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15 February - Return of the Classic Madonna Collection Contests
Classic Madonna Collection has now put a picture online of Madonna at the 1999 Grammy Awards. There's a new part of the contest, which unfortunately is limited to "Icon members who reside in the US" - pretty limited considering the large worldwide fan base...
"Thank you to all of the Iconers who donated to the tsunami relief fund. This week the Classic Madonna Collection Contest returns! Please submit a collage of your favorite Madonna Grammy pictures! The prize will go to the most original & creative collage that Madonna will pick herself! The prize this week will be a Re-Invention Tour gift pack that will include two t-shirts, a coffee mug and a key chain!"

15 February - Preview of Madonna's appearance on The Road to Stardom
If you liked their last collaboration on the Gap Ads, you will love Missy Elliott & Madonna's latest team effort! Watch Missy Elliott's Road to Stardom on UPN on Wednesday February 16, 2005 8PM ET/PT and see guest star Madonna giving advice to aspiring singers. If you can't wait till then, click here to see a preview of Wednesday's episode! (source:

14 February - Mike McKnight interview
Fellow fansite DrownedMadonna talked again to Mike McKnight, one of Madonna's engineers on her Re-Invention Tour. McKnight discusses the evolution of the tour setlist, which once included Swim and Live To Tell, and Ray Of Light as an encore, before changing into the final setlist. He also briefly discusses new songs Madonna has been working on: 'The Devil Wouldn't Recognise You' and 'I Love New York'. He also confirmed that Madonna's documentary should premiere on the Cannes Film Festival in May 2005. He said "it'll be a lot more fun than Truth or Dare". Read the entire interview here.

12 February - DVD postponed
Rumours about the Re-Invention Tour DVD being postponed are unfortunately getting stronger. We checked with several music stores in Belgium, and while they all had an April release scheduled only 2 weeks ago, they now reported that no tentative release date has been set anymore at all. It was postponed from April to September, but now even further to December or 2006. In that case, it means the project has been put on hold for now. Most probably Madonna wants to concentrate the audience's attention to her documentary (which will also include some parts of the show). Question is if the DVD will ever see the light of day. We can only hope it won't end up in Warner's closet next to the Blond Ambition Tour...
As there's no official information whatsoever, the options are still open. But a spring or even summer release is not in the cards anymore.

10 February - Still no official DVD release date
Warner Music is proving once again their complete lack of communication skillls by letting everyone in the dark about the release date of the Re-Invention Tour DVD. While some fansites have been reporting a possible delay to September 2005, most music stores still communicate a March or April release.
Here's a letter from Ask Billboard on the topic:

Hi Keith,
I am a huge Madonna fan and I saw her on tour back in June. I kept hearing about the tour DVD which is supposed to come out this spring but then all of a sudden I heard the news about it not being released. Is this true? Do you have any information of what happening with the DVD? Please tell me! Thank You!
Majid Kazmi

Hi Majid,
Unfortunately, we're as much in the dark as you are. While there are plans to release a DVD of the Re-Invention Tour, as well as a documentary, no release dates for either have been announced.
Furthermore, while there are many Internet rumors floating around with regards to release dates and such, Madonna's camp has yet to confirm any of them and no official news has been issued about either project in some time.

10 February - Guy denies Madonna's cameo in Revolver
From fellow fansite Madonnalicious: "The new edition of UK film magazine Empire features a small interview with Guy Ritchie about his forthcoming film Revolver which is produced by Luc Besson and is due for release in November.
Shot in secrecy over ten weeks on the Isle Of Man, the filmed had wrapped just two hours before the director phoned Empire to give us the lowdown. 'It was a long one to write,' he says. 'Snatch and Lock, Stock took three months, but this one took about a year and a half.' And? What's it about? 'Let's just say it's about a gambling man who realises he's in for more than he thought.'
Like Ritchie's previous films, the script changed constantly throughout the writing process and then, just for laughs, metamorphosed completely a week before filming. 'It's a funny thing, writing. Particulary a script like this. Don't ask me what sort of genre it is because I'm left scratching my head. It was an endless process of tweaks, then for some reason it all just solidified'
Not only does the film put Ritchie's surreal humour on a back-burner ('It's a lot more serious than my other movies'), there's also no truth in the rumours that Mrs Ritchie, aka Madonna, has a cameo.
'No, she's not in it,' he insists. So the stories are made up? 'Completely made up.' He laughs. 'That's rare, isn't it?'"

10 February - Easy Ride remix on Tracy Young compilation
Tracy Young DJ Tracy Young announces on her official website: "A few months ago I announced the upcoming release of my newest project, the compilation "Dance Culture." I am currently in the process of finalizing my tracklist. The CD's scheduled release date on Ferosh records is May 31, 2005.
It will exclusively feature my remix of Madonna's Easy Ride among other unreleased productions I have been working on, including the title track "Dance Culture" feat. Alan T. Both of these tracks were produced in Italy in collaboration with Giangi Cappai." (thanks to Dani for directing our attention to this)

08 February - Madonna takes up karate
Superstar Madonna is following in her husband Guy Ritchie's footsteps, by taking up karate.
The British director is a black belt in the martial art and has encouraged his famous wife to join in during practice sessions.
A friend says, "Madonna has been taking her classes very seriously.
"Guy is into karate and Madonna's daughter Lourdes has taken classes.
"In the past, Madonna has worried about being bruised before videos or photoshoots but she hasn't got any planned at the moment." (source: ContactMusic)

08 February - Scissor sister rules out Madonna song
Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears has ruled out a future collaboration with Madonna, because his celebrity pal Kylie Minogue would "kill him".
The flamboyant Laura singer wrote and produced Minogue's latest hit I Believe In You last year (04), and claims he's too loyal to the diminutive Australian to work with her chart rival Madonna.
Shears says, "I think Kylie would have my head on a plate if I worked with Madonna. Really, I'm not interested in collaborating with her, I love Kylie too much.
"We had a real ball and I have a massive crush on her. She's just a really amazing, funny person and really cool. I didn't meet her until we went in the studio but we hit it off. Now I'm planning to go to England to watch her tour.
"I haven't met her boyfriend (Olivier Martinez) yet, but I hear he's gorgeous." (source: ContactMusic)

07 February - Elton John slams reaction to Madonna comment
Flamboyant superstar Sir Elton John fears he's been made to look like a Nazi sympathiser after accusing Madonna of lip-syncing.
The Candel In The Wind singer hit the headlines in October (04) when he criticised his pal at the Q Awards in London, accusing her of not singing live during her performances.
But John admits he remains shocked at the strong reactions to his comments.
He says, "I was just having fun and it's like I said that HITLER was right, or something. Everybody knows Madonna lip-syncs. Everybody knows a lot of people lip-sync onstage. It was no big deal...
"When you're going to see a live band, it's one of the most exciting things that you can see. And I don't want to go and see someone who lip-syncs, thank you very much.
"I got a lot of flak for (saying) it. Somebody said, 'Well, she can't sing when she's in the crab position.' Well, there you go... especially if she had haemorrhoids as well." (source: ContactMusic)
~ Seems Sir Elton doesn't have anything interesting to say lately, because after 4 months he's still talking about Madonna...

06 February - Tour DVD postponed?
After several reports on an early April release, there are now rumours that the release of the Re-Invention Tour DVD has been postponed to September 2005. Last week we reported that Warner Belgium announced a (Belgian) release date of April 1st. We are waiting for a reaction from Warner Belgium on these new rumours. We hope to bring more clarity on the subject in the next few days.

Madonna.com06 February - updated with Tsunami Aid pic has put a new picture on its intro page, from Madonna's performance at Tsunami Aid. There's still a link to donate for the Tsunami victims, with the message "Madonna urges all of her fans to donate to the Red Cross to help the victims of the Tsunami." In the news section, the winner #3 of the Classic Collection Contest is announced.

06 February - Madonna to be face of energy drink?
Madonna has been approached to be the face of a new Kabbalah energy drink. The star has long been an advocate of the mystical Jewish faith and is currently trying the drink, along with fellow devotee Demi Moore, before she accepts the deal.
Kabbalah spokesperson Darin Ezra, based at the religion's headquarters in Los Angeles, said: "We are going after the Red Bull market but Kabbalah Energy Drink tastes better." The product will be launched in California, with a view to expand worldwide, under the slogan 'Source of Power'. Meanwhile, the Material Girl has praised the faith for helping her marriage to Guy Ritchie remain strong.
The sexy singer insists the religion has improved their relationship considerably by allowing her to accept the British film director - even when he "irks" her. She said: "I can disagree with him but I don't love him any less." Since converting to the faith in 1998, Madonna - whose husband is also a follower of the religion - has increasingly allowed her beliefs to influence every aspect of her life. Madonna reportedly sacked her long-term manager, Caresse Henry, for having an affair with one of her bodyguards - because it went against Kabbalah teachings. (source: TeenToday)

06 February - Madonna kisses off Kabbalah-less kin
Religion is running thicker than blood these days for Madonna.
Roger Friedman of reports that the not-so material one has grown so wedded to the trendy Kabbalah offshot of Judaism that she is x-ing out family members who refuse to follow her adopted faith. No longer does Madonna -- who possesses a tidy little $100 million fortune according to Fortune mag -- help out brother Christopher Ciccone.
And the rest of the Ciccone family (Martin, Anthony, Paula, Melanie, Mario and Jennifer) is said to be in various stages of the familial outs with the pop diva.
In other fast-breaking Kabbalah news, the mystical faith is pursuing commercial lucre, at least in Southern California where a limited test marketing of a new Kabbalah energy drink is now under way. Jeannette Wells of MSNBC reports that Kabbalah devotees Madonna, Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore are all sipping the K H2O, with the possibility of becoming a celeb shill for the Red Bull wannabe in an upcoming ad campaign.
Get ready to be assaulted with the new energy drink slogan, "Source of Power." Which the faith hopes will translate into "Source of Dollar(s)." (source:

06 February - Madonna to appear on Missy Elliott show
Madonna will be making an appearance on the reality show the Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott February 16 on UPN. In the episode, the final five performers take a private jet to Los Angeles, where they move into a mansion and later are surprised when Madonna drops by for a visit. The diva takes time from her busy concert tour schedule to meet with them and share some valuable advice on the music business.
The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott follows a group of aspiring performers as rapper Missy Elliott takes them out on the road and shows them what a performer's life is really like. Participants are eliminated from the show each week and the last remaining performer will win $100,000 and a contract with Elliott's record label to release his or her first single. (source: Launch Yahoo!)

06 February - Madonna's marriage success 'down to Kabbalah'
Madonna's successful marriage to film-maker Guy Ritchie is down to their devotion to studying the Kabbalah - according to close friend Vinnie Jones.
Jones, who starred in Ritchie's Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, credits the couple's intense interest in the mystical branch of Judaism as being responsible for the strong four-year marriage.
The former soccer star says: "I think their religion is keeping them together. I think the Kabbalah side of it is helping them."
(source: IOL)

06 February - The UK's Greatest Number One singles
BBC Radio One asked fans to vote for the Greatest UK number one single to celebrate the 1000th number one single.
Madonna was the most voted for female artist with two songs in the top ten: Like A Prayer at number 4, Vogue at number 5. Music landed at number 21 spot, and seven in total songs received votes.
1. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
2. Iron Maiden - Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter
3. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
4. Madonna - Like A Prayer
5. Madonna - Vogue
6. Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock
7. Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger
8. Abba - Dancing Queen
9. Mariah Carey - Without You
10. John Lennon - Imagine

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