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13 November - Madonna and Abba unite?

Madonna is set to go into the studio with Abba stars Agnetha Faltskog and Anni-Frid 'Frida' Lyngstad after holding talks with the Swedish pop legends.
The Dancing Queens agreed to record material with Madonna after being impressed with her sampling of Gimme Gimme Gimme on her Hung Up single.

A source tells The Sun newspaper, "Madonna has been in contact with Agnetha and Frida for a few months.
"Madonna was the driving force behind the idea because she was so happy with her sample of Gimme Gimme Gimme on Hung Up.

"Agnetha and Frida loved it, they really warmed to Madonna for rejuvenating one of their most famous tracks."
Abba songwriters Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson will not be involved. (source: WENN)

13 November - Bono attacks Madonna adoption critics
Rocker Bono has applauded Madonna for adopting Malawian baby David Banda, and attacked those who criticised her for "giving him a better chance in life". The U2 frontman is baffled by the negative publicity surrounding the singer and husband Guy Ritchie's rescue mission for the one-year-old. Speaking in Australia - where U2 are currently on tour - Bono says, "Madonna should be applauded for helping to take a child out of the worst poverty imaginable and giving him a better chance in life.

"Baby David is lucky to have been adopted by someone who can give him a chance of survival in this world and I don't think it's fair that people are criticising her." He also dismisses criticism of the couple's decision to adopt a child with living family - baby David has a father and grandmother - insisting it doesn't make him any less needy. The 46-year-old adds, "About 20 years ago when my wife Ali and I went to Africa, shortly after Live Aid, a man who quite clearly loved his child came up to us and begged us to take him. "It's totally heartbreaking but he asked us to take his child home with us because he couldn't feed him. This happens all the time in parts of Africa where unthinkable poverty means people simply can't feed their children." (source: ContactMusic)

13 November - Madonna inspires father for new wine
Pop superstar Madonna is the inspiration behind a new batch of wine created by her father. Tony Ciccone hopes to secure US nationwide distribution for his limited-edition 'Madonna Wine' , which comes all the way from Ciccone Vineyard in Michigan.

The hand-numbered bottles are signed by the singer, her dad, and feature images from her recent Confessions tour - and will cost $39.99 (GBP22) a bottle. Family friend John Russo says, "It's the best wine Tony ever made." Ciccone senior has been running the vineyard with his wife, Madonna's stepmother, JOAN since 1995, reports the New York Post. (source: ContactMusic)

12 November - Jump enters UK Top 10
Tuesday we'll celebrate the first anniversary of Madonna's latest succesful album Confessions On A Dance Floor. What better way to celebrate than with a high chart position for the fourth single? After a debut at #59 in the UK singles chart, it jumped none less than 50 places to #9! This makes Jump Madonna's 59th UK Top 10 hit. Congratulations M.!!

In other chart news: in Flanders (Belgium) Jump debuted at #41. It hasn't yet entered the Ultratop singles chart in Wallonia.

12 November - Tour DVD on december 11?
After we reported that Warner Music Belgium announced the release of the CD/DVD release by the end of the year, we see now that Fnac France is listing a DVD and a CD/DVD package for the Confessions Tour with a tentative release date of December 11th, 2006.
Meanwhile, the Confessions Tour TV special will be broadcast by several TV channels, including:

22 Nov.: NBC
26 Nov.: Channel 4 (UK)
30 Nov. & 1 Dec.: Bravo
7 Dec.: HBO Latin America
--: Music Box Italy
--: Danish TV
--: Vara (Holland)

12 November - Kylie strikes a pose
After being out for over a year for breast cancer treatment, Kylie Minogue resumed her Showgirl Tour (renamed to the Homecoming Tour) with a first show in Sydney, Australia yesterday evening. The Princess of Pop made a tribute to the Queen of Pop by intertwining her song Burning Up with Madonna's Vogue. Check YouTube for videos of the performance.

10 November - Madonna gets 2 Billboard Touring Awards
Another multiple winner was Madonna, a finalist in four categories. She won the top boxscore award for her $22 million, eight-sellout stand at London's Wembley Arena on her Confessions tour, while Madonna's team of Guy Oseary and Angela Becker won the top manager award. (source: Billboard)

09 November - Bump for Jump in Chart Beat
Billboard's Fred Bronson dedicated a part of his weekly column, Chart Beat to Madonna's latest Club #1:
"Jump" is a popular song title that has adorned hits by Van Halen, Kris Kross and the Pointer Sisters (with the added parenthetical title "For My Love" for that last act). Now, Jump is the title of Madonna's latest single -- which moves up one rung from its last week position of No. 2 to become the material girl's 37th No. 1 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart.

Madonna set the record for the most No. 1s on this chart a long time ago and has been widening her lead for years. The artist with the second highest total of chart-topping Club Play hits is Janet Jackson, with 16.
Jump is the fourth No. 1 hit on this survey from Madonna's Confessions On A Dance Floor (Warner Bros.) album. The four No. 1s have hit consecutively and follow two runs of three No. 1 hits in a row. This current run of four started with Hung Up exactly one year ago this week and continued with Sorry in March and Get Together in June. It's the longest streak of No. 1 Club Play hits for Madonna since she had seven in a row, from March 1999 to November 2001. Those seven chart-topping songs were: Nothing Really Matters, Beautiful Stranger, American Pie, Music, Don’t Tell Me, What It Feels Like For A Girl and Impressive Instant. That last song advanced to No. 1 exactly five years ago this week.

09 November - Malawian officials praise Madonna
Two senior Malawian officials have praised Madonna for adopting a child from their country - and rebuked those who have criticized the pop star.
Madonna's efforts to adopt a motherless 13-month-old boy, David Banda, from the African country have set off a media storm. The 48-year-old singer and her husband, filmmaker Guy Ritchie, who have a home in London, were granted an interim adoption order by Malawi's High Court last month.

Some critics have said it would have been better for the child if Madonna had helped his impoverished father, Yohane Banda, to care for him in Malawi. Madonna has said Banda refused her offer of financial assistance to help him keep his son.
"What Madonna has done is great," said Education Minister Anna Kachikho during a visit Thursday to a school in the Scottish capital. "Here is Madonna who has picked a son from a Malawian father who has lost a wife and nobody takes care of, and she says, 'I would like to educate and bring home that child.' I'm against whatever people are saying against Madonna, if there is credit to give we should credit Madonna because she is saving the life of this young David. Why condemn Madonna? ... We should thank Madonna," she said.

Foreign Affairs Minister Joyce Banda - no relation to the boy - said Madonna's charity, Raising Malawi, had helped several thousand children in the southeast African nation.
"On top of all that she has opened up her home to this one child. So it's not just about David, it's about her reaching out to Africa, to a country called Malawi, to empower 4,000 children which not many people have done," Banda said. "So the Malawi government is grateful."
The ministers were attending the launch of two Scottish-led training programs aimed at helping teachers from Malawi. (source: AP)

09 November - Brad Pitt praises Madonna
Brad Pitt has spoken out in support of Madonna's decision to adopt a Malawian baby.
The 'Ocean's Thirteen' actor - who is joint guardian of Angelina Jolie's two adopted children, five-year-old Cambodian Maddox and Ethiopian girl Zahara, who is 22-months-old - commended the singer and her husband Guy Ritchie for their adoption of 13-month-old David.

Brad told US TV show 'Access Hollywood': "The most important thing is that their intentions are right. They are trying to give a home, an education and good health care to a kid who probably wouldn't get that. Their hearts are in the right place and they will know what to do." (source: AZ Central)

09 November - Alicia Keys supports Madonna adoption
Alicia Keys has voiced her support for Madonna's attempt to adopt Malawian David Banda - and believes celebrities have a important part to play in the fight against poverty. The Fallin' star, who hosts her annual Black Ball charity gig in New York on Thursday (09NOV06), was disappointed by the backlash Madonna received following her decision to adopt the 13-month-old last month (OCT06).

She says, "I think (it's) horrible, and I think (it) really degrades and tries to discourage people who do have a voice, who do have power, who do have money, who do have the ability to reach out to people and get involved in situations. "I do think that it has become more on people's radars, whereas before it kind of came across as, 'Oh, it's so far away.' It's really positive to know that it is a global community. "That's why when I speak and I use my voice, I like to emphasize the way that everyday people like you and me can really be a huge hero." The Black Ball, which raises money for HIV and AIDS sufferers, will feature performances by Keys, David Bowie and Damian Marley. (source: ContactMusic)

09 November - Madonna bruised by paparazzi
Madonna is sporting a bruise on her cheek after getting jostled by the paparazzi at Heathrow airport over the weekend – while she was holding her adoptive son, David, a source close to the singer tells PEOPLE.
"She had the baby in her arms when it happened," says the source. "When she landed in London, there was a lot of pushing and shoving. She was jostled around. She got hit in the paparazzi's commotion."

David, the 1-year-old she is in the process of adopting from Malawi, was not hurt in the scuffle. "Thank God the baby is OK," says the source.
Over the weekend Madonna returned to London from New York, where she'd spent the week promoting her newest children's book, Too Good to Be True, and her upcoming NBC TV special "Madonna: The Confessions Tour Live from London," as well making several media appearances to respond the controversy surrounding David's adoption. (source: Access Hollywood)

07 November - Newsweek interview on Belgian TV EEN
Madonna's interview given last week to BBC's Newsweek is shown on Belgian channel EEN tonight at 9.40 pm CET. Madonna talked about her recent adoption with saying she wouldn't rule out another one. Click here for more info.

07 November - Madge dash to let dad see Dave
Madonna performs Mother And Father on Re-Invention TourMadonna is taking baby David on a sad visit to see her dad - who is being treated for cancer.
The terrible family illness comes at a time when Madonna has been getting a lot of flak over her adoption of tot David Banda from a Malawian orphanage.
Privately, the family must be going through absolute hell.

The singer is preparing to take her three children on a harrowing trip to see their grandad Tony Ciccone in hospital in America.
Madonna's father has been getting chemotherapy after surgery for colon cancer.
The three kids - David, Rocco and Lourdes - will accompany Madonna to see Tony on a one-day private visit at the Leelanau County Hospital in Michigan near his home.
A family source tells me that Tony is not in immediate trouble and his treatment is going well.
But, clearly, this is a serious illness and Madonna is keen for her kids to meet Tony while he is in relatively good form.

Tony featured a lot in Madonna's documentary I'm Going To Tell You A Secret which followed her 2004 Re-Invention Tour.
In the film Madonna visited her Italian Catholic dad at his vineyard in Michigan and then he was filmed going to one of her shows.
The family pal said: “Madonna is keen to introduce David to his grandad — although the circumstances are less than ideal.

"He has been diagnosed with colon cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy."
"But at the moment the prognosis from the doctors is as good as can be expected."
"It is just a shame that the family are going through this secret sadness when it should be a joyful time with the new baby."
"And Madonna has been getting a lot of criticism for the baby adoption."
For many years Madonna, who had a strict upbringing, rebelled against her father.

But during the Re-Invention Tour they became the closest they had been for years.
She now credits him with being a major force in her tough personality. (source: The Sun)

07 November - A pastor's perspective on Live To Tell performance
The gorgeous performance of Live To TellRecently, I received a forwarded email, which had been circulated by the American Family Association with the subject line reading "NBC, Madonna Set To Mock The Crucifixion of Christ." I generally delete forwarded email, but this one was sent from someone I knew and I was curious about what AFA was saying. The advice, within the email, was in big bold red letters encouraging the reader to "Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire email list of family and friends." The email claimed that Madonna was mocking the crucifixion of Jesus by performing while on a mirrored cross, and that Rosie O'Donnell, ABC and NBC were bashing Christians. The claims were so outrageous I decided to see for myself.

It was easy enough to find a video clip of her performance and the lyrics online. After viewing the Madonna's concert video clip on, I was livid. Her performance, which is drawing so much attention, is anything but a mockery of Christianity. The reality is she is expressing the quintessence of Jesus' teachings through her performance. She sings Live To Tell from the cross, then at one point, the curtains close slightly, Madonna is lowered to the floor with the cross in the background. Behind her, the cross is flanked by video images of African children, a written message stating, "12 million children are orphaned by AIDS.” Followed by "For I was hungry, you gave me food" "I was naked, and you gave me clothing." "Whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers,” "you did it to me." "Matthew 25"

This powerful and very reverent performance calls the world to take notice that there are 12 million children who are currently orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. 12 million! Madonna is trying to wake us up to the fact that we are called to care for those who are most often forgotten, in this case, the growing number of children who are now alone because of their parents have died of AIDS. She is reminding each one of us, especially Christians, of the central message of Jesus. Jesus has called each of us to not only to identify with the suffering, but more importantly, to follow his example of providing active care, support and healing to those who suffer and then to do all that we can to end their suffering. Madonna's very poignant and dramatic performance is a powerful call to action.

I invite you not to just take my word for it, go and view the scene online for yourself. Read the words of the song. Go to YouTube and watch the video. Copy the following link into your browser. I can't begin to express just how furious I get when a so-called Christian organization makes such outrageous accusations, in this case misrepresenting Madonna's performance in such a perverse manner, in order to promote their agenda. American Family Association, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, among others, have a very clear political agenda, which is predicated on rewriting the Gospel so as to fit it into their goals of a fundamentalist Christian theocracy. This is the very religiosity that Jesus was condemning for he was very clear about legalistic and rigid religious expression.

My hunch is this is the latest ploy to add to the AFA mailing list and money-raising machine for the extreme wrong wing of the Republican party. My hope is that Madonna's Confessions Tour is educating millions of concert-goers to the AIDS crisis in Africa which will create an active humanitarian response, which would make Jesus proud! May we live to tell it! (source: North Denver News)

07 November - Madonna: Abba is so fabba
Abba performing on their last tourMadonna has helped write the sleeve notes for the Abba Greatest Hits album, out yesterday [out on the 20th in the rest of the world].
She says of the Swedish supergroup: "Abba's timeless music continues to inspire me. It's joyous. Standing still when you hear Abba is impossible.
When I started recording my Confessions On A Dance Floor album, Stuart Price (her producer) and I played their music constantly.

Hung Up is my homage to their contribution to music."
My own confession is a guilty love for Abba - who have to be the best pop act of all time.
But I'm in good company. They are also Noel Gallagher's favourite group. (source: Victoria Newton @ The Sun)
~ Madonna also paid homage to Abba on the Confessions Tour where she had an outfit inspired by what the girls wore on their last world tour and wore a cape with 'Dancing Queen' written on it during Lucky Star.

07 November - BBC reviews Jump
Abba: Number Ones Release date
6 November

The introduction
When Madonna isn't making the news headlines by adopting children from Africa she is also known for making great pop songs.
Jump is the fourth single to be taken from her chart-topping album, Confessions On A Dance Floor.

The sound
It is another piece of electronic pop which plods along at a steady pace without actually going anywhere.

The lyrics
The queen of pop is singing about being brave and going for your dreams.
"There's only so much you can learn in one place," breathes Madonna as the song begins.
"The more that I wait, the more time that I waste."

Will you still be humming it next week?
It's not as good other singles, Hung Up and Sorry, but Madonna hasn't lost her magic touch when it comes to making a fab song.

Will it make the charts?
Easily. Every Madonna song from the last 22 years has made the Top 20 and Jump will leap up the charts like all her other hits.

4/5 (source: BBC Newsround)
~ In other UK news, Jump is currently at #5 in the midweeks of the singles chart, hopefully it can hold in the top 10 by the end of the week.

05 November - The Empress strikes back
On Oct. 12, Madonna and her husband, Guy Ritchie, were granted temporary custody of a 13-month-old Malawian orphan named David Banda. This sparked a storm of accusations, ranging from the criminal—that Madonna used her fame to bypass adoption procedures—to the scathing—that Madonna is a dilettante, treating an African child as this season's must-have accessory. The legal issue has been laid to rest—no laws were violated—but Madonna still had plenty to get off her chest in a rare print interview with TIME's Josh Tyrangiel.

TIME: Why do you think people are so upset by the fact that you adopted a Malawian child?
Madonna: People or the media? Because I don't think people really give a shit. But when you throw in things like, I'm a celebrity and I somehow got special treatment, or make the implication of kidnapping, it gets mixed into a stew and it sells lots of papers. But care? People don't care and the media certainly doesn't care. What they should care about is that there are over a million orphans in Malawi, and following me around is just a gross misappropriation of attention and money. But I do think there's a certain amount of nationalism and racism thrown in there. I mean, there's a lot of Brits—reporters on the street—who've said, "Why don't you adopt a kid from Britain?" Or, "Why did you adopt a black child?" So a lot of people's hangups and 'isms' are sort of mixed into this, too. It's just kind of a cocktail for disaster in terms of media perception.
~ Continue interview here

04 November - Madonna: Adoption criticism a blessing
Despite her provocative reputation, Madonna says she wasn't prepared for the media storm that followed her adoption of a 1-year-old African boy from Malawi.
In an interview broadcast Wednesday on NBC's Today and Dateline NBC, the 48-year-old pop star told NBC News' Meredith Vieira that the criticism from both the public and civil-rights groups took her by surprise.

"When I had my daughter, people accused me that I did it as a publicity stunt. I expected that. I didn't expect to be accused of kidnapping, or of doing something illegal. I didn't expect to be demonized."
Critics have accused Madonna of using her star status and wealth to circumvent Malawi's adoption laws in order to get David.

The public flaying was depressing, Madonna told Vieira, and also a waste of news space. "With all the chaos, pain and suffering in the world, the fact that my adoption of a child who was living in an orphanage was the number one story for a week in the world. To me, that says more about our inability to focus on the real problems."
The pop star went to Africa as part of a documentary on the Malawi orphans. It was at one of the orphanages that a baby named David caught her eye. The boy Madonna now describes as flirtatious, hysterically funny and possessing a terrible temper lost his mother to AIDs, and three of his siblings also died. He also had a 104-degree temperature and pneumonia.

If Madonna had not received permission to take David to a hospital, she says he would not have survived, She said she also met with David's father, and offered to help his family financially if David returned to his village. According to Madonna, David's father said "No."
Vieira says that NBC spoke with David's father, who confirmed Madonna's story. For her part, Madonna agreed that she would take David back to Malawi at least every three to four years.

Three weeks have passed since David came to London to live with Madonna, her children Lourdes, 9 and Rocco, 6, and husband film director Guy Ritchie. According to his adoptive mother, he's acting like a typical child his age. "He's developed attachments. Now he throws tantrums. Now he doesn't want food, or he wants food."
But the criticism hasn't stopped. "I have people say to me on the streets - 'Why did you adopt a black child?' " Madonna says she doesn't dignify them with an answer.

In her career, her music and her life, Madonna said that she will continue to provoke. However, she's learned that being provocative just to provoke is a waste, and that she now has messages she wants to share.
In keeping with this philosophy, Madonna says all the attention to David's adoption is actually a blessing. "Now people know about Malawi. Now people know about the orphans there. And now David's home."

NBC will broadcast a two-hour concert special of Madonna - minus a controversial crucifix scene - on Nov. 22. "Madonna: The Confessions Tour, Live From London" was taped this summer at Wembley Stadium in London. (source: MSNBC)

04 November - Madonna vaules motherhood
Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer Tirdad Derakhshani wants the British press to know that "just" is a very important word.
In an interview with U.S. TV show "Dateline," Madonna admitted that her children complain that she's away from home too much. When the interviewer pointed out that she is rich enough not to work, Madonna replied:

"Just staying home and looking after my children and being a mother and a wife is not what I want. I want more."
It wasn't long before the British press had jumped on the story. On Nov. 3 The Daily Mail, well known for its defense of traditional family values, quoted Madonna in an article headlined "Being a mother and wife isn't what I want." It begins with the words:
"Madonna said yesterday that she does not want to be a wife and a mother."

Derakhshani quips: "Do her older kids, Lourdes, 10, and Rocco, 6, know? It's The Mother Of All Scandals! Well, no. . . Guess the Brit journos didn't register the just, which, changes the meaning or something. It's a righteous word, just. A just word."
Wanting to be more than "just" a wife and mother is very different to not wishing to be married or have children at all!
Madonna expressed a desire that many modern mothers will recognize. They love and cherish their children, but like fathers they also want to have a life and identity outside the home.

It may be that Madonna was wrong to use the word "just" because it downplays the important (but unpaid) work carried out by stay-at-home mothers.
Phrases like "just a housewife," and "just a mom" trip off the tongue very easily in today's materialistic West. Just is not simply a righteous word, but one that is thrown about far too often.
In fact it is a mistake to say that Madonna herself undervalues motherhood. The singer lost her mom to cancer when she was little girl. She told "Dateline:"
"I hope to be the mother that I didn't have, to David [her newly adopted son], and as I have hoped to be the mother to my other children." (source: OhmyNews)

04 November - Bono praises mother Madonna
Rock superstar Bono has backed Madonna's controversial adoption of a needy African child, saying "I think it's really great".
The U2 singer, who is also perhaps the best-known anti-poverty campaigner in the world, has praised Madonna and her husband Guy Richie for the adoption of David Banda, a child from Malawi.
"I'm very happy that Madonna should offer succour and more than that to a young boy," Bono said. "He's got a great opportunity now."

Bono, who is in Australia for U2's Vertigo tour, revealed he and his wife were once offered an African child by a father desperate for his son to have a better life, but they were unable to take him home. Bono said the child, whose face haunts him to this day, is the reason he began campaigning for African poverty relief.
"One of the most profound moments I've had, one of the reasons I think I'm doing what I'm doing, was because in the 1980s I was working with my wife Ali in an orphanage in northern Ethiopia," he said.

"On the last day, a man came to me with me with his son and offered his son to me, by saying 'if you don't take my son, he will surely die. If you take him, you can give him a great life'.
U218 Singles"I could tell this man loved his son, he was a very noble-looking man, and it was ripping his heart to say this. And I didn't, I did not take that [boy].
"It was not the rules of engagement in the camp we were working in, we couldn't do that. It's strange, because I can't remember the boy's name, but I think about him all the time.
"Oddly enough, when people ask me 'why are you doing that' [the activism, the campaigning], his face comes back."

Bono said he and Ali had an emotional moment in their Dublin kitchen a few weeks ago, when prints from their first-ever African trip (which were being used for a new book) revealed a photo of the boy.
"I didn't know I even had a photograph of him," said Bono, who was openly emotional about the discovery of the picture.
"So I'm very happy that Madonna should offer succour and more than that to a young boy. He's got a great opportunity now.

"There's so many children in the world - there's really enough to go around."
Madonna has come under fire for taking the Malawi boy back to Britain. But the singer said she had been astounded by the criticism.
The support from Bono, who has an in-depth knowledge of African health and social issues, is a much-needed endorsement for the singer's actions.
Bono, who is due to perform at U2's opening Australian concert in Brisbane on Tuesday night, also revealed the band was planning a new album. "I think a U2 album will not be that far away, I hope," he said. "We've hit the vein, I think."
The band will release a collection of singles, which includes two new tracks, on November 18.
Like many Australians - and horse enthusiasts across the world - the Irishman will be watching the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday.

"I don't think I can get to the Cup, because it's a show day, which is really, really annoying," said Bono, with a laugh.
"But I will be watching it - this is the best horse race in the world. I'll have the various horse whisperers on the phone from back home telling me how I can lose my money." (source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

04 November - Madonna scores 37th Hot Dance #1!
As expected, Jump rises to the top spot on next week's Billboard Hot Dance / Club Play chart, making it to be Madonna's 37th #1 on that chart! It's also her 4th chart topper from Confessions On A Dance Floor. She previously scored four number ones from Music and five from American Life. Naturally, she's holding the record with the most #1s on this chart.

Let's look at the staggering list of number ones:
Holiday / Lucky Star (1983)
Like A Virgin (1984)
Material Girl (1985)
Angel / Into The Groove (1985)
Open Your Heart (1987)
Causing A Commotion (1987)
You Can Dance (LP Cuts) (1987)
Like A Prayer (1989)
Express Yourself (1989)
Keep It Together (1990)
Vogue (1990)
Justify My Love (1990)
Erotica (1992)
Deeper And Deeper (1992)
Fever (1993)
Secret (1994)
Bedtime Story (1995)
Don't Cry For Me Argentina (1997)
Frozen (1998)
Ray Of Light (1998)
Nothing Really Matters (1999)
Beautiful Stranger (1999)
American Pie (2000)
Music (2000)
Don't Tell Me (2000)
What It Feels Like For A Girl (2001)
Impressive Instant (2001)
Die Another Day (2002)
American Life (2003
Hollywood (2003)
Me Against The Music (2003)
Nothing Fails (2003)
Love Profusion (2004)
Hung Up (2005)
Sorry (2006)
Get Together (2006)
Jump (2006)

03 November - Jump single out in Europe today
Finally, one of the highlights of Confessions On A Dance Floor got its single release today in selected European countries (including Belgium, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands). The UK release will follow on Monday and the American Maxi-Single will be out on Tuesday. The 3-track single and the maxi contains a previously unreleased track History, written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price, that didn't make the album.

Jump is available in the following formats:
EU 2-track CD Single
1. Jump (Album Version)
2. Jump (Extended Album Version)

EU 3-track CD Maxi-Single
1. Jump (Radio Edit)
2. Jump (Junior Sanchez's Misshapes Mix)
3. History (Unreleased B Side)

US 6-track CD Maxi-Single
1. Jump (Radio Edit)
2. Jump (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
3. Jump (Axwell Remix)
4. Jump (Junior Sanchez's Misshapes Mix)
5. Jump (Extended Album Version)
6. History

02 November - Madonna unrewarded & bashed at MTV EMA
After a hugely successful year in Europe and stealing the show in 2005's MTV EMA, one would have expected that Madonna could at least get some recognition in the European industry. But just like at the VMAs earlier this year, Madonna didn't get any awards (lost to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Justin Timberlake & Christina Aguilera). But it seems nowadays there can't be any show without any Madonna references.

First Borat/Ali G joked about selling his newborn baby to Madonna, then around halfway through the show British comedian Avid Merrion appeared in a pink leotard and an ugly mask with dancers dressed as babies. At first he imitated Madonna's video but then started talking and made fun of Madonna's adoption which, at this point is quite boring and tasteless. Is this how MTV had to thank Madonna for defining MTV for almost 25 years? Maybe they thought keeping the disco balls from last year would be enough...

02 November - Chili Peppers take on Madonna at MTV show
The Red Hot Chili Peppers take on queen of pop Madonna on Thursday at the MTV Europe Awards, one of the industry's biggest nights outside the United States.
The U.S. rockers head a star-studded field with four nominations, including in the best group, best song and best album categories.

Madonna, who stole the show at last year's ceremony in Lisbon with her performance in eye-catching purple leather boots and matching leotard, is one of a host of acts with three nominations each.
She is in competing for best female, best pop act and best album with Confessions On A Dance Floor.
She is joined by Colombian-born Shakira, Christina Aguilera and rapper Kanye West of the United States and Canadian hip hop star Nelly Furtado. (source: Reuters)
~ Unfortunately Madonna is not expected to appear on the show that airs live on MTV @ 9 pm CET.

02 November - Madonna's name has new meaning in Malawi
Words that might describe Madonna: diva, maverick, humanitarian. But in a language spoken widely in the African country of Malawi, her name takes on a new - and unintentionally funny - meaning.
"People started to say my name and they had never heard of Madonna," the 48-year-old singer, talking about her recent visit to Malawi, told AP Television in an interview Tuesday.
"And, in Chichewa, the word 'madonna' means 'distinguished white lady,' so I think they got very confused."

Madonna's efforts to adopt a 13-month boy, David Banda, have set off a media storm. She and her husband, filmmaker Guy Ritchie, were granted an interim adoption order by Malawi's High Court last month.
The boy has joined her two children - daughter Lourdes, 9, and son Rocco, 6 - in England. What is it like to have a little one again?

"It's nice," she said. "It's lovely. It's so great to hold him, you know, and he's just starting to walk. And just to see that - the whole world being new again - and to see the world through his eyes is wonderful."
Madonna has written a new children's book, "Too Good to Be True," and said she wants to direct a movie and has a project in mind. She also has an NBC concert special set to air Nov. 22.
When asked if she would retire to focus on her children full time, a smiling Madonna replied, "No. I love my job." (source: AP)

02 November - Jump misses the Billboard Hot 100
Although the remix-edits EP of Jump reached the top 20 of iTunes and the single gained 5 million audience impressions on radio, unfortunately it still doesn't give enough points to make it debut on the Billboard Hot 100 or even the Bubbling Under. While the maxi-single (with the previously unreleased History) is being released next Tuesday, airplay seems to have peaked so probably the physical single sales won't be enough for a debut either.

Jump is Madonna's 7th single that misses the Hot 100 (2 of them entered the Bubbling Under). On a brighter side, Jump reached #1 on Hot Dance Airplay and is currently at the runner-up spot on the Hot Dance / Club Play chart, where Madonna already got three #1 from Confessions On A Dance Floor. The album, by the way, nowadays sells around 2,000 copies in the US with its total being at 1,562,049 units. (thanx to HolidayGuy at MadonnaNation for the sales number)

02 November - promoting Confessions Tour broadcast
An advert promoting Madonna's upcoming tv special to be aired on November 22nd appeared on
One of the greatest pop superstars of all time brings her Confessions Tour to NBC, marking Madonna's first time ever network television broadcast! Featuring songs from Madonna's recent multi-platinum release, Confessions On A Dance Floor, this astonishing stage spectacle also includes greatest hits from her legendary career that's spanned music, TV, film, books, videos, and an astonishing 35 #1 hits on Billboard's dance charts.

~ Fansite Drownedmadonna got some captures of a tv commercial promoting the broadcast which features footage of Madonna performing Sorry, Like It Or Not & Hung Up.

02 November - Madonna doesn't rule out second adoption
Madonna said she would not rule out adopting another child but first wanted to spend time with her new baby, David Banda from Malawi in Africa.

Madonna being interviewed by NBC's Meredith VieiraThe U.S. pop sensation also said she wanted the adoption laws in the impoverished continent to be changed to help millions of other children escape a life of suffering.
Speaking to the BBC television in an interview broadcast on Wednesday night, Madonna said she was stunned that her decision to adopt 1-year-old David caused such a worldwide uproar.

"It was quite shocking and there's no way I could have prepared myself for it," the singer told Newsnight, the BBC's nightly current affairs program.
Asked whether she would like to adopt another child, Madonna, 48, said: "I wouldn't rule it out. I would like it to not be as complicated in the future, but I would just like to experience David for a while and see how that works out first."
David shot to worldwide fame after he was plucked from an orphanage, where he had been left by his father, and flown to Madonna's London mansion to live with her, her British film director husband Guy Ritchie and her two children -- daughter Lourdes, 10, and son Rocco, 6.

The chart topper said she and Ritchie, had talked about adopting for two years.
She became interested in Malawi, a southern African country hit hard by AIDS, and decided to fund a documentary about the plight of children there.
Earlier this year, while watching footage for the film, Madonna said she first spotted David and many other youngsters at the orphanage and felt an instant connection.

Madonna being interviewed by NBC's Meredith VieiraThe pop star insisted, however, that she did not use her celebrity status to speed up the adoption process for the boy.
"I can assure you that I was not given any special treatment," she said, stressing that for now she had only been granted an interim adoption so was technically a foster parent.
Malawian child rights groups, accusing the government of breaking the law in granting the interim order to a non-resident, are challenging the process in court. Final approval for the adoption order is expected in 18 months.
Madonna said she would like to see better adoption regulations in Africa to help orphans find new homes.
"I would like to get the adoption laws changed because I consider what is going on in Africa a state of emergency," she said. "When you have an entire adult population wiped out and no one to look after these children, you've got to address the laws and make adoption easier for people."
In the interview, Madonna also said she offered to support David and leave him in Malawi, but his father turned her down. (source: Reuters)

01 November - Warner announces CD/DVD release
All Belgian record stores received a release notice from Warner Music, which contains the following info:
"Madonna TV Special - With more than 80000 units sold in Belgium, Confessions On A Dance Floor was definitely the number 1 album of the past year. A brand new CD/DVD containing a tv special is scheduled for the end of the year. More details to follow."

It didn't specify which TV special is meant, but most probably they're talking about the recording of the Confessions Tour. As soon as there's more info, you'll read it here on Mad-Eyes. (thx to Dimi for the info)

01 November - Madonna calls uproar over adoption 'racist'
Madonna isn't done doing damage control over the uproar caused by her adoption of an African boy.

After sitting down with Oprah last week via satellite, the singer will appear on "Today" on Wednesday (November 1) and Thursday. Her "Dateline NBC" interview will air on Wednesday, and in it she talks about the controversy, calls the reaction "racist" and reveals that the boy's father turned down her offer of financial help.

In an interview with NBC News' Meredith Vieira, Madonna said people have made "uneducated decisions" and jumped to conclusions by criticizing her decision to adopt David, a 13-month-old boy from Malawi. "With all the chaos, pain and suffering in the world, the fact that my adoption of a child ... was the number one story for a week in the world ... says more about ... our inability to focus on the real problems," Madonna said.
While Madonna would like to attribute most of the attention the adoption has caused to "our desire to have distractions and be consumed with people's personal lives and gossip," she fears that something darker is at work as well.

"I think [racism] is underneath a lot of people's prejudice about me adopting David," Madonna said. "I think a lot of people have a problem with the fact that I've adopted an African child, a child who has a different color skin than I do. ... I think it's still considered taboo. You know, I have people say to me on the streets, 'Why did you adopt a black child?' I don't say anything. I don't dignify their question with a reply. But there is a lot of racism in the world."
Regardless, Madonna's not worried because she plans to raise David as she does her other children, 6-year-old Rocco and 10-year-old Lourdes. "I don't live in a white world," Madonna said. "I live in the world. And my children are exposed to all cultures and all races and many belief systems."

Which means that David will be raised not as a Christian or a Jew but with a mixture from many belief systems, even though Madonna plans to make sure that Kabbalah is one of them.
"Studying Kabbalah doesn't mean you can't be a Christian or a Buddhist or a Muslim or a Jew or whatever or agnostic," Madonna said. "It's not a dogmatic religion. It's kind of a philosophy. And if David decides he wants to be a Christian, then so be it."

Madonna also revealed that David's father, Yohane Banda, rejected her offer of financial help when they met in court for him to give his consent to the adoption. "He didn't want that," Madonna said. "I said I would be happy to facilitate with you, you know, to bring him back to your village and help you financially raise him. And he said no."
Because of translation problems, Madonna said she didn't fully understand Banda's decision, but she accepted it nonetheless.

"I don't want to judge him," she said. "I don't know his life. I believe he remarried and had moved on to another village and was kind of getting on with his life. And I think he truly felt in his heart of hearts that ... [David] would have a better life with me. So when he said no, that was my sign that it was my responsibility to look after him."

Now adjusting to life in London, David has a "terrible temper" and is "very flirtatious" and "hysterically funny," the singer said. "Obviously he's going to come with his own baggage, and you know, his own DNA, and I look forward to being surprised by what he's going to offer the world and how he's going to turn out."
Madonna's interview airs on "Today" on Wednesday and Thursday at 7 a.m. ET. The "Dateline NBC" interview airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET. (source:

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