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13 January - Madonna interview in German Playboy
The German edition of Playboy magazine contains an interview with Madonna. German fan has translated the article, and had the translation posted on fansite DrownedMadonna. Madonna talks mostly on Kabbalah; here are the interesting parts:

At the beginning the interviewer tells the story, about MADONNA and the name "Esther " and askes her:
(Playboy Interviewer) : How do you want to be called?
MADONNA: MADONNA! Or you can call me the Queen of England. Some people call me Mrs. Ritchie (but she seems not liking that), People from Germany call me often "M" . I like this, it reminds me of Fritz Lang's movie "Metropolis"

I: You are a singer, actress and author of children books. What do you enjoy the most?
M: The most satisfying thing is creating live shows, I enjoy that even more than performing each evening on stage. I love to be the captain who is holding the whole team together. Also I enjoy writing, the stillness while doing it. On the other side writing music bores me. I've done this for a long time now. And what I don't like at all is being in a recording studio.I have to get in, but there are things far more exciting to do.
I: Will you ever write a novel?
M: I'm always reading novels, but I have not enough concentration to write one by myself.But I will never say never. I never wanted to be a singer.
I: Really?
M: I wanted to be a dancer.
I: Why did you become a singer? Accident?
M: There's no accident at all. You are walking down a street, turn around and know you'll be walking on the other side!

I: What can we expect next from the artist MADONNA?
M: I'm working on a musical, a movie. All is strictly secret. But I can tell you: It's going to be really cool.
The shooting has already begun. I'm not only playing the leading role, but I'm also writing the music. Beside Jonas Akerlund did a documentary about my last tour, it's being on work right now and should be released in spring.

11 January - Madonna to perform at Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope
More than a dozen musical acts have signed on to perform in NBC Universal's tsunami benefit special, which will raise money for the American Red Cross's relief efforts. Among those scheduled to perform in the special, titled "Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope," are Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Lenny Kravitz, Eric Clapton, Mary J. Blige, Kenny Chesney, Brian Wilson, India.Arie, John Mayer and Gloria Estefan. A number of other stars, including George Clooney, Usher, Halle Berry and Uma Thurman, are also set to appear.
The concert, airing at 8 p.m. ET Saturday (Jan. 15), will be broadcast on NBC and all its cable networks. The PAX network, which is partly owned by NBC, and Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo will also air the benefit.
During the benefit, viewers will be directed to a phone number and web site for the American Red Cross International Response Fund, which is working to provide victims of the Dec. 26 disaster with food and water and to prevent disease in the areas hit by the tsunamis. The Red Cross is at work on long-term aid efforts that include mental health counseling and disaster preparedness initiatives. (source:
Fansite DrownedMadonna adds: "Mike McKnight just told us that he's working with Jennifer Lopez right now so he can't be at "Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope". He said that Stuart Price, Steve Sidelnyc (drums), and Monte Pittman (guitar) will be there though. Madonna will be doing Imagine."

11 January - Classic Madonna Collection ICON contest details
Are you a member of Icon, Madonna's official fan club? Are you ready to prove you know Madonna more than anybody else? Our new Madonna Classic Collection contest series is made for you! Play along with Madonna's amazing career and win tons of cool goodies! This week, we have a Re-Invention package waiting for one lucky Iconer. The package includes one Re-Invention Tourbook, t-shirt and coffee mug. Are you ready to play with us? Here we go:
Check's current intro page. Can you see the Madonna quote included on her right? The question for you is: Where and when did Madonna say this quote for the very first time? If you have the answer to this question, don't think you're done! Now, your mission is to e-mail the name of this event to us along with at least one photo taken from the event where Madonna pronounced those words. The photo should be 1.000 pixels "tall" max and nothing above 200KB. E-mail both your answer and the photo to before Thursday January 13th, 6.00 PM Pacific Time. Your email must also include your name, address and your valid ICON member number.
Madonna herself will review all the valid entries and choose the winner. Good luck to you all!
For further Contest Rules & Conditions, check

08 January - Fake song titles?
A few hours after reporting the rumours on the new song titles, we sadly found out that those titles are probably fake: MadonnaMad forum member Tonka pointed out that 'Haunted' and 'If You Were Here' are both songs on the album 'Haunted' by Indie rock artist Poe. Although the songs have different lyrics from those posted below, this does seem to affect the credibility of this rumour. (thanks to Dani for directing our attention to this)
We at Mad-Eyes also want to point out that we just post the interesting rumours (with a clear 'rumour' tag) that circulate on the Internet. Experience has taught us that some of these rumours will turn out to be false; others could've been true at one point but since then have been subjected to change. It's easy to "shoot the messenger" when one turns out to be false. However, Mad-Eyes does not want to participate in the continuing game between some fansites in doubting each others credibility, slagging each other off for giving so-called "exclusives" and trying to make each others lives miserable. We at Mad-Eyes have maintained good relations with all fans and fansites and hope others can learn a bit from that. After all, we're all Madonnafans, waiting for exciting Madonna news. Thx! ~ Bartie

08 January - More rumours about new songs *rumour*
Fansite DrownedMadonna has posted more rumours on new Madonna songs:
"Back in September 2004, DrownedMadonna revealed that Madonna was playing a new song during the pauses of the Re-Invention Tour. Now we can add that the working title of the song is 'I Love New York'.
Madonna discusses her relationship with her father in the song 'Haunted'. The track which is a string sweeping ballad mixed with a slight Moroccan percussion. The tracks lyrics address her perception of her father while she was a child and now. It is almost as if the track Mother and Father from American Life was simply a jumping point for Madonna’s theme of speaking about her father. Some of the lyrics are:
"And I'm haunted/by the visions in the grieving room/daddies working hard/never saw the clouded doom/eclipsing his broken heart"
The song 'If You Were Here' is a hard bass driven dance track unlike anything Madge has recorded. The track is very techno acid but with a trip hop twist.
"If you were here/everything would be much easier/If you were here/Damn I'd be happier/If you/If you/If you were here"
Again mind you lyrics and songs are subject to change and these are only rumored info, nothing official has been said about them."

Classic Madonna Collection 08 January - The Classic Madonna Collection will be celebrating Madonna's versatile career with a ongoing retrospective of images & quotes called the Classic Madonna Collection. will also be running fun trivia contests for ICON members, so stay tuned to News for more details on how to win cool prizes.

07 January - Project 05 *rumour*
Fansite Madonnalicious has received some news about Madonna's upcoming projects for 2005 - remember these are in the early stages and may or may not be finalised:
- The two tracks Madonna has completed with Stuart Price are titled Haunted and If You Were Here. It is not know whether these tracks will make it onto her pending album, which has the current working title of Project 05.
- The collaboration with Missy Elliot was on a track called Cali Dreams and is about the cost of fame. The track is not a duet as such, as Madonna is only providing backing vocals. It has yet to be decided if the track will be included on Missy's new album.
- Madonna has also been reaching out for another producer for her next album, calling on Emilio Estefan Jr. to work out a demo for her. Madonna wants a Latin track for her next album and is a big fan of Estefan's work.
- Talks for the movie Streets of Paris are warming up. However, word is that Cate Blanchett is also interested in the role that Madonna has her eyes on. Jean-Baptiste Mondino is currently not in the running to be director.

07 January - Press on Versace campaign
Now that the first pictures of the Versace campaign are surfacing, the press is writing about the campaign. Here's a first selection of articles on the topic.

Madonna lands Versace gig
US rock star Madonna is to be the new face of an advertising campaign for the Italian fashion house Versace, according to a spokeswoman for the fashion-house, confirming a report in the magazine Women's Wear Daily.
The 46-year-old singer is a long-standing friend of Donatella Versace, artistic director of the couture and luxury read-to-wear label.
The campaign for spring-summer 2005 will be shot by the fashion photographer Mario Testino and will centre on four pictures of Madonna, wearing day and evening wear, on the theme of women in the office.
"She's an icon," Donatella told WWD. "She is an innovator, a groundbreaker and the best in her field. She relates to women of all ages. She's got extraordinary personal style and has been a friend of mine and the house for many years."
Madonna is only the latest in a long list of celebrities pressed into service to promote perfumes or fashion brands, which includes Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Catherine Zeta-Jones and, most recently, Uma Thurman. (source: AFP)

Madonna heads to 'work' for Versace
Madonna has cast off her red Kaballah bracelets and opened her arms to Versace in a new ad campaign for the Italian fashion house.
The Material Girl, who's been chums with Donatella Versace for ages, has signed on to be the company's new face. Madge's new boss, the aforementioned Donatella, is farklempt about the whole thing and in Women's Wear Daily magazine called the Blonde Ambition-turned-Kaballah marm an "icon" and "innovator" who "relates to women of all ages."
Well, she does want everyone to start calling her Esther...
The high-profile ads, which appear to rely heavily on computer enhancing touch-ups to the singer's demure visage, will feature Madge playing secretary in various office-themed settings.
Because what screams couture more than a stapler and a desk organizer? (source: Boston Herald)

Madonna teams up with Versace
Madonna is set to strike a pose for the Versace fashion house after signing up to become the new face of the company.
Boss Donnatella Versace, one of Madonna's closest friends, calls the Material Girl an "icon" and "innovator" who "relates to women of all ages" in a new statement announcing the collaboration.
New promos, featuring Madonna, are set to premiere in the spring (05). (source: ContactMusic)

07 January - Sean Penn recalls Madonna marriage with fondness
Movie star Sean Penn has no regrets about his brief marriage to Madonna and still thinks the pop superstar is a wonderful person.
Now happily married to actress Robin Wright Penn, the Mystic River star admits he had a volatile relationship with the Material Girl - but he blames himself for its failure.
He says, "It was a miserable marriage, but I like her a lot. It got me steps further and clearer into knowing what I wanted. I still had a lot of demon doors to go through.
"I describe that marriage as loud... I don't recall having a single conversation in four years of marriage. I've talked to her a couple of times since, and there's a whole person there. I just didn't know it." (source: ContactMusic)

07 January - Song title from musical revealed
Earlier this week, fansite DrownedMadonna posted an interesting interview with Mike McKnight. In a second interview, McKnight reveals interesting details, such as the original tour setlist, which included a new song, which is part of Madonna's upcoming musical and titled 'The Devil Wouldn't Recognise You'. They originally worked on 40 songs, then brought the final setlist back to 24. Songs that were rehearsed but not withheld in the final selection included Swim, Love Profusion, I'm So Stupid, Dress You Up, Take A Bow and Live To Tell. The show was originally going to end with Die Another Day. To see the complete setlist as of February 2004 and read more details, check DrownedMadonna.

07 January - Fifth Versace picture
Versace campaign Fansite madonnamegacollection has scanned the February issue of Elle Magazine, which features a fifth Versace picture. The picture premiered today in Women Wear Daily. W Magazine will feature the third and fourth Versace picture. Magazines that will run the Versace campaign include Elle Magazine, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, InStyle, W Magazine, Details, GQ and Esquire.

07 January - Liz Smith on Versace
The fourth Versace picture, which we posted yesterday, appeared in the New York Post, with following comment of Liz Smith:
"With her careful language, decorous clothes, children's books and immersion in Kabbalah, our old friend Madonna seems a bit distant these days.
But M still scores in the area that counts - music. Three songs on Billboard's top ten dance chart in 2004, belonged to Mrs. Guy Ritchie: Hollywood, Nothing Fails and Love Profusion.
Now, when is she going to put her Re-Invention Tour out on tape and DVD? It was supposed to be a CBS special, but the Big Eye wouldn't do it M's way, and, so ? it was the highway for the one-time Tiffany Network.
You can see Madonna in the new ads for Versace. She was said to have been paid $10 million. She looks very... smooth. That's as far as I go."

06 January - Fourth Versace picture
Versace campaign The first Versace ad has now appeared in the Sunday Mail and will also feature in the new issue of Vanity Fair; check out fansite madonnamegacollection for a scan. Devoted fansite DrownedMadonna also premiered the fourth Versace picture today.

06 January - Missy lands Madonna and Busta as celebrity advisors
Rapper Missy Elliott has drafted in pals Madonna and Busta Rhymes to help her hand out advice to hopefuls competing in her new reality TV talent contest The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott.
The superstars will appear in future episodes of the show, which airs in America [yesterday night] (05 JAN 05). Elliott and top producer Dallas Austin will serve as regular judges on the new show. (source: ContactMusic)

06 January - Liz denies vow renewal
Don't buy Madonna a toaster oven quite yet.
The singer renewed her wedding vows with hubby Guy Ritchie on their fourth wedding anniversary, according to international reports. The stories described in detail how the couples exchanged rings in a romantic Kabbalah ceremony. Only problem is, it never happened, according to people close to Madonna.
"No truth to it at all," a colleague of Madonna's tells The Scoop. "There were no rings, no ceremony."
Madonna's spokeswoman also told The Scoop that there were no renewed vows. "Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie spent their 4th wedding anniversary with 16 close friends at their country home outside of London," Madonna's spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg e-mailed us. "All these folks were at the wedding but I was not given names. Madonna is working on her documentary film of the tour and Guy is working on his film. Just a normal working class couple. Ha ha." (source: MSNBC)

05 January - Two new songs finished *rumour*
Some rumours from fansite DrownedMadonna:
- "DrownedMadonna has learned that there are two new songs completed now by Madonna and Stuart Price."

- "Last year Madonna and Missy Elliott recorded a collaboration track as a barter type thing because of Missy's appearance on Madge's Re-Invention Tour. It has yet to be determined if it will be included in Missy's new album which will feature many guest artists like Tweet, Ciara, Ludacris and 50 Cent."

- "US TV show "Extra" spoke to Madonna's reps about M renewing her wedding vows last week... and she said that the story was "completely untrue"... "

04 January - Madonna and Guy renew their vows
POP diva Madonna has renewed her wedding vows with film-maker husband Guy Ritchie at a secret ceremony four years after they tied the knot, The Sun newspaper reported today.
Madonna and Guy They swapped rings and vows in a low-key Kabbalah-based ceremony at their Ashcombe country estate in Wiltshire, in the west of England, the popular tabloid said, quoting an unnamed source close to the couple.
"Christmas is a special time for them because they originally tied the knot on December 22 four years ago," the source was quoted as saying.
Ritchie, 35, reportedly gave Madonna, 46, a ring worth £100,000 ($245,000) from Parisian jeweller Fred, while Madonna reciprocated with a ring she ordered more than six months ago.
The Sun said the couple decided to renew their vows after a stressful year in which Ritchie put his career on hold to accompany Madonna on her 55-date international concert tour.
"Madonna and Guy are closer now than ever before," the paper's source said.
The pair married at Skibo Castle in the Highlands of northern Scotland. (source: AFP, Daily Telegraph)

02 January - Mike McKnight interview
Fansite DrownedMadonna had the pleasure to chat with Mike McKnight, Madonna's touring technology wizard for more than 14 years, since her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour. Mike talks about the equipment used on tour, about what went on behind the scenes, and about some of the songs rehearsed which didn't make the final setlist of the Re-Invention Tour. Click here for the entire interview.

02 January - Like A Prayer remastered? *rumour*
Warner Music Group is planning to re-release Madonna's 1989 album Like A Prayer in early 05 (March). The newly remastered CD should include bonus remix tracks (Like A Prayer - Shep Pettibone remix, Express Yourself - Stop and Go remix, Keep It Together remix). If the project gets a green light from Madonna herself, it will be released towards the end of March.
As far as her remix album is concerned, the CD is tentively put on the back burner. It was to be titled "American Dream" but it's not certain if it will be released commercially.
In January Madonna will resume work on her documentary whose working title has changed to "Nobody Knows Me", but probably it shall change again. (source: DrownedMadonna)

02 January - No Kabbalah in Revolver
Revolver Movie database IMDB now lists Madonna as part of the cast of Guy Ritchie's upcoming movie Revolver, without further details on her role.
The site also mentions the following interesting trivia for this movie: "Sony Pictures reportedly told Guy Ritchie to remove all Kabbalah references from his screenplay or the film wouldn't see the green light. Ritchie agreed."
This is the plot of Revolver: "Jake Green is a hotshot gambler, long on audacity and short on common sense. He's rarely allowed to play in any casino because he is a winner. Jake has taken in so much money over the years, he is the only client of his accountant and older brother Billy. One night, Jake, Billy and their other brother Joe are invited to sit in on a private game, where Jake is expected to lose to Dorothy Macha, a crime boss and local casino owner who can't play for squat, but always wins because people are too scared to lose to him. Jake isn't afraid of Macha, and not only beats Dorothy in a quick game of chance, but takes every possible opportunity to insult the man. Jake and his brothers leave the game, and Macha puts out the order for a hit on Jake, who ends up working for and being protected by a pair of brothers, Avi and Zack, who are out to take Macha down."

01 January - Happy New Year!
The Mad-Eyes team wishes you all the best for 2005! Much fortune, friendship & love, and of course many exciting Madonna moments!

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