finish it and maybe direct it." She said of her hit Material Girl: "It's funny, it has kitsch value." And she said Like A Virgin is in the same category: "They are great songs and they are of an era and all that, but I mean do I want to sit and listen to it, do I want to perform it? No. My songs are like a map of my life they all mean something - they are like tattoos. If I listen to them I can go exactly back to that time in my life, what I was doing, what I was feeling." (source: Ananova)

18 December - Madonna & Guy attend movie premiere
Madonna & Guy at the premiere of 'Mean Machine'Madonna teamed up with Vinnie Jones at the premiere of his latest movie, Mean Machine. And she admits she is rather taken by the former Wimbledon player's acting talents and looks. Madonna arrived at the Odeon with her husband Guy Richie. "He is a great actor and very charming and he has got gorgeous eyes," she said. Mean Machine is Jones' first lead role since he began his acting career in Richie's Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. A remake of the 1974 Burt Reynolds movie, it tells the story of a professional footballer jailed for match fixing. Once inside he trains a team of cons to take on the prison guards in a bad tempered grudge match. Jones says he discussed the project with Madonna and her husband before deciding on the role. "We go back a long way and she has given me a lot of support, I always phone them when I'm thinking of doing a project," he said. (source: Ananova)

18 December - Help Donna DeLory out!
Donna DeLoryI just found out that Donna is eligible to become's Most Improved Artist in December. To make this happen I REALLY need your help. Here's the deal. She needs to have as many people as possible download a song from her website in the next 12 days. You can only download one song each day per person, so we would need you to go back each day and download a new song. I will keep adding songs. Also, if you would consider asking your non blisslister friends to help out as well, we have a really good chance of meeting our goal. I think if we can get 600 (20/blisslister) new people to download her music we will reach the goal. (source: Donna's manager Lynn; thanx to MadMax)

~ For those who haven't heard the music of Donna (Madonna's all-time backup dancer/singer) yet, I can certainly recommend listening to her beautiful songs! bARTie, your webmaster.

18 December - Sulking & other family issues
Madonna says her daughter Lourdes refused to speak to Guy Ritchie when they began their relationship. The five-year-old was "jealous" of her mother's new boyfriend, the singer said. But Madonna says Lourdes quickly got over the feelings. And the star told US television's Today show she and Ritchie take turns sulking after rows. "I think she was jealous at first - quite competitive," she said of Lourdes. "More with Guy because she did have me to herself and she was like 'Who is this stranger walking into my life?' "She sort of refused to speak to him at first. But Guy played it right. He is really, really good with her." She will celebrate the first anniversary of her marriage to film director Ritchie later this week. But Madonna said life has been very busy since the wedding, which was followed by a world tour and filming with Ritchie in his latest movie, provisionally called Love, Sex, Drugs And Money. "I'm exhausted and I have not stopped since, let's see, we got married last year," she said. "It is an incredible experience - it has been an incredible experience. I think my husband and I are very well suited for each other. "He is incredibly adventurous and full of life. But with that you get strong-willed and opinionated. "I could not be with anything else. Strong people need to be with strong people." The singer told how when the couple argue, neither will back down. "We usually come to a point where we sulk like babies. We take turns," she said. (source: Ananova)

18 December - Entertainer of the Year
In a poll held by Entertainment Weekly, Britney Spears was voted 'Entertainer of the Year', with over 50,000 votes out of 152,390. Madonna came in sixth with 7,125 votes, behind respectively Britney, Harry Potter, 'N Sync, Julia Roberts and Jamles Marsters.

18 December - Concert Industry Awards
Pollstar is pleased to announce the nominees for the 13th Annual Concert Industry Awards. The gala awards ceremony takes place February 9 at the swank new Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. The awards recognize those who represent the best the concert business has to offer. [...] This time, Madonna, Radiohead and U2 battle it out for the Major Tour Of The Year prize. The unifying feature among the three acts is that each had an entirely sold-out international tour, playing to arena-sized crowds. U2 were the biggest money-maker but Madonna's spectacular production and ariel stunts, and Radiohead's fan appeal will give the Irish rockers a run for their money. [...] The Most Creative Stage Production choice could be a close one. In the running are the fan-friendly stage design of U2's Elevation Tour; Madonna's elaborate crouching tiger - hidden superstar theatrics; Janet Jackson's steamy choreography; Tool's ominous acrobats and digital images; and *NSYNC's 80-foot-high flying stunts, levitating platforms and moving sidewalks. (source: Pollstar)

18 December - Workmen react angry
Madonna is today in crisis talks with builders working on her London home who are threatening to pull out of the job after she publicly branded them lazy and workshy. The singer said during a webchat with fans that she was fed up that labourers carrying out renovations on her £5million Westminster home were taking too long and not putting in enough hours. But the builders were outraged by her criticisms - so much so that she had to send representatives to the house today to calm the situation. At least 70 men are working on the house - but some have been considering handing in their notice since her comments. (source: Evening Standard)

~ So much for British humor...

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