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29 October - Elton John ready to apologize to Madonna
Elton John is ready to apologize to Madonna after recently accusing the pop star of lip-synching. "I don't want to escalate it because I like Madonna," the 57-year-old singer-songwriter tells Entertainment Weekly. "She's been to my house for dinner. It was something that was said in the heat of the moment, and probably should not have been said."
"Would I apologize to her if I saw her?" said John. "Yeah, because I don't want to hurt any artist's feelings. It was my fault. I instigated the whole thing. But it applies to all those bloody teenage singers."
John made the comment when presenting the Best Live Act award during the Q awards in London earlier this month. In EW's Nov. 6 issue, John described the event as "a very drunken lunch."
"The reaction to it was so hysterical," he said. "It was like I said, `I think all gays should be killed or I think Hitler was right.' I just said someone was lip-synching. I'm not afraid to speak my mind. I'm not going to mellow with age. I get more enraged about things as I get older because you see that these injustices go on."
(Madonna's spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, has said the singer doesn't lip-synch and indicated that she hadn't taken John's remarks too seriously.) (source: AP)

29 October - Penn heckled with Madonna sex question
Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn was heckled at a screening of his latest movie on Tuesday (26 OCT 04) - by an audience member wanting to know what it's like to enjoy sexual relations with Madonna.
Penn, 44, was at a question and answer session following a Boston, Massachusetts, viewing of The Assassination Of Richard Nixon when a cheeky participant asked him about his private life with former wife Madonna.
And the heckler also demanded to know if Penn, who ignored the remarks, wore a toupee.
Penn, now married to second wife Robin Wright, wed the Like A Virgin singer in 1985. They divorced in 1989.
He refused to answer the intimate questions. (source: ContactMusic)

29 October - Madonna dolls go on sale
Pop superstar Madonna is selling herself to fans - in doll format. Different phases of the Material Girl's career are portrayed on a new set of handmade and handpainted wooden Russian nesting dolls, available for pre-order on her website. But fans hoping to own a set are urged to hurry with their orders - only 5,000 of these four-in-one dolls are being made. (source: ContactMusic)

29 October - Madonna stars in Tourism Ministry video
The Tourism Ministry [of Israel] has produced a 30-second video in which Madonna says Israel is a safe place to visit. The video, which was taped during the pop singer's recent trip here, will be shown about 10 times on three large screens at the world tourism fair in London, which runs from November 8-11. Other attractions at the fair's Israeli site include a beach corner. (source: Haaretz)

29 October - University wins thousands of Madonna condoms
The University of Kansas is about to be flooded with Madonna condoms.
The Douglas County health department is the winner of the Madonna Condom Giveaway.
It was sponsored by the New York-based condom store, Condomania. The health department wins 21,000 Madonna condoms, with an authorized picture of the pop star on the wrapper.
Department officials say they'll be handing out the condoms during Pride Week at the university, where they'll also host a Madonna look-alike drag show. (source: NBC5)

27 October - Madonna tribute night in Vancouver
Madonnafan Holiwoodboi has informed us about an upcoming Madonna event in Vancouver:
"It will be a Madonna tribute night with tons oh fun! check it out!
"Hey Mr DJ Dicky Doo put a record on... I wanna dance with my baby!
Ladies and gentlemen, step right up, the greatest evening in Vancouver is about to begin! We have dancing ladies, and we have dancing boys! We even have a superstar dj!
On Wednesday November 10 right here in Vancouver, at the greatest gay club this city has ever had, Celebrities! We are holding the greatest Madonna night this city has ever seen!
We have the Fab Supa Star, Mr DJ Dicky Doo spinning al the hawt Madonna rekords all night long and the equaly fab and georgous Mizz Cotton, the host for the evening.
There will be a Madonna show featuring performances by Vancouvers best Madonna drag/impersonators Mina Mercury, Trixi, Mandy Kamp and many more.
The Kabbalah Center will be featured in one of our many booths. They will be promoting the up and coming Kabbalah Factor here in Vancouver as well information will be available and donations accepted for the Spirituality for Kids, an incredibly important cause supported heavily by Madonna herself.
We will be featuring Donna DeLory in another booth! There will be some special merchandise available for sale along with information on Donna's up and coming performance right here in Vancouver on November 19th. It will be a benifit concert for the Yoga Outreach Center, tickets will be available for $25.00 each.
In our third booth we have the privilege to feature some great local talent. He is a close friend and has an amazing talent, Sean Tateryn creator of the famous Madonna Myumee Dolls. Sean will have some of his many Madonna Dolls on display, as well as the first public showing of his latest ReInvention Myumee Dolls. Come get your picture taken with your fave doll, with Sean or just get an autograph if ya want!
There will be some great door prizes and a few give aways!!! It is gonna be a great night for Madonna fans alike to come togeather here in our beautiful city and celebrate our idol!!
Hope to see you all there!
Get ready Vancouver... the greatest night is about to begin!!!!"
Love & Light,

26 October - Guy and Madge team up again
They may have produced one of the biggest flops in recent movie history, but that hasn't stopped Madonna and Guy Ritchie teaming up again.
The Material Girl and her film director hubby start filming new gangster flick Revolver in London this week.
It comes after they were ridiculed over their remake of 70s movie Swept Away, a massive flop at the box office in 2002.
One critic snarled: "New ways of describing badness need to be invented to describe how bad it is."
It even went straight to video in Britain after a disastrous release in the US.
Swept Away went on to pick up five Razzie Awards for Worst Actress, Worst Director, Worst Picture, Worst Remake or Sequel and Worst Screen Couple.
But, unabated, the couple have joined forces on Ritchie's latest work, with Madge reportedly to play a crime boss.
Jason Statham, who worked with Ritchie on Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, and Goodfellas actor Ray Liotta, also star.
Madonna has made a habit of working on movies with her men.
She appeared with ex-husband Sean Penn in Shanghai Surprise and former squeeze Warren Beatty in Dick Tracy. (source: Sky News)

26 October - updated update The intropage of has again been updated, this time with the new book 'The Adventures Of Abdi' as main theme. There's a link to pre-order the book, as well as links to the tour merchandise, the Madonna nesting dolls, and the Madonna ringtones & logos. The news section contains one of the press articles on Besson's animation film 'Arthur', which seems to confirm Madonna's participation in the project.

26 October - News on Re-Invention DVD *rumour*
And still more great news from (thanks Hamad!!):
"Finally more news came in today regarding the upcoming Re-Invention Tour dvd release. Unlike the Drowned World tour, this dvd will be packed with extras such as the videos featured during the show [including The Beast Within] and some rehearsal clips which were shot during her Lisbon visit last month. At this point the dvd is set to be released sometime between February and March, although no date is confirmed yet."

26 October - News on new album *rumour*
Fansite has posted following rumours on the new Madonna album:
"News from two of our sources has just reached us about Madonna's upcoming album. Still in the early stages of production, things can change at any time at this point. However, this is what we know so far:
Stuart Price is at the healm of the album, his role is as producer; Stuart has a lot of input with the type of music, sound and over all direction of the album. The sound we are being told is more electric than the work she did with Orbit. Also, Monte Pittman is involved, Madonna is working with him, but what they are working on is unknown at the moment. Mirwais doesn't seem to be too heavily involved with this album at this time and his role is yet unknown.
A blast from the past, Madonna has brought in Pat Leonard for more writting than producing. Joe Henry is involved as well and is collaborating with Madonna.
A little tid bit to chew on: We have learned that there is a song titled "You're The One" but people close to Madonna are pushing for the title to change because it is so close to Nothing Fails.
We remind you, the album is still in it's very early stages and many things are bound to change."

26 October - New photoshoot
The great fansite has heard there'll be a new Madonna photoshoot. However, Madonna won't be alone, she'll be joined by film actress Demi Moore for a Kabbalah related photoshoot. The shoot is reportedly being done by juliedennisbrothers.

24 October - Preview Mi Abbandono A Te
Soon Laura Pausini will release her new album Resta In Ascolto, which - as you all know - contains the song Mi Abbandono A Te, an Italian translation of Madonna's Like A Flower. We've put up a page with both the Italian and Spanish lyricsn, which can also be found on Pausini's official website. There you can also preview the song: just click on "Resta In Ascolto" in the "Music" section, then click the microphone behind "Mi Abbandono A Te". Personally I think it sounds very weak compared to Madonna's beautiful demo...

23 October - Madonna joins 'Arthur' cast for Besson
Madonna will head the voice cast of the big-budget computer-animated "Arthur," based on a series of children's books written by French filmmaker Luc Besson, who will direct the project, sources said Thursday.
The $80 million English-language project, scheduled for a 2006 release, follows 10-year-old Arthur who, in a bid to save his grandfather's house from developers, goes in search of treasure hidden in the land of the Minimoys, a tiny people living in harmony with nature.
Madonna is understood to be voicing the part of Princess Selenia, a character who travels with Arthur to a mysterious forbidden city where an evil being dwells.
"The recording is being done at the moment," a production source said.
Besson's Europa production banner also is in the process of casting a major male star. The film will include some live-action sequences.
"Arthur" will be the first film directed by Besson since "The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc" five years ago. Besson also is working on a parallel live-action project, which he has written but which remains a closely guarded secret. (source: Reuters / Hollywood Reporter)
~ Luc Besson was also the director of the Love Profusion video

23 October - Madonna and Guy Ritchie work together again
Madonna and Guy Ritchie are ignoring their cursed movie-making past by teaming up for another film. The couple were ridiculed for their 2002 movie flop Swept Away, but that isn't stopping them working together again. Madonna will reportedly appear in her husband's new film Revolver, which starts shooting in London next week. (source: Irish Examiner)

23 October - Madonna throws Kabbalah bash
Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie have thrown a lavish star-studded party with a Kabbalah theme in London. A host of celebrities arrived at the exclusive Mayfair venue to mingle and discuss the latest religion to become a hit with the showbiz set. Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Donatella Versace were just some of the big names to attend the cocktail soirée. Guests were sent away with Kabbalah books so they could further their studies of the in vogue religion at home. Last month the chart-topping singer and 2000 other members of the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, visited Jerusalem for a mass gathering of the faith's followers. (source: Channel 4)

23 October - Madonna and Demi Moore honour Kabbalah guru
Hollywood beauty Demi Moore and pop queen Madonna threw a star-studded party last night (21 OCT 04) in honour of Kabbalah leader Rabbi Michael Berg.
The Charlie's Angels star and the Material Girl are so grateful to the Los Angeles head of the mystical offshoot of Judaism for changing their lives, they hosted the lavish $720,000 (GBP40,000) bash at London's Home House Club, where celebrity guests included Madonna's director husband Guy Ritchie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Donatella Versace.
The devoted pair shipped in specially blessed Kabbalah water for the occasion and paid for an unlimited bar and macrobiotic canapes for the 50 guests.
An insider says, "Rabbi Berg is the founding father of Demi's religion and both she and Madonna credit him with turning their lives around. Michael's weekly lectures at the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center are full of celebs. And they all bend over backwards to please him." (source: ContactMusic)

23 October - Madonna's latest book infuriates Kabbalah critics
Pop queen Madonna's latest book has infuriated Kabbalah critics, who claim it brutally forces the mystical offshoot of Judaism "down the throats of innocent children".
The Material Girl's fourth children's tome The Adventures Of Abdi tells the story of Abdi, a young boy who has to deliver the most precious necklace in the world to the queen, and overcomes numerous obstacles "through the power of spiritual certainty".
Religious cult expert Rick Ross tells American news site MSNBC.COM, "The book is just more Kabbalah preaching disguised as a kiddie book. The character survives 'through the power of spiritual certainty'.
"It's just pushing Kabbalah down the throats of innocent children."
The book will hit book shops in November. (source: ContactMusic)

23 October - Madonna portrait auctioned for charity
A portrait of superstar Madonna by a Lothian artist [was friday] due to be auctioned in the Capital for a children’s charity.
The unusual oil painting was created specially for Barnado’s Scotland by contemporary artist Anne Power to help raise funds for the organisation.
It was set to be included in an auction being held tonight during a fundraising event for the charity at the Mansfield Traquair Centre.
The 5ft by 4ft black and white Madonna portrait depicts the American icon in her late-80s Vogue era, but with a corsage flower in her lapel. Ms Power, who was born in Falkirk and now lives in West Lothian, explained that the flower - a current fashion trend - is meant to add a contemporary feel.
"I started the painting around two months ago and did it exclusively for Barnado’s," she said. "I’m a huge fan of Madonna and I admire everything she has done in her life. I think her strong character comes out in the painting.
Anyone interested in bidding for the portrait or attending Barnardo’s fundraising evening should contact Jennifer Craik on 0131-314 6645. (source: The Scotsman)

23 October - No Kabbalah for Missy
Missy Elliott snubbed Madonna when the pop queen tried to convert her to the Kabbalah.
The rap star, 33, has admitted the 'Material Girl' offered her the religion's signature red bracelet - worn by stars including Britney Spears and Demi Moore.
But Missy declined because she'd been raised a Christian.
She said: "I love Madonna - we became friends after the Gap advert. She introduced me to Kabbalah and gave me a red bracelet. I'm Christian, so I didn't join - but we're still close." (source: Female First)

20 October - Madonna plans jazz duet *rumour*
Pop superstar Madonna is planning a duet with African jazz singer Cesaria Evora. Fans of the 63-year-old Cape Verdan star were surprised to see the Material Girl in the crowd at a concert Evora gave in London last week (14 OCT 04). But sources say Madonna is a huge fan and desperate for the pair to collaborate. An insider reveals, "She's a big admirer of Cesaria's. As far as I know, nothing's been signed yet, but I think they could be singing together soon." And a spokesperson for Evora's record label BMG admits a duet isn't out of the question: "A collaboration wouldn't surprise me. Cesaria has an immense global following." (source: ContactMusic)

19 October - New updates
Now that the Re-Invention Tour is over and Elton's comments have (almost) died out in the press, there isn't much Madonna news around. However, we present you some site updates instead. Madonnafan Steve Woods has send us several reports of the Re-Invention shows he saw in both the US and Europe; read them in our fan reports section. We've also added some cool Re-Invention wallpapers. And there are new avatars from the Love Don't Live Here Anymore video and the Sooner Or Later performance at the 1991 Oscar Awards. Enjoy!

19 October - Elton John: 'I hate to hurt Madonna'
British pop star Elton John held back on Tuesday from apologising for his recent foul-mouthed attack on Madonna.
"I do regret hurting her feelings because she's a major artist," John told Television New Zealand from Las Vegas where he is performing.
However, he appeared to qualify his regret by adding: "But she's a major artist of the video age and she's not the same kind of artist as U2 or Springsteen or Prince or Sting, or someone like that."
Picking up a song-writing award from Q music magazine in London earlier this month, John publicly attacked Madonna when he heard she had been nominated for Best Live Act.
"Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay, like, 75 quid to see them should be shot," he said, referring to ticket prices for her Reinvention Tour.
Asked by the TV New Zealand interviewer if Madonna was still speaking to him, John said: "Well, she's probably not actually which is a shame, but I'm going to have to rectify that."
He said he did not regret saying it "because I have a bee in my bonnet about live shows.
"Her show isn't totally live, he said. "Madonna is a great artist - I hate to hurt her - I don't like slagging people off."
The pop star added: "It was in the context of a very rowdy lunch. Sometimes when you say something and then its written down on paper it looks totally different. But I do think she's a good person and I will try and rectify that."
The American pop superstar rejected Elton John's charge at the time, saying she did not lip-synch or criticise other artists.

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