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14 April - Timbaland hints at Madonna's new sound
Beat master Timbaland has revealed that the Queen of Pop really cracks the whip.
The producer, who's masterminding Madge's new album with Justin Timberlake, has been working flat out.
But taking a rare break at London club Funky Buddha, the 36-year-old told us: "We are working round the clock. Justin was meant to be out but he's too tired. Madonna's a funky lady, she's up for everything."

And he joked: "I was hoping to come out tomorrow because I hear William and Harry party in the week and they love my songs!"
Timbers also revealed that there'll be no 80s disco tracks on the album and no purple leotard. "It's kinda like Holiday with an R&B groove." Sexy's back! (source: The Daily Mirror)

13 April - Madonna works Timberlake and Timbaland hard
Madonna is determined to get all she can out of her new collaborators Justin Timberlake and Timbaland - she's working them around the clock. The pair are working on several tracks on the Material Girl's forthcoming album in a London studio - and admit they thought they would have more free time to check out the sights in the British capital. Timbaland sighs, "We are working around the clock. Justin was meant to be out tonight but he's too tired." (source: Contactmusic)

13 April - Madonna denies second Malawian adoption
A spokeswoman for pop star Madonna confirmed that the pop star was going to Malawi over the weekend, but denied a newspaper report that it was to adopt another child from the impoverished African nation.
Citing unnamed sources, the Sun tabloid in London said Madonna was intent on adopting three-year-old girl Grace after watching a documentary about a child care home for orphans in the country, despite a storm of controversy over her efforts to adopt a Malawian boy last year.

"Madonna is going to Africa to continue her work with the Raising Malawi organisation," the star's spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg said.
"She is overseeing the building of a children's healthcare centre. She is absolutely not adopting another baby."

The pop star, 48, sparked a furore late last year when she and her husband Guy Ritchie, secured a temporary 18-month custody order from the Malawi courts for baby boy David Banda.
The couple hope to formally adopt him. They have two other children -- 10-year-old Lourdes and Rocco, six.
But the granting of the order, which enabled Madonna to take Banda out of Malawi last year, sparked heated debate about adoption laws in a country where the number of orphans is surging as a result of AIDS.

A legal challenge is now underway from rights groups who claim that existing legislation in Malawi does not allow for international adoption.
"Madonna saw a film of children at a place called The Consol Home," The Sun quoted an unidentified source said to be close to the star as saying.
"She spotted a beautiful girl called Grace who lit the room with her smile, and fell head over heels for her. Madonna kept saying, 'That girl has so much love in her. I want to help her achieve her potential'," the source said.

"But adoption officials are being very strict after uproar when Madonna adopted David. They know Grace is her first choice, but have insisted she looks at other girls first -- and that the final decision is theirs."
David's father, Yohane Banda, was initially quoted as saying he did not realise his son would be taken out of the country for good, but later said he supported the adoption.
"It was always Madonna's intention to adopt two orphans from Malawi -- a boy and a girl. Grace is healthy, stunning, and has no living relatives. It was the fact David's dad Yohane was alive and well that caused most of the problems last time," the source told The Sun. (source: AFP via Yahoo)

12 April - Publicist confirms Justin & Timbaland collaboration
Madonna and Justin Timberlake are working together on her new album, her publicist, Liz Rosenberg, confirmed to The ShowBuzz onWednesday.

Madonna & Justin Timberlake leaving a studio in LondonRosenberg said that the singers have been in the studio in London along with rapper-producer Timbaland. She said there was no firm release date for the album yet. According to reports, its due to be released in November. Madonna has collaborated with other stars in the past, including Britney Spears (Timberlake's ex-girlfriend) and Grammy-winning DJ Stuart Price (aka Jacques Lu Cont).
Timbaland recently told Entertainment Weekly that he'd like to help Spears with her comeback album. He has collaborated with Timberlake and Nelly Furtado.

It was announced Tuesday that Madonna, along with the Beastie Boys and Black Eyed Peas, will headline the Live Earth concerts taking place at London's Wembley stadium this summer.
Madonna's last album was 2005's Confessions On A Dance Floor. (source: ShowBuzz/CBS)

12 April - Madonna jets back to Malawi
Madonna reportedly flew back to Africa with her adopted son David to meet with the boy's biological father last night (11APR07), according to US news reports. The pop star hopes to spend a few days with Yohane Banda in Malawi and open discussions concerning her plans to adopt another child, according to American publication Life + Style. An insider tells the magazine, "She wants David to have a relationship with his biological father. "She's going under the guise of a vacation, but she's not on vacation - she's on a mission."

Madonna, who also runs a foundation for abandoned children in Malawi, was harshly criticised when she adopted Banda last October (06); critics accused her of using her wealth and fame to fast-track the adoption process. The source tells Life + Style that Madonna hopes her trip back to Malawi will help show her critics that the adoption was "an unselfish act of love." The insider adds, "She plans on having David's father be part of the extended family. She wants to show that her adoption was not what it was portrayed as in the media." Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, has confirmed the trip, stating, "She's going to continue her work with the Raising Malawi Orphan Care Initiative, including the building of a children's care centre." (source: Contactmusic)

11 April - Madonna working with Justin Timberlake and a host of producers? *rumour*
Justin Timberlake is busy writing songs for Madonna.
The former 'N Sync star is collaborating with the Queen Of Pop on her forthcoming album, which is due out in November.
Justin confirmed: "I have been working on some new music. But it's not for myself — I'm writing for other people. I'm working on some stuff for Madonna."
Justin headed into a West London studio yesterday with Madge.

He is in the country for a few weeks as he prepares to kick off the UK leg of his current world tour.
Madonna is famous for reinventing herself and this time her album will have a real hip-hop feel.
She has lined up a Who's Who of the genre's megastars, including Timberlake’s producer pal Timbaland to help her achieve R&B credibility.
Hip-hop legend Pharrell Williams is already working on at least four tracks and his fingerprints look set to be all over the new release.

Madge's last offering, Confessions On A Dance Floor, was a massive success, with Brit DJ and producer Stuart Price the main influence on the 2005 album.
There will also be some dancy Price-produced tracks on the new offering and she has also been joined by Chicago house DJ and producer Felix Da Housecat in the studio. A source told me: "Confessions was a worldwide smash — but this will be different once again."

"The last album was a credible disco record and Madonna wants to give hip-hop the same treatment this time. It's not all hip-hop though, there are a lot of producers from a lot of genres in there. It could be her most ambitious project yet." (source: The Sun)

10 April - Madonna to headline UK Live Earth concert
Madonna, Genesis, James Blunt and the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be among the headliners at the London show of the global series of Live Earth concerts.
They will be joined at Wembley Stadium by groups including Foo Fighters, Duran Duran, Snow Patrol and Razorlight.
Live Earth will take place on 7 July across seven continents, as a way of highlighting climate change.

Madonna performing Like A Prayer @ 2005's Live8Some of the acts had already endorsed the project but Wembley's full line-up had not previously been confirmed.
A total of 17 acts have been announced for Wembley, with the promise of more to follow.
The diverse line-up include rap group The Beastie Boys, singer-songwriters David Gray and Damien Rice, and R&B pianist John Legend.
Black Eyed Peas, Bloc Party, Corinne Bailey Rae, Keane and Paolo Nutini complete the bill so far.

The organisers said that tickets would be allocated by a ballot, and fans would be able to register their interest online for 72 hours from 1200 BST on Friday.
Tickets, priced at £55 each, would be limited to two per applicant and could then be purchased from Wednesday 18 April.
Further details were to be released on Tuesday regarding the US leg of Live Earth, the organisers promised.

There will also be concerts in Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo.
The concerts aim to set a "green example" for other music events by using measures such as eco-friendly electricity, sustainable lighting and carbon-neutral travel.
Former US Vice-President Al Gore, who is one of those involved in organising the series of events, said he expected Live Earth to attract "an audience of billions".

"We hope Live Earth will launch a global campaign, giving a critical mass of people around the world the tools they need to help solve the climate crisis."
All profits will go to organisations including the Alliance for Climate Protection, the Climate Group and Stop Climate Chaos. (source: BBC)

09 April - H&M, M by Mama
Bartie's mum wears M by Madonna Bartie's mum wears M by MadonnaAs much as we'd have wanted to, the Mad-Eyes team didn't buy anything from the M by Madonna collection, because... well, let's face it, we're men (though we're sure that hasn't kept many other fans from buying it ;-) However, webmaster Bartie's mum treated herself to a fancy white striped suit from the popular new H&M collection. Check out the pix!

09 April - Madonna & Guy: A portrait of marriage
She's dominant, distant, almost manly. He's adoringly subservient. So does this new, far from flattering picture of Madonna and Guy paint them in a more accurate light than they care to admit?
For a woman who is notoriously sensitive about her advancing years, it is the cruellest of images.

A bloated blonde reclines naked on a green drape, her strangely masculine yet heavily made-up features gazing straight at the artist in a grotesque parody of seductiveness, while a shaven-headed, thuggish admirer paws at her pasty flesh.
A vile cartoon designed to shock and disgust the people portrayed? Not quite.
In fact the image in question is the latest portrait of Madonna and Guy Ritchie by the renowned artist Peter Howson, which went on public display for the first time this week and is on sale for £15,000.

The artist's agent Matthew Flowers said: "Peter is a bit obsessed with Madonna. There are strong rumours that Guy was very jealous of the earlier pictures he'd painted of her and wanted to knock Peter's block off."
Howson himself admits "I've never actually fancied her but I admit I've got a thing about her."
Howson, who came to prominece as Britain's official war artist in Bosnia in the 1990s has painted the singer a number of occasions in the past.

A body-building fantatic, he nearly always portrays people in his pictures as highly muscled - almost grotesque.
He admits that in the latest picture, he superimposed his own face on the body of the singer and says of the Shrek-like figure looming over her: "It's probably a subconscious thing that I've got with Ritchie and yes, I've heard that he may not have liked my other portraits."

This hasn't however, put Madonna off. She has been collecting his art for 17 years and owns four of his paintings.
However, it is doubtful she will be collecting this one.
For as she fast approaches her 49th birthday, friends say the superstar is suffering something of a "sense of humour failure" about her appearance.

Worse still, relations with her husband are "more strained than ever".
"It's awful. She looks like an ageing transvestite and Guy looks like a cross between a football hooligan and a pervert," says one source close to the couple.
"Worst of all it portrays Guy as a clinging subservient type and Madonna as the alpha female. Guy's hyper-sensitive that everybody thinks that about him - his mates wind him up by calling him 'Mr M' - and he will not see the funny side."

Yet while the image of Madonna undeniably does a huge disservice to a woman in phenomenal shape for her age, friends have waspishly commented that Guy is looking more like his cartoon every day.
A karate enthusiast, the film director has grown noticeably more musclebound in the past year, while his freshly shaven head has lent an unkind hardness to his appearance.
Worryingly, friends say Madonna is "not a huge fan" of his individual take on football hooligan chic.
"This seeming image gulf between the two is reflected in the way they have started to lead quite separate lives with Guy doing his thing and Madonna hers," the source says.

"He has a very close band of his friends and she has a tight group of her own.
"She likes to be in the house or out to dinner with a few chosen couples but Guy wants to be at his karate classes, in the pub or hanging out with his mates."
Amid all this, friends say Madonna has hit on the notion of moving - lock, stock and two (smoking) barrels - back to New York, the city she's always called her home.

"This is a massive step she’s taking and she knows it. It’s absolutely critical to her and Guy's future. That’s all she cares about."
This drastic course of action, revealed by the Mail in January, comes at a time when Madonna's confidence has hit a new low.
Over the past few months the singer has already suffered a number of knocks, leading her to joke grimly with friends that she is suffering her own 'annus horribilis'.

First there was the fallout from her decision to adopt the Malawian baby David Banda. Madonna has been left deeply wounded by what she perceives as the public's hostility to her decision.
Far more damaging, however, is the looming threat of a tell-all book by former nanny Melissa Dumas.
Provisionally titled Live to Tell, after one of Madonna's early hits, someone who has seen the synopsis describes it as, a 'laundry list' of allegations of savage rows behind closed doors between Guy and Madonna, their children's behaviour, the family's participation in Kabbalah and the controversial adoption of baby David (or Davey, as Madonna calls him).

Hence, as confirmed by Guy's father, John Ritchie, the mooted move to the USA.
"They are moving to New York," he admits. "They have been looking for somewhere to live for a bit. I think Madonna just wants to be there. And the children can all go to the bi-lingual French Lycee school (Madonna is insistent that her offspring are educated in French), so it will work for them."
~ Continue reading the article @ Daily Mail.

08 April - Confessions Tour choreographer speaks
Head over to our video blog to see RJ Durell talking about how he was asked to create a disco choreography for Madonna's Confessions Tour. Originally it was meant for Deeper And Deeper (as seen in his submission sent in) but Madonna replaced that song with Erotica (You Thrill Me). For the record, the choreography of La Isla Bonita was done for Everybody (as seen on promo tour).

07 April - Madonna dying to work with Timbaland
Producer Timbaland gave an interview to French newspaper Metro saying that "I have a track for which I would need Madonna, so I perhaps will give it to her for her next album... she is dying to work with me and me with her. I wanted this track for my album but I don't have time. I will have time for her!" So it seems he will not be the main producer of the new album by any means... (translation from DrownedMadonna)

03 April - Madonna's Ed Hardy T-shirt style
Madonna in Ed Hardy shirt A celebrity such as Madonna can't work out in any old tee. This week the Hung Up singer attended the gym wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt.
Madonna is often applauded for her youthful looks and great sense of style.
This week the pop queen wore an Ed Hardy t-shirt to her London gym.
The mum of three (if you include adopted son David) joins celebrities including singer Chris Brown, model Abbey Clancy and Vinnie Jones in sporting trendy Ed Hardy clothing.

Ed Hardy's Love Kills Slowly T-Shirt is great for casual wear.
Do a Madonna and work up a sweat in style with this must have designer tee or team it with skinny jeans and heels for a sophisticated day time look.
Ed Hardy is the clothing brand of the spring season. Make sure you pick up the latest celeb style! (source: Discoo, thanx to Leon)

03 April - New album in November?
Gossip site Perezhilton posted an article about Madonna's recent successes and hints at a November release of her new album:
Her Madgesty's new M by Madonna clothing line for H&M has sold more than $15 million since going on sale just over a week ago.
The debut has been so successful that the retail chain have just offered Lady M a multi-million dollar deal to do a second and third collection for the chain, beginning in late 2007.

This year has been quite lucrative for Madonna.
In addition to the $8 million she collected from H&M, the Queen of Pop was also paid $15 Million for her recent Japanese commercial.
Madge has spent the last three weeks in a recording studio and has promised her label a new album by November!
~ Keep in mind that no official confirmation was made about a new album this year so far.

03 April - Madonna's David book
Madonna is dedicating her new children's book to her adopted son.
The pop superstar - who has written a number of children's stories - is said to be drawing on her experiences with Malawian tot David Banda, who she was granted custody of last October, for her next tale.
A source said: "She adores David and wants to honour him by writing a boys' adventure with a moral lesson."

Madonna, 48, is believed to be keen to make sure the book has a Kabbalahist moral message in line with her beliefs. The faith is an offshoot of Judaism, and the singer and her husband Guy Ritchie are both devout followers.
It is not the first time Madonna has written a book inspired by one of her children. The star's first story, 'The English Roses', dealt with peer pressure among girls, and was based on her experiences with her daughter Lourdes. (source: AskMen)

03 April - Madonna for 'Extras'?
Pop superstar Madonna is set to star in the last ever episode of Ricky Gervais' hit TV comedy Extras.
Gervais and writing partner Stephen Merchant will end the program's two-season run with a star-studded Christmas special this year.
A host of A-list stars have appeared in the series, including David Bowie, Robert De Niro, and Chris Martin.

Gervais and Merchant want the show to bow out in style with a guest appearance from Madonna.
According to reports, Gervais has been in contact with the Material Girl since they met backstage at the LIVE8 concert in London in 2005, and a deal is almost complete. (source:

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