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15 August - Niki's web chat
Niki Haris, Madonna's longtime backup singer talked tonight on a webchat with BBC's Top Of The Pops. Madonnarama reports: "Niki made it clear that she did not say that Madonna was pregnant; she was talking about Donna. Niki also confirmed the following details about the new Madonna album:
She does not sing on Madonna's new album, nor on 'Die Another Day'.
She has bought Madonna a birthday present which she gave to her before she left the US.
Madonna is continuing recording her album at the end of September.
Her and Donna are to record an album together.
She talked a lot about tours (mentioning 'Material Girl' at Blond Ambition was her favourite stage moment)"

15 August - Madonna against Mad'House using her lyrics
Madonna has banned Dutch group Mad'House from printing the lyrics to her songs on their new album. The dance act – who entered the charts at No3 with Like A Prayer – have recorded a CD of 13 Madge covers. The Queen Of Pop had no power to stop them recording her songs but lawyers prevented them from printing the lyrics. The album also features a version of Holiday – and it’s bloody awful. (source: The Sun)
~ Finally she puts those losers in their place! ;-)

14 August - Adriano on Madonna
Adriano Giannini was feeling the heat after accepting the role of a deckhand in Guy Ritchie's remake of "Swept Away," the part his father played in the original 1975 version of the film. "At first, I was a little bit afraid," the actor admits in the Condé Nast Traveler's September issue, which features sexy shots of the actor walking on the beach alongside his hard-bodied co-star, Madonna. "On one side, my dad, and on the other, Madonna! It was a lot of pressure: a lot of strange scenes - sex scenes, violent scenes - under the direction of her husband. But Madonna and Guy made me feel at ease," he says. (source: NY Daily News)

14 August - October 11th release
After several reports of an October 25th release, it seems more and more likely it will be October 11th. This is from Madonnarama: No more LA/NY only for Swept Away... Yahoo! Movies has corrected their mistaken October 25th release date info (or perhaps not a mistake but a too hastily reported consideration), and not only is Swept Away certain to be released earlier, it will be in 500 theaters! It makes more sense this way, as it was indeed strange that Madonna was going to rule 3 major magazine covers in September/October when the film wouldn't even be in most theaters until November! Here's the brief but informative clip from Yahoo! Movies: "Release Date: October 11th, 2002 (moderately wide release in 500 theaters)"

13 August - MTV Becoming in search of Madonna wannabes
MTV is holding try-outs in New York for Madonna wannabes. The try-outs will be held at 10am on August 24 at 435 West 19th Street. For more details call 212-654-8999 or write an email to (source:

13 August - Pregnancy rumours denied, once again
Following a new stream of rumours fuelled by The Sun earlier this week, the NY Daily Post cites: "A photo of Madonna wearing a black jumper has spawned another litter of rumors that she's expecting again. A rep for the singer, who's in L.A. getting ready to shoot the video for her 007 theme song, "Die Another Day," says (once again) she's not with child. "

13 August - Sign a birthday card for Madonna
Fellow Annodam member Madonnapolis are collecting birthday wishes from Madonna fans which will be united on a birthday card, graced with a specially designed cover by Foompy. The finished product will be sent to Liz Rosenberg. Send your wishes to and they'll make sure it will be added.

13 August - New script deal for Maverick Films
Madonna and Guy Oseary's Maverick Films has acquired the spec "Kool Herc's Breakbeat" by tyro scribe Paul Hirsch in a deal worth low-six figures. The storyline is described as an odd-couple misadventure that centers on two DJs searching for an elusive but prized hip-hop record entitled "Kool Herc's Breakbeat." [...] Maverick Films is currently in production on "Agent Cody Banks" at MGM, and is developing the American remake of "My Sassy Girl" at DreamWorks. (source: Yahoo!)

12 August - Kylie to record Madonna song
The Herald Sun heats up earlier rumours that Kylie is to record a song written by Madonna: "Her next single is likely to be Alone Again, written by Madonna. It is tipped to be released as a double a-side with Come Into My World, the last single from her million-selling Fever album. "I don't think she's ever given a song of hers to another artist," Minogue said. "It's quite rare." "(source: Herald Sun, thanx to Madonnarama) The Sun reports that the song was co-written by Rick Nowells, which means the song is probably a leftover from the Ray Of Light recording sessions.
~ Guess again Kylie, she gave Love Won't Wait to Gary Barlow, and has written lots of songs for other artists.

Die Another Day poster 12 August - New poster for Die Another Day has revealed a second teaser poster, this time featuring main actors Pierce Brosnan and Halle Barry

11 August - Madonna and Guy to renew their wedding vows
Madonna and Guy Ritchie are planning to renew their marriage vows in a mystical Jewish ceremony, I can reveal. The couple made the decision after seeing a Kabbalah wedding in Los Angeles. Madonna feels their Scottish nuptials two years ago didn't seal their union properly. Now, after watching the Hebrew ceremony, she wants to renew their vows with a similar service. A friend of the couple said: "Madonna is very keen to have a Kabbalah ceremony. She said it was so beautiful, she wanted to have one herself. "She saw the ceremony by chance. Madonna was at a Kabbalah centre in Los Angeles recently. A wedding was taking place so she stayed and watched from the back. "Afterwards she told some of the wedding guests that she was going to plan a Kabbalah service for her and Guy in the next couple of months." The two-hour ceremony, which is based on a specific interpretation of the Old Testament, won't be performed in a synagogue because Madonna and Guy aren't Jewish. But the blessing will involve the superstar having to circle her husband seven times. Madonna was brought up a Catholic but has been a devotee of Kabbalah for about five years. Guy will go along with it for his wife's sake. My source said: "Guy isn't quite as spiritual as Madonna but he does like the idea of renewing their vows." (source: Sunday People)

11 August - Mad'House debutes at UK no. 3
After storming the charts everywhere on the European mainland, Mad'House debutes at no. 3 in the UK chart with their (horrible) cover of Like A Prayer. Next will be the US, where radio stations have discovered the remix already too...

11 August - Frozen is ultimate Madonna video
Frozen is the ultimate Madonna video, according to a survey here at Mad-Eyes. For 13 weeks we've asked Mad-Eyes visitors to vote for their favorite video of each Madonna album. In a final poll, Frozen was chosen as ultimate favorite by 23,2% of the voters. Earlier the stunning video by Chris Cunningham was also voted Best Video of the 90s. In a tie for the second place came three videos of the late 80s; Like A Prayer, Express Yourself and Vogue were previously voted favorites of the 80s and ended up with each 17,4% of the votes in the final poll.

10 August - Release dates for Swept Away and DAD single
Though an official statement announced that Swept Away will be released on October 25th, MTV now reports that the release date is October 11th. They also added that the Die Another Day single will be released by the end of October. Read the article here. If you can't keep track of all the release dates, check out our calendar.

09 August - Madonna to sell babywear?
Does this woman ever stop? Queen of pop Madonna, who recently scored rave reviews in her West End debut Up For Grabs, is moving into a whole new project. Her company Maverick has registered a new name Boogie Woogie Baby. M hopes to launch her own range of babywear out of desperation at finding nothing fashionable in the shops for baby Rocco to wear. Don't expect to buy this in the shops though. We can reveal that she plans to launch it through one of her famous designer friends. Who can it be? Let's just say the collection will no doubt be stella! (source: Sky News)

08 August - Guy finds love scenes awkward
Guy Ritchie talks about how awkward he found directing Madonna's love scenes during the making of Swept Away. The article in the September 2002 edition of American Premiere previews Autumn releases:
"I wanted to do something completely different, the wife was available and cheap, and one thing led to another," says director Richie (Snatch), whose wife is, of course, Madonna. In his version of the 1975 Lina Wertmuller film, Madonna plays Amber, the diva wife of a pharmaceutical millionaire (Bruce Greenwood), whose idea of a Mediterranean cruise on a converted fishing boat is not to her liking. She takes out her displeasure on Guiseppe (Adriano Giannini), a strapping young shiphand, but when she gets stuck with him on a deserted island, the tables are turned - Giuseppe gets retribution, and Amber falls for him despite the abuse. "He doesn't smack the shit out her like he did in the original, but he gives her a hard time," says Ritchie, who shot in many of the same locations in Malta and Sardinia, and says the physical violence in his version "isn't quite as shocking" as Wertmuller's. "Bear in Mind," he adds, "she is my wife." Giannini, who has worked behind the scenes on Hollywood productions and acted in two Italian movies, is tackling the same role his father, Giancarlo, played in the original, although Ritchie wasn't aware of the link at first. "I thought he looked cool," the director says. "It's a funny coincidence," says Giannini, who had visited his father on the set when he was three.
'Take My Wife --- Please'
Ritchie found the love scenes a bit tricky to shoot. "I had to point toward his hand and then poke her on the bum and say, 'Put hand on bum,'" he recalls. "I had to look like I wasn't finding it awkward, which wasn't the case." (source: Madonnarama)

08 August - Access Hollywood talks about Swept Away
In a promo shown for Thursday's 'Access Hollywood' they promised to take a look at 'Swept Away'. It is expected that new footage will be shown. In addition, Sources at the film company say that the trailer for the film is complete and should be in theatres any second! Hopefully, they will show a snippet of the trailer on Thursday. 'Access Hollywood' is syndicated in the U.S. Check you local listings for airtimes! (source: Madonnarama)

07 August - Swept Away release date confirmed in statement
Despite a published report in a London weekly, a studio spokesperson tells ET that Madonna's first film with her husband, Guy Ritchie, is not in danger of going straight to video. 'Swept Away' is predictably controversial and test audiences have reportedly found the violence towards Madonna's character difficult to watch. But controversy is neither swaying nor delaying the release. The film will open in theaters on October 25 and Madonna will promote the project. (source: ET Online)
Madonna has said in a statement that she is "very proud of Swept Away" and added that she will promote the film as expected.

ICON 38 07 August - New ICON cover? has listed another cover for the new ICON Magazine (no. 38), different from the one we saw a few weeks ago

07 August - DWT choreographer to work on Die Another Day video
A decade ago, when Verona native Jamie King was 20 years old and just making an international name for himself as a dancer with Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" tour in Europe, Jamie's mother, Barb Watts, and her husband, Dave Watts, threw a party in Madison to celebrate HBO's airing of a Jackson tour stop in Bucharest, Romania. What Barb hadn't anticipated was that Jamie himself would make the party - he flew home to Madison because illness forced Jackson to cancel the last week of his tour. Now maybe Barb should plan a party for the 54th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, which will be held in September. That's because Jamie, whose star keeps ascending, was just nominated for an Emmy for choreography for his work on the HBO special "Madonna Live: The Drowned World Tour." The concert was broadcast live last Aug. 26 from the Palace of Auburn Hills near Detroit. King studied dance at the West Side Performing Arts Studio in Madison and eventually earned a scholarship to the Tremaine/Sleight Dance Studio in Los Angeles. Now there is hardly a big show business name he hasn't worked with, from Madonna and Jackson to Prince and Britney Spears. Yet another credit: King choreographed the 1996 Academy Awards presentation. Proud mom Barb Watts said Sunday that Jamie will work with Madonna again in August - this time on a video that will be released in conjunction with the new James Bond movie. (source: Capital Times, thanx to AbsMad)

06 August - No single release for Die Another Day? *rumour*
Latest insider info is that there will be no single release for Madonna's theme to the Bond film. It's not yet confirmed if this is just relating to the US or for the rest of the world. It's a trick that was pulled Stateside with 'Beautiful Stranger' and 'American Pie' but rumour has it that the next release will have the same fate. (source: Madonnarama)
~ Do note that this is nothing more than a rumour right now without any official confirmation. Personally I'd find it very bizarre if a Bond theme - especially one by Madonna - wouldn't get an official release.

06 August - Liz denies rumours on Swept Away release
Madonna's spokeswoman is dismissing reports that the singer's rumor-plagued flick, "Swept Away," won't be released. The film, directed by hubby Guy Ritchie, is scheduled for an October opening, but it was reportedly dumped on by test audiences, who didn't like seeing Madonna fall in love with a guy who smacked her around. "I've been in L.A. all week working on the marketing of the film, and it went really well," Madonna's spokeswoman told the Scoop. "People should at least see the film before they decide to hate it." (source: MSNBC)

05 August - British actress Samia Ghadie praises Madonna
I absolutely adore Madonna. Ever since I can remember I've danced to her music. The first single I actually bought was La Isla Bonita and I loved the video for it so much. Madonna's album The Immaculate Collection is a treasured possession of mine. I'd never part with it for any price. When I was a kid I bought a pair of lacy black gloves, just like Madonna's. I thought I was the bee's knees as I impersonated the Material Girl round the bedroom. Madonna is such a great role model to women of my generation. She teaches you that, if you believe in yourself and work hard, then your dreams can come true. Last year I went to see her in the Drowned World Tour with some of the girls from Corrie - Suranne Jones, Naomi Russell and Jenny James. Honestly, I was like some excited kid. As she came on I was screaming: "There she is, oh my God!" I thought I was going to burst a blood vessel. I must confess I prefer her earlier music, but I'm still a massive fan of her current work. (source:, thanx to AbsMad)

05 August - Madonna & Guy to write childrens book
Never one to sit back and twiddle her thumbs, Madonna is now planning to write a children's book. According to US reports, Madge is to write the book with her husband, film director Guy Ritchie. 'Madonna and Guy love reading books to their son Rocco, and they thought they could write one as good as anyone,' a source commented. The Material Mom has been keeping herself busy with acting of late, recently starring in the theatre production Up for Grabs, and filming a cameo part for the new Bond film, Die Another Day. The Ritchies may need a bit of cheering up after the release date for their film collaboration Swept Away has been delayed for the second time, with speculation rife that the film will be released straight to video and embarrassingly, not in the cinema. (source: PeopleNews)

05 August - Rupert and Guy on working with Madonna
Rupert Everett on working with Madonna on the dire film The Next Best Thing: "It was one problem, one fight and one battle after another. Me and Madonna fought and fought everything, fought each other, fought everybody."
Guy Ritchie on working with Madonna on Swept Away: "She didn't throw any tantrums. Well, not too many. She was no trouble at all because she is a true professional. She's like Vinnie Jones in that respect. Whatever you say about them, they are professionals." (source: PeopleNews)

05 August - Maddy buys Mini
Madonna's love affair with all things British is still going strong — she has splashed out on a sporty Mini Cooper. Madge took delivery of the £20,000 electric blue motor — including £4,000 of luxury extras — last week. And workers at the Cowley car plant in Oxfordshire gave it the personal touch by signing their names on the underside of the chassis. Madonna's choice of the Mini — a classic British icon, despite being owned by BMW — shows just how much she feels at home in the UK. A worker at Cowley said: "We are all so proud that Madonna is such a big fan of the car. Everyone who worked on it left their signature, either inside or under the bonnet. If anyone doubted this was a classy car before, they can certainly think again now Madonna has bought one." The superstar didn't visit the plant herself but ordered an aide to collect it for her last Tuesday. The extras Madonna wanted include a leather interior, 17in alloy wheels and a satellite navigation system to help her negotiate Britain's roads. Madonna has triggered a host of other US stars to set up home in the UK. She has a pad in London as well as a £9million estate in Dorset, where she enjoys going shooting with husband Guy Ritchie. (source: The Sun)

04 August - French title for Swept Away is 'A la dérive'
Distributor Columbia Tristar Films France has announced that Swept Away will be released in France under the title 'A la dérive'. They also say it's too early to know if there'll be a French premiere in Paris, and if it would be attended by Madonna and Guy. (source:, thanx to Madonna Electronica)

04 August - Canadian pop star matches Madonna's record
A hit single by teenage Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne has managed to achieve chart success matched only by Madonna. Lavigne's debut single, Complicated, has ruled the Contemporary Hit Radio chart for 10 straight weeks, tying Madonna for the longest stay at No. 1 in the history of the Broadcast Data System. The Material Girls' 2000 single, Music, also reigned for 10 weeks. Alanis Morisette previously held the record for a Canadian artist's stay at the top of the chart with her 1999 hit Thank U lasting seven weeks. (source:

02 August - Swept Away not in theatre but straight to video? *rumour*
Fuelled by the rumours of difficulties on the set, bad reactions from preview audiences and the fact that no UK release has been set yet, the Evening Standard spreads the rumour that Swept Away might not get to theatres at all: "Guy Ritchie is on the phone. He is telling me about the film he has just completed. "It was incredibly hard to finance because it was considered a hot potato," he is saying. "It's set on an island and she has to snog people and get beaten up." The "she", of course, is Madonna, Mrs Guy Ritchie, whose involvement would certainly ratchet up the temperature of any project. But the film, Swept Away, has become more cold potato than hot. In fact, it seems to have disappeared altogether. The £4 million movie, backed by Sony Pictures/FilmFour was filmed throughout 2001, with a spring 2002 premiere and early summer general release in UK cinemas pencilled in. Ritchie and his producer Matthew Vaughn (Mr Claudia Schiffer) had hoped for a Cannes Film Festival premiere in May, but at the last minute the film was withdrawn and the general release was put back to this October. Now it has not only been put back again but, worse still, Swept Away seems not to be scheduled for general release in the UK at all. Even the US release date of 25 October is doubtful. Reports flooded in from previews that the movie was a mess, unpalatably violent and that audiences did not engage with the black humour which is Ritchie's stock-in-trade. Word spread, creating a miasma of disaster around the project. Vaughn and Ritchie are currently in LA, where they are doubtless attending some very lively meetings. Inconceivable though it sounds, Swept Away might never be seen in the cinema at all." Read the complete article here.

01 August - Liz Smith on Swept Away and Vanity Fair
For those who like their Madonna nasty, gorgeously dressed, and (eventually) naked, you're gonna love her in "Swept Away." This remake of Lina Wertmuller's 1975 film has discontented rich-bitch Madonna browbeating her yacht minions in an eye-popping wardrobe, cast-away on an island in little more than a bikini, and then subjugated, vulnerable and bare-naked, in an artistic, shadowed way. Madonna's hubby, Guy Ritchie, who directed the pic, is a secure man to have allowed his wife so many intimate scenes with co-star Adriano Giannini (he is the son of the original male star of 'Swept Away' Giancarlo Giannini). But maybe watching the Mrs. cavort stoked the old home fires - a bit of married fantasy, you know? Critics will say what they will, but Madonna can't be faulted physically in "Swept Away." Her abs alone - after two children - take Best Actress honors. In October, Madonna appears on the cover of Vanity Fair, photographed by Craig McDean and profiled by Stephan Daly. He did an excellent appreciation of Madonna last year in VF's music issue. Mrs. Ritchie, press-bruised, never forgets a kind remark. (source: Liz Smith's column in NY Post)

01 August - M-Files New Style launched
Annodam member The M-Files has decided to both update its content and style and today, August 1st 2002, The M-Files New Style officially opens its online doors! Just a short summary of the most important updates:
*) New look and new feel. It's not only more attractive to see now, it's also easier to navigate through the content, which is still the number one priority of The M-Files.
*) Content updates. Almost all sections are updated in content. This may vary from minor textual updates to great new sections for you to read. I would like to direct your special attention to a newly opened section called 'Face Files', which explores Madonna’s numerous looks throughout her 20-year career. Also, check out the totally updated 'Ironica' [which is fully accessible now!], 'Science Files', 'Bio Files', and 'Music Files', which has got a whole new navigational structure! And finally, check out the 'Special Files' area! A new feature makes it possible to change your dull default MSN Messenger skin to a hot Madonna-related one!

01 August - Madonna interested in Monroe items
Pop star Madonna expressed interest in jewellery and a dress once owned by actress Marilyn Monroe that sold for more than 10,000 pounds at a London auction, a sale spokeswoman says. A silk Pucci dress worn by Monroe, the sultry star of films "Some Like it Hot" and "Gentleman Prefer Blondes", sold for 3,300 pounds and a ring worn by the actress went for 5,000 pounds at the Cooper Owen auction. "I can say a private bidder snapped up the dress and most of the jewellery and Madonna's office called and showed interest in the items," a Cooper Owen spokeswoman said on Tuesday. A spokesperson for Madonna was not available for comment. (source: Yahoo UK)

01 August - Guy & Mo interview and pictures in Vanity Fair
New York television show 'Full frontal Fashion' has just announced that Madonna and Guy will grace the cover of the October issue of Vanity Fair magazine. The issue will feature an exclusive interview with the couple as well as as new never seen before pictures. This is part of the publicity surrounding the release of 'Swept Away' on Oct 18th in the U.S.

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