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31 August - Die Another Day lyrics
Madonnapower member Activate posted the Die Another Day lyrics. Notice that parts of them are missing, since he only has a poor quality audio file and can't hear the lyrics very clearly. Read them at our Die Another Day page.

31 August - Everyone prepares for Kabbalah wedding
Even though Madonna's spokeswoman claims "There's no Kabbalah [wedding] ceremony planned" for the singer and her husband, director Guy Ritchie, 33, two sources close to Madonna, 44, swear a "second wedding" is just days away. In fact, not only has Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, 5, been preparing by learning about this mystical branch of Judaism at a summer program at the Kabbalah Children's Academy in Los Angeles, but now Hot Stuff hears that Madonna's younger brother, Christopher Ciccone, also attended a class at L.A.'s Kabbalah Centre on August 23. "They want everyone ready for it," says a source." (source: US Weekly)

29 August - Guys strikes back at critics
New Madonna movie 'Swept Away' has hit further problems, journalists in director Guy Ritchie's native Britain think it's a terrible film. The celebrity couple's remake of the 1975 Italian film ‘Travolti Da Un Insolito Destino Nell'azzurro Mare D'Agosto’ has been universally panned by industry audiences in London, following months of speculation that the movie was so bad it would not be granted a cinema release.
The film was deemed unremarkable by film writers, who were more intrigued by the sight of a massively muscle bound Material Girl at the screening, however some conceded the drama had got better following extensive changes after its first disastrous screenings. A source says, "It might not be very good but I can tell you it's improved immeasurably from the edit I saw before. The problem for Columbia Tri Star is they can't 'bury' it. They're under pressure to promote the film properly because Guy and Madonna live in London."
Guy Ritchie has hit back at journalists in his home country saying, "There's a problem with the Brits. I don't know what it is, but they kick the s*** out of anyone who does well. I guess they do it everywhere. It's so vindictive. The press in the UK has kicked the s*** out of ‘Swept Away’ so far. No one had even seen it there, and every day there was another article about what a terrible movie it is. There was an article by a chap who, by the way, has always blown so much smoke up our a** it's absurd. And he wrote that this movie will never get released, it's absolutely awful. He said everyone argued, and we're gonna get divorced. And they dedicated a page to that. You could warm your hands off the hatred and resentment. I knew we were setting ourselves up for the s***, but in a way it stimulates you to do it." (source: Soundbuzz)

29 August - M ties her longest Hot 100 chart absence
Just as we prepare for the onslaught of Die Another Day, Madonna has tied her own record, but not necessarily in a good way. With Die Another Day not serviced to radio this past Tuesday, it is virtually guaranteed that Madonna will remain absent on Billboard's Hot 100 through the week ending September 14, making it a full 62 weeks without a Madonna title on the chart. This ties the 62 weeks she was absent on the chart from Rescue Me's last appearance in April 1991 through the debut of This Used to Be My Playground in June 1992. Close behind: the 61-week period from Causing A Commotion to Like A Prayer, January 1988 through March 1989. As Die Another Day is not likely to be officially sent to radio for another three to four weeks, Madonna should easily surpass her current 62 weeks, and we'll have survived through the longest Madonna drought since she first burst onto the scene nearly 20 years ago... (source: AbsoluteMadonna)

29 August - More info on and pix from DAD video!
Die Another Day video Die Another Day video Die Another Day videoActivate revealed following information to Madonnapower : "The short Die Another Day snippet that has been surfacing on the net is not from the Madonna song Die Another Day but it is a part from the film score. Though the melody of the song by Madonna sounds a lot like that snippet of the score. The actual song isn't as orchestra sounding as the Madonna track, which is much more synthesized.
The DAD video was shot at Hollywood Center Studios in Hollywood, California. Madonna, Guy, Lourdes, and Rocco were all on the studio lot during the filming... so it seems this was a family occassion. The video is directed by the Tractor brothers (officially known as "Tractor") of Sweden. While Guy observed M at work on set, the kids played in the patio outside mommy's dressing room. Friday's injury has now been confirmed as nothing more than a jambed right thumb: ouch!
It also seems the fencing duel is a lot more intricate than previously thought... after good/evil madonnas tire of their fencing swords... they resort to medievel battle axes, and even to spearguns! The fencing duel starts off in an all white room... and continues into a museum (which incidentally is inspired by hints of Bond memorabilia). The battle is so explosive that Evil M sends Good M flying through a glass window and into the next room of the museum. By the end of the fight the museum is completely trashed!"

29 August - Die Another Day soon available online?
Madonnapower member Activate keeps us intrigued with his inside info: "The mysterious kazaa track is from the film score... NOT the actual track. I know! I know! It sounds like the track, yes! The melody is the same, the beats are somewhat the same... but the actual track is a lot more synthesized. After listening to it, it is clear that madonna and mirwais have perfect their chemistry with this one! And some more about the actual track: she whispers in it... and she laughs too!" He claims to have a (poor quality) file of the entire song and will try to upload it soon, as well as more info and some shots of the video. To be continued!

29 August - Junkie XL on new album? *rumour*
And the ball is rolling again about Madonna's new album. This time there can be read in the press that Madonna is gonna work with Junkie XL. This Dutch DJ and producer recently made a remix of the Elvis song "A Little Less Conversation" for the Nike Commercial. Among the many offers he got after this, there was also the offer from Madonna, who called him for a work-discussion. Junkie XL himself won't speak about working with Madonna, but his record company tells that it will come to a co-production very soon. (source: Peter, from Madonnarama Mailing List, thanx to MadGuy for bringing this to our attention)

29 August - Injury during filming confirmed
Madonna was injured during a fencing scene during the filming of the Die Another Day music video. Filming took place on Thursday 22nd August 2002 and Friday 23rd before being delayed due to a small injury in a "fight" sequence. She was reportedly very upset that shooting had to be stalled due to her accident. Filming is due to continue on Monday 26th and wrap on Tuesday 27th. Unlike the previous Brosnan Bond films, the Die Another Day music video will not feature any scenes from the film. It is rumoured that a few bars from the new title track will be part of the full trailer due for release on September 6th 2002. (source:
~ This is a confirmation of what Madonnapower member Activate reported earlier this week. This also adds to his credibility on his storyline for the video.

28 August - More on DAD video
MadMax member FrozenMusic16 spoke with someone of the lighting crew of the Die Another Day video who revealed the following pieces of information on the Die Another Day video:
* M's hair is blonde in the video
* There is some sort of an action sequence filmed (possibly the fencing scene, though the source refused to acknowledge this)
* The video synopsis, as described on this page on August 26th, is "not entirely untrue"
* The sound clip we heard is indeed bona fide and was "one of the versions used in the video". He did ask "why it's skipping like that", so that doesn't seem to be intentional and is probably just due to bad quality of the file.

28 August - Swept Away UK release: March 14
Madonna's new movie will be released in the UK in March. She plays a spoilt rich American in Swept Away. The film is directed by her husband Guy Ritchie. It had been claimed the movie would not be released, but film company Columbia Tristar has announced it will open in the UK on March 14. (source: Ananova)

28 August - Madonna Q&A at Billboard
Hello Keith!
My absolute favorite artist is Madonna! I just want to know if you have heard her new song Die Another Day yet? If not, when you do would you be able to let your readers know what you thought of it, as well as, if you think it will be a hit with radio programmers! Can you also find out if a single will be released commercially? My guess is that it won't be. She will likely make the mistake of not releasing it just like she did with Beautiful Stranger, American Pie, and Into the Groove, all of which would probably have made it to the top of Billboard's Hot 100! Do you agree? Any word on the new album too? Also, if you can, what is your favorite Madonna song?

Hello John,
Well, where to begin? I have yet to hear Die Another Day, which is not slated for release until either late next month or in October. So, we don't have that much longer to wait for the track, which will be the theme to the forthcoming James Bond film of the same name. With regards to radio programmers and if they will play the new single, it's a safe bet that since it's Madonna, and it's her first new music in a little while, it will almost certainly get a fair amount automatic airplay.
It has not been announced if Die Another Day will be released as a commercial single in the U.S. My guess would be that it will bypass retail, as her last two Maverick soundtrack singles have: American Pie and Beautiful Stranger, from "The Next Best Thing" and "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," respectively. Certainly, if those two tracks had commercial singles, they would have reached much higher on Billboard's Hot 100 - American Pie hit No. 29, while Beautiful Stranger peaked at No. 19.
Madonna is at work on a new studio album, but the set won't see a release until next year. Her last studio set, 2000's Music, debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 and has sold 2.8 million copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.
My favorite Madonna song? I have a few. Express Yourself, Burning Up, Vogue, and Music all rank high on my list. (source: AskBillboard)

28 August - Gwyneth adores Madonna
And for her big 3-0 on September 28, the actress [Gwyneth Paltrow] is thinking about taking friends away on holiday, to "do things to ground myself with people that I really love and whom I've known forever", she tells the Daily Express. But she's keeping mum on whether or not one of those pals will be close friend Madonna, whom Gwyneth "adores". "We’re friends because she's a fantastically interesting woman, very powerful within," she says. "We are on similar paths in our lives – what we eat, our yoga and stuff like that." (source: Hello Magazine)

28 August - More on DAD clip
A contact at the Queendom forum who appears to be 'in the business' claims to be the one who put the short Die Another Day clip online. He confirms it's authentic, but he refuses to put up the complete song. He added the following information: "Madonna talks a bit in the song (Erotica/Paradise-ish) and vocoders are used..." (Thanx to Robster16 and MadGuy for this info)

27 August - DAD audio file online
Since yesterday an audio file is circulating on the Internet, which is rumoured to be the instrumental intro of Die Another Day. (Thanx to Robster16, MadGuy and Kayer for providing the track)

27 August - Aniston denies cameo
Jennifer Aniston has denied appearing as cameo in Swept Away. This is from the Vancouver Sun: "There are other stories she wants to squash as well - for example, the report that she's joining Madonna and her director husband Guy Ritchie to star in the remake of the cult Italian film, Swept Away. Definitely untrue, Aniston declares. So would she like to do a movie with Madonna? "Well you know, anything's possible," she shrugs."

26 August - BMW's 'Star' inspired Madonna & Guy to make Swept Away
Guy Ritchie and Madonna got the idea to remake the 1974 Italian romance 'Swept Away' from the Internet movie they made together last year for BMW. Ritchie directed his wife in a short in which she plays a petulant rock star who goes on a bumpy ride with a chauffeur played by Clive Owen. 'Swept Away' is about a wealthy woman stranded on an island who fights with, then falls for, a communist sailor. "Madonna saw the original version of 'Swept Away' first, like 20 years ago. And then we made the BMW commercial. Someone saw that and said, 'Oh this reminds me of "Swept Away.'" So one night a friend played it and I wasn't paying much attention," Ritchie told Jane magazine for its October issue. "And then I got hooked the second they got in the dinghy and the engine broke down. I could see what was going to happen. "By the time the film had finished, I said, 'Someone's got to remake this movie.' I liked the edge of it. The passion," Ritchie said. "And Madonna said, 'Why don't you remake it?' I said, 'Well, why don't you be in it?' She went, 'All right,' and that was that." Ritchie's version of "Swept Away," co-starring Adriano Giannini, is scheduled to open Oct. 11. (source: AP)

26 August - Rumoured storyline for DAD video *rumour*
Madonnapower member Activate claims the storyline for the Die Another Day video is as follows: "A friend of mine is working on the Die Another Day video set. He recently gave me a copy of the storyboard shooting schedule, which contains bits and pieces of some lyrics. Sketches of shots, and decription of what happens in the video, as well as what Madonna looks like. Security for the video is mysteriously low, so as not to attract attention.
The video starts off with Madonna being dragged into an interrogation room by two Chinese guards. She is in an old Chinese prison dressed in plainclothes. We see a Hebrew tattoo on her right arm. The guards force her into a chair. In front of her is a large table, and a thick metal chain is hanging from the ceiling behind her. The guards interrogate her, shaking their fists.
She's tough and won't give in, singing: "yes and no" with the music. There's a closeup of her face, as she sings: "I'm gonna kiss this secret..." Then she jumps from the chair and leaps on top of the table and starts dancing: "I guess I'll die another day, I guess I'll die another day, I guess I'll die another day, another day." She jumps from on top of the table and kicks it over so it's upside-down. She stands on top of it again (the table legs sticking straight up in the air) and continues dancing. Then the guards push her down on to the floor.
Then we see the beginning of a fencing duel. Madonna is fencing herself. Good Madonna vs. Evil Madonna....... Good Madonna is blond and beautiful. Bad Madonna is blond with black streaks in her hair. During the fight, Madonna is choreographically thrown against the wall: "UH..." There is now a bleeding cut on her stomach from the fencing: "UH..." She smears the blood from the cut on the wall: "I think I'll find another way." With the blood on the wall behind her, she starts to dance wildly.
Then the guards grab her and drag her into another room. M is resisting, but they are too strong. Madonna endures Chinesewater torture! The guards push her head into a water tank and pull her back out repeatedly. Underwater, we see madonna's face as she sings: "I'm gonna break the cycle." As the guards drag her from the water-tank, M is fighting for air. She breaks free!
Then we see Madonna with wet hair start to dance again. The metal chain from earlier is behind her. M performs with the chain, swinging on it: "For every sin I'll have to pay." Then there is a strings instrumental which lasts about 9 seconds. During which, the mirror behind her shatters and madonna falls to the ground. The glass stylistically shatters around her. She's on her knees, moving against the shattered glass on the floor.
We see some more of her fencing against herself.
The guards leave M alone as she crawls into a room with an electric chair in it: "I think I'll find another way." She sits herself in the chair and wraps the leather straps around each forearm (Tefillin style). Still wrapping the leather straps, she begins to do a Jewish style prayer. The guards come in to finsh strapping her into place. "Uh... Uh..." Thene there's a closeup of M's face. She calms down and becomes in control of her body. The camera moves in so all we see are her eyes. We hear the scratch from the electricity being turned on as she sings: "I guess I'll die another day... another day!"

26 August - New album for March 2003 *rumour*
According to fansite Madonnarama, Madonna's new album is now showing in Warner's release schedules for March 2003.

26 August - Preview Jane magazine
It's all about family for Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie, according to an interview in the October issue of Jane, on newsstands Sept. 9. "To me, family is as big as it gets," says Ritchie. Marriage is "big", he says. "Lourdes calls me Super Dad. She's got a good dad (Carlos Leon). He's a good man. She sees a lot of him. So, I get away with just being Super Dad." Says Mom: "I try to teach my children to share, to be generous, to be grateful." (source: USA Today, thanx to AbsMad)

26 August - Madonna injured during DAD video shoot *rumour*
Friday, Madonna injured herself during a fencing sequence in the 'Die Another Day' video. Yes, she fences! Just like in the movie! Anyway, the injury had nothing to do with being cut, it was a minor injury and Madonna became very upset because it stalled the shooting procedures. Also, the video DOES NOT contain any footage from the movie like some other theme song videos do. The crew for the video have already completed 2 days (Thurs. & Fri.) of shooting and 2 more are to follow which are Mon. and Tues of this week. More info coming soon including make-up, video content, and lyrics! NOTE: The supposed lyrics of the theme song that were posted on the internet awhile back are incorrect! (source: Activate @ Madonnapower)

24 August - Die Another Day trailer
According to fansite Madonna's Ashram, the Die Another Day trailer will be released on September 6th and it will feature (part of?) Madonna's theme song!

24 August - Brother Chris to interview Madonna
U.S. Gay-Lifestyle magazine, Genre has issued a press-release stating that it's October issue will feature an interview with Madonna by her brother, Christopher Ciccone. The full press-release reads as follows: "Genre Magazine, the pre-eminent lifestyle magazine for gay men, celebrates its October 2002 Body + Soul issue with an exclusive Madonna cover interview, given for the first time ever by her brother, the magazine's Style Editor, Christopher Ciccone. The interview will feature an intimate discussion between the two siblings. The teachings of Kabbalah, her new movie Swept Away, and life in England are among the topics on the table for this unprecedented "family" media event. We are thrilled that Madonna has chosen to appear in Genre, with the added dimension of her brother Christopher, himself a talented writer, at the helm of the interview," says Editor-in-Chief Andy Towle. Madonna continues to be a formidable talent, a cultural touchstone, a fascinating personality, and a loyal friend to the gay community." (source: Madonnarama)

24 August - Swept Away official site
Sony Pictures has put up an official site for Swept Away. It's a cool flash site with a synopsis and pictures from the movie, the trailer for streaming, and info on cast and crew. Interesting detail: in Madonna's bio they mention she's working on her new album, "which is scheduled for early 2003"! Go to the Swept Away site. (Thanx to Madonnarama)

Madonna in Swept Away22 August - Swept Away pictures in InStyle
As reported yesterday, the september issue of InStyle magazine features lots of pictures of Madonna on the set of Swept Away. Fansite Madonna Drowned World added them to their Swept Away picture gallery.

22 August - Die Another Day soundtrack
The Die Another Day soundtrack (featuring Madonna's theme from the film) will be released on Maverick Records on November 12th. It will be an enhanced cd including Madonna's Die Another Day video as well as a "making of the video" special. (source: Maverick Records newsletter, thanx to AbsMad)

21 August - Rupert about the making of The Next Best Thing
Was it fun making the movie?
"Mmm. In a way it was, in a way it was one problem, one fight and one battle after another. Me and Madonna fought each other, fought everybody, fought everything. It was fun in the sense that it was the biggest learning experience of my life, and one that I failed at. Because it was the first film that I thought I had - and I did at first - a lot of control on. I started writing the script, but then I was fired as a screenwriter, I was fired as a producer....It was so different from what I intended it to be. The reason I wanted to do it was to make it like an old-fashioned Hollywood film, not like a mini-series, which is how it turned out. And the thing is, the studio wanted to make it into much more of a generic crowdpleaser. It's a marketing thing, they used exactly the same poster as they had used with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Runaway Bride. And the people who went to see Runaway Bride - Runaway Bride wasn't that good either, actually, but - are not really the people who want to see a story about a gay guy and his best friend having sex. Not that you got to see that in the end, which is one of the things I really hated about it." (source: Empire Magazine, thanx to Little Star)

21 August - Humpty Vission talks about Madonna's b-day party
"This weekend is going down in the books! Friday I played in NYC with Frankie Bones, Terry Mullen and Space Girl... Good sound... good vibes...great people. It was good to be back in NYC. Saturday was the night... the birthday party I talked about last week, but I couldn't say who's was Madonna's b-day. I played at a private party she had at her house and I played for 5 hours!!! This was the first private party I've played in 10 years. I've been ask many times to d.j. private party's, but I always turn them down even if they're big celebrities...not really my vibe. This party seemed like it would be cooler than most private party's and it was... I was throwing down some funky-ass tunes and they were eating it up. The big records of the night where Tim Delux "It just won't do" and one my tracks called "Love Somebody" I can't mention who else was there, but you can imagine who would be attending Madonna's b-day party. I brought in a sound system that was better than 80 of the clubs I've played at... it was booming and clean. They had a dance floor that was specifically made for the party, it was a plexxy glass dance floor that lit up with neon lights and it was filled with water and fish were swimming in the dance floor.... WICKED!" (source:, thanx to Madonnarama)

21 August - Madonna in InStyle magazine
The September issue of U.S. magazine InStyle features a 3 page spread of amazing pics of M on the set of her new flick. It is the brand new issue with Jennifer Aniston on the cover. It should be on all U.S. news stands by early next week! (source: Madonnarama)

20 August - Swept Away trailer
You can now stream the film trailer of Swept Away on Windonws Media Player or Real Player at ComingSoon. Madonna looks stunning in it! The trailer also confirms the official release date for the US being October 11th.

20 August - ET! talks Swept Away again
Madonna continues to be 'Swept Away' by her movie career as she puts the finishing touches on her newest project helmed by hubby Guy Ritchie, the man behind 'Snatch' and 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.' Tonight on ET, we have your exclusive first look at the 'Swept Away' trailer!
Madonna in Swept AwayA remake of a 1974 Italian film, 'Swept Away' follows a slovenly sailor (played by Adriano Giannini, son of Giancarlo Giannini from the original) who is stranded on an island with his employer (Madonna). A wealthy, self-centered woman who is used to having her own way, she now finds herself cut off from society. Realizing he has the upper hand, the sailor reverses their roles and becomes the controlling force in the relationship - until they fall in love. The film also stars Jennifer Aniston, hot off 'The Good Girl,' and Jeanne Tripplehorn.
The 44-year-old siren has had her share of hits and misses at the multiplex, peaking with her acclaimed portrayal of 'Evita' in 1996 and the big box-office smash 'Dick Tracy,' directed by former beau Warren Beatty in 1990. On the opposite end of the spectrum, her first big-budget foray into Hollywood, 'Shanghai Surprise' (starring then-husband Sean Penn), bombed in 1986, as did her follow-up the next year, 'Who's That Girl.'
Her first foray into film was in 1985's Matthew Modine wrestling pic, 'Vision Quest,' where she sang the hit ballad, "Crazy for You," in the background of a club scene. But it wasn't until 'Desperately Seeking Susan' later that year, starring opposite Rosanna Arquette and Aidan Quinn, that people began to notice her club-kid style and sex appeal. At the peak of her "It Girl" fame in 1991, she agreed to be filmed for the shamelessly giddy and voyeuristic documentary, 'Madonna: Truth or Dare,' thus staking a claim on the reality front long before Ozzy Osbourne or Anna Nicole Smith.
'Swept Away' marks the third time Madonna has worked for her husband. Guy previously directed her in the music video for What It Feels Like For A Girl, and she starred in his comedic short film, 'Star,' which was one of a series of shorts directed by top-name directors for BMW in 2001. (source: ET! Online)

19 August - Madonna's Japanese birthday party
Queen of Pop Madonna held her Japanese-themed 44th birthday party at her California mansion over the weekend. Guests included Gisele Bundchen, who arrived with Maverick Records boss Guy Oseary, Demi Moore, Jason Statham and Kelly Brook. Meanwhile, Madge has got a bit of a situation over modifications to her country home in Dorset. She has a big gate put in for added privacy, but failed to apply for permission before doing so. The local council are demanding a formal application for the gate, as well as for her plans for a deer fence, garage and an extension to the orangery. Good to know that even Madge has to wade through the red tape. (source: PeopleNews)
Queen of Pop Madonna roped her friends into sharing her love of image changes this weekend - by turning them Japanese for her lavish birthday bash. Looking at Maddy it may seem hard to believe, but she celebrated her 44th birthday on Friday. To celebrate, she laid on an oriental night for 50 of her closest friends at her and husbands Guy Ritchie's LA home, complete with ambient music and a Japanese buffet. Among the guests were former Big breakfast host Kelly Brook and her boyfriend Jason Stratham, who appeared to be the only ones brave enough to ignore Madonna's request that everyone dress according to the theme. Actress Demi Moore, model Gisele Bundcen and the boss of the Material Girl's record label Guy O'Seary did gear up accordingly though. And we have to say that they carried it off brilliantly. (source: Daily Star)

19 August - New Swept Away pix
Madonna returned to acting with a vengeance this year, on the London stage in the play 'Up for Grabs', in a cameo in the upcoming James Bond movie 'Die Another Day', and most notably in 'Swept Away', directed by her husband, Guy Ritchie ('Snatch'). In the Screen Gems release (in theaters Oct. 11), Madonna plays Amber, a snobby socialite on a Mediterranean yacht trip who irks earthy crew member Giuseppe (Adriano Giannini), an ardent Communist. But when fate strands Amber and Giuseppe on a deserted island, they embark on a torrid affair. The movie is a remake of Italian director Lina Wertmuller's 1974 film, 'Swept Away... by an Unusual Destiny in the Blue Sea of August', in which Adriano's father, Giancarlo Giannini ('Hannibal') played the same role. 'Swept Away' is likely to be controversial, and not just for the usual love-it-or-hate-it reactions to Madonna's movie roles. True, the knives were already out for Madonna, with the production dogged by rumors of massive reshoots, supposedly necessitated because Ritchie felt the footage of Madonna in costume (and out, during the love scenes) didn't flatter the 44-year-old star, and because test audiences didn't like her character. (A Screen Gems spokesperson tells that these rumors are false. As for how Madonna looks in the movie, look at these photos and decide for yourself.) Amber is supposed to start out as an unlikable rich bitch, then become the submissive lover of the violent-tempered Giuseppe. The film's sexual politics may be the real sticking point, what with Giuseppe slapping Amber around before they have sex. Still, Madonna is not one to apologize, so don't expect her to justify her love. (source: Entertainment Weekly - click for some unseen Swept Away pictures)

18 August - Swept Away release date
Swept Away poster Swept Away posterThe film "Swept Away," starring Madonna and directed by her husband, Guy Ritchie, will open Oct. 11 in U.S. theaters. The movie was initially titled "Love, Sex, Drugs, and Money," and is based on the 1974 Italian film "Travolti da un Insolito Destino Nell'Azzurro Mare D'Agosto." Adriano Giannini and Bruce Greenwood also star. In the film, Madonna plays a socialite stranded on an island with a handsome, Communist sailor (Giannini). As previously reported, Madonna has penned the theme song for the upcoming James Bond film "Die Another Day," which opens in November. The artist makes a cameo in the film as a fencing instructor, contrary to initial assertions that she would not appear on-screen. Madonna is also expected to appear in director Peter Greenaway's next film, "The Tulse Luper Suitcases," which features Blondie's Debbie Harry, Vincent Gallo, Don Johnson, and Isabella Rossellini, among others. The film is due out sometime next year. The artist has begun work on her next studio album with assistance from producer Mirwais, who was behind the boards for 2000's Music. (source: Billboard)
~ There's still much confusion about Swept Away's release date. While more and more sources are talking about a October 11th release in the United States, there are still others claiming it will be out on October 25th. What the UK is concerned: Variety reported that Sony has set a tentative UK release date on March 25th, because they expect more success in the US than in the UK. As always, it's waiting for official confirmations... On the right you can find two rumoured-to-be-official posters (thanx to Madonna's Ashram)

18 August - Swept Away co-star shocked by love scenes
The co-star of Madonna's controversial new movie says filming the love scenes filled him with loathing. Adriano Giannini says he had to slap Madonna around and make her bark like a dog in Swept Away. But he says the star was unperturbed by the explicit scenes. Madonna plays a spoilt rich American in the £4 million movie, directed by husband Guy Ritchie. Giannini told the Sunday Express: "It didn't come easy for me to slap a woman, especially someone I had grown up listening to. When I first slapped her, she thought it wasn't violent enough and told me to hit her harder. "On another occasion, I was asked to humiliate her by making her bark like a dog. It got a bit masochistic but she's good. She's very professional. He added: "She's as tough as a lizard and should be made into a belt, bag and boots." Swept Away will hit US cinema screens on October 25, and released in the UK at a later date. (source: Ananova)

16 August - Happy Birthday Madonna!
Today Madonna celebrates her 44th birthday. Mad-Eyes likes to wish her a wonderful day, and lots of luck and love.

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