Madonna - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section gives answers to the most frequently asked questions from Madonna fans.


Q: When will Madonna release a new album?

Q: How many albums/singles has she released? What are the lyrics of her songs?

Q: How many records has Madonna sold worldwide?

Q: What was the highest chart position of Madonna's albums and singles?

Q: What is Madonna's record label?

Q: How and when did Madonna's musical career start?


Q: Which tours has Madonna done so far?

Q: When will she go on tour again?

Q: Which tours are available on DVD / Blu-ray? Will the Re-Invention Tour and Blond Ambition Tour ever be released?

Q: Do you have any info on Madonna's dancers?


Q: Which movies has Madonna appeared in? Which films has she directed?


Q: Who is Madonna's manager?

Q: Which business ventures - other than music and films - did Madonna get into?


Q: When was Madonna born?

Q: What is Madonna's real name?

Q: What are the names of Madonna's parents? Does she have any brothers or sisters?

Q: Is Madonna married?

Q: Does she have any children?

Q: Where does Madonna live?

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