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From Vogue Magazine
29 July - Vogue interview and pictures

Website offers an adaptation of the Madonna interview that appears in the August issue of Vogue Magazine.

29 July - DVD news *rumour* said that the RIT DVD would be out in time for the Christmas shopping season and that more info would be announced closer to the time. (Most rumours indicate it as a November release, timed to be near to the release of the new album to maximize exposure to both.)
The documentary might be going to straight to DVD according to latest rumours. Apparently the only hope for it in theatres is a limited theatrical release. One rumour even said a possible screening at the Toronto International Film Festival which is the biggest international film festival of the season.
As for the Blond Ambition DVD, a rep at Warner replied to an email a fan sent them and claimed that it should be on DVD sometime in 2006. (source: David Figueiredo via MIR #1296)

29 July - Possible single remixers *rumour*
According to sources in Warner, Huerta and Madonna's team has contacted Basement Jaxx, Jacknife, Superchumbo, Rauhofer, Jan Driver, and Fierce & Coppola about re-mixing Madonna's new single. They send a copy of the first single to them. They are not confirmed yet. Again Madonna's hand picks each remix.
The single is set for September as a single with a B-side of Hollywood (Layo & Bushwacka Mix). The maxi single will be out on October, with an album on November. (source: peterrauhofer forum; thx to MIR #1296)

28 July - Will 'I Love New York' be a single?
Earlier this month we learnt that Madonna's 10th studio album, Confessions On A Dance Floor, is currently in the final stages of completion for a late 2005 release.
Now, we can reveal that the Mirwais/Stuart Price (Jacques Le Conte)-produced set will be led by first single 'Hung Up' in September/October. The 46-year-old queen of pop is currently mixing with the producers in Los Angeles, reports her official website.
Previously, it was thought 'I Love New York' would be the first single release, although it now seems that it will be a likely second or third single. However, the news regarding the Re-Invention tour DVD has been confirmed, with the tour package confirmed for release later this year. While Mirwais has taken the producers helm since 1998's Ray Of Light, Price's involvement began when he co-wrote X-Static Process on 2003's American Life, which led to him becoming the musical director for the 2004 Re-Invention Tour.
Madonna will shoot the album cover next month with Steven Klein, who is also expected to direct her new video. (source: SoundGenerator)

28 July - Liz Rosenberg about the new album
Don't believe those reports that Madonna is teaming up with Christina Aguilera. "Christina is working on an album in the [same] building [as Madonna] but they have not seen each other", Madonna's spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, tells The Scoop. She went on to debunk another rumor. "Gwen Stefani is not guesting on the record either. It's all Madonna, all the time - a total dance record called 'Confessions On A Dance Floor.' No ballads, no messages. Her fans will go insane when they hear it. It's back to Madonna the queen of the dance floor." (source: The Scoop)

28 July - Possible release date
Several sources are hinting at a mid-November release for the album Confessions On A Dance Floor.
MadonnaTribe reader Kent heard from sources close to Warner Denmark that the Danish release date is set for November 14. This date is also listed on the website of UK music retailer HMV where the album is currently available for pre-order. Meanwhile, Robster at the MadonnaMad forum has reported a general release date for the album on November 15th, 2005. An official announcement is expected soon.

28 July - Madonna 'Hung Up' on new single
Madonna has chosen "Hung Up" as the first single from her new album, Confessions On A Dance Floor.
No release dates have been unveiled for either item, but both are expected in the fall via Warner Bros. Madonna told ABC's "The View" in June that the new album is dominated by dance music and will likely be supported by a tour in 2006.
The set will be the follow-up to 2003's critically maligned album American Life, which debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200, but posted the lowest sales of any Madonna album to-date (657,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan).
Her official Web site says "Hung Up" was produced by Stuart Price, who previously served as the musical director on Madonna's 2004 Re-Invention Tour. That outing will be the subject of a DVD due out near year's end. (source: Reuters/Billboard)

27 July - Madonna plans Hung Up single
Madonna's first single from her new studio album will be called Hung Up.
Produced by Stuart Price, the track is taken from the 46-year-old's upcoming album titled Confessions On A Dance Floor expected in the autumn. The album is the follow-up to Madonna's 2003 American Life.
Madonna is currently in Los Angeles mixing the album and in mid-August she will reportedly shoot the album cover in the UK with Steven Klein who will also direct her new video.
A DVD featuring footage of Madonna on the Re-Invention Tour is also due by the end of the year. (source: Irish Examiner) 26 July - Official album and single title confirmation *official* is happy to announce the name of the first single off of the new album is called HUNG UP (produced by Stuart Price). The album, Confessions On A Dance Floor, will be released this fall.
~ Click here for all the facts & rumours on the new album.

23 July - Big screen gossip
Madonna and her quest for movie success continues at a fast pace... but she is now planning to hit the screen as a producer. While she may have been the undisputed star of the recent Live 8 show in London, as far as movies are concerned, Madonna's star doesn't shine so bright.
But she plans to rectify this by making a big-screen version of the life of Sixties singing legend Dusty Springfield - who scored worldwide success with tracks like I Only Want To Be With You. Madonna told my mole: "In order to work at the level I want in movies, I have to create my own vehicles. This is a story I can relate to well."
Not only will she produce the movie, but she's also hinted that she will take a small role... that of Dusty's manager. Fans of Musical Madonna, take note that her new album - provisionally called Confessions Of A Dance Floor - will be out towards the end of October this year. (source: Sky)

21 July - Rumoured new single title *rumour*
According to fansite Madonnatribe, Madonna is currently mixing her new album in Los Angeles with Stuart Price, and the first single will be called "Hung Up". Madonna will make the album photoshoot and the new video in mid-August in the UK with Steven Klein.

20 July - Tour costume exhibition?
Madonna has hired a team of fashion experts to catalogue her famous costumes.
The pop superstar has kept every outfit from her career and now she wants them all displayed and conserved.
She says, "I've kept everything - the Like A Virgin dress, pieces that (Jean-Paul) Gaultier made for the Blond Ambition Tour, all the costumes from all of my shows, all the dancers' costumes.
"My goal is a travelling exhibit, like the Jackie Kennedy show - not just costumes but video imagery and film and interviews and concert footage."
And Madonna has been careful to destroy any costume she doesn't want to keep: "We didn't want anything to end up on the internet." (source: Contactmusic)

19 July - Mad's bridle frown
Horse-ride star bans the public.
As if Madonna's bid to reinvent herself as an English country wife hasn't gone far enough, the queen of pop has now turned to horse riding...
But in true Madge style, it hasn't been without some diva-like behaviour.
We hear the 46-year-old star recently booked an hour-long lesson at the Stag Lodge Stables, in Richmond Park, South-West London.
And the novice rider quickly decreed that no one, apart from her instructor, should see her ride in the arena.
"Madonna didn't want to be recognised at all, so she booked the place out," says our source.
"She was adamant and insisted that she have the arena to herself."
Despite her uncharacteristic shyness, Madge was so taken with her latest pursuit that she even borrowed two nags from the stables, to ride at her country estate.
"Madge asked for two horses - Fifi and Phoenix. She also hired equipment, including hats, saddles, reins etc. After three days, the horses were sent back to the school.
"She seems really keen on riding now."
It's just the latest outdoor pursuit for the energetic mother-of-two, whose country base is £9million Ashcombe Park, in Wiltshire.
She recently took up shooting thanks to her fanatical husband, film director Guy Ritchie.
Madge first enrolled for clay pigeon shooting lessons at the West London Shooting School, in Northolt, Middlesex. She then splashed out on a pair of £20,000 guns from the Queen's supplier, James Purdey & Sons, as well as gear such as a Barbour tweed hunting vest, moleskin Burberry trousers, a £975 cashmere field coat, knee-length breeches and a £65 cashmere shooting cap.
Madge also hired an instructor and then hosted shooting parties on her 1,200-acre estate for guests including singing legend Sting, hard-man actor Vinnie Jones and restaurateur Marco Pierre-White.
"I skip the huge breakfast," she reveals.
"Once you eat it, I don't know how you can get up and move around. So I have my macrobiotic soup and then I go out and shoot some pheasants."
But Madge soon tired of blasting birds - she wasn't a good shot and tended to wound rather than kill - and said that the souls of the creatures they did manage to kill would come back to haunt them in a future life.
So now she has settled on a more animal-friendly option...
Along with horse riding, fitness fanatic Madge does yoga, has taken up karate and uses a Gyrotonic expansion rack to stretch and tone her muscles.
"She's already very muscly and the riding will firm up her thighs even more," continues our source.
"Madonna has really embraced country living and, after changing her mind about shooting, she feels riding is a much less brutal hobby."
Whatever next, thigh-high waders and a fishing rod? (source: 3am Mirror)

Vogue August 2005
19 July - Madonna shows Vogue her reinvented side
Madonna isn't the person she once was - and that's the way she wants it. These days, the former Material Girl spends more time with her two children than she does performing. She collects art instead of boyfriends, and she's traded in her leather and lace undergarments for more demure outfits.
In the August issue of Vogue magazine, Madonna is featured in a lengthy interview and a photo spread at the English country estate she shares with her children, 8-year-old Lourdes (Lola) and 4-year-old Rocco, and her director-husband, Guy Ritchie ("Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels").
The photos include Madonna feeding chickens on the lawns of Ashcombe wearing a cream-colored Grace Kelly-inspired chiffon dress and cashmere cardigan and playing dress-up with her children in her sitting room while wearing a yellow cashmere cardigan and multicolored polka-dot silk dress.
She shares her wedding album with writer Hamish Bowles, finally allowing an outsider to see her in her gown, an ivory duchesse satin dress with an hourglass corset bodice and crinoline skirts. (Madonna and Ritchie were married in December 2000.)
The 46-year-old singer-actress says she's different from the sexed-up star featured in 1991's "Madonna: Truth or Dare." In some ways, that film is hard for her to watch, she tells Vogue.
"I was a very selfish person. You go through periods of your life where the world does revolve around you, but you can't live your whole life that way," she is quoted as saying. "On the other hand, I kind of admire my spunk and directness!"
Madonna stars in a new documentary, "I'm Going to Tell You a Secret," that is due out later this year. She says the film "starts with the struggle of a dancer trying to get into a show" and ends with her visit to Israel.
The film also features parts of Madonna's most recent tour, called "Re-Invention." (source: AP News)

19 July - England is home, Madonna says
Don't look for Madonna to return to her Midwest roots anytime soon.
England, she tells the August Vogue, is home forever.
"The last thing I thought I would do is marry some laddish, shooting, pubgoing nature lover — and the last thing he thought he was going to do was marry some cheeky girl from the Midwest who doesn't take no for an answer!"
In the interview, which arrives Thursday, Madonna says she has mellowed. She says she wears sensible shoes around her country estate and caters to a beloved flock of chickens, and her children, Lola, 8, and Rocco, 4, don't watch TV.
She even shows off her whopping wedding album (until now seen only by her "closest friends") from her 2000 marriage to director Guy Ritchie. So, for the record: She was married in a traditional, cinched-waisted gown with a long train and veil.
She acknowledges that she didn't fall in love with England initially, but since meeting Ritchie, 36, Madonna, 46, has learned to ride horses, shoot and fish. Her preferred mode of transportation: bicycle. And she "could be a connoisseur of ales if I wanted to."
Ashcombe, the 1,000-acre estate the family calls home, was once the home of the late photographer Cecil Beaton, and Madonna says she and Ritchie were immediately in love with it.
"To me, Ashcombe is a reflection of me and my husband in many ways, because it reflects our willingness to make a commitment. Not necessarily to each other but to the idea of having a home somewhere, instead of living like gypsies." (source: USAToday)
18 July - Herb Ritts-outtake splash page is using a Herb Ritts outtake from 1989 as the splash page. The picture is also featuring on the cover of the 44th issue of ICON magazine.

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