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15 June - American Idol: 20 Years of Madonna
One of the most original and innovative artists of the modern era, Madonna has sold 150 million albums worldwide, topped the charts across two decades, created an enormously influential body of work in the music video medium (11 of her original clips are included in Slant Magazine's 100 Greatest Music Videos, more than any other artist) and has stood at the forefront of popular culture for 20 years. This fall, Warner Bros. Records will commemorate the 20th anniversary of Madonna's debut album with a comprehensive box set. But that's not before the superstar releases her tenth studio album, American Life, due April 22nd. To celebrate its release, Slant Magazine has delved into Madonna's catalog and reevaluated her key releases.

13 June - Hollywood goes Top 5 on European radio
After scoring highest debut honors last week (at number 18), Hollywood leaps into the top five, giving Madonna two simultaneous top five smashes on European radio:
Eurochart Radio Top 50
01 - 05 - 09 Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake
02 - 03 - 09 Rise & Fall - Craig David & Sting or Fallacy
03 - 01 - 14 Come Undone - Robbie Williams
04 - 02 - 12 American Life - Madonna
05 - 18 - 02 Hollywood - Madonna
(source: Dotmusic, AbsoluteMadonna)
~ In the German airplay charts Hollywood climbs from #88 all the way up to #20. (source: Madonna Information Report)

13 June - 'Sex' is best-selling second-hand book
It turns out those folks who told you to invest in Sex back in 1992 weren't wrong. This spring,, one of the Web's most extensive used-book search services, released its first best-seller lists, organized by subject matter, revealing just what odd, out-of-print volumes Americans are buying.
Not surprisingly, Madonna's limited-edition, aluminum-bound book of naughty photos -- the singer, circa Erotica, getting naked with Vanilla Ice, etc. -- tops Bookfinder's arts and music list; a pristine copy with mylar wrapping intact can set you back $500 or more.
Rare Stephen King editions such as Rage (1977), about a psychopathic teenager who holds a school hostage (written by King alter ego Richard Bachman), dominate science fiction, fantasy and horror.
In biography and autobiography, Hunter S. Thompson's The Curse of Lono leads a pack that includes memoirs by Hell's Angel George Wethern and ex-John F. Kennedy mistress Judith Exner, giving the list a decidedly '60s countercultural bent -- that is, until you stumble upon John Denver's Take Me Home.
Fiction and literature leans toward midcentury best sellers such as Hervey Allen's 1933 historical epic, Anthony Adverse, and Maritta Martin Wolff's 1941 potboiler, Whistle Stop.
But best of all might be crafts and hobbies, which features the 1973 The Nancy Drew Cookbook: Clues to Good Cooking. Recipes include 99 Step French Toast, Old Clock Ice Cream Pie and The Case of the Smothered Pork Chops. Why would a book with such tempting recipes go out of print? It's a mystery. (source: Sun-Sentinel)

13 June - Reps deny fall-out between Madonna and Craig McDean
Rumours swirled this week about a conflict between Madonna and Craig McDean, the cutting-edge fashion photographer she hired to shoot the cover of her latest album American Life.
Previous stories focused on the allegedly astronomical expense of the shoot, but the new scuttlebutt says McDean had paid all his own expenses for the privilege of working with the pop diva only to have her turn up her nose at the finished product; she supposedly ended up cobbling something together from the few passable images on her own.
However, both McDean's and Madonna's reps insist everything is A-OK. "For some reason a number of things are being said about the shoot, but it's absolutely not true," says Anne Kennedy, McDean's powerhouse agent at Art + Commerce. "We've worked with them a lot and never really had any major dramas."
Madonna's rep, Liz Rosenberg, was more vocal: "This smells of an evil queen trying to trash Craig McDean and Madonna," she told Fashion Buzz."For one thing, the record company always pays the photographer's expenses," she insists. "And Madonna loved the artwork. She had many meetings with Craig and he was her first choice. They worked together before on a Vanity Fair shoot and everything was completely harmonious and fine."
For the American Life session, Rosenberg notes, "There was kind of Patty Hearst/Che Guevara thing going on, reflecting Madonna's philosophy of being a rebel."
Now, however, the pop chameleon is about to switch gears and go glam for the release of her new video, Hollywood, shot by another fashion snapper, Jean-Baptiste Mondino. "She's in an ultra-glamour phase for Hollywood," Rosenberg says, noting with a laugh: "The transformations are coming very fast now."
Meanwhile, Rosenberg tells us reports that Madonna has signed a lucrative deal to be the new face of The Gap are a bit premature."The deal's not done," she insists. "They're in discussions, there are major negotiations going on and it's looking good, but it's not done yet." If it does go down, Rosenberg has a tip on what Madonna's next phase will be for the Gap ads: "Back to the street, Avenue B, where she started," she says. Don't blink, you might miss it. (source: NY Post)

13 June - Madonna and Gwen Stefani in Rolling Stone *rumour*
Madonna and Gwen Stefani have both agreed to shoot a cover for the August issue of Rolling Stone's 'Women in Rock' issue. The photographer will be Jean-Baptiste Mondino. (source: MadonnaMad)

12 June - DADay DVD sets new record
Marking yet another Explosive entry by the celebrated James Bond franchise, MGM Home Entertainment expects a record-breaking shipment of more than 16 million units of the Die Another Day Special Edition DVD worldwide.
The movie, featuring a cameo performance by Madonna as a fencing instructor, is the most successful Bond film to date. The special edition 2-disc DVD includes Madonna's Die Another Day video as well as a behind the scenes "Making of the Music Video".
Die Another Day enters the record books as MGM's best-selling title of all time, further reinforcing the Bond series' position as the most successful franchise in motion picture history. The 20th installment in the James Bond film series, Die Another Day is also the Studio's top-grossing theatrical film ever, garnering nearly $430 million at the worldwide box office. (source:

12 June - First Hollywood video still
Hollywood video still This is the first still from the upcoming Hollywood video (click to enlarge; thanx to MadGuy). Very glamourous indeed! Only 11 days till the video premiere! ;-)

10 June - Madonna to visit Israel for Nothing Fails? *rumour*
According to Madonna is due to visit Israel within the next three weeks. She would visit the Kabbalah Centre in Tel Aviv, The Western Wall and The Church of the Nativity. During this one week visit she would also be looking for locations for the Nothing Fails video shoot. (source: Madonnalicious)

09 June - Liz Smith on Hollywood video
OK, so we're all really happy that Madonna has found inner peace through marriage, motherhood and the Kabbalah. But as we don't live with M, and experience her glow, she is judged by her work. And her last video wasn't what we love. I just don't want to see Madonna toss grenades.
But hold on, the Big M is coming through in her next vid, Hollywood. This is directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, who has done several brilliant Madonna mini-movies, including my favorite, her cowgirl homage, Don't Tell Me. Madonna, wearing close to $20 million in vintage jewelry - including pieces once belonging to Mae West - and courtier threads, vamps like movie queens from the '20s through the '70s (designer hot pants for the '70s bit). First-peekers say it's "a cross between Vogue and Express Yourself." Luigi Murenu attends to Madam's hair, Pat McGrath her make-up. This spells glamour, big-time.
Hollywood debuts June 23 on VH1 accompanied by a "Behind the Scenes" special. Oh, ever perverse, Madonna insisted that the black and blue marks she sustained in a bicycle mishap recently, not ITAL be covered with make-up or zapped away via computer technology. Hmmm... bruises and Hollywood. (Bruised by Hollywood?) Shall we analyze this Dr. Freud? (source: NY Post)

09 June - Madonna among stars at MTV bash
Madonna, Britney Spears, and Nelly will join a host of artists and comedians June 28 at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles for the first "MTV Bash." The evnet will serve as a comedy/concert roast of MTV personality and late-night TV host Carson Daly.
Comedians Andy Dick, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel, Jeffrey Ross, and Adam Carolla will join the festivities, as will Carmen Electra and Sarah Silverman. Other attendees will include Jessica Simpson, Papa Roach, 98 Degrees, Lit, Usher, and the Pussycat Dolls, with more to be announced. The Bash will be recorded for a July 13 broadcast.
Daly, who recently renewed his contract with MTV for two years, is the host of the network's popular "Total Request Live" daily countdown show as well as its executive producer. The guests and comedians, many of whom are friends of the host, are expected to ridicule and poke fun at Daly's public image, work, and love life. (source: Billboard)

08 June - M to snub MTV Awards because of hotel booking?
Madonna is threatening to snub the MTV awards bash in Edinburgh because her favourite hotel room has already been booked. The Material Girl was invited to Scotland in November for the Europe awards - the music industry Oscars - which will be watched by 110 million fans around the world. Madge agreed to come if she and her entourage were installed on the top floor of the capital's exclusive five- star Sheraton Grand Hotel. The queen of pop is said to be impressed by the hotel and its spa and is keen to have the £750-a-night presidential suite. But the hotel has been fully booked since 2001 for a diplomatic conference and top- flight delegates are refusing to vacate the suite. News that the MTV awards would be staged in Leith on November 6 sparked a scramble for hotel rooms with stars such as Eminem, Robbie Williams, and Christina Aguilera tipped to attend. But The Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA), an offshoot of Nato, is hosting its 49th annual assembly in the city from November 4 to 7. Two years ago, ATA reserved 200 rooms on the luxury hotel's prestigious top floor for many of the expected 500 delegates - including Scots Nato Secretary General George Robertson. Sources say the luxury penthouse, which boasts a dining room for 10 and views over Edinburgh Castle, will be used by a top foreign military commander. Now MTV chiefs are scrambling to come up with an alternative for Madonna. A source said: "Some of the other suggestions put to her management include maybe renting a remote castle in the Scottish countryside. "MTV are even prepared to fly her in and out of the capital if necessary. All the stops are being pulled out to ensure this visit goes ahead." (source: Sunday Mail)

07 June - Madonna in Viagra film?
Madonna is in talks to make a film based on the town in Ireland which manufactures the member-straightening drug Viagra. Her company, Maverick Films, wants to make a film based on a true story of locals in the small town of Ringaskiddy, County Cork, made famous by Pfizer, the company that makes Viagra. Provisionally entitled Something In The Air, the film will be about locals going sex mad after breathing in fumes from the factory. Madge plans to set the film in the US rather than Ireland, however a rival film company plans a similar film and are scouting for locations in the Emerald Isle as we speak. Whether Guy Ritchie will be involved in the unlikely comedy is not yet known, although, given his previous films, it might appeal to his sense of humour. (source: PeopleNews)

06 June - Hollywood on Belgian radio
Like many radio stations worldwide, Studio Brussel has been playing Hollywood quite a while already. Radio Donna is following now too and named the single 'Smaakmaker' (taste of the week) for next week, which means they'll be playing it several times a day.
Wherever you live, keep requesting the song on your local radio, and make this single a big summer hit!

06 June - Hollywood video premiere - not!
Earlier today we announced that the Hollywood video would premiere on VH1 on the 17th of June. But it turns out that the TV channel is only broadcasting the 'Making Of' special of the Die Another Day video...

06 June - Madonna and Missy promote Gap
Madonna and Missy Elliott are teaming up for a new Gap ad, to promote corduroy jeans. Madonna's singing Hollywood, while Missy raps her own version of Into The Groove. (source: Popbitch, AbsoluteMadonna)

06 June - Hollywood maxi single update
Below are the final tracklistings for the Hollywood Maxi single. Look for it in stores July 8th.
Radio Edit 3:42
Stuart Price/ Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duck Mix 7:09
The Micronauts Remix 6:25
Oakenfold Full Remix 7:01
Deepsky Home Sweet Home Vocal Mix 7:55
Calderone Quayle Remix 9:22

Vinyl Maxi
Side A
The Micronauts Remix 6:25
Oakenfold Full Remix 7:01
Side B
Calderone Quayle Remix 9:22
Side C
Stuart Price/ Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duck Mix 7:09
Oakenfold 12" Dub 7:01 * (addition)
Side D
Deepsky Home Sweet Home Vocal Mix 7:55

06 June - More info on AL demos
Some more info on American Life demos from PeterM: "There are most definitely demos for them all, some are said to be radically different from the released versions, e.g. X-Static Process was similar in style to Impressive Instant in its first incarnation.
Intervention was a reworked track from the Music sessions - different in sound and lyrically rejigged.
'Mr Ejector' is another track that was recorded - I have this from a very good source.
'Forbidden Fruit' is rumoured to be a track that was meant for the album - this has since been re-recorded by Jessica Simpson. There are probably others and if I should hopefully be able to let u know if my sources come up with the goods"

05 June - Mirwais interview
If a producer received a call from Madonna, he would do anything to keep the Material Girl happy, right? Not so for Paris-based veteran Mirwais Ahmadzai. When Madonna called on his production skills for her 2000 release, Music (Warner Bros.), the admittedly underground artist Mirwais was relieved that his trademark hypnotic grooves and retro sounds didn't end up on the chopping block.
"I was happy when she called," Mirwais says, "not just for the fame and money, but because I knew we could do some really great music together. With Madonna, I didn't have any pressure, because she asked first about [my single] 'Disco Science,' which is an extreme track. If she liked that, then I knew she would not change me. You don't call me if you want me to change."
Click here for the complete Mirwais interview, with details on the recording of the American Life album.

05 June - Hollywood video is 'very glamorous'
Madonna shot a video for her next single, Hollywood, in - surprise, surprise - Hollywood. Her rep calls the clip, which was shot Monday and Tuesday (June 3), "very glamorous" and says that the singer has "lots of different looks." (source: MTV)
~ According to the NY Daily News Madonna sported a red wig for (part of?) the video.

03 June - Interesting info on AL songs
PeterM, who wrote 'The Beats Within' series about Madonna's unreleased tracks, has given some interesting info on the American Life songs on the MadonnaMad forum:
"Dubstar is right that the supposed 12 min track is actually Nobody Knows Me - however 12 mins is a slight exageration. It was a few minutes longer than the album version though.
The other old rumour though is that there was a song called I Got You Under My Skin - this turned out to be a working title for Love Profusion.
Bet you guys don't know that Intervention was originally recorded for the Music album. It was significantly different though in style as well as lyrical content. The song the critics called her 'Little Star' for Rocco, was originally a song for Guy.
Other rumoured titles Rock Vanity and Trick (the supposed Air track) don't exist - the Air collaboration was gonna happen but didn't work out for some unknown reason.
There are many different versions of the songs that ended up on the album, because Madonna spent so long working on the album they went through many changes. The song you guys are talking about that sounded like Impressive Instant is supposedly X-Static Process. This was re-recorded in an acoustic style for the album.
When we look at her previous albums and the recording process involved in them, I would guess that she recorded with Stuart Price, Monte Pittman, Guy Sigsworth, etc. and that she turned these demos into the songs on the album by producing and possibly re-writing them with Mirwais.
The only other known rumoured song from American Life that I know of is Can't You See My Mind. This is copywrighted so it exists! Apparently (and this is only rumour) the song is a ballad, more traditional Bond style than Die Another Day. They used DAD because it used the films name in its title."

02 June - The English Roses art work
The English Roses art work Roald Dahl books like the BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are considered kids classic. Now Madonna is heading for that market. From September 15 Madonna will officially become an author. That is when her first book 'The English Roses' will be released. Madonna has signed a worldwide publishing deal with Callaway Publishing to write five children's books, the first in the series being 'The English Rose'. The book will be released in Australia through Puffin. 'The English Rose' will be released in 100 countries and translated into 45 languages. The book for young readers is about "friendship, jealousy, sleepover parties, and fairy godmothers". Publisher and Editor Nicholas Calloway says "The quality, beauty and timelessness of Madonna's stories evidently have struck a chord with some of the world's most expert children's publishers. It's hardly news that Madonna knows how to communicate. Now thanks to this global network of publishing partners that have joined together, we will have a new generation throughout the world that will know Madonna as an inspiring storyteller." Madonna's book deal places her alongside other renowned Puffin author like Roald Dahl and titles such as The Little Engine That Could and the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. The title of Madonna's second children's book will be announced on the day of release of The English Roses. Of course, this isn't Madonna's first book per se. A decade ago she released 'Sex'. We can safely say this stint in publishing is targeting a totally different audience. (source: Undercover, thanx to MadMax)

02 June - Copycat news
From the sound of things, Britney Spears appears to be channeling Madonna on her fourth album. Accoring to a report by, the pop singer, who took a step toward womanhood on Britney, has taken the Material Girl's cue, seeming to address more adult themes and styles while retaining a sense of girlish fun on her upcoming disc. Producers who have worked with the singer - including Rodney Jerkins, the Matrix and Fred Durst, have described the new material as having a trip-hop vibe, reminiscent of Madonna's Ray of Light. Parts of Spears' suggestive "Touch of My Hand", merit that comparison. With a Middle Eastern influence, the song is sleek and fluid, with Spears singing in a slightly lower register of her desire to be "out of control". (source: newindpress)
The son of George Best is launching a pop career. Calum Best has teamed up with Ben Ofeudu from Phats and Small, with a dance track due out later this year. They have been recording the as yet untitled song which borrows lyrics from Madonna's Vogue. (source: Ananova)

02 June - Hollywood maxi single lineups
Radio Edit 3:42
Stuart Price/ Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duck Mix 7:09
Micronauts Remix 6:25
Oakenfold Full Remix 7:01
Deepsky HSH Vocal Mix 7:55
Calderone Quayle Remix 9:22

Vinyl Maxi
Side A
Micronauts Remix 6:25
Oakenfold Full Remix 7:01
Side B
Calderone Quayle Remix 9:22
Side C
Stuart Price/ Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duck Mix 7:09
Side D
Deepsky HSH Vocal Mix 7:55

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