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12 July - M to star in Evita play? *rumour*
The latest word on the Theatreland grapevine is that an Evita revival could be on the cards; a campaign for the rebirth of the classic Argentina-based Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber extravaganza seems to be gathering pace. What are the odds that Madonna could be persuaded to take the lead role? After all, she's now got proven West End box office appeal, and her turn alongside Antonio Banderas (and Geordie rascal Jimmy Nail) as the wife of the Argentinian leader in 1996 is widely considered to be her only successful film performance. With the success of Bombay Dreams, Sir Andrew is enjoying something of a renaissance himself. He might be making that call sooner rather than later. (source: PeopleNews)

Outtake from Pop Magazine 11 July - Unedited outtake from Pop Magazine
Madonna Electronica obtained this unedited outtake from the photo shoot for Pop Magazine. Click to enlarge.

11 July - No Orbit on new album
We've just had confirmation from William Orbit's official site that he is not working with Madonna on her new album. The recent press reports are wrong. (source: Madonnarama)

11 July - Some details on Bond theme *rumour*
MadMax member Robster16 has today checked in with some news on Madonna's title track for Die Another Day. Unlike previous Bond tracks Madonna's will not be a ballad, but rather an up-tempo track. I recently learnt that a version has been played at Eon offices in London which was described as 'rap'. While the person was listening to the Die Another Day title track, it was possible that they were listening to a remixed version that will appear on the single. In related news, while Madonna jets off to LA to record the video-clip for the song it has also been confirmed that director Guy Ritchie, her husband, won't be directing the video clip. And finally, the song has been produced by Mirwais.

11 July - The lesbian Bond girl
For those who thought that the fencing instructor had no longer to do with earlier reports of lesbian kissing: "Madonna looks set to become the first lesbian Bond Girl - at her request. The singer reportedly demanded that producers on Die Another Day make her character gay after she found out she is not cast as a traditional Bond babe, swooning over Our Hero. In fact, her character is said to be the only woman in the film who does NOT get to romp with Bond, played by Pierce Brosnan. That looks like a loss of face for the woman who in real life bedded men at will in her carefree bachelor days. Madonna plays a fencing instructor and has already shot a swashbuckling sequence in which Bond duels with villain Gustav Graves, played by Toby Stephens, at a London gentlemen's club. The Material Girl's next appointment with Bond is in Los Angeles next month to film a video for the song she wrote that accompanies the title credits." (source: ITV)

11 July - Fan UFG report: M gets better and better
MadMax member Daniel reports about the July 9th performance of Up For Grabs: "I went to see Up for Grabs again last night (I have been four times before in May and June) and I wanted to share with everyone how much Madonna's performance has grown over the run of the show. She is so much more relaxed, natural...she has filled in her performance to add more nuances/layers, her character has grown (ex the "snorty" laugh which she used to only do in the lesbian scene, is now sprinkled throughout the play). The whole cast seems to interact and mesh together better. Scenes flow more and many have been re-worked to be either toned down (ex. some exchanges between Manny and Phyllis have been made a bit sweeter and not so confrontational in the first act) or fleshed out to have more impact (ex Lauren and her husbands fight before he walks out is much more emotional and believeable). Overall, she has really grown and proven herself to be a real actress. (My friend went with me and expected her to be bad, thinking she cannot act, and walked out saying that not only was she not bad, but she was VERY GOOD)."

10 July - New Swept Away pictures
M in Swept Away M in Swept Away M in Swept AwayFansite Madonnasworld has posted some new pictures from Swept Away. Madonna looks sexy as ever - these pictures certainly contradict the rumours about the 'unflattering images'. Rumours are circulating that some of these pictures will appear in Harper's Bazaar. Click to enlarge.

10 July - More on Swept Away Behind The Scenes
Despite the best efforts of the world's media, Madonna and Guy Ritchie have managed - more or less - to keep the details of their married life from reaching the public. That looks set to change, up to a point, with the release of an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of Swept Away, the Ritchies' first film collaboration. Scriptwriter Dan Cadan, a close friend of the couple, spent two weeks on the set of the film and shot more than 40 hours of footage, which is now being edited into a half-hour documentary. "People read so much about the Ritchies, but to me they are just normal people living life as a family," says Cadan. "I wanted to get that across. Madonna and Guy are constantly mocking each other. They can be very rude, but very, very funny. I was only using a small camera and, because I know the kids and all the nannies quite well, they were totally relaxed and natural. There's some amazing stuff: one time we were out on a boat and Rocco, who was one at the time, managed to pull the pin out of a fire extinguisher and soak Madonna's entire wardrobe." Cadan first met Ritchie when he worked as a runner on the set of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. He has since helped edit several of Ritchie's scripts and also wrote the sleeve notes for Madonna's GHV2. This weekend, he is shooting a film for Dunhill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Cadan's documentary will be released alongside Swept Away, which is scheduled, following a lengthy delay, to arrive in cinemas in mid-October. (source: Daily Telegraph, thanx to Madonnarama)

10 July - Christmas release for new album? *rumour*
According to american music channel VH1 Madonna will have a very special christmas present for her fans: her new album! If this turns out to be true, the album will be released much sooner than expected! VH1 also announced that Madonna is playing a lot of guitar on the album and that the album is heavily rock-influenced. (source: Madonna Electronica)

Elton John - Songs From The West Coast10 July - Madonna in Elton John's new video? *rumour*
I stumbled upon this rumour on the VH1 message board: "I've heard through the 'grapevine' that Madonna will be starring in Sir Elton's hot new video/song called 'Original Sin' from his grammy-nominated 'Songs From The West Coast' CD. Is she the lucky 'lovely diva' that gets transformed down the 'yellow brick road'? Check it out by contacting VH1 and MTV's TRL and requesting this hot new video! "

10 July - Liz and MGM confirm Bond cameo
Several news sites report that Liz Rosenberg has confirmed that Madonna was on the set this week to film her cameo role as a fencing instructor in the new Bond movie Die Another Day. She has shot a sequence that will be edited into a swashbuckling scene in which Pierce Brosnan, as Bond, duels with villain Gustav Graves, played by Toby Stephens, at a London gentlemen's club. Rosenberg said Madonna was flying to Los Angeles next month to film a video for the movie's title song. The song itself has already been recorded.

MGM has also released a press statement confirming the cameo and the release dates of the movie and the song: "In addition to composing and performing the title song, Madonna will also appear in EON Productions and MGM Pictures Die Another Day, it was announced today by producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Details of the role are still top secret. Starring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, the film also stars Oscar®-winner Halle Berry, Toby Stephens, Rosamund Pike, Rick Yune, John Cleese, and Judi Dench. Die Another Day will be released on November 22, 2002, in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the Bond films. Madonna's 'Die Another Day' single and music video will be released in October. Wilson and Broccoli said, "We are thrilled Madonna has agreed to make a cameo appearance in Die Another Day. Her dynamic personality and onscreen presence will compliment the incredible title song she wrote and performs and which plays an integral part in the film." Throughout her extraordinary career, Madonna has appeared in several films, including Evita, for which she won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical. Her other big-screen appearances include The Next Best Thing, A League of Their Own, Shadows and Fog, Truth or Dare, Dick Tracy, Desperately Seeking Susan, and the upcoming Swept Away, directed by her husband, Guy Ritchie." (thanx to MadMax member newyorkcityboy)

10 July - Nicole Kidman to take Madonna's role?
Poor Madonna and her spotty film record may be losing out again. The Material Mom has high hopes that she'll get to star in the movie version of her West End hit, "Up for Grabs" (which ends its limited, sold-out run next week). But the play's author, David Williamson, is said to be aiming a bit higher and likes the idea of having fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman portray his sell-at-all costs art dealer on the big screen. The only consolation for Madonna is that she will get to play the role on Broadway next season. They'd be mad not to have her, for curiosity value alone (source: NY Post)

09 July - Die Another Day gets October release
Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg has announced that the Bond theme Die Another Day will be released in October 2002. This means it will start getting airplay in September. The Bond film will be released worldwide in November, with the premiere taking place in the Royal Albert Hall in London, in the presence of Queen Elisabeth as well as our Queen of Pop.

09 July - Swept Away rated R
Yahoo! Movies reports that Swept Away has received a MPAA Rating: R for language and some sexuality/nudity.

09 July - Song titles added to ASCAP
Two new titles have been registered in the ASCAP database for Madonna, titled 'La Petit' et 'Liquid Love'. The database doesn't specify a performer, but gives writing credits to Madonna L. Ciccone and William Mark Wainwright (aka William Orbit). Rumours are circulating this could be songs for the new album, but Madonnafan MadMarfi points out that these titles were registered right before Lo Que Siente La Mujer, so they are probably left-overs from the Music recording sessions. (thanx to Madonnarama)

09 July - Madonna among 'power women' celebrated in London exhibit
The rock world's top 20 female icons are celebrated in a photographic exhibition opening at Britain's National Portrait Gallery Monday. The exhibition, "She Bop," was inspired by former music journalist Lucy O'Brien's book "She Bop II: The Definitive History of Women in Rock, Pop and Soul." Exhibits range from rocker Chrissie Hynde to soul diva Dusty Springfield and disco queen Madonna. "Female artists haven't been given the recognition that they've deserved and I felt there was a whole history of women to be written to chart how big a part women have played in popular music," says O'Brien of her book and the exhibition. "Images of women usually portray them as pretty or good looking. These photographs are different in that they show the charisma and power of the singers," adds the author, who used to work for British music newspaper New Musical Express. (source: Reuters)

08 July - Up For Grabs on film? *rumour*
One of the trends in twenty-first century theatre has been turning films into plays and musicals — The Graduate and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are two notable examples. Now it seems as if this trend may be reversed — or at least come full circle, with reports in the Daily Mail that Madonna is keen to star in a film version of David Williamson's play Up for Grabs, in which she is starring at Wyndham's Theatre. The play has been a good vehicle for her first foray onto the stage for many years, and enabled her to join the growing list of Hollywood stars appearing in the West End. It is thought that a number of high-profile actresses — including Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Julia Roberts — might be interested in a film of Up for Grabs. Nothing has been decided yet, however, and Madonna's legion of fans certainly must hope that she will take the play from the stage to the screen. After all, she gave a stunning performance as Eva Peron in the film version of Evita, and even though her performance at Wyndham's has had mixed reviews, the camera clearly loves her. (source: Daily Mail, thanx to Madonnarama)

08 July - Madonna's cameo finally revealed
It's been one of the most discussed roles for Die Another Day and one of the most confusing as well. It has long been debated whether or not Madonna will have a role in the next James Bond film. Moreover, how she'll actually appear in the film has also been heavily speculated.
To date, the most popular theory has been that Madonna would appear in Die Another Day as the Scorpion Girl, a character who is involved in the torture of Bond. However, has learnt otherwise. Madonna's role in Die Another Day will be that of a fencing instructor. The scene that Madonna features in will take place at the Blades Club in London. The scenes at Blades do involve James Bond dueling villain Gustav Graves both inside and outside of Blades, however, audiences will only see Madonna inside. The singer recently filmed her cameo role at Pinewood Studio's outside of London. We're told that Madonna's scenes in the film may have been cut down, possibly due to time restraints. Originally her fencing instructor character had a fair sized role in the Blades sequence. Rumours describing a scene where Madonna and Halle Berry's character, Jinx, kiss are all false. Berry is already back in the United States filming for the second X-Men film. Despite the possibility of a smaller role, there is also the possibility of seeing Madonna outside of the Blades club. Director Lee Tamahori has previously revealed that Madonna was having a dress specially designed for her work in the film by fashion house Versace. (source:

07 July - And yes, more Ray Of Light demos!
It's becoming a habit, but a wonderful one! Madonnapower offers us the clean and full demos of Little Star, The Power Of Good-Bye and To Have And Not To Hold. Personally I think they sound stunning; would've been great B-singles!

07 July - Upcoming Madonna book: Madonna's Drowned Worlds
Late 2003/early 2004, Santiago Fouz-Hernández and Freya Jarman will be releasing a new scientific book on Madonna, titled 'Madonna’s Drowned Worlds: New Approaches to Her Cultural Transformations (1983-2003)'. It will concentrate on her influence on 'Gender Identities', 'Sexual Identities' and 'Ethnic Identities'. More info on the website of the Music Department of the University of Newcastle. (source: MLVC mailing list)

07 July - Madonna demands changes in Die Another Day script? *rumour*
The 43-year-old star has demanded the script is changed for her cameo in Die Another Day. But it's proving to be a major headache for the production crew as she's insisted her husband Guy Ritchie rewrites it. A source said: 'It's a major hassle. But at the end of the day, it is Madonna and whatever she says goes.' Madonna, who also sings the film's theme tune, is due to start shooting scenes opposite 007 Pierce Brosnan. (source: Sunday Mirror, thanx to Clare)

05 July - MTV Moviehouse premieres Swept Away Behind the Scenes footage
"Tonight MTV Moviehouse showed another Swept Away exclusive, showing behind the screen's footage. They showed Guy and the crew filming a scene in the water between Madonna and Adrianno. Adrianno's character appears to be snorkling up behind Madonna's character in a bikini, he grabs her and pulls her down into the water, after which a soaking wet but smiling Madonna struggles to get up as she playfully hits and smacks him. Also they talked about Guy giving Madonna a "few pointers", and they show Madonna resting in the sand beside Adrianno as Guy layed down and caressed Adrianno's chest and set his cheek against it, showing Madonna how it's done. Then to top things off, Guy appeared to have staged a little gag just for behind the scenes footage. They showed him filming a scene in which Madonna and Adrianno were kissing out in the surf, but when Guy yelled "cut!" they kept on going! Guy shouted "that's enough!", getting playfully angry and eventually running across the sand towards the two, screaming "get off her!"" (source: Madonnarama)

04 July - Madonna against re-release of Sex
It seems that Madonna is mellowing in her old age. The 43-year-old Queen of Pop has told publishers that she will not allow them to release a special tenth-anniversary edition of her notorious book, Sex. Warner Books suggested to Madge that the erotic tome – that featured such luminaries as Naomi Campbell and Madonna's then-boyfriend Vanilla Ice – might be due a second lease of life and that some previously unseen pics could be included. It seems, though, that Madonna was not so keen on the idea. Says a source, 'She is married with two kids now, and she thought it wouldn't be the done thing – she more interested in shooting than bondage nowadays. And you shudder to think what Guy would say about the whole thing.' (source: PeopleNews)

04 July - Dr. Dre & Paul Oakenfold to work on new album? *rumour*
Several producers have been called in to work on Madonna's forthcoming album, but her latest choices are bound to turn a few heads! Madonna has personally called rap producer/artist Dr. Dre to help out with some tracks on her new CD. We have been told that Madonna first called Dr. Dre a few months back and asked him to do a track on the new "Austin Powers" soundtrack which is released on Maverick Records next week. Dre agreed to do it and has remixed the Rolling Stones' classic "Miss You" for the forthcoming Goldmember soundtrack. Insiders say that Madonna was so blown away by the track that she has asked him for some help on her new album. No decisions have been made, but Dr. Dre's management are said to be against the idea, saying it's "too pop" for him. Madonna has also asked remixer Paul Oakenfold, (who has remixed What It Feels Like For A Girl) to help out on the album. Oakenfold has just released a successful CD called "Bunka" in the U.S. on Madonna's Maverick Records. (source: Madonnarama)

03 July - Die Another Day video to be filmed next week? *rumour*
"Madonna is set to begin filming her video for Die Another Day in London next week according to U.S show Access Hollywood. It was said that the costumes and special effects are going to be awesome and the main video concept will be Madge as a James Bond character with her "kicking some serious ass". She will take on several disguises throughout the video, with wigs and specially designed costumes and there was even talk of appearances from Gweneth Paltrow, Sheryl Crow, and Pierce Brosnan. Guy Ritchie will be directing it.
Note: Though this story was reported on Access Hollywood, it's still only a rumour at this stage. As Madonna is still performing in 'Up For Grabs' until 13 July, it's unlikely that the video will be shot for at least 2 weeks." (source: Madonnarama)

02 July - More on Air track
The rumour that the French group Air will be producing a track of Madonna's next album has now also surfaced on the site of MTV France: "Madonna seems to be organising a whole team of french collaborators for her next album! She is working with Mirwais (producer of Music), musical arranger Michel Colombier (who worked on Don't Tell Me and the next Bond theme) and now recently also the duo Air. A source at Record Makers, Air's record label, has confirmed to "There have been multiple contacts between Madonna and Air. But each time something came in between. Now they picked up the idea again to collaborate on the new album. Madonna gave them 'carte blanche' to work on a track." No meetings have been arranged yet. "The track has already been sent to Madonna. She liked it a lot. They should be meeting up early september. The demo has no title nor lyrics so far."

02 July - Revenge full demo & Gone, Gone, Gone clean demo
Madonnafans keep getting spoiled! Madonnapower is now offering the full demo of Revenge, while MadonnaCatalog provides us the full and clean version of Gone, Gone, Gone! Download and enjoy! :)

02 July - Win the 'Star' BMW
BMW are offering the chance to win the M5 car that Madonna rode in during Guy Ritchie's short promotional film for the company. The car is being given away as a prize to raise funds for the Karen G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Entrants to the contest are encouraged to make a donation to the charity. The disease is of course, very close to Madonna's heart due to her mother's premature death when Madonna was 6 years old. The BMW M5 which appeared in the film "Star", has been signed on it's dashboard by Madonna herself - making it one of the most unique collectors' items we've come across. To view details of the contest click here and to see the "Star" promotional film, click here. (source: Madonnarama)

01 July - WIFLFAG theme used in David Kelly show
The Above & Beyond remix of What It Feels Like For A Girl is being used for frequently aired promotional spots advertising the new Fox series Girls Club. The new drama is from David E. Kelly (Ally McBeal, The Practice, Picket Fences) and centers on the lives of three women trying to fight the patriarchy of the legal system. (source:

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