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13 August - Kabbalah teacher: "We're always there for Madonna"
Michael Shelden, reporter of The Telegraph, had an interview with Madonna's Kabbalah guru Rabbi Yehuda Berg. Of course the interview refers regularly to Madonna's devotion to this "punk rock of spiritual philosophy". You can read it here.

11 August - Madonna wants to do everything
Forget any of the music tours Madonna's put together over the last two decades--come September 15, the former Material Girl will be in more than 100 countries simultaneously when her first-ever children's book hits shelves worldwide. English Roses will be a fairy tale that includes a few themes borrowed from the Kabbalah, the book of mystical teachings of the Jewish religion. It's to be the first of a five-volume set, each of which will be illustrated by a different famous artist. Madonna will be on hand in Paris to unveil the first book, and will likely have a book-signing event to help publicize the event. Publishers are hopeful that English Roses will have crossover appeal to adults, a trend begun over the last few years by the wild success of the Harry Potter series. Madonna says that she sees life as full of opportunities and she plans to take advantage of them all. "I want to do everything," Madonna says. "I want to write. I want to direct, you know, I want to go on tour again. I want to make more music. I want to read more books. I want to travel more. I want to do everything." (source: Yahoo! Launch)

11 August - Billboard Dance Club Play Record
Time to celebrate Madonna's 30th number one single in the US Billboard Dance Club Play Chart! Hollywood, which was at number 2 on this same chart last week has now reached the number one spot. Congratulations Madonna!
TW - LW Title Artist Label/Dist Label Catalog
1 - 2 Hollywood (Remixes) Madonna Maverick/Warner Bros. 42638
2 - 4 Sunrise (Love To Infinity & ATFC Remixes) Simply Red PROMO
3 - 9 Bucci Bag (P. Rauhofer, R. H. Vission, & J. Vicious Mixes) Andrea Doria Star 69 1263
4 - 1 Pavement Cracks (Remixes) Annie Lennox J/RMG PROMO
5 - 5 I Wish I Wasn't (Remixes) Heather Headley RCA/RMG PROMO

08 August - New Gap pic
Gap commercial The latest issue of Bazaar magazine, featuring Madonna on the cover, has a previously unseen picture from the GAP campaign. (source: Madonnalicious, Madonna Drowned World)

08 August - Madonna in next Charlie's Angels? *rumour*
Pop queen Madonna has taken career tips from semi-retired actress Demi Moore - having been bowled over by her cameo role in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. The pop diva, who has had little success with her own movie career, is impressed by the way Demi's minor role in the sequel has turned the star's ailing career around. Drew Barrymore, who co-produced and starred in the two Angels films, has reportedly already received a call from Madonna begging for a cameo role in the third movie. (source: Soundbuzz)

08 August - Madonna at MTV EMA? *rumour*
The Edinburgh Evening News have stated that Madonna is "tipped to appear" at this year's MTV Europe Music Awards in Edinburgh, Scotland. The ceremony takes place on November 6th and at present, ticket information is not available. (source: Absolute Madonna)

08 August - Madonna is favorite for future oldies radio
Tomorrow's youngsters better get used to hearing Ray of Light or "Elevation" on their parents' radios. Readers who responded to The Daily Journal's weekly Web site poll said they will most likely hear tunes by Madonna or U2 on the oldies radio station of the future. Madonna captured 39 percent of votes cast by 187 readers who responded. U2 nabbed 28 percent. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Norah Jones, Eminem, Metallica and Jay-Z hauled in between 4 and 7 percent of the remaining votes. And rapper Snoop Dogg finished last with just under 3 percent of the votes cast. (source: Daily Journal)

08 August - Back in Business
Yes! Mad-Eyes finally made it back online after a downtime of almost 10 days. My lovely hosts had decided to suspend my account after discovering that I offer some Madonna videos for streaming, though officially they're copyrighted material. Though I assured them to take them down, they didn't give me access anymore, so I decided to switch over to a better host. The site should be working fine again, though without video streaming ( and have the monopoly on that now). Forum users can also use our avatars again (sorry for the inconvenience). If you happen to find some error somewhere (caused by the new upload), don't hesitate to let me know. Thanx for all your support!

07 August - She's not Esther
Question: People here keep telling me that Madonna now insists on being called Esther. And now I just heard the same thing on the radio. All I can say is ????
Answer: A complete fabrication, prompted by the diamond encrusted "E" she's sporting on a necklace. The tabloids claim it stands for "Esther", as this is what she has decided to call herself now in connection with the Kabballah. According to Caresse, though, it's a tribute to her grandmother, Elsie Fortin. (source: MLVC)

07 August - Nile Rodgers: 'Madonna is the last real popstar'
- When u were working with Madonna she was nothing more than a little singer with a few hits. Like A Virgin made her an Icon.
"The first time I saw her I instantly knew she was gonna make it. She had charisma, personality and she wasn't affraid to role up her sleeves and get down to work. In all of showbizz I don't know anybody who works as hard as she does. And every place i took her, heads would turn. everyone wanted to know who that girl was sitting next to Nile Rodgers. To me, she's the last REAL popstar. The Marlene Dietrich of her generation. Even if she never scores another hit, people will always be interested in her."
- When u listen to Like A Virgin, it really just sounds like another Chic album but with a different singer.
"That's true. U can say that about most of my collaborations, actually. You hear excited musicians playing their parts. Like A Virgin is probably the most simple song I ever recorded though. The whole thing was played live and recorded in one take. No studio tricks or special effects. Madonna was also a lot easier to work with than Diana Ross, who was already very much a superstar when I met her. Naturally she behaved that way, too. She had a real temper. I once told her in very polite way that her voice wasn't sounding as good as usual that day. So, she just stormed out of the studio and we had to wait 2 months before she came back to finish the record." (source: De Morgen, thanx to Dotmusic and MLVC)

07 August - Estée Lauder uses Love Profusion
Estée Lauder will be using Love Profusion in their upcoming advertising campaign beginning in September and lasting one year. Luc Besson (Fifth Element, The Messenger) will be directing the TV commercial. (source:

06 August - Silent Madonna
It would appear that Madonna hasn't completely given up on her plans to become a screen icon. Her company, Maverick, has bought the rights to another Hollywood tale about 1920s film star Clara Bow. It seems that Madonna is keen to play the most famous movie star of the silent era in the brand new screen venture. Clara was known as the It-Girl of Hollywood, who played hard and enjoyed a fast-living and glamourous lifestyle before lapsing into obscurity. (New Magazine, thanx to Madonnalicious)

06 August - Paris launch for The English Roses
Madonna will travel to Paris to launch the first of her children's books, it has been announced.
The English Roses will be published simultaneously in 100 countries in 30 languages on 15 September. It is about "feeling green with envy, blue with loneliness, pink with embarrassment, purple with rage and how to find true-blue friends", its publisher has said. The singing superstar has signed a deal to write five books for children aged six and above.
They will be based on Hebrew texts she is studying from the Kabbalah religion and each will feature the work of a different, celebrated illustrator. The singer will be joined by 40 book editors from around the world at the offices of her French publishing house Gallimard to celebrate the first release. Aged 44, she remains a top-selling recording artist after 20 years in the music business. (source: BBC)

06 August - AL goes platinum
So far American Life is platinum in United States, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. (source:

05 August - Missy says she'd never disrespect Madonna
Gap commercial Singer and rapper Missy Elliott was recently accused of snubbing Madonna on the set of the duos' Gap commercial. Elliott issued a statement to New York Magazine on Monday (August 4) explaining that she wasn't herself the day of the shoot because of a personal crisis. Elliott explained, "Madonna came to me and asked what was wrong, and I told her in a roundabout way. She called her spiritual adviser over the day of the shoot; he gave me, like, the red string, and he prayed for me. The rest of the shoot was fine... I would never disrespect her." Reports were circulating that Elliott refused to get out of her limousine on the set even after Madonna tapped on the window and that Elliott initially turned down Madonna's invitation to do lunch at her house. (source: Yahoo! Launch)

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