Confessions Tour - Setlist

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The setlist of the Confessions Tour promoted her Confessions On A Dance Floor album.

Equestrian Segment

Future Lovers / I Feel Love
Get Together
Like A Virgin

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Bedouin Segment

Live To Tell (with dancer confessions intro)
Forbidden Love
Like It Or Not

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Never Mind The Bollocks Segment

Don't Talk, Don't Speak (video interlude)
I Love New York
Ray Of Light
Let It Will Be
Drowned World/Substitute For Love
Paradise (Not For Me)

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Disco Segment

Music Inferno
Erotica / You Thrill Me
Lucky Star
Hung Up

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Everybody and Deeper And Deeper were considered for the setlist but they got replaced by La Isla Bonita and Erotica / You Thrill Me. Madonna sang a few lines of Nothing Fails at the end of Drowned World during rehearsals.

The setlist was the same on every single show. Only some minor details were changed: the dancers during Forbidden Love got the Jewish and Muslim symbols after the first date in London; Madonna started wearing a cowboy hat for Let It Will Be and the Hung Up leotard became glittery from late US shows; in Japan she wore a "Japanese Do It Better" T-shirt and in Tokyo, she wore a platinum blonde bob wig during the second half of the show. In Moscow, Russia, Madonna performed the John Lennon classic 'Give Peace A Chance' during her usual speech halfway through the show.

Designer Jean-Paul Gaultier said he wasn't too fond of Madonna's idea to use the white and violet ABBA leotard, because he rather wanted to dress her in Las Vegas style. However, they did immediately agree on the John Travolta suit. Gaultier suggested dressing the backup singers and the band as Donna Summer, Cher and The Village People, but Madonna disapproved.

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