Dick Tracy

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Dick Tracy, the movie


Dick Tracy Dick Tracy Dick Tracy Dick Tracy Dick Tracy Dick Tracy Dick Tracy Dick Tracy Dick Tracy Dick Tracy Dick Tracy Dick Tracy


Warren Beatty: Dick Tracy
Charlie Korsmo: 'Kid'
Al Pacino: Big Boy Caprice
Madonna: Breathless Mahoney
Glenne Headly: Tess Trueheart
Seymour Casse: Sam Catchem
William Forsythe: Flattop
Ed O'Ross: Itchy
James Keane: Pat Patton
Charles Durning: Chief Brandon
R.G. Armstrong: Pruneface
James Tolkan: Numbers
Mandy Patinkin: 88 Keys
Dustin Hoffman: Mumbles
Dick Van Dyke: D.A. Fletcher
Paul Sorvino: Lips Manlis
Henry Silva: Influence
Estelle Parsons: Mrs. Trueheart
James Caan: Spaldoni
Jim Wilkey: Stooge
Michael Donovan O'Donnell: Mr. Gillicuddy
Stig Eldred: Shoulders
Neil Summers: The Rodent
Chuck Hicks: The Brow
Lawrence Steven Meyers: Little Face

Movie synopsis

Based on Chester Gould's comic strip character, Dick Tracy is set to bring down Big Boy Caprice's empire along with a rescued orphan boy and facing a love triangle with Tess Trueheart and Breathless Mahoney.

Production info

Directed by: Warren Beatty
Written by: Jim Cash & Jack Epps Jr.
Produced by: Warren Beatty, Jon Landau, Art Linson, Floyd Mutrux, Barrie M. Osborne & Jim Van Wyck
Production company: Touchstone Pictures
Date of filming: Feb. 1989
Budget: $ 47 million

Release info

Released as: Dick Tracy
Released in theatres: June 15th, 1990 (US)
Released on DVD: April 2, 2002 (US); Feb. 28, 1999 (Eur.)
Runtime: 103 minutes
Genre: Action/Crime/Comedy
MPAA rating: PG
Box office: $ 103.7 million (US)


At the time of filming, Madonna had a relationship with Dick Tracy director/producer/actor Warren Beatty, which soon nourished the rumour that this was just a publicity stunt.


1991 Academy Awards (Oscars):
Award for 'Best Original Song' (Sooner or Later)
Award for 'Best Art Direction' (Richard Sylbert & Rick Simpson)
Award for 'Best Make-up' (John Caglione Jr. & Doug Drexler)
Nomination for 'Best Supporting Actor' (Al Pacino)
Nomination for 'Best Cinematography' (Vittorio Storaro)
Nomination for 'Best Costume Design'
Nomination for 'Best Sound'

1991 Golden Globe Awards:
Nomination for 'Best Picture - Musical/Comedy'
Nomination for 'Best Supporting Actor' (Al Pacino)
Nomination for 'Best Original Song' (Sooner or Later)
Nomination for 'Best Original Song' (What Can You Loose?)

1991 BAFTA Awards:
Award for 'Best Make Up Artist' (John Caglione Jr. & Doug Drexler)
Award for 'Best Production Design' (Richard Sylbert)
Nomination for 'Best Actor in a Supporting Role' (Al Pacino)
Nomination for 'Best Costume Design' (Milena Canonero)
Nomination for 'Best Editing' (Richard Marks)
Nomination for 'Best Sound' (Dennis Drummond, Thomas Causey, Chris Jenkins, David E. Campbell & Doug Hemphill)

1991 American Comedy Awards:
Award for 'Funniest Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture' (Al Pacino)

1991 Saturn Awards:
Award for 'Best Make-Up' (John Caglione Jr. & Doug Drexler)


I'm Breathless

Original Music by: Danny Elfman, Jeff Lass, Andy Paley, Doc Pomus, Stephen Sondheim
There were three soundtracks released for the movie: Danny Elfman's original score, a second soundtrack with songs from and inspired by the movie, and Madonna's studio album I'm Breathless, with also "music from and inspired by the movie Dick Tracy". This last one contains 3 tracks from the movie.

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