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14 September - Madonna arrived in Israel
Madonna in Israel Pop star Madonna joins with other devotees of Kabbalah, a Jewish form of mysticism, at a Tel Aviv, Israel, hotel on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2007, on the occasion of the Jewish New Year. Madonna, who wore a shiny black zipper jacket and a red hat with a plaid brim, is attending a Kabbalah conference during a private visit to the Holy Land. The singer, who arrived in Israel on Wednesday night, did not speak to the media.

Madonna was raised a Roman Catholic, but she has become a follower of Jewish mysticism in recent years, raising the ire of many Orthodox Jews who see the adoption of Kabbalah by non-Jewish pop figures as an abomination. The singer has taken the Hebrew name Esther, and has been seen wearing a red thread on her wrist to ward off the evil eye. During her visit she plans to visit sites sacred to Kabbalists. (AP Photo/AP Television News)

13 September - DJ warned by Warner for playing Candy Shop?
I heard that New York City nightclub DJ Steve Sidewalk has been slapped with a cease and desist from Madonna's people and Warner Brothers after he debuted a leaked version of one of her future tracks.

Sidewalk played the Material Girl's upcoming song Candy Shop for Hot Mess on Sunday at Porky's in NYC in what he called a "world premiere."
As it turns out, Warner Brothers isn't ready to premiere the song.
I also heard that Steve Sidewalk is going to issue at public apology to Madonna and Warner Brothers. I can't wait! This is going to be good humorous. (source:

13 September - Madonna's new English Roses book series launches today
"The English Roses," the phenomenally successful series of children's books by Madonna, is scheduled to launch a new series of chapter books on September 13, 2007 aimed at the "tween" market of readers aged 9-12, it was announced today by Puffin Books, the series publisher in association with Callaway Arts & Entertainment. The first four titles, which continue the adventures of five best friends living in London, are illustrated in a highly decorative, whimsical style by renowned fashion artist Jeffrey Fulvimari, who illustrated the original best-selling children's book of the same title (Callaway, 2003).

The first four of twelve books -- Friends for Life!, Good-Bye, Grace?, The New Girl and A Rose by Any Other Name (Puffin/Callaway; Hardcover Fiction; $9.99; 128 pages) -- chronicle Nicole, Amy, Charlotte, Grace and Binah's adventures in the sixth grade. Throughout the series, the English Roses will have crushes, survive family feuds, make new friends, and overcome rivalries. The world of the English Roses will continue online at, where tweens can play interactive games, take quizzes, read horoscopes, download screensavers, and enjoy many other activities. In addition, "members-only" sections of the site will be accessible by using secret codes from membership cards found in all four books.

Madonna, a best-selling children's book author with six titles in the last three years ("The English Roses" [2003], "Mr. Peabody's Apples" [2003], "Yakov and the Seven Thieves" [2004], "The Adventures of Abdi" [2004], "Lotsa de Casha" [2005], and "The English Roses: Too Good to Be True" [2006]), has collectively sold three million books across 42 languages and 100 different countries. The first English Roses picture book debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Doug Whiteman, President of Penguin Young Readers Group, comments, "Madonna demonstrated in 2003 that she knows how to connect with kids through great stories and great characters. We are delighted to be part of this ongoing program, and can't wait to bring 'The English Roses' to a whole new audience."

Nicholas Callaway, Founder and Publisher of Callaway Arts & Entertainment, says, "Madonna knows girls. As one of the entertainment, cultural and fashion icons of our age, she will now take a new generation of girls on a great adventure in the life and times of the English Roses."
All of Madonna's proceeds from "The English Roses" series will be donated to Raising Malawi (, an orphan-care initiative.

Madonna Ritchie was born in Bay City, MI. She has recorded 17 albums, appeared in 18 movies, and written six children's books. She lives with her husband, movie director Guy Ritchie, and her three children, Lola, Rocco, and David, in London and Los Angeles. (source: Marketwire via Yahoo)

12 September - Her name is still Dita
When Guy Ritchie wed Madonna in 2000, he must have known what he was in for - she was never known for her restraint, afterall.
And seven years on, the singer's mischievous sense of humour towards him shows no sign of abating.

Madonna and Guy leave the resto, carrying the giftCelebrating his 39th birthday at London's fashionable Claridges restaurant, the singer chose to whip out from under the table a present which would have made most husbands turn puce.
Friends of the couple have said that in their marriage they have argued a number of times about who really wears the trousers.

For all his mockney posturings, Guy has always felt slightly inferior about his wife's massive earning power and domineering nature. Madonna on the other hand is said to enjoy occasionally bating him on that point. And this latest birthday gift - a strap-on - is, it seems, no exception.
What is for sure it that such a gift given to Guy by Madonna can only have been meant to make light of the rows over about who really takes charge in their marriage.

By the way Madonna is carrying the gift - unusually in a transparent bag - as the couple leave the Mayfair hotel and restaurant, one might assume that Guy had refused to be seen leaving with it.
And the singer clearly relished that point as she flashed a broad smile to photographers who she must have known laid in wait since they had followed her earlier from the family home.

All of which behaviour might seem rather childish when taken in isolation. But it came after a few months during which they have been careful not be appear too frivolous in public - for fear of that being looked down on by the Malawian government officials deciding whether they would be allowed permanently adopt baby David Banda.

The Mail has learned that over the weekend, the couple were told the good news that they will be able to keep the youngster. They received the news after a home visit by an African adoption official described as "as well-choreographed as a dance number on her world tour".
Malawi's child welfare minister Simon Chisale spent three days in London last week, but spent just 40 minutes at Madonna's £6 million Marylebone home on Wednesday afternoon.

Madonna and Guy leave the resto, carrying the gift As source close to the singer said: "It went like clockwork. When he arrived, Madonna appeared to be surprised. She was in the kitchen in an apron and a 50s style-dress baking fresh bread and gingerbread men like a domestic goddess. The day before she had gone through how the oven worked with the chef.

"Next it was on to her study to talk about her career. Across the walls were pictures of her with everyone and the discs celebrating her record sales and the awards.
"She spoke about her tours, saying she said she will tour once next in the next five years then after that no more.

"She made it very clear that they would tour as a family unit, and the importance of normality in her children's lives. They are allowed half an hour of TV twice a week, they are not allowed newspapers. She was saying that lots of her friends had little children too so that they would be very good influences.
"She was talking about David's culture and that she would take him back to Malawi twice a year, that she has lots of people of diverse backgrounds in her life."

The source went on: "She then moved down into the den in the house - which is Guy's entertainment room and is decked out like a hunting lodge. That's where she started talking about her ecological plans, her ideas on climate change, and her plans for Malawi.
"She also spoke very movingly about her having success very young in her life and sometimes going off the rails and how kabbalah became such a unifying positive force in her life which made her appreciate other people.

"Over the weekend Madonna had a reassuring phone conversation where she was told that the Malawian authorities were happy about David's progress. He has bonded, he's happy and healthy. David is staying with the Ritchies, though there will be a further follow-up visit later in the year." (source: Daily Mail)

11 September - Something to remember: She tasted her fears
Madonna performs in L.A. on her Drowned World TourSix years ago today, Madonna was due to perform her Drowned World show in LA, but the show got postponed after several terrorist attacks against New York City & Washington. The September 11th show was rescheduled on the 15th, and along with the shows on the 13th and 14th, she made several changes during the concerts.

She wore a US flag kilt for the punk/rock segment of the show, didn't shoot the evil spirit at the end of Mer Girl and walked offstage together with him. Most importantly, instead of the macabre Oh Dear Daddy she took the time on each night to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks and gave strength & inspiration for everyone to overcome the nightmare...

11 September - Madonna jets to Israel for Jewish festival
Pop superstar Madonna is planning a mass Kabbalah pilgrimage to Israel to mark the Jewish New Year. The singer will be joined by fellow followers Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and 2,000 pilgrims for a ten day study at a holy site in Jerusalem. The 49-year-old will travel by private jet with husband Guy Ritchie and children Lourdes, 10, Rocco, seven, and 22-month-old David in time for the beginning of the festival on Wednesday (12Sep07). (source: ContactMusic)

11 September - Madonna berates Bloc Party bodyguard
Madonna once threatened to "kill" Bloc Party's security guards after they put her in a headlock and frogmarched out of a concert. Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke says the pop superstar visited their dressing room backstage at the London leg of the Live Earth concert earlier this year (07), only to be tackled by their security staff. He says, "She's a super-huge fan. But our tour manager is this guy from Scotland who doesn't know much about popular culture.

"So when she came in, he alerted security and security dragged her out. In a headlock. It was really surreal, and everyone stopped speaking. "And all we could hear is Madonna cursing and saying she's gonna kill these guys. She's really tough because of all that Pilates that she does, so she got out of the headlock quite easily." (source: ContactMusic)

10 September - Candy Shop leaks
A second Madonna song has leaked in its entirety. Earlier, we'd heard small snippets of Candy Shop, another song produced by Pharrell Williams. The download link can be found on this blog. Lyrics of Candy Shop are available here.

07 September - Chart Beat: Will Madonna move up?
Billboard's Fred Bronson in Chart Beat Chat discusses Madonna's total of Hot 100 entries, and her position among female artists:

Dear Fred,
I'm a big fan of Dionne Warwick. In a marketing campaign for her concert, she was billed as the female artist with the second highest number of Hot 100 hits. I've always thought that title belongs to Madonna. I did a little research and was shocked to find out that it was true and Madonna wasn't even in third place. Connie Francis is tied with Dionne.
Can you kindly give me a rundown of the top female artists with the most Hot 100 hits? As a bigger fan of Madonna, I'm hoping with the release of her new album, she will be No. 2.
Kirby Go
Vancouver, Canada

Dear Kirby,
The solo female artist with the most Hot 100 hits is Aretha Franklin, who has scored 76 chart entries between 1961 and 1998. By some strange coincidence, her 76th song to chart, "Here We Go Again," peaked at No. 76.
You're right about Dionne Warwick and Connie Francis being tied for second place, with 56 chart entries each. Connie collected her 56 songs between 1957 and 1969. Dionne ran up her total of 56 chart entries between 1962 and 1998.
Since Dionne and Connie are tied for second place, we skip down to fourth place, where Madonna has 52 chart entries (Brenda Lee appears to have 52 chart entries, but only if you count her Christmas perennial "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" three times. Since it was a re-entry the second and third time around, Lee's official total is 50).
You've probably already done the math -- Madonna needs five more Hot 100 songs to land in second place, a feat certainly within her reach. We'll have to wait and see if she can do it with one album or two.

~ Check out our charts page to see the 52 Madonna singles that entered the US Billboard Hot 100.

06 September - Malawian official visits Madonna
Malawi's chief social welfare official has paid a visit to Madonna's London home, part of a long-delayed assessment into whether the pop idol can adopt a little boy from the Southern African country.
Simon Chisale was spotted leaving the singer's home Wednesday afternoon clutching a blue binder, but he refused to comment and attempted to hide his face when approached by The Associated Press.

Chisale is due to file a report on the suitability of Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie as adoptive parents for toddler David Banda, who was plucked from a Malawian orphanage during a visit there by Madonna last autumn.
In October, Madonna and Ritchie were granted temporary custody of David, then 13 months old, but that could be revoked if it were found that David was being treated differently from their other children or if the toddler's rights were being violated in any way.

The assessment originally was to have been made by Penston Kilembe, the director of Malawi's Child Welfare Services. However, he was removed from the case following allegations that he had solicited money from the singer for his trip to London.

The removal sparked renewed concern that the singer had used her wealth and celebrity status to speed David's adoption.
Kilembe has denied any wrongdoing, and in a statement earlier this week Madonna said there had been no interference with government officials. (source: AP via Yahoo)

06 September - Peter Rauhofer mentions 'Best Of Remixes'
Fansite DrownedMadonna had a chat with famous DJ Peter Rauhofer regarding the long-rumoured Madonna remix compilation: Here's what he said about it: "10 times scheduled always postponed and now AGAIN postponed," "Hahaha.. I think she prefers more to do new albums than 'Best of’s'."

05 September - Madonna working with Akon? gave a hint at Madonna's supposed next collaborator, hip hop producer Akon: "Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston: With all those legends lined up to either finish collaborations or get in the studio for the first time with Akon [...]". Akon is currently enjoying success with his own solo hits but he's also responsible for Gwen Stefani's huge hit 'The Sweet Escape' from her sophomore album with the same name, earlier this year. And a few months ago Akon said he's on to produce Whitney Houston's comeback hit, which will be her biggest ever, according to himself.

05 September - Liz: celebrity not used for adoption
Madonna has not used her celebrity status to speed the adoption of a boy from Malawi, the singer's spokeswoman said Tuesday.
Madonna's effort to adopt toddler David Banda came under the spotlight Monday, when the Malawian official scheduled to go to London to assess the adoption was removed from the case following allegations he had solicited money from the singer for his trip.
The dismissal breathed new life into allegations that the singer used her celebrity status to circumvent Malawian adoption laws - allegations she denies.

"There has been absolutely no interference with government officials or use of Madonna's celebrity to speed up this adoption as reported," spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg said in an e-mail. "The plans to finalize the adoption of Madonna and (her husband) Guy Ritchie's son David are proceeding as outlined almost a year ago."
In October, Madonna and Ritchie were granted temporary custody of David, then 13 months old.

A report is expected to be filed before the Malawian courts in the capital Lilongwe by the February 2008 deadline for a judge to determine whether Madonna and her husband are suitable adoptive parents.
The couple's custody order could be revoked if it is found that David was being treated differently from their other children, Lourdes, 10, and Rocco, 6, or if the toddler's rights were being violated in any way.

Rosenberg expressed confidence that the judge would rule in Madonna's favor, saying the singer's entire family looked forward to having the adoption finalized early next year. (source: AP)

05 September - Madonna and Elton make up
Madonna and British interior designer David Collins, the winner of the Inspiration award at the GQ Man of the Year Awards Madonna hugs Elton John at the GQ Man of the Year Awards Madonna and Sir Elton John have finally called a truce on their high profile feud more than two years after he publicly accused the pop star of lip-synching in an expletive laden outburst.

Introducing the Madonna at this year's GQ Men of the Year Awards in London last night, Sir Elton said: "This is a moment you thought you would never see."
The pair hugged on stage, but the acerbic star couldn't resist a final swipe, adding he had "written a grovelling apology and offered to join the Kabbalah".

At an awards ceremony in 2004, John infamously criticised the singer after she won an award for live performance, saying: ""Madonna, best f***ing live act? F*** off! Since when has lip-synching been live? That's me off her f***ing Christmas card list but do I give a toss? No."
Madonna hit back through a statement issued by her spokesperson, who declared: "Madonna does not lip-synch nor does she spend her time trashing other artists."

The singer, who is still awaiting permission to permanently adopt her third child, left the awards show looking rather worse for wear as she piled into a cab.
Earlier, while handing out the rest of the awards last night, the rest of the guest presenters nothing but complimentary in the extreme. (source: Daily Mail)

05 September - Justify Your Sexiness
Thepast few weeks, you've all been voting in our poll about the sexiest Madonna look in a video. We carefully selected 12 music videos from all eras of Madonna's career, each with a different sexy Madonna. And according to a clear majority (22%), Madonna looks sexiest in her 1990 Justify My Love video. It was the video that introduced us to Madonna's upcoming Erotica period, which aimed to push the boundaries of sexuality.

Justify My Love, shot by photographer Jean Baptiste Mondino in the Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris, shows Madonna and her toy boy Tony Ward, as well as a bunch of androgenous characters, all engaging in various erotic acts. All at once, it visualised several sexual taboos and questioned why they'd be a taboo in the first place. The message at the end can be considered as adressed to a sexual partner, as well as to the establisment and to society in general.

Voters in our poll gave honourable mentions to the recent disco queen in Hung Up (12%), to the serene Madonna in The Power Of Good-Bye (12%), and to the sex bomb in the classic Express Yourself (10%). You can now vote in our new poll: What do you think of The Beat Goes On?

02 September - No Madonna releases this year? *rumour*
Fansite DrownedMadonna claims that currently no Madonna releases are scheduled for 2007. The new album seems to be set for early 2008, the 'Best Of Remixes' compilation was cancelled and Warner currently has no plans to release a 25th anniversary box set.

~ We remind you that currently Warner Music has neither confirmed nor denied the release date of the new album or the remix compilation. We keep you updated when more information becomes available.

01 September - Vote for Madonna @ EMA
Madonna is running for two nominations at the upcoming MTV EMA, under Best Solo and Best International Act categories. Fans can vote as much as they want so their favourite artists will end up among the nominees. Click here to enter the page of categories and then select '3) Solo' & '8) Inter Act' to vote for Madonna in the list. The EMAs are going to be in Munich, Germany exactly 2 months from now, on November 1st, 2007.

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