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28 April - Condomania provides free Madonna condoms as response to Pope's ban
Condomania, America's first condom store, will provide 30,000 "Madonna" condoms to Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center (LAGLC) and Gay Men's Health Crisis in New York (GMHC) for distribution with each HIV test. The donated condoms, featuring the licensed image of pop icon Madonna, serve as Condomania's response to the new Pope's stance forbidding condom use to prevent sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Vatican health secretary Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan recently stated, "The use of prophylactics is unacceptable even as a solution to the problem of AIDS, because the objective is the fight against fornication."

Madonna Condoms Condomania CEO Adam Glickman explains, "Nearly 40 million people worldwide are infected with HIV -- nearly 250,000 Americans don't even know they're infected. The Pope's unwavering opposition to condoms can only worsen this pandemic." Glickman continues, "Condom use and testing are critical to curbing the spread of HIV. While our selection of "Madonna" condoms is admittedly irreverent, the reality of the situation is quite tragic. If this encourages even one person to get tested and use condoms, then we've helped."

The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center is the largest gay and lesbian organization in the world offering a wide array of services for the GLBT community, in addition to free and anonymous HIV testing for anyone, regardless of sexual orientation. Upon hearing the news of Condomania's donation, the Center's Chief Public Affairs Officer Jim Key stated, "We're grateful for Condomania's support and for calling attention to the Catholic Church's stance on condom use. AIDS is ravaging the world and by opposing the use of condoms, the Pope is contributing to the spread of this deadly plague. We all can, and must, protect ourselves."

Gay Men's Health Crisis is a not-for-profit, volunteer-supported and community-based organization committed to national leadership in the fight against AIDS. In fulfilling this mission, GMHC will remain true to its heritage by fighting homophobia and affirming the individual dignity of all gay men and lesbians. "Condoms have been universally proven to provide the best protection against HIV and other STIs. Using a condom, along with knowing one's HIV status, are key elements to stopping the transmission of HIV, thus saving lives. We're glad Condomania has taken such a lead on making condoms widely available," said George Ayala, Director of the Institute for Gay Men's Health, a collaboration between GMHC and AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA). (source: Yahoo! Finance)

28 April - Director mocks Madonna
Madonna has responded to comments about her acting from director Norman Jewison.
The "Moonstruck" director said: "Madonna? It's all hype. Come on. How do you know whether anybody can act?"
"You're told that they're a big star, you know, or somebody's got a cute ass or they've got great boobs. But Madonna has a small amount of talent when it comes to movies."

"We're all being suffocated by talentless stars in films. I can't believe that people are obsessed like they are now with celebrity. I don't know what's going on."
Madonna's spokesperson Liz Rosenberg responded: "I completely disagree with his statement about Madonna making a lot out of a little talent."
"I don't think you can sell 100 million records and sell out arenas and stadiums for over 20 years just being a celebrity."

"Madonna is a Golden Globe winner and a Grammy winner and has had an unprecedented career as an artist and actress."
Madonna won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Eva Peron in Evita in 1996. (source: Yahoo! Launch)

28 April - Knight inspired by Madonna
Former New Kids On The Block singer Jordan Knight credits Madonna with giving him the confidence to make a comeback - because she's proved age is no barrier in the pop industry. The 1990s star - who recently tasted fame again by appearing in US reality TV show The Surreal Life - is desperate to launch a solo career, and refuses to view his 34 years as an obstacle. He says, "Look at Madonna. She's in her forties and she's still making good music. It's a tough industry, but I've done it before and I'll do it again." (source: ContactMusic)

27 April - Madonna not voicing Puss in Boots
UK's The Sun is reporting that Madonna will reunite with her Evita co-star Antonio Banderas to voice the animated "Shrek" spin-off Puss in Boots. sources have confirmed that there is no truth to this rumor.
The tabloid claimed that an insider said, "Madonna fancied doing something completely different and this sounded like so much fun. She is a fan of Shrek and thought Antonio was the best thing about the sequel. She has two young children and sees how much they love the films. Madonna is also friends with Mike Myers and respects him. He told her Puss would be a hit and she trusts his judgement."

The only factual information we know so far is that David H. Steinberg is writing the film. Banderas is likely to return to voice the title character. (source:

27 April - Madonna is canned
She's married to one of Britain's best-known directors, but Madonna's failed to pick up on any of hubby Guy Ritchie's movie-making skills.
Organisers of the Cannes Film Festival in France recently decided the singer's new documentary was too poor to screen at the prestigious event.
But despite spending hours holed up with Swedish director Jonas Akerlund making cuts and tweaks in a re-edit, 3am has learnt new flick, Re-Invented Process, still isn't going to make the festival.

Madge and Akerlund, who also made druggie drama Spun, have been given a final thumbs-down and are said to be devastated the film has not been chosen for the festival.
It's another humiliating blow for the Kabbalah Queen, 46, who's seen her film career hit the skids in recent years. Her appearance in Ritchie's Swept Away was panned, whilst a cameo in his next movie Revolver has already made the cutting room floor.
A Cannes film festival insider confirmed: "There is a huge amount of competition at the festival. Madonna's was just one of thousands.

"We felt the documentary had a lot of merit, but in the end there were other more suitable submissions that pushed it out of the running."
Oh dear Madge, sounds like they weren't exactly Swept Away! (source: The Mirror)

26 April - Madonna joins Puss In Boots cast
Pop icon Madonna has agreed to lend her voice to upcoming animated adventure Puss In Boots - a spin-off from the Shrek series based around Antonio Banderas' feline swashbuckler alter-ego.
The Into The Groove singer has been keen to try her hand at something new after dabbling in acting and writing children's books - and she jumped at the chance to voice her own character.
A Hollywood insider tells British newspaper The Sun, "Madonna fancied doing something completely different and this sounded like so much fun. She is a fan of Shrek and thought Antonio was the best thing about the sequel.

"She has two young children and sees how much they love the films. Madonna is also friends with Mike Myers and respects him. He told her Puss would be a hit and she trusts his judgement." (source: ContactMusic)

26 April - Madonna joins stars urging British youth to vote
Pop superstar Madonna has joined a host of stars in urging young people to vote in the British general election next month (MAY 05).
The American Like A Virgin icon is pleading with teens to take an interest in politics and shake off their youthful apathy, because their votes can make a difference to the UK's future political landscape.

Madonna has joined Coldplay singer Chris Martin, music mogul Simon Cowell and pop stars Geri Halliwell, Will Young and Beverley Knight in championing British newspaper The Sun's Rock The Vote campaign.
She says, "Take responsibility for yourself and the world around you. Vote!"
Madonna has made Britain her home since marrying Snatch director Guy Ritchie in 2000. (source: ContactMusic)

25 April - Mirwais confirmed for new album
Fellow fansite Madonnalicious reports: "It has been confirmed by insiders to madonnalicious that Madonna is indeed working with Mirwais on her new record, that he is at work on new tracks in a London studio and that they are 'very pleased' with the progress to date."

Classic Madonna Collection 25 April - Mondino photo on has been updated with a gorgeous Jean-Baptiste Mondino shot from his 2000 photo shoot.

25 April - Mother and Father debuts on Billboard Club Chart
Mother and Father will debut at No. 45 on the 5/7 Dance/Club Play chart. It's the Peter Rauhofer remix that recently was sent out to clubs. (source: Jimmyrad @ MIR)

25 April - The hills are alive with the sound of Madonna
When Madonna went to the Purim party at the London Kabbalah Centre she treated her fellow Kabbalists to a sing-a-long. 20 minutes after she arrived her guitar was brought in so she could entertain the 75 people at the party. She spotted the fans and photographers outside and asked if all the windows could be shut and the curtain closed so no-one could listen in. Rumour has it that she sang some songs from the musical "The Sound Of Music" ! Apparently everyone had a very good night with lots of wine and lots of partying.
A party for passover is being held at the London Centre this Saturday. Madonna and her family are expected to attend as it looks like her recording/editing commitments will stop her from going to Florida, mind changes expected. (source: DrownedMadonna, MIR)

25 April - Penn thanks wife for healing anger at Madonna
Sean Penn has hailed his wife Robin Wright Penn for helping him banish the bitterness he felt towards Madonna.
The Oscar-winning actor admits his life was almost ruined by the time he divorced Madonna in 1989 but Penn's sympathetic spouse has put painful memories of his previous marriage into perspective.

Penn now says he enjoys a friendly relationship with Madonna.
He said: "When I got together with Robin, things changed. She was also very good at getting me to deal with memories of my first wife.
"She told me: 'Madonna's very real, sensitive and wants what we all want out of life.' She was right. I've talked to Madonna since and we get along fine." (source: Irish Examiner)

21 April - Madonna sued by British director
A British director and production company have sued Madonna for failing to pay expenses racked up during the making of a television show, it emerged today.
Hamish Hamilton claims the pop star refused to pay his director's fee after employing him to direct a two-hour concert special.
In the same lawsuit, filed in a Los Angeles court, London-based production company Done and Dusted is also seeking production costs after filming various concerts and rehearsals in the making of the programme.
"Despite acknowledging that the money is owed, Madonna refuses to pay Mr Hamilton his $175,000 (€134,000) director's fee and refuses to reimburse Done and Dusted Ltd for approximately $175,000 for expenses incurred," the suit reads.
Hamilton claims he was employed in May 2004 to direct a two-hour programme about Madonna's European Re-Invention Tour.
At her request, he said he attended shows around the world but the singer has failed to pay the costs as promised, according to the complaint obtained by the Celebrity Justice website.
Madonna's publicist was unavailable for comment.
Mr Hamilton has directed several music television shows including the 2004 Brit Awards, Britney Spears Live from Miami and Robbie Williams Live at Knebworth. (source: Ireland Online)

21 April - Madonna gives Britney pregnancy advice
Madonna has reportedly been offering Britney Spears pregnancy advice. The mother-of-two, who has become close friends with the 23-year-old singer, was only too happy to oblige when Britney wanted an expert to help guide her through her first pregnancy.
A source said: "When Britney found out she was expecting one of the first things she did was phone Madonna. "Madonna has been sending books and offering advice about pregnancy to Britney almost daily." Earlier this year, it was claimed Britney, who is married to dancer Kevin Federline, had asked Madonna to be godmother to her firstborn - even though she wasn't pregnant at the time.
The sexy singer was said to have been so thrilled when Madonna agreed she gave her a diamond-encrusted Cartier watch. The two celebrities have been friends since the 'Material Girl' introduced Britney to the mystic Jewish faith the Kabbalah over a year ago. Madonna has since laden the young star with lavish gifts including a 900-year-old Kabbalah book - worth thousand of pounds - as an engagement present. (source: TeenToday)

21 April - Penn shares blame with Madonna over ill-fated marriage
Actor Sean Penn has concluded his marriage to Madonna collapsed under the strain of their equally bad behaviour.
The Mystic River star, 44, admits his desire to stay out of the limelight mixed with Madonna's quest for international superstardom was a damaging combination, one which ultimately led to their divorce in 1989, after a turbulent four-year union.
And while Penn - who's now married to Robin Wright Penn - accepts his wildman, angry reputation at the time was justified, Madonna was not the innocent victim of his rage.
He says, "She was in the process of becoming the biggest star in the world. I just wanted to make my films and hide.
"I was an angry young man. I had a lot demons and don't really know who could've lived with me at the time. I was just as badly behaved as her, so I can't point the finger of blame." (source: ContactMusic)

19 April - It's official: No Re-Invention in Cannes
Today the selection of movies for the Cannes Film Festival was announced. As was predicted in the latest news stories, Madonna's documentary Re-Invented Process has not been chosen to be screened at the prestigious French festival. Madonna is believed to be re-working the movie with Jonas Akerlund, hoping to premiere it later this year at the film festival in Venice.

19 April - Madonna letter in new ICON
Here's what writes about the new ICON issue:
"Madonna is pleased to announce the release of issue #43 of Icon Magazine, the quarterly publication of the official Madonna fanclub. In this new issue you will find a special portfolio named "M 2004", which features exclusive and never before seen images illustrating 12 months of Madonna achievements. Also featured in this issue, all of the Versace Spring campaign images, a double sided poster, a "UK Hall Of Fame" special, some cool interviews with Madonna and her assistant Angela, a special spread devoted to the 10th anniversary of Take A Bow, and much much more!
A newsletter listing the content of issue #43 of Icon and giving details on a new contest offering Iconers a chance to win the original letter Madonna typed and signed for the magazine has been e-mailed to members this friday."
This is what Madonna writes in her ICON letter:

Dear Fans,

Happy New Year! 2005 is a great year already. I had a relaxing holiday with my family and was happy that my husband and I finally had two weeks off at the same time and were able to be together with our children.

I have been back in the studio writing new songs for several different projects. Should I do a musical?? Should I record another album? Stay tuned to find out what I decide to do...
All of my projects are labours of love, however, my book series is particularly dear to me as all of the proceeds go to the Spirituality for Kids Foundation. My final book in the series, Lotsa de Casha, will be out in June. And the English Roses Collection has been doing well at retail and I am thrilled about the look of the Fall '05 line which I have just finished designing. It is just another reminder to always look for new ways to be creative and to never stop reinventing yourself.

Speaking of Reinvention, upcoming is the release of the tour documentary which I have been working on tirelessly with the director Jonas Akerlund. It starts out being a film about me and my life on tour and ends up being a story about Humanity.
I am very excited about it and hope to premiere it at the Cannes Film Festival.

Take Care,
Work hard,
Be Brave!


19 April - 'Madonna: Re-Invented' Polish exhibition & party

During the European leg of the Re-Invention Tour, Mad-Eyes was honoured to show the amazing pictures of Madonnafan and dear friend Marcin, which were taken during the concerts in Paris and Arnhem. Marcin, who is a true photography lover, will now be showing some of his best Re-Invention pictures during his MADONNA: RE-INVENTED photo exhibition. This exhibit will be held at Le Madame, a club in Warsaw, Poland, on Saturday April 30th. Afterwards, there will be a fantastic Madonna party, so all the reason to check it out! Mad-Eyes will be there too and will be reporting back from this unique Madonna event.

Madonna: Re-Invented

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