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15 October - First chart appearances of Hung Up
Madonna's new single Hung Up is already played on some American radios and clubs. On next week's Billboard chart, the song will debut on the Hot Dance / Club Play chart at #25. Moreover, Hung Up had 178 spins on radio this week already so it debutes at #90 on the CHR/Pop radio Mediabase chart. (source: Mediabase)

15 October - Worldwide Hung Up premiere with Ryan Seacrest
A worldwide live radio special with Ryan Seacrest and Madonna is scheduled to take place on Monday, October 17 at noon ET / 5 pm GMT, it was announced today.
The 10-minute, commercial-free radio special will be presented by Ryan Seacrest Productions in association with Premiere Radio Networks and will be made available to all radio stations worldwide including Japan, Canada, and Australia, as well as Z100-FM/New York, WKTU-FM/New York, KIIS-FM/Los Angeles, KRBE-FM/Houston, and Y100-FM/Miami.
"Madonna's fans have anxiously awaited the release of this album. I am excited to bring her closer to radio audiences around the world live!", Ryan Seacrest said about this special event.
"Ryan's consistent ability to connect with the biggest names in entertainment and turn those moments into great radio never ceases to amaze me," said Kraig T. Kitchin, president of Premiere Radio Networks. (source: Premiere Radio Networks)

14 October - No Madonna iPod after all?
Madonna may not have gotten her own iPod, but she is getting her MTV.
There had been intense speculation that the Material Girl would debut a signature special-edition pink music player at an Apple press conference Wednesday. Instead, the company, which previously announced that Madonna's entire music and video catalog would exclusively be available on the iTunes Music Store, unveiled its video iPod.
But Madonna did have something up her sleeve, after all. She announced via press release that she had struck a landmark deal with MTV Networks to promote her upcoming album, Confessions On A Dance Floor, due Nov. 15.
Continue reading the article at E Online (which reprises most of yesterday's press release)

14 October - Madonna reveals 'good cop, bad cop' regime
Madonna has revealed how strict she is with her children.
The pop superstar is so tough with daughter Lourdes, nine, and son Rocco, four, that they are banned from watching TV, she told Harpers & Queen magazine.
If Lourdes leaves her clothes on the floor, they end up in a bin bag.
When the little girl throws a tantrum over what to wear, she is made to dress in the same outfit every day until she has learned her lesson.
Harpers & Queen Madonna, 46, said she operated a "good cop, bad cop' system with husband Guy Ritchie.
"I'm the disciplinarian, Guy's the spoiler,' she said. "When Daddy gets home, they're going to get chocolate.
"I'm more practical. I worry about their teeth, and make sure they're taking care of themselves and getting schoolwork done. That's not my husband's area of expertise. He's the fun guy.'
The woman who has cavorted on our screens in sexy videos and shocked TV viewers in 2003 by kissing Britney Spears during the MTV Video Awards said: "My kids don't watch TV. We have televisions but they're not hooked up to anything but movies.
"TV is trash. I was raised without it. I didn't miss anything. TV is poison. No-one even talks about it around here. We don't have magazines or newspapers in the house either.'
Talking about the punishments she has imposed in the family's London home, Madonna said: "I just take things away.
"I take privileges away. The kids get to watch movies every Sunday, so if they're naughty they get their movie taken away. They have to be particularly naughty for that one. If they're just a little naughty, then no stories before bed.'
When Lourdes fails to pick up her clothes from the bedroom floor "we take all of her clothes and put them in a bin bag, and they get stuck somewhere, and she has to earn all of her clothes back by being tidy, picking things up in her room, making her bed in the morning, hanging up her clothes, stuff like that", the singer said.
Her clothes also get taken away if she has tantrums over which outfit to wear: "We have got down to one outfit. She wears the same outfit every day to school until she learns her lesson."
The whole family follow a strict diet based around whole grains, fish and vegetables.
"We're a TV and dairy-free house," she said.
Madonna revealed her new ambition is to write a children's TV series for young girls, a companion to her children's books, which are based on Kabbalah.
"My ultimate goal is to have a TV series, and each episode would be about girls finding themselves in challenging situations," she explained.
The full interview appears in the November issue of Harpers & Queen. (source: Irish Examiner)
~ Thx to Madonnalicious for the scan of the cover

13 October - Promo tour schedule and setlist *rumour*
DrownedMadonna has posted following details on Madonna's European promotional tour. Madonna will be joined on stage by her whole band (as happened at LIVE8). Lisa and Donna are in talks to be the background singers.
03/11/2005 - EMAs 2005 in Lisbon - Portugal
05/11/2005 - Wetten, Dass? - Germany
08/11/2005 - Parkinson Tv show - UK
10/11/2005 - Live webcast show in Paris - France
14/11/2005 - KoKo Nighclub, former Camden Palace - London, UK
16/11/2005 - Radio or Tv show in Italy
18/11/2005 - Children in need Tv show on BBC - London, UK
19/11/2005 - Gig at G-A-Y club - London
Keep in mind this is not definitive but the actual schedule as for now.
Rumour has it that Madonna is rehearsing the following songs for her promo tour:
- Hung Up
- Everybody
- I Love New York
- Let It Will Be
- Get Together
Meanwhile, Madonnalicious reports that the Roxy in New York City denied earlier rumours of a Madonna performance at their club.

13 October - VH1 gives 'Secret' preview
Check the VH1 website now for an exclusive 10 minute preview of Madonna's tour documentary 'I'm Going to Tell You A Secret'. You can see parts of the creative process of the Re-Invention Tour, with Madonna and Stuart Price working on The Beast Within while talking about God. There's also a large part showing the auditions of the dancers and the tour rehearsals. Madonna can be seen rehearsing a rock version of I'm So Stupid, a song that she later cut from the tour setlist (unfortunately, coz it sounds great!).
'I'm Going to Tell You A Secret' will premiere next week on the MTV networks.
~ Check Madonnalicious and DrownedMadonna for screen grabs of the preview.

13 October - Hung Up radio debut
Madonna's new single will premiere on radio next Monday 17 October at 5:00pm (UK time), worldwide. Radio One will take up the honours for the UK airing. A day later it will be available for download on iTunes. This is a unique event with the track being aired simultaneously worldwide. (source: Madonnalicious)
~ Meanwhile, the radio edit of Hung Up has been leaked online and can be found for download on several Madonna forums.

13 October - Call to confess
1-888-2-CONFESS The WBR website is advertising a new phone number in the US, which promotes the new album. Call 1-888-2-CONFESS to confess your sins to Madonna.

13 October - Warner press release
On her highly anticipated new Warner Bros. Records release, Confessions On A Dance Floor, Madonna brilliantly re-invents dance music for our time. A stunning creative leap into the dazzling dimension of 'future disco,' these dozen new originals simultaneously capture the spontaneous thrill of the iconic superstar's early hits.
Set to arrive in stores November 15th, and featuring the debut single Hung Up, scheduled for release October 17th, Confessions On A Dance Floor once again establishes Madonna's preeminent place on the international club scene. It's a mesmerizing sound that evokes and embellishes all the excitement, energy and innovation that first set her apart as a dance music pioneer over two decades ago.
While Madonna's recent music has explored her thoughts and feelings on everything from spirituality to politics, Confessions On A Dance Floor is, in the artist's own words, "about having a good time straight through and non-stop. I want people to jump out of their seats."
A genuine global superstar, packing stadiums worldwide with her astonishing stage spectacles, Madonna, a multi-Grammy winner, has made music history with international sales of over 200 million albums. Her enormous influence has spanned 33 number one dance hits; five chart topping albums and 46 Top 40 singles and 20 MTV Video Music Awards.

Recorded earlier this year in London, Confessions On A Dance Floor was primarily co-produced and co-written by Madonna and Stuart Price. Also known as Les Rythmes Digitales and Jaques Le Cont, Price is one of the UK's most electrifying young DJs and remix wizards, who initially forged a creative partnership with Madonna as her Musical Director on both the 2001 Drowned World and 2003's Re-Invention tours.
"This is music that just comes naturally to her," explains Price, whose home studio served as the setting for the freewheeling writing and recording sessions. "The songs flowed very quickly. Madonna was interested in capturing the moment because, when all is said and done, it's that instinctive joy of rhythm and movement that comes across best on the dance floor."

Also collaborating on Madonna's first new release in over two years is Mirwais Ahmadzai and the Grammy-winning duo of Bloodshy and Avant, as well as Anders Bagge and Peer Astrom of the Murlyn Music Collective and Joe Henry, whose previous Madonna credits include Don't Tell Me.
Confessions On A Dance Floor selections include the above-mentioned Hung Up, which includes a sample of Abba's classic "Gimme Gimme," as well as dance-themed cuts Get Together, Sorry, Future Lovers, I Love New York, Let It Will Be, Forbidden Love, Jump, How High, Isaac, Push and Like It Or Not. The entire CD is seamlessly segued in a classic dance club format.

Madonna's first scheduled TV appearance will be on October 17th when she will pay a visit to MTV's TRL studio, where she will introduce her new single for the first time.

MTV, as part of a multi-faceted agreement with the artist, is also scheduled to air Madonna's new documentary "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" on October 21st with subsequent airings on the VH-1 and Logo Networks. "Secret" tells the story of the artist's journey on and offstage during her recent Re-Invention Tour and shows an artist at the peek of her creative powers while she balances the joys of work, family, friends and her spiritual journey.
A cultural innovator of astonishing diversity and enduring appeal, Madonna has defined our era with her sound, style and vision that has inspired countless artists and fans around the globe. In the process she has pioneered a new model of creative empowerment, overseeing a multi-faceted career that encompasses virtually every aspect of contemporary culture. (source: MarketWire)

13 October - MTV press release
MTV Networks Music/Logo Group's television, online, broadband and wireless platforms will be the exclusive outlets to preview all things Madonna celebrating her eagerly awaited new album, Confessions On A Dance Floor. Madonna's very first appearance in support of the new album is scheduled on MTV's "Total Request Live" Monday, October 17th, offering fans a first-listen to the hotly anticipated single Hung Up simultaneous to the single's release at radio.

MTV MTV Networks' program offerings surrounding Warner Bros. Records November 15th release of Confessions On A Dance Floor mark a multiplatform milestone for the company. MTV, VH1, Logo, MTV Overdrive (, VH1 Vspot (,,,, *MTV on Virgin Mobile, MTV Hits, VH1 Classic, VH1 Mobile and other content-driven platforms will each offer fans the ability to celebrate the music from one of the world's biggest artists via multiple mediums. Today's announcement further solidifies an unprecedented relationship between MTV Networks and Madonna that has spanned over two decades, and included groundbreaking music videos, legendary interviews, historic performances and 20 Video Music Awards wins over the years, including the coveted Video Vanguard Award recognizing her entire catalog of music videos.

"We've pulled out all the stops for Madonna's new release, offering fans exclusive content on handsets, the internet, on broadband as well as multiple TV shows. There is simply no better artist to break new multiplatform ground than the always provocative Madonna," said Van Toffler, President, MTV Networks Music/Logo Group. "We're honored that she chose MTV, VH1 and Logo as the exclusive outlets for her movie, 'I'm Going To Tell You a Secret,' which reveals how she, as a person, and her music have evolved since Truth or Dare."

The video for Madonna's new single Hung Up, directed by Johan Renck, will World Premiere in late October on VH1 with airings the same day on MTV's TRL, Logo, MTV Hits and VH1 Classic. Additionally, MTV News and VH1 News will be the first outlets to conduct in-depth interviews with the Material Girl around the album's release.

"I'm Going to Tell You A Secret," Madonna's new documentary film, covering her journey on and off stage during her Re-Invention Tour will debut on MTV Friday, October 21 and air on VH1 and Logo the next week. A ten-minute sneak peek of the new documentary will be available on-demand on Vspot, VH1's broadband entertainment service, beginning today, Wednesday, October 12th.

"With so many highlights of my career having taken place on MTV and VH1 and then with the addition of their new Logo network, it just made perfect sense to air it for my fans on those outlets," Madonna remarked. "It's not merely that they provide platforms for reaching the widest possible audience, it's also about sharing a vision. MTV and I have grown up together. We understand and respect each other. Their fans are my fans and vice versa. Simply put: they get it."
The video's premiere and presentation of her documentary film complement an extensive multiplatform celebration of Madonna's new studio album, which also includes exclusive on-line content, audio streams, on-demand broadband access and the first master ring tone off her upcoming release. The exclusive programming content is expansive and caters to the unique demographics serviced by each of the MTV Networks brands.

* WIRELESS -- Madonna fans have had first opportunity to purchase the exclusive ring tone for Hung Up a full month prior to the singles release. The master tone is available via *MTV on Virgin Mobile, or at the VH1 Mobile store on In addition to the ring tone, exclusive and original wireless content will include music videos, interviews and behind-the-scenes clips from Madonna's appearances on MTV and VH1.

* BROADBAND -- Twenty-four hours after the October premiere of Hung Up, the video will be available to fans on-demand for an exclusive 48-hour window on broadband video networks MTV Overdrive and VH1's Vspot. Both Overdrive and Vspot will create original content and programming celebrating the release including on-demand interviews, music videos and a Sneak Peek of "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" beginning October 17.

* ONLINE -- Madonna fans can exclusively preview her anticipated new CD when's 'The Leak,''s 'Hear Music First' and's 'Out First' stream all twelve tracks from Confessions On A Dance Floor in their entirety beginning November 8, one full week prior to the album's November 15 release.'s "Out First," the newest addition to MTV Networks multiplatform outlets, offers the GLBT audience a unique and distinct online space to celebrate music and artists.

Full details and airdates of the original programming around the release of Confessions On A Dance Floor will be announced shortly. (source: Yahoo! Biz)

13 October - MTV to premiere Madonna videos, film
There will be a Madonna-thon of sorts on MTV's networks over the next few weeks. The pop queen, who is due to release a new album next month, will appear on MTV's "Total Request Live" on Monday to play her single Hung Up.
Then, on Oct. 21, the network will premiere her new documentary, "I'm Going to Tell You a Secret," which chronicles her exploits during last year's The Re-Invention Tour. The film will air the following week on VH1 and Logo, the new network geared toward gays and lesbians.
VH1 will have the world premiere of her Hung Up video later this month. MTV's various networks also will air the video, along with interviews with the 47-year-old singer.
"With so many highlights of my career having taken place on MTV and VH1 and then with the addition of their new Logo network, it just made perfect sense to air it for my fans on those outlets," Madonna said in a statement Wednesday.
Confessions On A Dance Floor, her new album, is set for release Nov. 15. (source: AP)

13 October - Madonna in the iPink with iPod
Get into the groove — the newest addition to the iPod family is expected to be a pink nano loaded with all of Madonna's hits.
iPod Apple plans to unveil the new vanity version of its razor-thin music player today in San Jose, Calif., according to industry insiders.
The pink music player would be the first artist-backed iPod since U2 lent its name and music to a jet-black special edition last year.
Rumors about the Material Pod have been circulating on the Internet faster than the latest iTune. Gadget-watcher Jonathan Dusing even snatched up the Web address in hopes of cashing in on the craze.
"They don't have any colored iPods anymore," said Dusing, an Arizona computer technician. "I think the pink ones would do pretty well."
The new iPod is being unveiled a month after the company introduced the iPod nano along with the ROKR iTunes cellphone from Motorola. (source: Fox News)

13 October - Madonna delivers dance music for a new generation
Madonna re-invents dance music for this day and age with her newest album Confessions On A Dance Floor. The entire CD is segued together nonstop in the classic dance club format, and is her first release in over two years.
The singer describes her newest album as "about having a good time straight through and non-stop. I want people to jump out of their seats."
Madonna's latest album was recorded earlier this year in London and primarily co-produced and co-written by Madonna and Stuart Price. Price is known for his DJ and remix skills in the U.K., and served as her Musical Director on her Drowned World and Re-Invention tours.
"This is music that just comes naturally to her," said Price. "The songs flowed very quickly. Madonna was interested in capturing the moment because, when all is said and done, it's that instinctive joy of rhythm and movement that comes across best on the dance floor."
Also collaborating on the CD is Mirwais Ahmadzai and Grammy-winning duo of Bloodshy and Avant, as well as Anders Bagge and Peer Astrom of the Murlyn Music Collective and Joe Henry, who contributed to Don't Tell Me.
Madonna will make a series of TV appearances in support of Confessions On A Dance Floor. Her first scheduled TV appearance is on October 17 on MTV's Total Request Live where the singer will introduce her new single, Hung Up, to the public for the first time. MTV will also air her new documentary, I'm Going To Tell You A Secret, on October 21. The documentary will tell the story of her journey on and offstage during her Re-Invention Tour.
Confessions On A Dance Floor is set to be released on November 15. (source: FMQB)

13 October - Madonna says sorry to Kabbalah followers
Madonna is to make a public apology to London Kabbalah followers after she "sinned" against the mystic Jewish faith on her forthcoming album.
The star, who will reportedly face "punishment from the heavens" for dedicating new song 'Isaac' to a Kabbalist scholar.
Rabbi Rafael Cohen - head of an Israeli seminary named after 16th century rabbi and scholar Yitzhak Luria - says to profit from his name is strictly forbidden.
He told Israel's Maariv newspaper: "Jewish law forbids the use of the name of the holy rabbi for profit. Her act is just simply unacceptable and I can only sympathize for her because of the punishment she is going to receive from the heavens."
Rabbi Israel Deri is demanding Madonna - who converted to Kabbalah after being raised a Catholic - be expelled from the faith for desecrating the late scholar's name.
He said: "Such a woman brings great sin on Kabbalah.
"I hope that we will have the strength to prevent her from bringing sin upon the holiness of the rabbi Luria." (source: Tonight)

12 October - London gig to promote album? *rumour*
Fansite DrownedMadonna hints that Madonna will be doing a special gig in London on November 14th for the launch of the album. No details are available yet but it should be something very special. Fans will be excited to hear that this may not be the only show she is doing in London. 12 October - Motorola splash page has a new splash page, promoting the Motorola ROKR mobile phone and the Hung Up ring tone. There are also links to iTunes and to the ICON contest for the MTV preview of 'I'm Going To Tell You A Secret', which unfortunately leaves fans outside the US in the cold...

10 October - Hung Up single cover

Warner Music Germany has posted the cover artwork for Hung Up.
The single has the following tracklist:
1. Hung Up (Radio Edit)
2. Hung Up (Tracy Young's Get Up And Dance Groove Edit)
3. Hung Up (SDP Extended Vocal)
Hung Up single cover
And according to MadonnaTribe, the maxi single contains following remixes:
1. Hung Up - Album Version
2. Hung Up - Radio Version
3. Hung Up - Tracy Young Get Up and Dance Groove Mix
4. Hung Up - Tracy Young Get Up and Dance Groove Mix Edit
5. Hung Up - SDP Extended Vocal Mix
6. Hung Up - SDP Vocal Mix Edit

10 October - Madonna is Master @ work on StuBru
In anticipation of her upcoming new album Confessions On A Dance Floor, Madonna will be 'Master @ Work' at Belgian radio station Studio Brussel. This means you can hear lotsa Madonna songs this week, with extra information and commentary on her career. You can also listen online at their website (click on "luister live").

09 October - Album info sheet
Album info sheet Here's the official album info sheet, which seems to answer the confirm that the title is Confessions On A Dance Floor, so dance floor in two words. It also mentions the promotion details, and it confirms the additional track Fighting Spirit on the limited edition (released december 13th). (scan by Madonnalife)

09 October - Apple to introduce Madonna iPod
Apple will introduce a Madonna-branded iPod nano Thursday (October 12) when the company makes several major product announcements. The company, which entered into a similar agreement with U2 last year, is expected to introduce the pink-colored version of the nano… (source: Groovevolt)

09 October - Song 'Isaac' already stirs controversy
Word that Madonna's upcoming album includes a paean to a 16th-century Jewish mystic has prompted the rabbis who guard his legacy to accuse the pop idol of sacrilege and hint at divine punishment.
The Confessions On A Dance Floor collection includes a song titled Isaac -- in reference, entertainment media say, to Rabbi Isaac Luria, founder of the Kabbalah school of mysticism which counts Madonna, 47, as one of its devotees.
The custodians of Luria's tomb and seminary in the northern Israeli town of Safed accused her of breaking a taboo.
"There is a prohibition in Jewish law against using the holy name of our master, the Sage Isaac, for profit," the seminary's director, Rabbi Rafael Cohen, told the Israeli newspaper Maariv on Sunday.
"This is an inappropriate act, and one can feel only pity at the punishment that she (Madonna) will receive from Heaven. The Sage Isaac is holy and pure, and immodest people cannot sing about him," he said.
Catholic-born Madonna, famed for her racy lyrics and on-stage antics, has drawn frequent censure from ultra-Orthodox Jews who say her embrace of Kabbalah debases their religion.
Deemed especially provocative was Madonna's music video for Die Another Day, in which she wove phylacteries around her arm, a custom usually reserved for Jewish men, before escaping from an electric chair on which Hebrew letters spelling out one of the 72 names of God appeared.
"This kind of woman wreaks an enormous sin upon the Kabbalah," said Rabbi Yisrael Deri, caretaker of Luria's tomb. (source: Reuters)

09 October - Madonna back in the saddle
You can't keep a good woman down for long... especially Madonna.
The Queen of Pop broke her ribs, shoulder blade and little finger out riding on her 47th birthday in August.
But just two months later she is back in the saddle with the help of Olympic horseman William Fox-Pitt, 36, and was yesterday also fit enough to do a pilates class. My spy tells me: "Madonna is taking it one step at a time following her accident. But she has always been very ambitious when she has her heart set on something. Following her accident, she's decided to get some extra help from William Fox-Pitt as he's one of the best riders and trainers in the country.
"She's passionate about riding and knows that he is the man who can help her master the craft." Husband Guy Ritchie, 37, was said to be "mortified" after her accident - the horse she fell from was a birthday present from him.
But just days later, Madonna insisted: "As soon as the doctors give me the OK, I expect to be right back on a horse and ride again. I'm grateful and overwhelmed by everyone's good wishes."
Last year Fox-Pitt and the Great Britain team won a silver medal at the Olympics in Athens. He was also crowned champion at Badminton. She couldn't be in better hands... (source: Sunday Mirror)

08 October - 'Sorry' and 'Hung Up' reviews
Madonnafan John Marrs had the priviledge to heard the full versions of Sorry and Hung Up and has shared his experience with fansite DrownedMadonna:
"Before I go into detail there's a couple of things you need to bear in mind....
1. I only heard Hung Up twice and Sorry once.
2. I couldn't take notes at the time, so everything is based on memory and some notes I made on the tube on the way back to the office and hour and a half later.
3. Sorry has been confirmed as almost definitely the second single. No news on release dates.

Hung Up
It's a belter. Classic Madonna at her best. But we know that already.
The version I heard was the album version. It starts off with a ticking clock and Madonna singing 'Time goes by so slowly' over and over again.
Behind her is the quiet muffled instrumental with a subtle drum beat, and gradually it becomes clearer and louder and it's the Gimme Gimme Gimme flute loop.
After 45 seconds the whole instrumental kicks in full force and thumps along. After about a minute, the vocal kicks in with the chorus 'Every little thing that you say or do…'
After about 3 and a half minutes, it goes into the instrumental break - kind of like the original of Gimme Gimme Gimme but without the orchestration.
The it goes muffled again and almost fades out completely, before the clock ticking starts again and the vocals kick in and then the music continues.
It fades out after about 5 mins 30 seconds, but the clock ticking continues and alarm goes off and leads you into the next track.
It's a tad slower than the internet download I heard of the song, but only a tiny bit.
She sticks very much to the original Gimme Gimme Gimme tune, its very faithful, but without sounding like a cover. 'Inspired by' I think would be the correct phrase.
The only time it deviates from the Gimme Gimme Gimme template is with the line 'I can't keep on waiting for you/ I know that you're still hesitating…" etc.
There's a hint of Gwen Stefani's What You Waiting For, but listen to the whole thing as it's soon clear it's just a hint, not a rip off.
Possible the most infectious song I've heard from Madonna since Ray Of Light, it really doesn't disappoint. I image in the edited single version to work really well and give it a faster feel than the album version, but this version doesn't drag on or anything.

Ok, this is a less detailed review. This is the second song I heard, before Hung Up was played again and my memory is crap so sorry for the lack of details.
It has a very Euro style dance-beat to it, the main verses seems to use a piano keyboard throughout, mainly the deeper notes (I dunno what the technical term is, sorry!) which add to the bass.
It starts with orchestration, a bit like Paradise. Other reports are correct, she's saying something in a variety of languages and that's how the song kicks off, not sure if it's I'm Sorry or something else. There's a vocoder used on these vocals, sounding more like something from Daft Punk than from Nobody's Perfect. Only the bits in foreign languages are vocodered - the rest of the vocals are all sung normally.
They lyrics are kind of sad, and although the tune is very dance orientated, it's not a happy Kylie style upbeat tune.
The song ends once again with her saying I'm sorry in different languages and the vocals gradually slow down and get a little deeper. It's about 4mins 40 seconds long.
It's a great choice for a single, it's doesn't for me have the 'wow' factor like Hung Up, but it's a very strong dance track and very very commercial.
It then goes into the next song, which I believe is Future Lovers. I only heard 12 seconds of this and it sounded very much like Donna Summer's I Feel Love, which I think has already been reported."

08 October - Madonna hosting exclusive MTV preview of documentary
Madonna's got a new tour documentary coming out, and she's given MTV a special fans-only screening that you can't pass up. Get a sneak peak of Madonna's new behind-the-scenes and on-stage film "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" in New York City on Tuesday, Oct. 18th. Even better, Madonna herself will host the screening!
Just enter MTV's "Tell Me A Secret" Contest and you could be one of the lucky fans to see Madonna's new tour documentary before anyone else! These tickets are not for sale (and travel to New York is not included). There are only a limited amount of tickets to win, so act now...and of course, you can bring a guest!
Do you want to know Madonna's secret? Enter now to find out! You must be at least 18 and a legal resident of the United States to enter. (source: MTV)

"I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" will premiere on MTV on Friday, October 21 at 10 pm.
Two days before, on October 19, MTV's Overdrive will air an exclusive 10 minute preview of Madonna's tour documentary.
Meanwhile, MTV2 will air Madonna's first live performance ever of her new single Hung Up live from Lisbon on Thursday, November 3, and the full Confessions On A Dance Floor album will debut on The Leak on starting Monday, November 7 as part of MTV's Spankin' New Music Week a week before it hits the stores.

Here's a recap of Madonna on MTV on October and November 2005:
October 18: "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" - Special screening in NYC.
October 19: "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" - Ten minute preview on MTV's Overdrive.
October 21: "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" - World Premiere on MTV at 10 pm.
November 3: Hung Up - Live at the EMAs in Lisbon on MTV2 at 3 pm.
November 7: Confessions On A Dance Floor - World Premiere on The Leak on
(source: MadonnaTribe)

07 October - & ICON get a design make-over
The album Confessions On A Dance Floor is not the only new Madonna creation this fall, & ICON are getting a complete new design make over. That's right! All new content and special features will be available starting October 17, 2005! To make the launch of the new site and fan club even more special, ICON has teamed up with Motorola to bring ICON members an exciting new contest! Can't give you anymore details right now, but stay tuned because & Motorola have a "secret" to share ... (source:

07 October - Liz compares COAD to LAP & ROL albums
Was it the ventriloquists? Madonna has said no to an offer to perform for Queen Elizabeth at her Royal Variety Show next month. "Too old-fashioned," she sniffed. But she will perform her upcoming single on the MTV Awards in Europe, says her spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg, who adds, "People who have heard [Confessions On A Dance Floor] put it on the level of her Like a Prayer and Ray of Light albums." (source: NY Daily News, Rush&Molloy's column)

07 October - Madonna rejects audience with the Queen
Pop superstar Madonna has turned down the chance to perform for British monarch Queen Elizabeth II.
The British-based singer was invited to sing at this year's (05) Royal Variety Performance - an annual charity show featuring host of big UK stars that has been put on, in the presence of the reigning monarch since 1912.
But Madonna isn't interested in the show, which will take place in Cardiff, Wales, next month (NOV 05), because it's "too old fashioned". (source: ContactMusic)

07 October - Madonna sends Ashton and Demi his 'n' hers apology gift
Madonna has sent newlyweds Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher his 'n' hers bracelets as a wedding gift.
Demi Moore and her cute husband Ashton Kutcher The pop queen sent the matching jewellery, worth £5,000 each, to her fellow Kabbalah followers to apologise for missing their recent nuptials.
Madonna was invited to the couple's Kabbalah-themed wedding, but couldn't go because she was still in pain from her recent horse-riding accident.
Demi and Ashton wed last month in a "last-minute" ceremony a private Beverly Hills home.
The ceremony was blessed by Kabbalah rabbi Eitan Yardeni and Ashton cried when the couple exchanged vows they had written themselves.
Demi's ex-husband Bruce Willis was among the 100 guests, which also included her 'Charlie's Angels' co-star Lucy Liu and Ashton's 'That 70s Show' co-star Wilmer Valderrama.
Bruce and Demi's three daughters, Rumer, 17, Scout, 14, and Tallulah, 11, were also in attendance.
This is the third time Demi has walked down the aisle - as well as being married to Bruce, who she split from in 1998, the stunning actress previously wed singer Freddie Moore. (source: Tonight)

07 October - Ritchie - not a Madonna fan
Madonna and Guy Ritchie regularly row over music, because he's not a fan of her songs.
Ritchie always offers his advice to his superstar spouse, but admits he doesn't always say what the Material Girl wants to hear.
The director says, "I'm not your typical Madonna fan. Do I listen to the wife's music? Do I have a choice?
"I like to think she values my opinion - although I'm not sure she does." (source: ContactMusic)

06 October - Madge on Oprah
Will Oprah join the kabbala cabal?
Madonna has been talking up the mystical form of Judaism to the already-spiritual talk-show queen for two years, in hopes that her fellow icon could help bring the Artist Occasionally Known as Esther's belief system to mainstream America, according to our source.
Madonna and Oprah in 2003 The U.K.-based pop star has sent Oprah books and E-mails about kabbala, a spy tells us, but Angela De Paul in Oprah's office told us she wasn't aware that her boss had received any of the red-string propaganda.
In a country where conservative Christians have shown their might in recent years, an endorsement of kabbala by Winfrey, who has 9 million loyal viewers, would have a powerful effect. Her seal of approval has boosted everything from book sales to her own upcoming Broadway musical, "The Color Purple."
Madonna knows that, and that's why she's chosen Oprah's show for her first interview since she took a tumble off a horse, our source says.
Her Madgesty's reportedly going to let Oprah bring cameras into her British country manor to see how the other 0.000001% lives, and she'll also perform two numbers from her upcoming CD, Confessions On A Dance Floor.
For those who crave more, the diva's designing her own iPod, loaded with every recording she's ever made, and - call out the New York faithful - she's planning a concert here for MTV, sources tell us. (source: NY Daily News)

05 October - Confessions limited edition to contain bonus track? *rumour*
According to fansite MadonnaTribe the Limited Edition for Madonna's new album Confessions On A Dance Floor is set to contain a Bonus Track not included in the regular album release.
According to the current listings of Warner Music Group, the bonus track will be called "Fighting Spirit".
Details about the Limited Edition have not been announced yet, but it is understood that it will contain a one-month introductory membership to Madonna's fan club.
Warner has also changed the release date for the album's Limited Edition, that is now set for December 13 2005.
Confessions will be released as CD, LP, Limited Edition CD and Digital Music Download.
The album will receive a massive TV and print advertising campaign, and street, online and club marketing will be extensive.

05 October - MTV on Madonna's EMA performance
Madonna has been confirmed to perform at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2005 on November 3rd in Lisbon, it was announced today. She will be debuting the first worldwide live TV performance of her upcoming single Hung Up.
The legendary icon will join a stellar lineup of previously announced talent including Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Robbie Williams and The Black Eyed Peas. The show will be hosted by Sacha Baron Cohen's character "Borat", live from the Atlantic Pavilion in Lisbon, Portugal.
Madonna, whose unprecedented career spans over two decades, has virtually defined the video medium. She has garnered more than 55 top 10 hits (in the UK), 15 multi-platinum platinum albums and has won 4 MTV Europe Music Awards. In the US, Madonna has received a staggering 20 MTV Music Video Awards including the prestigious "Video Vanguard" award.
The Material Girl's new album, Confessions On A Dance Floor, the most highly anticipated album of 2005, will be released on November 14th, 11 days after her MTV Europe Music Awards performance.
"Madonna is the world's most celebrated artist and we are delighted that she will be joining us in Lisbon. Her performance of Hung Up will deliver one of the most memorable moments of this year's MTV Europe Music Awards," commented Harriett Brand, SVP, Music, MTV Networks International.
No stranger to the MTV Europe Music Awards, Madonna dazzled audiences at the Awards in Milan in 1998 with a stunning rendition of Power Of Goodbye, where she also won awards for Best Female and Best Album for Ray Of Light. Two years later, at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2000 in Stockholm, Madonna performed Music and won awards for Best Dance and Best Female.
Sponsored by LG Mobile and Replay Blue Jeans, the MTV Europe Music Awards will air to a potential worldwide audience of more than 1 billion people.
MTV Europe Music Awards 2005 leading nominees include Coldplay and Gorillaz with 5 nominations, Gwen Stefani with 4 nominations and 50 Cent, Green Day, James Blunt, Snoop Dogg and U2 with 3 nominations apiece. (source: MTV Asia)

05 October - Madonna's favourite tipple revealed
Madonna's secret tonic for getting over her recent injuries has been revealed.
The singer is reportedly having barrels of her favourite real ale delivered to her home.
While most are happy popping down to the pub, the Material Girl has 72-pint barrels of Timothy Taylor's Landlord bitter delivered to her Wiltshire home from the brewery in West Yorkshire, according to the Sun newspaper.
A brewery spokesman wouldn't reveal how many barrels she gets through, but said: "It's a jolly good beer and a lot of girls like it."
Madonna broke several bones in a horseriding accident in August, but has vowed to get back in the saddle as soon as her injuries heal.
"As soon as doctors give me the okay, I expect to be right back on a horse and riding again," the 47-year-old singer told The Sun newspaper.
Fans at the recent film premiere of husband Guy Ritchie's new film, Revolver, turned on the star when the couple walked past the 2,000 crowd waiting to see their hero.
The film has been universally panned by critics. (source: Yahoo!)

04 October - ICON's Johann on new album
Johann, the man behind Icon magazine and the Official Madonna Fanclub, has spoken for the first time about Madonna's new album.
In the forum on the official fanclub website he said the following:
"Ok, so I'm gonna give you just a few clues because I want you to discover the whole thing on your own, which is so much better when it comes to a new album, right? It is Upbeat, Energetic. It's all about dance because let's face it, she is the one who taught us how to express ourselves!! What I can say is that it will get your adrenaline going from the very first notes. And last, but not least, once you'll have heard the songs, they won't get out of your head for days. It's pure Madonna through and through. It will make you wanna dance instantly, that's for sure!!!" (source: DrownedMadonna, MIR)

04 October - EMA performance officially announced! *official*
The world will be watching on November 3rd, 2005 when Madonna performs the first single off of her new album for the first time in front of an audience! is announcing that Madonna will be onstage in Lisbon singing Hung Up at the 2005 Europe Music Awards. Further promotional events are being scheduled for the week of November 7 in Europe. Stay tuned to for more information on the upcoming events! (source:

03 October - Hung Up clip on splash page is updated with a new disco ball splash page which plays the chorus of Madonna's upcoming single Hung Up with the lyrics displayed in karaoke style.

03 October - Another preview party spoiler
Mark G reports in the latest MIR: "I was able to attend a private listening party for COADF earlier this week. Here are some info tidbits for you."
- The VP of Warner Music International arrived by plane around 10am - and by 12.30 was playing the copy protected cd to us! They actually had trouble getting it to play on their amazing sound system due to all the copy protection. If a copy of the cd leaks - they can track what person had that copy of the cd! So it seems to me that the cd getting leaked too early is kinda impossible - but if it does - someone is either getting sued or fired.

- Sometime between Nov. and Dec. 2005 Madonna intends to do some promo appearances - could possibly be a club gig in various cities!

- When the single is aired on Oct 17th it will come right after an interview that she will most likely do with Ryan Seacrest to be played with the single premiere on radio.

- The photo that we heard about earlier this month on SG with Madonna posing with a chair is among possible liner note graphics. There were about 8 photos in that set with her in a white dress and posing with the chair. I was shown a portfolio of about 30 images - 4 themes/costumes of images taken by Steven Meisel for album promo. 2 images will be used for cardboard standees - Madonna standing in pose - wearing a red dress - very Liza Minelli looking dress from the 70's. Other outfits were a bright orange disco pantsuit thing with her posing in front of a wall of mirrors - this set of images included the only 'yoga pose' with her lying on her back - legs bent over to her head and holding a disco ball in her hands and feet. Another outfit was light blue short pants and top - crawling on a floor like the one in Saturday Night Fever - all squares and lit up with white lights from below. Surprisingly, she was blonde in all - the red hair seems to be just for cd cover.

- The NEXT single is Sorry - the 3rd track. In this song she says I'm Sorry in multiple languages.

- They had no details to share re: promotions other than a possible 1-800-CONFESS number - it's currently working in the USA apparently. Confession Boxes of some kind also mentioned as possible promo idea.

- In the 4th track, Future Lovers, she does a lot of talking as opposed to outright singing. Like a Bedtime Stories kinda feel to it.

- In the 5th track I Love New York there's some lyrics along the lines of "I Love New York, In other places , I feel like a dork"

- At the end of the Hung Up single there is an alarm clock that goes off - a ringing clanging sound - that mixes into the next song. The CD is one continuous non-stop mix. I thought it worked well - kept the energy going.

- The best I can describe the whole cd is to compare it to Ray Of Light - but no ballads - all club thumping orchestral techno/disco upbeat dance music.

- They mentioned that Madonna said she was in a lot better mind set during the making of this cd as oposed to the American Life cd. This led to COADF to really reflect her positive energy.

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