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13 September - DAD clothing designer speaks
Far-out fashion designer Jeremy Scott is on fire, reports sister/business manager Barbara Scott. "He's got some very exciting things going on," she says. "He did the clothes for the new Madonna music video. He designed her clothing for it. It's in correlation to the new James Bond movie that she has a song in." The music video is slated to debut on MTV in October, Barbara says. "He spent five days with her during the shoot to make sure everything held together. Because she's pretty active in the video and does a lot of dancing."

The look Scott chose for Madonna: "He told me it was very fencing-inspired," Barbara says. "Her publicist said it has a pretty out-of-this-world look. And she also represents Cher and wants him to dress Cher." When Jeremy reported to chez Madonna to do the fittings the place was so busy he parked outside and carried the gown up to her gate. When he turned around a tour bus had pulled up "and it was like lightening - all the flashbulbs from people taking pictures," Barbara says. "They didn't even know who he was, they were just thrilled to see anybody walking into Madonna's gate." (source: Madonnarama)

13 September - Hayek thanks competitor Madonna for helping 'Frida'
It wasn't quite a competition, but Salma Hayek thanks Madonna for setting up competition for the film rights to the life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. "It if weren't for Madonna's interest, I think it would have been more of a struggle for me to get the movie made," says Hayek, who stars and produces the movie "Frida" which has critics raving at the Toronto International Film Festival. "Everyone is interested in what Madonna is interested in, and what she does, so her interest in the project really helped," Hayek tells Zap2it.

What happened, though, is that Hayek's project, directed by "Titus" director Julie Taymor, has come out first, and pretty much scuttled Madonna and Jennifer Lopez's projects in the meantime. Working on the film for six years, Hayek, who is Mexican-born as well, considers this a personal pet project and something she dreamed of doing all her life. Hayek's movie isn't as much a biopic as a drama about the life of the flamboyant artist and her relationship with mural artist Diego Rivera, played by Alfred Molina. Along the way, the character falls in love -- and bed -- with Trotsky, played by Geoffrey Rush -- and photographer Tina Modotti, played by Ashley Judd as well as sharing a lover with Rivera, played by Saffron Burrows. "We weren't pressured in any way to downplay the bisexuality," director Taymor tells Zap2it. "In fact, we used diary entries and books."

In one scene, when Kahlo seduces a singer who looks suspiciously like Josephine Baker, Taymor says, "In that case, we're not saying it's Josephine Baker, but it's a singer who looks like her, there were many singing in that style at the time." "We're not outing anyone," adds Hayek, smiling, "but there is evidence that they -uh, knew each other." The story starts with Frida as a girl suffering a trolley accident that caused her pain for the rest of her life. Hayek plays the girl as a teenager and plays her throughout the life story.

Although it was portrayed for years as competitive projects, Hayek says, "I'm grateful to Madonna because she took interest in this Mexican artist very early on before people knew about Frida Kahlo. It really helped us get the movie made. I'm grateful to her appreciation of our art and culture." (source: Zap2it)

13 September - DAD promo is fake
Madonnapower reports that the promo for Die Another Day that appeared on their (and this) newspage is a fake. It is uncertain if radio stations have actually received a promo yet.

12 September - DAD on US radio on October 15th
Hello Keith!
I was wondering what the radio release date is of Madonna's "Die Another Day?" It must be soon right? Thanks, Floris
Hi Floris,
According to Maverick, Die Another Day is going for radio play on Oct. 15 in the U.S. The music video should premiere near that date as well. The single is the title track of the forthcoming James Bond film, which is due out Nov. 22 in the U.S. and U.K. The soundtrack to the movie will be released through Maverick, and will hit stores Nov. 12. (source: Ask Billboard)

11 September - Excerpt from ICON interview
Madonna opened up on some interesting topics in a brand new interview with "Icon" magazine. Check out an excerpt from the interview...
TELL US ABOUT THE SONG YOU WROTE FOR DIE ANOTHER DAY? "It's funky... it rocks... it's the business!"
WHO ARE YOUR 3 FAVORITE PAINTERS? "Bacon, Frida kahlo, and Egon Schiele. This week, anyway"
WHO IS YOUR HERO? "My sister"
HOW MANY COMPUTERS ARE IN YOUR HOUSE? "We have at least 8 computers. Im on at least one of them every few hours" (source: ICON, thanx to Madonnarama)

11 September - Rare demo to get release? *rumour*
One Way [Records] has a new compilation from British duo Naked Eyes due on October 22 called "Everything And More". At the time, Jellybean Benitez was mixing for the group, while producing for a fresh new face on the scene, Madonna. So he had Madonna into the studio to cut a brief "speaking vocal" for proposed 7- and 12-inch versions of Naked Eyes' Top 20 hit "Promises Promises." But those particular edits, along with Madonna's cameos, were shelved and never released in any form, even promotionally. One Way's "Everything And More" will include those two tracks. (source: Ice Magazine, thanx to Mattress)

10 September - Guy's favorite albums
Guy Richie gives a little insight on what to expect from the next Madonna album in the October issue of Blender. "I Wish I Was an Ax Hero" features Guy talking about his ten favorite albums of all time.
Before he discusses his ten favorite, the writer talks about how Madonna accidentally interrupted the interview and left. Then, as he recounts his ten favorite albums of all time, two albums featuring Madonna tracks are listed:

Madonna, EROTICA: "This is when I first starting getting a crush on her. Her earlier stuff was too accessible for me, too girly, but Erotica had that edge. I didn't confess to anyone that I liked it, and I kept appropriating my then-girlfriend's copy and playing it really loud in the car. She gets better with age, the wife. The stuff she is working on now is absolute killer."

SNATCH, Original Soundtrack: "I chose the music -- come on, brother, this is pure class. You've got 'Dreadlock Holiday,' 'Golden Brown,' 'Lucky Star.' And 'Ghost Town,' which is a mega, mega track. If I do say so myself, I make a great soundtrack."
Others on Guy's list of all-time favorite albums: ROCKERS, Original Soundtrack; TIME OF THE GYPSIES, Original Soundtrack; Sex Pistols, NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS; AC/DC, BACK IN BLACK; The Beatles, WHITE ALBUM; Pink Floyd, DARK SIDE OF THE MOON; THE BEST OF CARL ORFF; and Eminem, THE EMINEM SHOW. (source: MLVC mailing list)

10 September - Swept Away release in Holland
Swept Away is confirmed to be released in Holland on 27 February 2003 by Columbia TriStar Films.

10 September - Madonna's letter in ICON
The latest issue of ICON features the following letter by Madonna:
"Hello all you Love Bugs,
Finally back in the old U.S. of A. Enjoying a lot of sunshine and a bit of relaxation. I said a bit...

I just did a promo shoot for Vanity Fair and an interview where I talk lots about Swept Away which, as you probably know, I made with my old man. It's coming out in October and I hope you get a chance to see it.
I will be shooting a video for the Bond song in a few weeks called Die Another Day that will be directed by the Tractor Boys (a very cool directing team). I had to learn how to fence and I am very excited to add that to my arsenal of things I have accomplished.

Other than that I am strumming my guitar and cooking up ideas for my next album. Of course, there's my birthday and my son's birthday to look forward to. We will be celebrating the gift of life, and I hope you are all doing the same.
Don't forget to share your light with someone. Have a great summer!!!!!!
Love, M."

~ It's a bit dated (the video for DAD has already been shot) but it has some nice confirmations: the Bond song is indeed called Die Another Day (the 'Can't You See My Mind' had resurfaced, but is incorrect); the video is indeed shot by the Tractor Boys, and best of all, she's playing guitar on her next album!! :)

10 September - DAD promo has arrived
FAKE Die Another Day promo single The Die Another Day promo cd has arrived at selected radio stations. Here you see a picture of the German (European) promo cd. The cd has one track which is 4 minutes and 27 seconds, and the catalogue number is 'PRO3822'. (source: Madonnapower)

09 September - Maverick and VH1 to produce Latino Popstar
Madonna's Maverick Films is collaborating with music cable network VH1 on a TV movie. The companies are developing "How to be the Perfect Latino Popstar," a Pygmalion story set in the world of Latin music. Maverick partners Madonna and Guy Oseary will executive produce "Latino Popstar," along with company president Mark Morgan and Bruno Del Granado, who runs Maverick Records' Latin division, Maverick Musica. Laura Angelica Simon wrote the script. Maverick Films is also producing the Frankie Muniz starrer "Agent Cody Banks" for MGM and developing a remake of the Korean picture "My Sassy Girl" for DreamWorks. (source: Lycos News)

08 September - NY Times interview
The NY Times interviewed Madonna and Guy about Swept Away. The result is a long but definitely worthwhile article, in which they talk about collaborating together, awkward love scenes, living together in London, and about who's the most romantic and who's the best cook. The way they tease each other is incredibly sweet! :) Note that when asked about The Tulse Luper Suitcases (rumoured to be her next movie project), her reaction seems to indicate it's nothing more than a rumour... (thanx to MLVC mailing list)

06 September - No Madonna in Bond trailer
You can watch the trailer of Die Another Day at the offical James Bond site. Unfortunately there's no footage from Madonna, nor anything from her song...

05 September - DAD trailer premieres on ET
The official trailer for Die Another Day will premiere on American TV show Entertainment Tonight this evening. Expect to catch a glimpse of Madonna or at least hear a part of the theme song!

05 September - More pictures from DAD video
Die Another Day video Die Another Day video Die Another Day video Die Another Day video Die Another Day videoFansite Little Star scanned some new pictures from the Die Another Day video that appeared in Now Magazine (available in the UK from today). The magazine also features an article about the video.

05 September - Guy wants no naked Missus all over the place
Guy Ritchie says he has left out most of the sex and violence from his remake of Swept Away, which stars Madonna. He has reportedly told Vanity Fair magazine he did not want to see his "missus naked all over the place". The director said he attempted only a quarter of what Italian director Lina Wertmuller hit audiences with in the 1974 original. He claims viewers will no longer stomach scenes showing women being hit. "You can kill as many people as you like, but don't slap a bird," he argued. References to sodomy were axed for the same reason, he said, because "buggery is no longer in fashion like it used to be." Madonna said she was pleased by the cuts as, saying: "I'm not particularly fond of kissing strange men". (source: Ananova)
~ You can find scans of the Vanity Fair magazine at fansite DrownedMadonna.

04 September - More from Vanity Fair
She's legendary for her envelope-pushing sex appeal. But now, ET has a peek at the modest side of Madonna, who opens up to Vanity Fair about her new movie in the October issue. Madonna on the cover of Vanity FairFrom her summer stint in the emotionally charged London play, Up for Grabs, to her new fall film, 'Swept Away,' directed by husband Guy Ritchie, Madonna reflects on her recent experiences and where she is with "life" these days. Although acclaimed, her recent stage appearance wasn't always a joyful experience. The siren tells the mag, "I ended up with a headache every night from crying. Sometimes I'd show up for work in a happy mood, and I'd just think, I don't want to be sad; I don't want to go where my character has to go tonight - but I can't fake it. That part was exhausting."

As for her new "labor of love," the remake of the 1975 Italian comedy, 'Swept Away,' Madonna tells Vanity Fair that when she first showed the original film to Guy, he had reservations. "Guy loved the film after he got past the first 20 minutes. At first he was like, ' I can't watch this - it's too complicated, and the subtitles are giving me a headache.' But as soon as they got to the island, he tuned in." Known for directing 'Snatch' and 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,' Guy was at the helm of 'Swept Away,' the story of a slovenly sailor (played by Adriano Giannini, son of Giancarlo Giannini from the original film) who is stranded on an island with his employer (Madonna). A wealthy, self-centered woman who is used to having her own way, she now finds herself cut off from society. Realizing he has the upper hand, the sailor reverses their roles and becomes the controlling force in the relationship - until they fall in love.

So what did the star couple think about re-creating the very steamy love scenes? "I don't really want to see my missus naked all over the place..." Guy reveals to the mag. Madonna echoes the sentiment saying, "[The original] was about sex and lust, and them desiring each other physically. It didn't seem that there was any point to us rolling around and making out and staying naked in the movie. ... I'm not particularly fond of kissing strange men - contrary to popular belief."

For much more on Madonna, pick up the October issue of Vanity Fair, on stands September 10th. 'Swept Away' sweeps into theaters October 11th. (source: ET Online)

04 September - Madonna confirms children's book
Madonna, the pop diva who once wrote and posed naked for a book called "Sex," is now writing spiritual children's books, strumming "Morning has Broken" on her acoustic guitar and cutting erotic scenes out of her movies. In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine released on Tuesday, Madonna announced she had written a collection of allegorical tales for five- to eight-year-olds with her British movie director husband, Guy Ritchie. "Hey! Nothing is what it seems," Madonna told Vanity Fair, acknowledging that before the birth of her first child, Lourdes, she had been living in a very "me-me-me universe."

The former Material Girl, now a fan of yoga and the Kabbalah mystical Jewish teachings, admits she is going through a Cat Stevens phase after starting guitar lessons shortly after the birth two years ago of her son Rocco. "Lately I've been doing Cat Stevens songs, just singing to myself. 'Wild World' and 'Morning has Broken' - I play that song every day practically," Madonna said. But more surprisingly, the woman that made a career out of smashing taboos, agreed to tone down the sex and violence in her upcoming movie 'Swept Away' which was directed by Ritchie. The movie, to be released in the United States next month, is a remake of a 1974 Italian film of the same name about a jaded jet-setter (Madonna) who gets stranded on an island with a swarthy deckhand.

Early word of mouth on the movie has been negative but Madonna and Ritchie, who also directed the British cult movie "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", have vowed to ignore the critics. "I'd like it if people liked it. But I'm not going to slit my wrists if they don't. Especially because it's a labor of love between me and my husband," Madonna said. Ritchie said he included only about a quarter of the movie's original sex and violence in the remake, admitting "I don't want to see my missus naked all over the place." Madonna said there didn't seem much point in having her and her co-star "rolling around and making out and staying naked in the movie. I didn't mind it, but Guy didn't want to do it, to tell you the truth. And she added; "I'm not particularly fond of kissing strange men - contrary to popular belief." (source: CNN)

04 September - M loves London, except the council housing
Madonna loves life in London - except for all the council housing, according to a magazine. She has lived in Kensington, west London, for the past three years, She says she loves capital's architecture and its fantastic gardens. "I love the way the city looks, minus all the council estates randomly and profusely built up everywhere," she told Vanity Fair magazine. The mother-of-two, who has recently had improvements done to her house, also complained that there was no way of getting builders to work on Saturdays. "You could bribe them, offer all kinds of bonuses ... But it doesn't matter what you say: they're not coming in on the weekend," she argued. She said the wait had been infuriating, but she still found it refreshing that some people could not be bought. (source: Ananova)

04 September - UK release dates for DAD
According to the MLVC mailing list the Die Another Day single will be released in the UK on October 28. Record store HMV has the DAD soundtrack listed for November 18th.

03 September - DAD video director interviewed
Norway's biggest newspaper Dagbladet has an interview with Ole Sanders, part of the director collaboration called Traktor who have directed the video for Madonna's new single. He gives plenty of interview, together with the news that MTV will premiere the video simultaneously around the world and that it will be released on DVD.

Ole Sanders, from Sandvika in Norway, was approached in May. He got a handwritten letter from Madonna, and a demo of the song to his hotelroom in Prague, where he was shooting a clip for The Prodigy. Later he went to Pinewood Studios in London with the Traktor team, to watch a clip from the new Bond movie. Then he was invited to Madonna's home in London with his collegues, to discuss the project. Throughout the summer he worked on the video with Madonna. Daily he received e-mails with feedback from her. Sanders says he worked hard on ideas and details, and it came clear to him why she's been on top for 20 years. He also says things about the video, which we already know, such as it has no content of the new Bond movie - but still is very Bond-ish. :) He says the video will premiere in October on MTV, who for the first time in history will air a video simultaniously around the globe. It will also be released on DVD. (source: Dagbladet)

03 September - Liz Smith finds Madonna 'boring'
WHO'S THAT GIRL? This might be the question asked by anybody reading the coming Vanity Fair cover story on Madonna. The once-upon-a-time sexual provocateur presents an image of domesticity and tranquility that comes close to being, well ... boring. Mrs. Guy Ritchie tells writer Stephan Daly that she disdains her selfish "me-me-me" past, and her "robotic" rebel phase. (She was still a sheep in many ways, she insists, and lived a "small picture" life.)

The 'Swept Away' star reads hard news off the Internet - no trashy newspapers for her! - and calls gossip an "evil tongue, which has brought down society in many ways." This mother of two still has a sense of humor, thank God, but she'd rather talk about the not-for-profit book of spiritual allegories she and hubby Guy have written - for the 8- to 12-year-old crowd. (Remember when La Ciccone was the devil incarnate and Pepsi canned her over a daring music video?) Capping it all off is the shocking admission that Madonna sings Cat Stevens songs around the house; "Morning Has Broken" gets airplay around the Ritchie manse almost every day.

You know what, it doesn't surprise me. Right from the moment I met her, I felt Madonna was a bit of a fake, that at heart she was just a little Michigan girl playing dress up, looking for attention, working out her childhood demons. Her current stability and security might not be the hot copy of the past, but personally, I'm happy for her. (source: Liz Smith's column at

03 September - DAD single on November 12 / News on new album
Madonna is heading back into the studio to record the follow up to her Music album with French producer Mirwais once again sitting in the producer’s chair. The new album is being recorded in London with a release date expected sometime next year. Mirwais was responsible for the latest reincarnation of Madonna as a hip artist with her flirtation with the Parisian club culture scene.

Mirwais, half Italian, half Afghan, grew up living in France, and his own ‘80s band Taxi Girl were hugely influential on both Daft Punk and Air. Mirwais was also the musical director on Madonna’s Drowned World tour last year. Fans of Madonna won’t have to wait too long though to hear some new material from the Pop Queen. Madonna’s own label Maverick Records is set to release her theme tune from the forthcoming Bond movie Die Another Day on 12 November. (source: Worldpop, thanx to Ricky17 for bringing this to out attention) Madonna in the Die Another Day video
~ Let's hope they didn't confuse the single with the movie soundtrack, which is also scheduled for November 12.

01 September - First Madonna picture from DAD video
British newspaper The Mail on Sunday has published a picture of a badly battered and abused Madonna in the Die Another Day video. Thanx to fansite Little Star who scanned the picture.

01 September - DAD low quality MP3
Go to Madonnapower to download a low quality MP3 of Die Another Day. Don't get too high expectations, because the quality is so bad that you can hardly even hear Madonna's vocals, but it gives a rough idea of what the song will sound like.

01 September - Complete interview from Jane Magazine
Cover of Jane MagazineGo to Madonna's Ashram to download the full Swept Away interview which will appear in the October issue of Jane Magazine.

01 September - Madonna and Guy disagree on Swept Away ending

Soundbuzz has published another excerpt of the double interview with Madonna and Guy, which will soon be published in full in several magazines: "Pop icon Madonna’s new flick Swept Away has not only upset film critics - she and her husband Guy Ritchie bicker constantly over the movie's ending. Madonna, who stars as stranded snob Amber alongside Adriano Giannini, as fisherman Pepe, admits that she and her British director spouse are in eternal disagreement over the way the romance should have worked out between the two characters, who develop a relationship on a deserted isle. Ritchie says, "The ending is where me and the wife disagree. Madonna loves the idea that Amber and Pepe's relationship will work."

Madonna retaliates, "Yes, I believe Amber and Pepe could make it together. Because I believe that both of them underwent a major transformation on the island." But Ritchie fires back, "Madonna thinks Amber would go back home, see the error of her ways and fly out to Pepe again. If Pepe tried to move with her, the little fisherman would be f***ed when he got to civilisation. Once Amber's fallen back into Manhattan life, the dream will just evaporate. No, no. Pepe can't go to Manhattan. It could only work if Amber went his way." Madonna adds her last word on the matter: "I'm not saying they wouldn't be challenged, but I am an optimist and a romantic, and by the time they got off that island they were friends and they had things in common, which are two key ingredients for a successful friendship."

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