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13 May - Madonna puts faith before film
Madonna was offered a spot on the prestigious Cannes Film Festival jury, but turned it down because she would have missed two Kabbalah meetings back in London.
Her religious obligations represented a no-Cannes-do scenario for festival officials; they would have meant the singer making two trips from the South of France back to London during the festival panel's busiest periods.

Madonna has turned down other social engagements in the past because of conflict with her commitment to Kabbalah.
"We talked about her being on the jury, but her religion meant this could not happen. It is a regret because she has valuable knowledge," festival chief Thierry Fremaux told me.
"She would have to return to London every Saturday, or maybe it was every Friday, so for two days during our festival she would not be here and that could not work.

"The jury has much to see and much to discuss," Mr Fremaux added, during a conversation with me at a dinner to launch the 58th festival.
Initial discussions with the Material Girl (as this column was the first to reveal to you a month ago) centred on her taking a documentary film based on her last tour to Cannes, but it was not finished in time.

"We had many talks," Mr Fremaux said. "Madonna takes the cinema world seriously, she doesn't treat it in a superficial way. I saw three hours of film from the documentary in the form of rushes and some completed footage, but it wasn't ready," he explained.
Not only would Madonna's obvious glamour have been most welcome but, as Mr Fremaux remarked, "to have her on the jury would have been fascinating. She has so many thoughts on her mind."

Madonna has been a Kabbalist for nearly eight years and attends weekly meetings at the Kabbalah Centre in London.
There are just 14 or so such places scattered around the world, and none in Cannes or the surrounding region. (source: Daily Mail)

13 May - David Foster on Madonna
It's no secret that David Foster is a legend in the music business. The musician, songwriter and producer has been nominated for a Grammy 42 times and has won 14 times.
David Foster He's worked with just about everyone you think of when you think of a "diva" -- Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston -- the list goes on. He's also helped launch the careers of a few current bright young things, including Michael Buble and Josh Groban.
Canada AM's Seamus O'Regan had a chance to sit down with Foster and his 22-acre, $70 million estate in Malibu, California. It is on that estate where Foster has worked with some of the biggest names in music in his custom-built music studio creating No. 1 albums.
Like an athlete who can remember every moment of every great game, Foster says he can remember all his great moments at his studio.

"Madonna was great to work with because -- I never really understood her mystique although I always liked her music. We met in New York, had dinner to discuss the album. And there was something so intoxicating about her. We were just the two of us at dinner and I was looking at her going, 'Wow, she totally sucks you into her world. It's like there's nobody else in the restaurant.' She had a great work ethic. A lot of artists, they want to be co producers just because they can. She wanted to be a co producer, but she earned it. She really knows her way around a studio. She works hard." (source: CTV, DrownedMadonna)
~ David Foster collaborated with Madonna on You'll See and One More Chance.

13 May - Like I just got home...
Classic Madonna Collection Check the news for the latest on the Classic Collection Contest. The splash page now shows a nice action shot from the Ray Of Light video.

13 May - New York book signing
Fansite DrownedMadonna found out that Madonna will be promoting her new children book Lotsa De Casha mainly in the US. She will hold a book signing
Madonna will be signing her latest book Lotsa De Casha on June 7, 2005 (4PM) at Borders in New York City. More details will be announced next week, but they'll probably work with a lottery system, which allows 150 people to attend the signing session.

13 May - McFadden vs Madonna
Sounds like someone's bit frustrated...
Former Westlife star Brian McFadden has launched a perplexing attack on Madonna - claiming the Queen of Pop is talentless.
The Irish singer, having moderate success with his solo career, said he cannot understand how she has had so much worldwide success.
Brian McFadden "People are saying Madonna makes great music," said Brian. "It's really rubbish. She doesn't have a good voice and she is boring.
"Just because she's Madonna everybody says 'brilliant' and 'genius'."
And he wants to know why Madge, who has had unprecedented chart success since the early 1980s, shifts so many records.
"I don't know think she's ever been a good musician," he is quoted in the Sun.
"I don't know what she's got. Maybe it's because she's been naked in some movies and excited a lot of men." (source: Yahoo! Launch)
~ Brian who?

10 May - Madonna keeps court with Kylie
The love-in between Madonna and Kylie Minogue continues apace. We're told Madge, who once wore a Kylie T-shirt during a gig, pitched up at the Aussie pop pixie's sell-out London concert on Saturday.
A reveller says: "She arrived a bit late, so someone was in her seat. But she didn't seem fazed - she went to sit with Rupert Everett and looked like she really loved the show."
So did Kylie, 36. She was given an award for selling the most tickets for any solo artist at Earls Court - beating, you guessed it, her pal Madonna. (source: The Mirror)

09 May - Report from Warsaw exhibition
Madonnafan and photographer Marcin kokowski, who organised last week' Madonna exhibition in Warsaw, poland, has writtn his own report on this successful event, and likes to share it with Mad-Eyes readers:
"Hello everyone,
Marcin at his own Madonna exhibition I'd like to share with you the report from my exhibition Madonna: Re-Invented which had a great opening followed by a mega "Madonna
Visits Poland" Party on April 30th 2005. It turned out to be a huge success as hundreds of people came to participate in the biggest Madonna Event in Poland ever organised!
Despite several problems that appeared just hours before the opening, everything was finished just on time. Without help from my Polish friends and my dear friend Bart from Belgium (the webmaster) my task would be much harder if not impossible to complete.
Polish press and radio showed some real interest. So the whole capital and even country learned about the Event!
We organised with Le Madame Gallery a sort of competition for the best Madonna look-alike whom i chose from the audience at 2 a.m. Some people had fantastic outfits!
The upper floor hosted the exhibition plus a great video installation made by DJ LadyBoy. The dance floor was located in the underground as well as 2 smooth lounges with slow, sexy Madonna music. :)
Plenty of my friends came from Lublin, Pulawy, Warszawa in Poland and Paris, France and Leuven, Belgium!
Finally Madonna "appeared " in Poland, true, only in pictures but we can only hope that one day this big country will host at least one concert!
For the pictures please visit where Bartie put some pictures for you,
Marcin Kokowski / Paris"

06 May - Pictures from Warsaw exhibition
Madonnafan, photographer and good Mad-Eyes friend Marcin Kokowski took some fantastic pictures during the European Re-Invention shows. They were already available on Mad-Eyes, but now Marcin has selected his 20 best shots for an exclusive exhibition in Warsaw. The opening on Saturday April 30th was followed by a groovin' Madonna party at Le Madame. Mad-Eyes was there to enjoy this successful event and is proud to present you some pictures from that evening.

Pictures of the Warsaw exhibition & party

06 May - More on Arthur
Classic Madonna Collection A first ad for Luc Besson's animation film 'Arthur and the Minimoys' has appeared in Variety Magazine (thanks to DrownedMadonna for the scan)
Movie website IMDB gives us a few more details on this movie. Madonna will be voicing the character of Princess Selenia. Apparently there are other singers in the cast as well: David Bowie will lend his voice to Maltazard and Snoop Dogg is Max. The idea for the movie is by Céline Garcia; writing and producing credit goes to Luc Besson (who co-produced Guy Ritchie's Revolver and who's also known for directing Taxi, Léon, Le Grand Bleu and Madonna's Love Profusion video).
The plot is as follows: "We can learn Ten-year-old Arthur, in a bid to save his grandfather's house from being demolished, goes looking for some much-fabled hidden treasure in the land of the Minimoys, a tiny people living in harmony with nature."

The release of 'Arthur and the Minimoys' is set for december 2006. So far we know two exact release dates (subject to change):
France: 13 December 2006
USA: 25 December 2006
There's already an official French site.

06 May - Madonna says no to Britney
Pop starlet Britney Spears has tried to re-kindle relations with Madonna (CDs), in hope that she would be Britney's first baby's godmother. Pregnant Britney wanted the queen of pop to be her first kid's next of kin. However, Madonna politely declined as she told her that she is way too busy.

An insider said: "Britney was so disappointed but told Madonna she understands".
Madonna currently isn't recording a new album and she is not even set to star in any up coming films. So why this sudden no to being a Godmother?
Britney, who recorded Me Against the Music with Madonna, and also shared a French kiss at the MTV Awards with the beret-wearing star, is now believed to be feeling betrayed.
With her pregnancy kit being auctioned, there is nothing too personal it seems, that would make Britney be put off from making more money.

Britney Spears whose got her UPN program Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, starting on May 17th , will now have to find someone else to take up the honorary role. Our guess is that it's not going to be Christina Aguilera.
Madonna, who introduced the 23 year-old to Kabbalah, seems as if she is trying to put a bit of distance between them. After all, Madge probably has enough on her hands with her own children already. Let's not forget Guy Richie as well!

So don't expect any future smooches between the two sultry pop divas! Will Justin Timberlake be chosen as the godfather?
All we know is that Britney is none too pleased with rejection. Imagine how hard it is for a girl to hear ‘no', when what she usually hears is ‘yes'.
Trust only Madonna to be able to put Britney in her place, one doubts Kevin has the power to do anything but languish around whilst Britney breeds.

It's a tough job but someone has to do it, right? Will Jamie Lynn not make a good enough god mother?
Try again Britney! (source: HecklerSpray)
~ And try again HecklerSpray; Madonna IS recording a new album and working on several movie projects right now. So yes, she IS a busy lady!

Cover of 'Lotsa de Casha'
06 May - Lotsa book signing in Lisbon?
Brazilian fansite Madonna Online reports about an article from the magazine Dom Quixote that Madonna will be promoting her new children book Lotsa de Casha with a book signing in Lisbon, Portugal on June 1st. 200 book fans will receive their copy from the lady herself at the Centro de Cultural de Belém, Lisbon at 2pm.

Other sources however claim that there's no Portugal trip planned for Madonna, so we'll have to wait for an offical announcement.
According to fansite DrownedMadonna Madonna will be promoting the book in New York during a 5-day visit in early June. Details have yet to be finalized, but she will probably be doing some major television appearences, possibly including Letterman, The View, and/or Live With Regis & Kelly.
Stay tuned for more!

06 May - Madonna shocked by book fans
Madonna was shocked at a recent signing appearance to promote her children's books - because the crowd was almost entirely made up of gay men. The singer expected to see a host of young children with their parents queuing up to have their The Adventures Of Abdi copy signed - but only spotted one youngster during the whole session. She moans, "It was all gay men apart from one woman with her child. I was so shocked." (source: ContactMusic)
~ Madonna sweety, accept it: your fanbase consists largely of gay men, and although they are fan of your music in the first place, they support your other projects. That's something to be grateful about, not shocked.

04 May - Virgin Tour 20th anniversary
Classic Madonna Collection has gone back in time with an action shot from the Virgin tour, which kicked off 20 years ago (in april 1985).

04 May - Stuart Price hints at '80s dance pop'
During his Australian Tour, last february, Stuart Price aka Jacques Lu Cont talked with The Herald Sun , about his current works with Madonna. Here is part of the interview featured in The Melbourne Hit section.
He has Madonna on his speed dial and a day job in her band, and New Order liked his take on their trademark sound so much they hired him to work on their new album. Yes, life is good when you are Jacques Lu Cont.

Price was recruited by Madonna to play guitar and all-important keyboards on her Drowned World and Re-Invention world tours. Madonna reinvented some of her biggest hits for the latter, and Price wore a huge grin for most of it.
"It's hard not to have a ball when you're standing on stage in a kilt hitting a drum next to Madonna," he says. "That tour was an amazing opportunity to play that kind of music to that many people. Even if you're responsible for making only 20 per cent of it have a lot of dance music integrity, you're doing something right."

This year Price is no longer just the hired help on tour: he's started writing songs with Madonna for her new album. He's coy when asked about the direction in which Madonna will head after the lukewarm reaction to her American Life record.
"We don't actually talk about other people she's working with,'' he says, but hints she may be embracing the '80s dance pop he makes.

"Stylistically I'm certainly not doing anything I wouldn't normally do."
He's quick to praise his boss and her often-ignored musical prowess. "She's brilliant to work with. She often doesn't get credit for the fact she's an amazing producer. She'll carry her vision right through from beginning to end without ever dithering or losing sight of what's going on.
" The one thing you'll never hear Madonna say is, `Hmm, I don't really know what to do'. She always knows where she wants to take things and she'll push you until she gets it. She's an amazing musician.'' (source: Herald Sun, DrownedMadonna)

B&W Magazine 04 May - On the cover of B&W Magazine
Madonna features the cover of the latest issue of B&W Magazine, an American magazine dedicated to black&white photography. Inside there's an interview with Curtis Knapp, who took this Madonna shot in 1983, originally for Island Magazine. Twenty years ago, leaving a career as portrait photographer to New York City's in-crowd, Knapp moved to Japan, where he rose to the top of its competitive world of commercial photography. Now he has returned to the U.S. preparing for a comeback, he is curious to find out if his minimalist style is still in vogue. (thanks to Brant for bringing this to our attention)

04 May - Madonna the most wanted on the web
Madonna's ever-increasing notoriety has been reflected on the internet - she was the most searched celebrity on website Google last month (APR 05).
The glamorous 46-year-old is continually looked up on the popular internet search engine, beating out pop rivals such as Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez to the position of the most demanded celebrity on the web.
Other popular celebrities on Google include Ozzy Osbourne, George Michael and Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie. (source: ContactMusic)

Interview with Jamie King 04 May - Interview with Jamie King
Fansite MadonnaTribe posted an interesting interview they had with Jamie King, the stage director of the Drowned World Tour and the Re-Invention Tour. Jamie talks about his his collaborations with Madonna (he choreographed the 2 latest tours, as well as several music videos). When asked about the DVD extras of the Re-Invention Tour DVD, he replied: "All I can say is that the fans will be very pleased when the DVD does come out because they will really get what they desire."

In related news:
" The choreographer who put Madonna and Ricky Martin through their paces is now offering fitness classes to all at a Los Angeles gym.
Jamie King, who most recently choreographed Shakira's sexy new dance routine for her latest video La Tortura, is showing the health conscious how to shake their booty at Los Angeles' famous Crunch gym.
King's classes, the Nike Rock Star Workout, specialise in dance moves from his ancestral Brazil.
He says, "If you like the way Madonna and Rocky move when you see them, then these classes are for you. They're also a great way to shape-up." (source: ContactMusic)

04 May - Madonna recruits Henshall for new new movie
British designer Scott Henshall is Hollywood's new darling since designing costumes for Madonna's new film.
The 29-year-old style guru is famed for his glamorous creations for the rich and famous - including the stunning $9 million (GBP5 million) diamond studded dress worn by Samantha Mumba at the premiere of Spider-Man 2 last summer (04) - so he was the first choice to work on the pop queen's movie Material Girls.
He says, "I've just got back from designing the outfits for Madonna's new film, Material Girls.
"She's producing it and decided to get me involved. It stars Hilary Duff and will go on general released later this year (05)."
But he admits the excitement of Hollywood has made his life in London seem boring.
He adds, "It feels weird being back. London seems really dull in comparison." (source: ContactMusic)

04 May - Live Aid II going ahead?
A second Live Aid concert is rumoured to be going ahead, according to a report in The Sun.
The newspaper claims that organisers hope acts such as U2, Coldplay, Madonna and Robbie Williams will sign up to perform at the concert. Sir Bob Geldof is being tipped to organise the event.
A source told the newspaper, "Everyone is working toward a possible date in the summer. If it comes off, the biggest names in music will be taking part. Sir Bob has been asked to step in and put the concert together. He thinks it's a great idea but knows it is a race against time to get it organised - and there's a chance it won't happen.
"Bob would want the event to be really special if it goes ahead. There is no point in a poor sequel to the original, so it is touch and go with these plans.
"It is no coincidence to try and time the concert around the G8 summit when world leaders have the chance to help fight poverty in Africa." (source: Digital Spy)

04 May - Boy George slams 'ruthless' Madonna
Veteran pop star Boy George has hit out at Madonna for her ambitious streak - and insists the Material Girl is as cold as ice.
George, 43, has a bitter and long-running feud with the famously business- minded Madonna, and has previously admitted to being jealous of the megastar.
He says: "If Madonna were a drag queen, she would be called Ruth Less.
"I don't think the word 'warm' comes to mind with Madonna. Ice is the word that springs to mind." (source: Ireland Online)

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