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31 August - Madonna attends Stella's wedding
Madonna and Guy have attended Stella McCartney's wedding with publisher Alasdhair Willis. Other celebrities present included Chrissie Hynde, Sharleen Spiteri, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Gucci boss Tom Ford, and naturally the father of the bride Sir Paul McCartney and his wife, Heather Mills. Security at the wedding was tight and guests refused to reveil any details to the press.

31 August - Kiss was Britney's idea
Silver-tongued Britney Spears talked Madonna and Christina into their sizzling threesome - to give her career the kiss of life. The top-totty trio left millions of TV viewers around the world stunned with their lusty French kissing session at Thursday night's MTV Vide Music Awards. And today we can reveal that 21-year-old Britney - who has spent much of her career claiming to be a virgin - was the brains behind the saucy lesbian snog-fest. Britney - who has been recently working on vamping up her image - put the idea into the famously raunchy Madge and Christina during rehearsals. Mum-of-two Madonna - who has spent two decades shocking the record-buying public with her on-stage antics - instantly agreed. While 'Dirrty' star Christina was also more than happy to oblige. Britney hopes that the temperature-raising performance has gone a long way to finally shaking off her girl next door image. And she hopes that it will end up boosting sales of her forthcoming album and world tour. An MTV source said: 'We realised that Britney has been trying to sex-up her image recently, but this was out of this world. She took the girls to one side at rehearsals and put the idea forward. The other two were more than happy to take part because they knew how much attention it would get - and thought it would be a good laugh. But it was a major departure for Britney because she had this girl next door tag. But she wants to show she's more of a woman than a girl - and she's certainly showed them that!' (source: Daily Star Sunday, thanx to Madonnalicious) - Also check Madonnalicious for an extended coverage of "The Kiss" by the British tabloids.

31 August - Tracy Young remixes Nothing Fails
Recently Peter Rauhofer's official website announced his remix of Nobody Knows Me. Now the website of Tracy Young announces she's made a remix for Nothing Fails. Seems Tracy likes the remix so much that she put it at no. 1 in her own favorite list.
This feeds the rumour that Nothing Fails will be released in Europe (as confirmed by Warner France) and Nobody Knows Me in the US. Hopefully more news on this soon.

30 August - Britney, kiss me!
Madonna and Britney Spears' lusty lip-lock on MTV has set tongues wagging - and might whet the public's appetite for their music. Britney, who hasn't had a hit since "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" in 2001, stands to get the biggest boost from the babe-on-babe buss, industry watchers said. "She's been looking for her Olivia Newton-John in 'Grease' moment for the last couple of years," said Sean Ross, editor of the trade magazine Airplay Monitor. "Everyone thought 'I'm a Slave 4 U' would be that, but maybe this is it." Spears, 21, has tried to shed her teenybopper reputation for some time. She writhed with a snake in the "Slave" video, revealed she had sex with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and has been spotted drinking and smoking. But the pop tart's tonsil-hockey scrimmage with the Material Girl on Thursday night's MTV Video Music Awards may have finally burst her bubblegum-pop image. "I don't think most people who watched that kiss were thinking about Britney on 'The Mickey Mouse Club,'" said Teen People music editor Zena Burns. "Based on the reaction of the men I was surrounded by, I think they saw Britney in a whole new light. It was like, ‘Hello, nurse!'"
Madonna, who also planted a big wet one on Christina Aguilera on the show, is used to that kind of reaction. Her stunts - the raunchy "Sex" book, crotch-grabbing performances, her smooch with a saint for the Like a Prayer video - have made headlines for years. But these days, she could really use the publicity. Hollywood, her latest single, "didn't even make the list of the most-40-played records its first time around," said Ross. "But I would be very surprised if the VMAs don't give that song a new lease on life."
Burns said the smooch may earn Madonna some younger fans - but others think the TV threeway impressed a different demographic. "Most of the men in America enjoyed it," said John Schoenberger, an editor at Radio & Records magazine.
The kiss may have been a surprise to MTV viewers, but it was well-rehearsed, according to insiders. Aguilera said she got up close and personal with Madonna at every run-through before the live show, but Spears was a little prudish. "I had no problem in kissing her every time," Aguilera told Access Hollywood. "Britney was a little shy at first. Madonna kept having to go, 'Britney, kiss me, kiss me,' and, of course, Britney gets on there trying to do the open-mouth thing." (source: NY Daily News)

29 August - Backstage comments at the VMA
Q : What did you think about Britney making out with Madonna?
A : I think they need to include me as a threesome so I can get it going

Q : Britney, Christina and Madonna make out?
A: Love Madonna. Madonna started it for those girls, and i am so. I just love what they did and to see Madonna, the other girls are great but Madonna and Missy on stage: amazing. I love them, they are amazing so that was exciting .
Q: what video do you remember on MTV growing up?
A: Madonna, Like A Virgin, because I remember I used to try and dress like her. My mother was like, "No, that's awful". I used to keep it in my school bag and when i left the house i'd put it on for school.
Q : idol growing up?
A :Madonna, i think everybodys.

Q : Make out action?
A : I thought it was very cool. Very, in Madonna fashion, eye catching, delicious, tasty and sexy.

Q : Who do you think looks particularly hot tonight?
A : Beyonce. I think beyonce looks amazing. Madonna looks amazing. Missy looks all hip hop and fashion. She's always her own woman. Ashanti looks really nice. Madonna looked amazing, oops I said that already, didn't I ?

Q : Were you surprised by the Madonna, Britney, Christina kiss ?
A : No, cause Britney's manager and Nick's (her husband) manager are the same, so I knew about it .
Q : I thought you'd hear about that from your manager, she's managing Madonna too, no ?
A : Oh no, I don't work with Caresse anymore, nice woman though but it didn't worked out with my dad and all

Q : Is there anyone you're psyched to see ?
A : Madonna, I got a kiss from Madonna! My first kiss of the night came from Madonna. I'm pretty happy about that. I thought the opening number was great. Oh, I also loved eminem and crank yankers. That was funny.

Q : Who are you psyched to meet ?
A : Ummm Barbara Streisand. just kidding, umm, Madonna, THE patron saint of all gay men !!!
Q : What did you think of the Madonna-Britney-Christina number ?
A : You know what it is ? You know what's amazing ? I love how Madonna works two of america's most famous people to be her bitches! It's all about her and no one else.

Q : Who do you think looks really hot tonight ?
A : Madonna. How old is she? You think I can get a Madonna and Biggs thing going like Kutcher and Moore ? You know Demi and Ashton, Madonna and Jason ?
Q : Is there anyone you're psyched to see?
A : I was psyched to see Madonna. That was pretty outrageous! Christina Aguilera, nah. Madonna, for sure !!!!

Q : What did you think of the Madonna number?
A : Oh it was awesome ! It was like a double standing ovation ! WOW was my reaction !!!

BRITNEY ran through the press line, but screamed "It was awesome" answering what she thought of the kiss .
CHRISTINA ran by the print media and described her Madonna kiss as "Very soft, very loving"
(source: MadonnaMad forum)
Read some people's comments at MTV and add your own!
Download a HQ .mpeg file from the performance, some HQ pictures and lotsa screengrabs at GoBritney.

29 August - Reports of VMA performance
Twenty Madonna with Britney and Christinayears after the first MTV Video Music Awards, and not much has changed — Madonna still makes jaws drop and cheeks blush. Just like her first time, the superstar upstaged everyone at the 20th annual MTV Video Music Awards, only she had help Thursday night from the latest generation of video divas, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Proving they've come a long way from their Mouseketeer days, the young pop tarts gave a gyrating, writhing tribute to Madonna to open the show. Dressed in the same kind of white bustier wedding dress Madonna wore while performing Like a Virgin during MTV's inaugural awards broadcast in 1984, Spears and Aguilera sang a cover of the not-so-innocent tune. Then, while Madonna sang her new Hollywood in a masculine, all-black groom's outfit, she shared an openmouthed kiss with both Aguilera and Spears. The two smooches rivaled the Michael Jackson-Lisa Marie Presley kiss at the awards in 1994 on the shock meter. (source: AP)

The MTV Video Music Awards turned into a red-hot, all-girl smooch-fest last night as Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera performed a raunchy, bump-and-grind dance routine that ended in explicit, open-mouth kisses. In the eye-popping opening number, Britney and Christina wiggled onto the stage in white bustier wedding dresses and warbled Like a Virgin, just as Madonna did on the 1984 MTV awards show. Then the Material Girl herself sashayed out and began gyrating between the curvy cuties in a black, skintight, Marlene Dietrich-style outfit, singing her smash Hollywood.The tantalizing trio did some pulse-pounding booty bouncing that had them giggling like mad then Madonna and Britney suddenly grabbed each other and enjoyed an up-close-and-personal kiss that lasted several seconds. Not to be outdone, Christina moved in for a mini-makeout session, planting a big wet one on Madonna's lips and making the turned-on crowd at Radio City Music Hall go berserk. In case you wondered, eyewitnesses in the first few rows told The Post, "There definitely was tongue." Dave Navarro of the Red Hot Chili Peppers took a curt shot at the two younger pop tarts, remarking, "Madonna looked younger than both Britney and Christina." (source: New York Post)

Madonna snogs ChristinaIn front of millions of television viewers - and a stunned live audience of superstars - Madonna today exchanged passionate French kisses on stage with fellow pop stars Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Her impromptu display at MTV's 20th annual Video Music Awards momentarily shocked celebrities at New York's Radio City Music Hall into silence before they recovered and roared their approval.
Madonna - who at 45 is more than twice the age of Britney and Christina - pounced on the pair while her six-year-old daughter, Lourdes, was on stage and husband Guy Ritchie, who has already complained his wife shows off her body in public too much for his liking, sat in the audience. MTV cameras immediately cut to a close-up of Spears's former boyfriend Justin Timberlake looking distinctly uncomfortable. The trio were performing a number which started with Lourdes walking on stage with a friend dressed as flower girls at a wedding. Spears, 21, and Aguilera, 22, then made an entrance from a giant wedding cake, dressed in wedding gowns and knee-length white boots. They ripped off their dresses and sang Madonna's hit Like A Virgin before she emerged from the cake dressed as the groom in top hat, tails and black boots. Towards the end of her song Hollywood, Madonna pulled off a garter from Aguilera's right leg, gave Spears a French kiss and then kissed Aguilera on the lips. They were joined by rapper Missy Elliott before leaving the stage.
One MTV producer said: "It was sensational, but I wonder what the good folk in places like Provo, Utah state, would make of it. Middle America is not gonna let this one go lightly." Timberlake said: "I am not saying anything about it - that's how I get into trouble." But Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon said: "I wish it was me she was snogging." American comedian Chris Rock, who presented the show for the third time, said: "That kiss was good, but where was mine?"
The MTV Video Awards were celebrating their 20th year. Avril Lavigne, P Diddy, 50 Cent, Eminem, Kelly Osbourne, Mary J Blige, Coldplay, Ashanti and Beyonce Knowles were all present but still Madonna stole the limelight. Coldplay won three awards for best group video, best direction in a video and breakthrough video. Introducing them, Timberlake said: "This is an amazing band, their sound is emotional, powerful and beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest band in the world - Coldplay." Timberlake won three awards for best male video, best dance video and best pop video. He dedicated his awards to country singer Johnny Cash, 71, who could not make it to the ceremony because of poor health and who had been nominated in six categories. Le Bon and the rest of Duran Duran were given lifetime achievement awards. He said: "MTV has been part of our lives and we have been part of MTV for 20 years, so to get this award has really blown the barn doors off." (source: This Is London)

29 August - Madonna smooches with Britney and Christina at VMA
Madonna snogs BritneyMadonna sure knows how to steal the show. Though she lost her only nomination (Best Video from a Film) to Eminem, she was the talk of the night after a spectacular opening performance. Britney Spears came on stage in a wedding dress, sitting on a big wedding cake, just like Madonna did back in 1984. As she started singing Like A Virgin, Christina Aguilera - dressed as a sexy bride as well - appeared from behind the cake. Then Madonna came on stage, herself dressed in black as groom and her hair tied back, resembling the black Madonna from the Die Another Day video. While performing the Thin White Duke remix of Hollywood with her two brides, she snogged both pop princesses on the mouth, much to the audience's astonishment. Their choreography was inspired by the Lo Que Siente La Mujer performance at the Drowned World Tour. They were then joined by Missy Elliott for some groovy dance moves. The four divas got a very well deserved standing ovation. Here's a report from MTV:
"Justin Timberlake and Coldplay were the big winners and Missy Elliott ended her Moonmen drought at the MTV Video Music Awards Thursday, but the actual awards were overshadowed by the steamy sight of Madonna kissing Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. In a shocking opening performance of Like A Virgin and Hollywood, the three divas raised Justin Timberlake's eyebrows — and everyone else's — when they locked lips just before Missy Elliott joined the trio." Check MTV and MadonnaTribe for more pictures. You can also download the videofile (.wmv) at Madonna Internet.

29 August - Nothing Fails confirmed as third single
Warner France has officially confirmed that Nothing Fails will be released in Europe as third single from the American Life album. No word yet whether this single will be commercially released in the US or not. (source: Madonna Electronica, MadonnaTribe)

28 August - After Gap, it's Evian *rumour*
Dear Jessie coverWill Evian be the next in line, after Gap and Estée Lauder, that has won Madonna to do some advertising for them? According to french fansite Madonna Electronica, the famous water brand will start a campaign, which features Madonna, Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson on their posters. Madonna's poster would consist of the Dear Jessie cover, quoting "Evian source de jeunesse" (Evian, source of youth). At the moment, no launch date has been set, because Evian's marketing agency is still testing the campaign for a test audience.

28 August - Box set details *rumour*
It has been very quiet on the box set, but now finally there's a report from Undercover, which claims following details, which sound quite promising:
"Madonna will release a box set for Christmas featuring both CDs and DVDs highlighting her entire career. The 4 disc collection is expected to be released in November and feature two CDs and two DVDs. Of the CDs, disc one will be a 20 track greatest hits collection and disc two will feature the best of her remixes. DVD one is expected to be a live performance and DVD two is feature rare video footage and television performances. Before the music though, Madonna's first children's book The English Roses will be released. It is described as a "story about feeling green with envy, blue with loneliness, pink with embarrassment, purple with rage, and how to find true-blue friends. And a few red-hot dance moves." The English Roses will be in store on September 15."

28 August - Liz Smith on Madonna at VMA
Time flies! Tonight the MTV Video Music Awards celebrates it's 20th anniversary. (Even though the first show actually aired in 1984, they are calling this a 20-year landmark - listen, I don't get modern music, so how can I keep track of modern arithmetic?) On hand will be Madonna, who appeared on the premiere broadcast, rolling around onstage singing Like a Virgin in a wedding dress. At the time, cultural nabobs predicted the apocalypse. Seems pretty innocent now - just as Elvis' charming hip-twitching was supposed to turn everybody into a pillar of salt back in the '50s, and didn't.
So who knew Madonna would be eternal? Not even this columnist, long rumored to be on Madonna's payroll. (Actually, I can no longer even get her on the phone.) In 1984, I thought her a ratty-haired sex-pot flash-in-the-pan. When she appeared on the cover of Time magazine the next year, I asked my office staff, 'Why?!' But by 1986, we were the first to tout her for Evita, which she finally filmed in 1997. There was no denying her charisma, artistic vision, ambition and marvelous self-confidence. I have seen nothing like it since Barbra Streisand.
In two decades, Madonna has transformed from voluptuous pop tart to sinewy icon, from sexual outlaw to almost-staid wife and mother of two. She's changed but she hasn't, remaining true to her muse - herself. 'I am my own creation. I am my own work of art,' she once declared.
Some might say tonight represents a full circle. But for Madonna the circle is never complete. There are always new thresholds, new anatomies. (source: New York Post)
~ Dear Liz, if the first VMA was in 1984, then this would be the twentieth, wouldn't it? ;-)

27 August - MTV confirms Madonna at VMA
On Entertainment Tonight, a spokesperson for MTV confirmed that Madonna is coming to the VMA's. They wouldn't say whether or not she would be performing. (source: Absolute Madonna)

23 August - Madonna is greatest video star ever
MTV counted down the 25 greatest video stars ever. With comments of music video junkie Carson Daley, director David Meyers, Music video stylist June Ambrose and a lot of music artists, the show paid tribute to such artists as Michael Jackson, Nirvana, J-Lo, Britney Spears and many more. It will come to no surprise that they unanimously chose Madonna as the most important video artist, with her creative, provocative and sexy videos, ranging from the lusty Like A Virgin in Venice, to the feministic inspiring Express Yourself, the sexually intense Justify My Love and Erotica, the dancy Ray Of Light and Music, and the agressive What It Feels Like For A Girl and Die Another Day. She more than deserved the number one spot, way ahead of no. 2 Eminem and no. 3 Janet Jackson. Congrats Madge!

23 August - J-Lo denies MTV performance with Madonna and Britney
Access Hollywood have reported that Jennifer Lopez has denied that she is dueting with Madonna and Britney Spears at the MTV VMA's in New York next week. This comes only a couple of days after Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight reported that J-Lo would be performing with Madonna and Britney! (source: Madonnalicious)
~ The rumour sounded too unbelievable to me, and now it seems even less likely...

23 August - Madonna celebrates birthday of Kabbalah rabbi
Madonna celebrated the birthday of Kabbalah Center founder Rabbi Yehuda Berg at the Hollywood Hills home of composer Shuki Levy. Her Madgesty sang three songs accompanied by husband Guy Ritchie on guitar. Then the Ritchies danced around the pool while Michael Buble sang Sinatra... (source: NY Daily News, Madonnalicious)

23 August - Goldfrapp singer bashes Madonna
In its previous issue (12 August 2003), Belgian magazine HUMO interviewed Alison Goldfrapp. When asked if they considered doing soundtracks, this is what the Goldfrapp singer replied:
"If Almodover calls us, now ! We had different offers, but so far we always refused, because we didn't like the movies. For example, Madonna and Guy Ritchie asked us to do the soundtrack of Swept Away. Will and I felt honoured, we could even watch the preview at Madonna's house. So we were sitting on the sofa with the Ritchies, but already five minutes later we knew this was becoming nothing. We were just terribly ashamed in their place, it was sooooo awful. Only one thought was spinning in my head: "Oh my God, pray they don't ask me what i think of this." But of course they did. I came up with this lousy excuse "Look, I'm so overwhelmed by being with you that i can't concentrate on the movie. I'd have to watch it on my own." Fortunately, everything got cancelled later."
HUMO: "Yesterday you looked a little bit like Madonna, until you opened your mouth - you sing better."
ALISON: "I will take this as a compliment ?! Madonna is a pop icon, but i don't like how she sucks the talent out of young people for every new record. Musically, I think she's nothing. She always needs another super producer to stay trendy."
HUMO: "But you also owe a lot to Will, don't you?"
ALISON: "Look, I have the reputation of being a bitch, but people often just ask for it. If one more person asks me with a poker face whether Will writes the music and I the lyrics, I'll throw them out of the window. Goldfrapp is really a musical collaboration." (source: MadonnaTribe, thanx to Darth)

23 August - More on The Alchemist movie role
Madonna is in talks to play the gypsy in the film version of Paulo Coelho's bestseller, The Alchemist but mystery still surrounds who will
play the main female role and love interest Fatima. "There are two big Hollywood actresses in the running," Coelho told us at the recent launch of his new novel, Eleven Minutes, at trendy London restaurant, The Ivy. ''The problem is I really can't remember who they are. When I met with Laurence Fishburne three weeks ago he told me their names and I could see he was expecting a big reaction but they really didn't mean anything to me." Still, at least Brazilian Coelho is happy with the other actors in the running. As well as Madonna, Matrix actor Fishburne - who wrote the screenplay and is producing the film - will star as the alchemist and Jeremy Irons will play the Englishman. "They are all good actors," says Coelho. Even Madge, not exactly lauded for her acting prowess? "She is very provocative, just like me, and she has a lot of character," he maintains. Hope she doesn't mind playing second fiddle to whichever actress lands the role of Fatima, then. (source: Daily Express, MIR)

22 August - Madonna, Britney & J-Lo to perform Like A Virgin? *rumour*
Britney Spears, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez are secretly planning a special surprise for the MTV Video Music Awards - by performing together. MTV insiders claim the pop diva trio will team up to open the show next week (28 AUG 03) by performing Madonna's Like A Virgin hit. Madonna opened the VMAs with the song almost 20 years ago. On Saturday (16 AUG 03), Madonna celebrated her 45th birthday by inviting Lopez and Britney over for lunch, sparking speculation that the trio were working on something together. (source: TeenHollywood).
~ This is nothing but a rumour so far. We'll keep you informed.

20 August - PAABAH attacks Madonna
If you were wondering why Hollywood is doing so bad in the US and you found it hard to believe it was because of an American boycott, then read the following (slightly ironic) article from PeopleNews, which explains a certain interpretation of the famous American 'freedom of speech':
"PAABAH have been in touch with Pop Bites once again, and it's good to have them back. 'Madonna now hawking perfume for Estee Lauder! This anti-American does not deserve to earn a cent of our money!' declare the Patriotic Americans Boycotting Anti-American Hollywood. 'We won't forget that she thanked France for their opposition to the United States!'
Her Madge is the latest in a long line of celebrities to get it in the neck from everyone's favourite rabid intolerants for her outspoken opposition to the war in Iraq - as opposed, more justifiably, for her current willingness to advertise anything with a chequebook and a good review of her album. Visitors to PAABAH's website can check which cultural products true patriots shun and which celebs should be denigrated for exercising their freedom of speech, when everyone knows they should forfeit their human rights on becoming famous. Madonna should be hung - the campaign starts here."

20 August - Birthday BBQ and girls lunch with Britney and J-Lo
The Material Girl turned 45 over the weekend, and in a sign she may be mellowing in her old age, invited Jennifer Lopez around for a spot of lunch. Also in attendance was pop tart Britney Spears, invited for a 'girls' lunch' on Saturday at the house, along with Madge manager, the peculiarly-named Caresse Henry. A low-key family barbecue followed on Sunday. Madonna's love of all things Britney has been well documented in the past: she was spotted wearing a Britters t-shirt at an awards ceremony not long ago, and dedicated What It Feels Like For A Girl to the pop tart.
Lopez and Madonna, on the other hand, pop's premier divas, have a well-documented antipathy towards each other. The Lo called Madonna's musical talent into question a few years ago, which led to an infamous Madge snub at a Donatella Versace Christmas party, when she left the room as Lopez walked in. That'll teach 'er. But all now seems to be forgiven in the name of some dark purpose. Speculation has been rife concerning the birthday meeting of pop's unholy trinity, with friends intimating that there is either a musical or - pray God, no! - an acting collaboration in the offing. Against their wishes, all three were nominated for the coveted Golden Raspberry for Worst Actress at this year's tonic to the Oscars, the 23rd Annual Razzie Awards. (source: PeopleNews)

20 August - Details on Estée Lauder ad
Estée Lauder has made a magical ad, starring supermodel Carolyn Murphy and with a soundtrack by Madonna, that will debut in more than 10,000 cinemas in September to promote its new Beyond Paradise fragrance. The 30-second ad, which was directed by The Fifth Element's Luc Besson, sees Murphy wandering in a world of water, flowers and fairies as Madonna's Love Profusion track, from her American Life album, plays. "We wanted the advertising to be groundbreaking for Estée Lauder," said group president Patrick Bousquet-Chauvanne. "The association of Luc Besson, Madonna and Carolyn Murphy will make for an exceptional visual and acoustic experience for movie and television audiences around the world." A television version of the ad will air on MTV, VH1, E! and Style cable channels. (source: Vogue UK, MadonnaPower)

20 August - Pre-order 'The English Roses'
Have you ever heard of the English Roses? Here is what they are not:
A box of chocolates.
A football team.
Flowers growing in the garden.
What they are is this... to be revealed September 15, 2003.
The English Roses: A story about feeling green with envy, blue with loneliness, pink with embarrassment, purple with rage, and how to find true-blue friends. And a few red-hot dance moves."
To pre-order, CLICK HERE. Check out the teaser cover HERE. (source:

17 August - Q Mag vote
As previously reported on, Q Magazine is producing a Madonna special edition of the magazine, containing past interviews, photos etc. Q is also inviting Madonna fans to vote for the Top 20 Madonna Songs Of All Time - the results of which will be published in the magazine. To submit your choices, please send an email to: Alternatively, fans can write to c/o Q Special Editions, Emap Performance, Mappin House, Winsley Street, London W1W 8HF, England. Closing dates for all votes would be September 15. All voters' names will go into the hat, and we'll arrange a suitable prize draw of Madonna-related merchandise for at least one voter. (source:

17 August - Madonna to be offered a movie role? *rumour*
The U.S. movie-site Ain't It has posted speculation that Madonna is to be offered an acting-role in a new British spy-film thriller:
" Madonna is being sought for a big role in Brit spy thriller SEMPER OCCULTUS. If all goes to the producer's plans, she will join Kelly Brook, Jason Statham, Roger Moore, Nick Moran and Robin Shou (MORTAL KOMBAT, BEVERLY HILLS NINJA)"
The British movie-site, The Z has already been doing some chasing and received an official denial:
"Madonna/Maverick Films are unaware of producers' attempts to lure her to Bond rival movie Semper Occultus, despite her close friends, Kelly Brook and Jason Statham, attached to it. Do friends not talk anymore?"
And, news of yet another film-role offered to Madonna has been published in today's print-version of the U.K.'s Daily Express newspaper:
" Pop diva Madonna is in talks to play the part of a dream-analysing gipsy in a film adpatation of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. Coelho, who is a friend of Madonna, 44, said at a book launch in London: "Madonna is going to play the gipsy who interprets dreams in the book, but that's not quite finalised as yet." Jeremy Irons has also been signed up for the project." (source: MIR)

17 August - M to open restaurant? *rumour*
Pop icon Madonna is extending her talents into yet another arena - restaurants. The singer is investing in a Hollywood eatery which will open in October on the popular Sunset Boulevard. Her representative says the 45-year-old is "helping her brother" Christopher Ciccone, who has been hired to design the restaurant. A source says of the eatery, "It faces out and has amazing views of the city." Back in 1995, the pop diva was a partner in a Miami Beach, Florida, restaurant called Blue Door, but has since pulled out. (source: Soundbuzz)

16 August - Happy birthday Madonna!
Today, Madonna Louisa Veronica Ciccone will turn 45 years old. We wish her a terrific day and an upcoming year full of love and happiness!

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