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15 June - Get Together gets animated video
Get Together video The video for Get Together gets its premiere this week. Or rather, the videos. There are two versions of the video, both animated. One will be available for online streaming, the other for TV broadcast. Since Madonna has been busy with her Confessions Tour, she didn't record a new studio video. Instead Warner used imagery from her performance at London's Koko Club in November, which was then digitally reworked as a cool animation video, which reminds of the video style used by Air and Daft Punk. You can download one version at RapidShare. US residents can watch the video on The German premiere is expected today between 3 and 4pm. (screengrabs taken from MIR)
~ In related news, Get Together is likely to miss the Billboard Hot 100...

15 June - More presale tickets for Prague
ICON is pleased to offer more pre-sale tickets to all qualifying members who were enrolled prior to Sun, Apr 2nd at 11:59 PM (PST) for the following shows:
Wed, Sept 6th - Sazka Arena, Prague, CZ
Begins Wed, June 14th at 9 AM local time (12 AM PST)
Ends Thurs, June 15th 5 PM local time (8 AM PST)

15 June - Madonna teaming up with Lohan?
Madonna and Lindsay Lohan are planning an unlikely duet, according to US reports. The odd couple have reportedly become new best friends due to their links to Kabbalah, and now they're in secret talks to record a tune together, according to America's In Touch magazine. And, according to insiders, the couple also plan to appear in a movie together. A source says, "They're helping each other. Madonna's giving Lindsay advice on her music career, and she wants to work on a film with Madonna too." The insider also tells the publication that Madonna and Lohan are planning a trip to Israel together once the Material Girl's Confessions world tour is over. (source: ContactMusic)

15 June - Madonna and Britney have friendship fallout
Madonna has ended her friendship with Britney Spears, after the 'Toxic' singer announced she was no longer studying Kabbalah, according to media reports in the US.
The 'Hung Up' star had reportedly taken Spears under her wing and spent a great deal of time and money educating her about the mystical offshoot of Judaism.
Spears revealed she was quitting Kabbalah on her personal website, where she declared her new "religion" was caring for her son, Sean Preston.

According to The Scoop website, Madonna is also demanding Spears return a 12th century book on the religion she gave to the singer as a wedding gift.
A source says, "Madonna spent months teaching Britney the Kabbalah system, and splashed out thousands on the ancient scripture for her. She feels she has wasted time, money and precious gifts on Brit."
Spears, who was raised a Baptist, has allegedly been working with a "Christian life coach" to help her through recent emotional rough patches. (source: Yahoo! Launch)

15 June - Madonna doesn't rule out cosmetic surgery
Pop superstar Madonna is so terrified her toned body may begin to show the telltale signs of ageing, she's considering going under the knife. The yoga-loving 47-year-old hates the thought of being cosmetically enhanced, but admits a quick fix answer to age and gravity does have its attractions. She says, "I sure don't rule it out, although I don't want to be made up of silicone, plastic and man-made fibre." (source: ContactMusic)

12 June - Get Together is 36th #1 in Dance chart
Madonna's latest single Get Together has reached the top spot in the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play chart, making it her 36th #1 single on that US chart. Congrats Madge, you're really the Dancing Queen!

12 June - Watch trailer of Arthur
Check out the official trailer of Arthur and the Minimoys. You can hear Madonna, who is voicing the character of Princess Selenia, say "Long live the King!". The animation movie by French director Luc Besson (who also directed the Love Profusion video) is set for a Christmas 2006 release.

12 June - More Icon presale for Japan
ICON is pleased to offer more pre-sale tickets to all qualifying members who were enrolled prior to Sun, Apr 2nd at 11:59 PM (PST) for the following shows:

Sat, Sept 16th Osaka, Japan - Osaka Dome
Begins Sat, June 10th at 12 AM local time (June 9th at 8 AM PST)
Ends Mon, June 12th 8 AM local time (June 11th at 5 PM PST)

Wed, Sept 20th Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Dome
Begins Sat, June 13th at 12 AM local time (June 12th at 8 AM (PST)
Ends Mon, June 15th 8 AM local time (June 14th at 5 PM (PST)

12 June - Check out Monte in DVD bonus feature
On June 20th, Madonna will release the dvd of her behind the scenes documentary, I'm Going to Tell You A Secret! Click below to check out never before seen bonus features! This is just one clip from the extensive bonus feature menu on the dvd! Stop by to pre-order your copy of the DVD now! Don't forget, the DVD comes with a CD of songs performed live during the record breaking Re-Invention Tour!

12 June - Docu DVD/Live CD "I'm Going to Tell You a Secret" scheduled to be released on June 20th
I'm Going To Tell You A Secret DVD cover Warner Bros. Records announced today that I'm Going To Tell You A Secret, Madonna's provocative documentary of her stunning and highly acclaimed RE-INVENTION TOUR is scheduled to be released on June 20, 2006. Directed by Jonas Akerlund, the DVD/CD package contains spectacular performance footage of many of her major hits and also reveals Madonna's intimate journey behind the scenes with her touring family and real family as they travel around the globe.

Secret gives Madonna fans an insider view of Madonna at work beginning with dancers' auditions and reveals the process of putting together an elaborate stage spectacle. In addition, the documentary shows an up close and personal view of the artist's daily life while out on the road as well as beautifully filmed sequences of the Material Girl performing some of her biggest hits including Like A Prayer, Vogue, Music, Holiday, and a profoundly moving version of the John Lennon hit Imagine. These songs and others are also part of the separate CD, which is included in the Secrets package. I'm Going To Tell You A Secret was originally aired on MTV.

Madonna, whose current CD Confessions On A Dance Floor debuted at No. 1 in 29 countries, is in the middle of her highly acclaimed Confessions Tour, which is scheduled to play Chicago on June 14th and 15th. The multi-Grammy award-winning artist has made musical history many times over and has defined our era with a sound, style and vision that has inspired countless artists and millions of fans. (source: press release Warner Bros. Records, via Yahoo! Biz)

12 June - Logo Hung Up on Madge!
You can love her, you can leave her, but she's never gonna stop! While this summer finds Madonna traveling around the country, toting her cross, riding gear and studly back-up dancers from city to city, Confessing, the folks at Logo are getting way into the groove of all things Madge as well.

Officially starting today, Logo is going to be airing 30 of Madonna's best and most bodacious videos (from Burning Up to Hung Up and then some) for the next few weeks all during their regular programming, which will all culminate on-air on Saturday, May 24th when Logo goes crazy with a big 10-hour on-air Madonnathon, which will feature Mrs. Ritchie's videos, movies (Truth or Dare, and-yes! - Swept Away) and at 8pm with The Click List: Ultimate Madonna which will air your picks for Madonna's top ten videos ever!!!
Yes. I said those top ten videos will be chosen by you!!! Starting now, you can head to LogoOnline and watch Her Madgesty's classic clips (and the newer ones, too) and pick your favorites!

But vote! Watch the clips. Weigh in! Appreciate her!!! (source:

08 June - H&M to dress Madonna's team on Confessions Tour
In a dream marriage of music and fashion, Madonna, has joined up with fashion giant H&M to supply a complete off stage wardrobe for her entire touring troupe including her band, dancers, crew members and the Material girl herself, it was announced today by H&M. With a shared philosophy of diversity and fashion freedom, "Team Madonna" participants will be free to choose clothing from H&M's extensive 2006 collection.

Madonna, whose Confessions Tour opened on May 21st, will be dressed by famed designer Jean-Paul Gaultier while on-stage looks forward to being equally fashionable when she steps off the stage in H&M.
H&M "Partnering up with H&M feels like a perfect fit. We'll all get to express ourselves in our own individual ways. The dancers and I are excited to go shopping together," stated Madonna.

Other aspects of the collaboration between H&M and the artist will include a specially designed Madonna track suit which will be available in H&M stores in mid August as well as an advertising campaign featuring Madonna and her legendary dancers.
"This is a thrill for H&M. Aside from being great fans of Madonna's music and fashion sense, we admire her ability to always be ahead of the trends in everything she does. We look forward to seeing how her touring family translates H&M's seasonal trends to their own personal looks," says H&M's head of design Margareta van den Bosch.

Founded in Sweden in 1947, H&M, which has over 1,200 stores in 22 countries, is synonymous around the world with affordable, up to date and high quality fashion. The company's collections are created by their own designers. The spring/summer 2006 seasonal trends are romanticism inspired by the early 1900's - clean cut tailoring in light neutrals and Riviera style preppy glamour. In addition, there is a wide range of updated classics including knitwear, denim, t-shirts and mix and match sweatshirts and accessories to complete any individual look.

Madonna, a multi-Grammy Award winning artist, children's author and visionary is a cultural innovator of astonishing diversity and enduring appeal. Her current CD Confessions On A Dance Floor debuted at No.1 in 29 countries. The Confessions Tour is scheduled to travel the world through the end of September.

For more information about Madonna and The Confessions Tour:
For more information about H&M and press pictures for editorial use:
(source: official press release @ Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance and

07 June - Scalpers see big payoff from Madonna tickets
It's a field day for ticket scalpers. Prime seats at Madonna's shows at Glendale Arena are being resold for more than two-thousand dollars. That's six times their 350 dollar face value. Because Arizona has no limits on who can buy and sell tickets or for how much, the free market reigns supreme. Venue operators offer this warning. The biggest danger with street hawkers is counterfeit tickets. The easiest to counterfeit are computer-printed e-tickets. The paper can be copied as many times as a crook desires, but its bar code will work only for the first person to use it. (source: KVOA)
~ Much safer is to buy from another Madonnafan - check our Ticket Trade Forum

06 June - Madonna heats things up
Madonna will be getting a warm reception when she plays Glendale this week.
The singer has demanded that arenas she performs in run air conditioning only minimally during her performances.
Expect the inside of Glendale Arena to likely reach the mid-80s.
That's about ten-degrees above the targeted comfort zone of many venues.
Madonna asked for minimal air conditioning at the Staples Center in L-A last Saturday, the Forum in Inglewood, California, and the M-G-M Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
A spokesman for the M-G-M Grand says it's not unusual for singers to want to control air conditioning and air flow.
Thursday's forecast calls for a high of 104 in the Valley. (source: KVOA)

05 June - Get Together review
Color us surprised. We assumed the third single from Madonna's No. 1 album, Confessions on a Dance Floor, would be the highly catchy pop number Jump. Instead, we've been served the hypnotic space-age thumper Get Together as the follow-up to Sorry. The latter track was woefully ignored at U.S. radio (though it was a smash outside the States) so it will be an uphill climb for Get Together on the airwaves. On the bright side, the new release is an obvious fit for dance radio stations and clubs.
As usual, the track has been remixed for dancefloors by a gaggle of producers. We're particularly fond of the Danny Howells & Dick Trevor KinkyFunk remix, which makes over the tune as a snappy, strutting, disco-funk number. (source: Keith Caulfield, Billboard)

05 June - Interview with tour video engineer
Every night, Jason Harvey pushes Madonna's buttons.
No, he's not the pop diva's latest boy toy. He's "the video guy."
Backstage, the 36-year-old engineer from Milton Keynes, England, works multiple keyboards in a booth that is a virtual traveling TV station. This is where he pushes her buttons. Using software from San Jose's Adobe Systems, he sets in motion multiple video streams that fill giant screens hovering over, around and beneath one-inch plexiglass stages the preening Madonna dances on.

"The biggest one is at the end. You mess up and the show wouldn't end properly. That's the one I always worry about," Harvey said hours before Madonna's second San Jose performance Wednesday night at the HP Pavilion, and minutes before the 47-year-old cultural icon breezed by for a sound check. (Her arrival followed a quick security sweep: Everyone was asked to clear the walkway to the stage.)

Jason Harvey Harvey, with spiky, red-tinged hair and sporting a "The Who" T-shirt, would slip unnoticed through any fan gauntlet. But he is much more than a tech roadie. In this multimedia age, Harvey is someone Madonna would not want to miss the bus -- or jumbo jet. With Confessions tour ticket prices that start over $100 -- stage-hugging seats to Madonna's shows go for $350 -- fans expect an experience more akin to a Broadway extravaganza than a pop singer strumming a guitar on a stage.
And in this video-everywhere world, where 9-year-olds are posting their own cinema vérité on Web sites like YouTube, a performer, especially of Madonna's stature, who doesn't offer a seamless and sophisticated big-screen experience is like a singer out of tune.
"The audience expects a multimedia artist because they are multimedia consumers," observed Tom Randolph, president of FrameFree, which makes digital imaging software used by bands, DJs and club owners. "The new bands, the Indies, have to do it or else they won't stand out."

The Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View recently updated its sound and screen system, and put new screens over plaza restrooms and dining areas, on the lawn and on stage.
"It's theater," Harvey observed.
Video accompanies 21 of Madonna's 22-song concert and includes a montage of President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Saddam Hussein and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, a sketch of the New York skyline that appears to be drawn real-time as she sings, "I Love New York," and a rider falling off a horse, referencing her 2005 accident. (There are also X-ray and MRI images of her bones taken after the accident, an inside Madonna joke, Harvey said.)

Harvey's operation includes a nine-person crew, 22 hard drives, six digital video cameras and two miles of video cable. He manages and manipulates images and video using Adobe Production Studio ($1,699), a suite of software including Adobe's After Effects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop programs.

"It's the savior," Harvey said of the software. "Without it I'd be dead in the water. We would not be able to do our jobs."
The video setup for Madonna's shows was created during a 12-week development process, which included creating and selecting video produced by independent studios, choreographing the images with Madonna and her 22 dancers and last minute "tweaks and twiddles." For each show, Harvey runs three identical versions of the video performance; should there be any glitch, he can switch to a backup in a mouse-click.
"There is no room for failure," he said. "The show has to go on."

A simple text change in Los Angeles required reworking an entire section of video, which is made up of multiple video streams and images that flow from one giant screen to another. "Those streams had to be changed because they all segue into each other," he said.

Harvey, who once did TV and corporate production work, became a video rocker 10 years ago, a time when most of what he did was beam the image of performers on giant screens at large venues.
"Ten years ago, we were very limited by the technology available to us. Digital was very, very expensive. You couldn't really take it on the road. Most of the playback was controlled by VCR machines and laser disc machines," he recalled.
Harvey, whose business is called Short & Spikey (, has since worked with numerous pop artists, including Cher, Paul McCartney, Pink and Elton John.

He calls his 60-performance tour with Madonna "a walk in the park" compared with Cher's marathon 325-show "Farewell Tour."
"It just went on and on and on," Harvey said.
Still, the hours can be grueling on any tour. A day off is often a travel day, and when the performers wrap up a city, Harvey is frequently working until 3 a.m. to make sure everything is packed and ready to be transported to the next venue.

Each artist sets a different back-stage tone. The singer Pink, for instance, "gives everyone a hug before the show," Harvey said.
Madonna's journey to the stage is like a trip to the office: She's all business. Before the San Jose show, she made small changes to the routine.

"The lady is a perfectionist," he said. "She works 110 percent, and that's what she expects from all of her people."
Shortly before showtime, Madonna, sporting her trademark designer track suit, dropped by the video crew. "She said `hi' to everybody and `have a good show.' We were all quite shocked," said Harvey, who noted the queen of pop tends to keep to herself. "It was lovely to hear."

All artists, though, have one thing in common: They want control, and can sometimes have an uneasy relationship with technology, approaching streaming images to a Web site or mobile phone very cautiously. They also demand complete artistic control of what happens on stage, or above it on the big screen.
"They are normally pretty outspoken about what they want -- and don't want," said Harvey, who likes to fiddle with different video effects, sometimes to the chagrin of the pop stars.

He's been told, "If you ever show that again, you are going to die -- or something unprintable," he added. "Some days you have to step over the line to be told never to do that again. That's part of being creative."
Other days, artists realize how important it is to have Harvey around. He became Cher's traveling tech support guru, for example.
"I'd be out there fixing her VCR on her private tour bus," Harvey said. (source: Mercury News)

05 June - Erotica re-release? *rumour*
We're all still Hung Up about Madonna. Her latest tour, Confessions, kicked off this week in the US but the queen of pop can also look forward to endless royalties from the re-release of her raunchy hit Erotica.
The 15-year-old song shot to no.1 in 22 countries when released in the early nineties, and now it's back for a dose of commercial remix treatment.
I hear that Madonna is thrilled with the track. "It's one of my personal favorites" she said. The single is set for re-release this summer. (source: Sky, MIR)

05 June - Jump remixes commissioned?
From MadonnaTribe: "We have just heard interesting news about Madonna's Jump.
Remixes for the the track, that is currently used as the soundtrack for the movie trailer of "The Devil Wears Prada" - opening in theatres in a month's time, have now been commisioned.
There is no word at the moment if plans will change and the song will be released as a commercial single - or if everything will go on as previously reported - with Jump being released as a promotional single only."

05 June - June releases in Europe
This is released in Europe in June:
060621 42935-6 MADONNA GET TOGETHER (6 track download)
060621 42936-6 MADONNA GET TOGETHER (download)
060621 543915704-2 MADONNA GET TOGETHER (2 track)
060621 936242950-2 MADONNA GET TOGETHER (3 track)
060621 936242935-2 MADONNA GET TOGETHER (6 track)
(source: Eugen @ MIR)

04 June - Liquid Love leaks online
The unreleased song Liquid Love has leaked on the Internet. This song was recorded by Madonna and William Orbit for the Music album, but it was cut from the final selection. You can download this recording here. The lyrics can be found here.
We have also uploaded a page for You Thrill Me, the version of Erotica which is used on the Confessions Tour.

01 June - Fan reports
Richard has sent us a wonderful long report of his concert experience in Las Vegas; read it at our Fan Reports in the Confessions Tour section. We also posted the review of Norma who saw Madonna live in LA.
Have you seen the show? Share your experience with Mad-Eyes.

01 June - Prague date officially announced
Madonna will perform at the Sazka Arena in Prague, Czech Republic on September 6th. This was announced today by the official site, the site of the venue Sazka Arena and the Czech tour promoter Interkoncerts. Tickets will go on sale on June 16th (sales points) / 17th (online). Price for seated tickets are at 5 010 CZK and 3 062 CZK, standing tickets at 3 340 CZK. More info on

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