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31 July - Madonna in autumn magazines *rumour*
Rumour has it that Madonna has done some photo shoots the past few days and that the pictures will be used for the October or November issue of Vanity Fair. She supposedly would also grace the November cover of Jane Magazine, as well as the October or November cover of W. There's been no confirmation of this, nor are there any details about the photographer. More soon. (source: Madonnarama)

30 July - Madonna items in Sotheby's charity auction
Madonna has given some of her famous dresses from her personal collection to a charity auction promoted by the Sotheby's house. Until now it's known that some of the dresses included are the Jean-Paul Gaultier bustier from the Like a Prayer video and a dress from her Vogue video, as well as several jewels by french designer Maripol. The items are expected to reach betweeen 1000 and 3000 US dollars and will be auctioned on in September. Madonna contributed to another auction last year, with another dress designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier that reached the price of 21,000 US dollars. (source:, thanx to Madonnapower )

30 July - Madonna on TRL? *rumour*
Madonna and Kylie Minogue are to guest on MTV's TRL next month. Ozzy Osbourne and his daughter Kelly will also be among the star guests on the show. P Diddy will also be lining up alongside the Osbournes, on the show hosted by Carson Daly. TRL is broadcast live in the US from a glass-walled Times Square studio. The show features live music performances and superstar guests. TRL is shown on MTV UK and Ireland on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 5pm. Madonna is the studio guest on August 2, with Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne and P Diddy on the show on August 8. Kylie will feature in a special 'beach house' edition of the show, filmed on location, on August 9. (source: Ananova)
~ Strangely, MTV doesn't mention this on their website. Even more, the TRL page says there's no show scheduled for friday. However, MTV UK is planning a 'classic' edition of TRL on friday, so it's very likely to be a repeat of the 2000 show in which Madonna promoted The Next Best Thing.

30 July - ET tonight's Swept Away preview
Screenshot from Swept Away - courtesy of SteveMYesterday US TV show ET Tonight showed a preview and behind-the-scenes of Swept Away. They showed quite some interesting scenes:

  • Madonna and co-star Adriano kissing on the beach. When they continue after Guy repeatedly shouts 'cut', he yells 'That's enough, get off her!' ;-)
  • Has Guy lost his homophobia? He certainly wasn't afraid to lay down in Adriano's arms, to show Madonna 'how it's done'.
  • When Madonna gets chased by Adriano, she stumbles off a hill. ET praised her for doing all the stunts herself.
  • Madonna is seen dancing in her bikini on the beach, in front of Guy, singing Come On A My House - a song that she dubs in the movie.
  • Madonna and Adriano seem to have had a lot of fun on the set. During a scene in the sea, he playfully pulls her under water.

Check this thread at the MadMax forum for some screenshots (courtesy of SteveM). Also thanx to MadGuy for the info.

30 July - Boy comes between Rosie & Madonna
Rosie O'Donnell may have to do some explaining to her friend Madonna now that the former talkmistress wants to bring Boy George to Broadway. O'Donnell recently went to London to see Madonna onstage in "Up for Grabs." But the show she really gobbled up was "Taboo," George's campy musical about his band, Culture Club, and the "New Romantic" scene of the '80s. Rosie is now in talks to bring "Taboo" to New York next spring. "I know it'll be a huge hit," O'Donnell tells us. "It's got heart, humor and art - all the things I love." Madonna probably loves the Boy somewhat less. Shortly after "Taboo" opened, her lawyers forced him to cut a number that featured her fashion anthem Vogue. He's been hissing at her ever since. Recently, he accused her of Botox abuse, claiming there is "no motion in her face whatsoever." (source: NY Daily News)

30 July - Performance on Die Another Day premiere? *rumour*
An intriguing report in the UK press appeared recently on Madonna and the Die Another Day premiere. The Observer, on July 14, claimed that the 43- year old singer will perform the title track live for the Queen at the film's world premiere in London. The Observer's report quoted a source as saying: "She was delighted to be asked to play for the Queen." If true, the prospect of a live performance of the song, which is yet to be confirmed, will undoubtedly increase media interest in the premiere, which takes place before royalty at the Royal Albert Hall in November. It is already destined to be a high-profile event due to the fact that the movie has been chosen as the Royal Film Performance in aid of the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund. As well as fans of royalty and numerous James Bond enthusiasts, the possibility of legions of Madonna fans all hoping for a glimpse of their heroine will obviously be a publicity coup for DAD's marketing strategists. Madonna completed her small cameo appearance as a sword- fencing instructor at Blades on the last day of filming at Pinewood in early July, and is now due to finish recording the title track and music video in Los Angeles in August. She has spent the last two months treading the boards in a play called "Up For Grabs" at London's Wyndham Theatre. The play, in which Madonna took the part of an art dealer, was a sell-out, despite being attacked by theatre critics. Her involvement in the play came to an end on July 14 and was rounded off by a celebration party attended by the singer and her husband, director Guy Ritchie. More on Die Another Day. (source:, thanx to Robster16)

28 July - Oakenfold and Thunderpuss remixing Die Another Day *rumour*
It has been rumored by many sources that Paul Oakenfold has already completed remixes of Die Another Day! Paul has remixed for Madonna in the past and is also a Maverick artist. There are also whispers that Thunderpuss have been asked to do a remix of the song but that they haven't even begun work on it yet. (source: Madonnarama)

28 July - Predictions about Guy and Mo's marriage
On the website of, people can predict which star couples are going to last and which aren't. More than half of the voters predict that Guy and Madonna will split in 18 months from now. Let them know what you think.

28 July - Guy Sigsworth on Madonna
[...] It's not a million miles away from the woozy bliss of Madonna's What It Feels Like For A Girl - no surprise seeing as Guy [Sigsworth] takes a production credit. And we have to ask: "I think Madonna actually is a real pro. I think one thing about her as a singer is she's completely aware of what she can do well and what she can't, and she's totally in charge. On that record she only took three takes to get everything, and we could have got on it even from the first take. And she's definitely a co-producer anyway, there's no way you could just shout orders to her across the studio, it does not work like that!" (source: Manchester Online, thanx to AbsMad)

26 July - Preview of Q&A with Madonna & Guy in ICON38
ICON: Spiritually speaking, you seem so centered. What do you attribute most to helping you get to this point in your life?
MADONNA: I am working towards spiritual fulfillment. It is a constant struggle but pays dividends. Studying the Kabbalah, being in love, having a family, paying attention to the world around me and taking responsibility for my behavior. All of this helps immensely.
ICON: Please complete this sentence. I have given Madonna...
GUY: Sleepless nights of loooovvve...
ICON: Now that you are happily wed, one question has yet to be asked. Have you ever been embroiled in a "casting couch" controversy.
GUY: Have you seen the people I worked with? Doesn't apply.
ICON: How do you deal with creative differences when making a movie together?
MADONNA: I tell him I won't make dinner if he doesn't agree with me, he puts me in a choke hold. He wins. Then I pout and he gives in later.
The entire interview can be read in ICON38. (source: ICON)

26 July - Love scene from Swept Away on TV
U.S. tv show "Entertainment Tonight" will premiere one of Madonna's love scenes from her upcoming film on Monday, July 29. The love scene takes place on a beach and shows Madonna dancing around in a skimpy bikini. It is a MUST SEE! Check it out this coming Monday. (source: Madonna Power)

25 July - Die Another Day filming ends with Madonna's visit
Filming on the new James Bond movie has been completed. Work on Die Another Day ended with Madonna's visit to the set to film her cameo. She was joined by the son of the late Desmond Llewelyn, who played Q. Justin Llewelyn spent the day working as an extra in the film. Die Another Day is due to be released on November 18. (source: Yahoo UK)

23 July- Sun apologizes for untrue Hamilton story
British tabloid The Sun today wrote: "On June 22 we reported that Eddie Hamilton, who edited Madonna’s new film Swept Away, was overheard at a London party criticising the movie and predicting that it would be a flop. In fact, Mr Hamilton, who had been in Canada since April, has never criticised the movie or predicted that it would flop. We apologise for the error."

23 July - Madonna coaches Vinnie
British movie hardman Vinnie Jones has been taking singing lessons from close friend and pop queen Madonna. The former Wimbledon footballer is currently working on his debut album which will feature duets with big names like Denise Van Outen, Billie Piper and Westlife. Jones was a recent dinner guest at Madge and film director husband Guy Ritchie's country mansion in the south of England - and he received some expert advice from the Material Girl. An executive at the Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels star's record company Telstar explains, "You can safely say that Vinnie's not shy. He had no problem at all singing in front of Madonna." (source: Codejunkies, thanx to Josh)

23 July - Q Mag on the making of Ray Of Light
The August issue of Q Magazine has a three page feature on the making of Ray Of Light. It has some very interesting insights on the collaboration between Madonna and William Orbit. Fansite LittleStar scanned the pages for you to read.

23 July - Billboard readers rate Bond cameo as 'Must See'
The music industry publication, Billboard has polled it's online readers to ask which musicians' non-musical output is most anticipated.
Madonna's appearance in the Bond movie 'Die Another Day' took 21% of the votes - just behind Eminem's appearance in the movie '8 Mile' with 26% and Beyoncé Knowles acting debut in 'Goldmember' with 24% of the votes. (source:

23 July - No Madonna at MTV VMA?
MTV has announced the nominees for this year's Video Music Awards, which will take place at New York's Radio City Music Hall on August 29th. Scheduled are performances by Pink, Eminem, and Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, but no mention on Madonna. Long time it was rumoured she would premiere Die Another Day on the show, but it would be surprising if MTV didn't mention this to promote the show, so her performance is rather unlikely.

22 July - Madonna pix at Rankin exhibit
One of Rankin's beautiful shots In Berlin, there is an exhibition of Rankin photographs showing until the 30th of August. Rankin has been responsible for some beautiful Madonna pictures, and some Madonna portraits will also be on show. More info at (source:

22 July - Madonna obsessed with Swept Away, Guy moves on
Madonna is obsessed with making her next flick a hit, while her director hubby seems to have moved on, says a source close to the project.
Madonna, desperate to avoid yet another film flop, has been working overtime on final editing changes on 'Swept Away', the remake of the 1974 flick that stars Madonna and is directed by her hubby, Guy Ritchie. But the movie's advance buzz has been mixed, and the film went back to the editing room after a test audience reportedly razzed it. "Madonna has been driving crew members crazy with demands for changes", says the source. "But Guy doesn't seem to care about the film. He's moved on. He's focused on his new project." Ritchie is hard at work on an epic film about the Siege of Malta, a 16th-century battle, said to be starring Anthony Hopkins and Robert DeNiro. "It's a big budget film, in the $75 million range, and unlike anything he’s ever done. He's obsessed with it." Madonna's spokeswoman wasn't available for comment. (source: MSNBC)

21 July - Die Another Day lyrics? *rumour*
Fansite Flirtation Madonna claims to have obtained the lyrics for Die Another Day. Click here to read but remember this is only a rumour so far.

21 July - ICON 38 in production
Cover ICON 38Icon 38 is in production. It will feature an exclusive Q and A with Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie, coverage of Up For Grabs and and article about the making of Swept Away. From Madonna Fan Club: Looks like another backstage pass treat! "We're currently putting the finishing touches on ICON 38 and are really excited to get this issue out in the mail to everyone around the world. Along with Madonna's personal letter to her Fan Club members, we've got an exclusive Q&A with both Mr. & Mrs. Ritchie themselves, exclusive backstage/ rehearsal photos and coverage of Madonna's Up For Grabs performance, more stunning pictures and an article on the making of Swept Away starring Madonna and written and directed by Guy Ritchie, along with an exclusive behind-the-scenes spread on the Making of by none other than the folks who built this amazing website. All this along with the rest of the inside scoop from Liz "The Validator" Rosenberg, all of the regular features and a whole lot more! Plus, as an added bonus for all current ICON members, included with your ICON issue will be another very exclusive backstage pass left over from the Drowned World Tour randomly chosen from one of the shows. Each show had different passes produced for that particular show, some being cloth and some laminated — but all are totally genuine, very official, and ultra-collectable!" (source: Madonnarama)

21 July - Two Emmy nominations
Madonna's Drowned World Tour is nominated twice for the 2002 Emmy Awards: 'Outstanding Choreography' and 'Outstanding Costumes For A Variety Or Music Show'. The 54th annual Emmy Awards will be presented Sunday, September 22, by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

21 July - Most anticipated acting performance
Madonna's forthcoming appearance in 'Die Another Day' is one of the choices in Billboard online's latest "Voting Booth," in which they ask music fans to express their opinions on music-related issues. The current question: Which of the following acting performances by musicians in film, stage, and TV are you most looking forward to? Madonna faces stiff competition from the likes of Eminem, Beyonce Knowles, and Jennifer Lopez, but is currently holding her own in fourth place out of nine possible choices. You can vote at Billboard. (source: Absolute Madonna)

21 July - Madonna & Guy, the hot couple
Featuring Madonna and Guy: They're beautiful, they're sexy and we're obsessed with their every move. They're the hottest couples in rock. From the past to the present. the scary to the scandalous. the under-
appreciated to the under-aged. the gorgeous to the greatest of all time. VH1 and Entertainment Tonight team up, with the help of US magazine, to reveal the inside scoop on the most intriguing relationships in music history. (source: VH1)

21 July - Madonna voted top fitness role model
According to SHAPE readers, you're still no match for Madonna, at least when it comes to fitness. The 43-year-old superstar, long known for her passion for eating healthy and staying in tip-top shape, was named most popular fitness role model in the SHAPE Readers' Choice Awards 2002, featured in the August issue. "It's not really a surprise to us that Madonna topped the list this year," said SHAPE's Editor in Chief, Barbara Harris. "She's a great example of today's fit woman because she has a clear sense of herself and she continues to find ways to incorporate working out and staying centered into her busy lifestyle." To compile the results, SHAPE asked 5,000 readers to reveal what they love best in workouts, food, clothes, gear and beauty products. (source: MLVC mailing list)

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