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15 June - Madonna breaks into the UK Top 40 for the 66th time
Give It 2 Me, the second single from Hard Candy breaks into the UK Top 40 singles chart and it comes in at #36. It is the 66th time for Madonna, and as we all know, out of 66 chart entries, she reached the Top 10 a massive sixty times! The single is only available as a download so far, the tentative physical release is still 3 weeks away, so Madonna can still go on and on and on and is undoubtedly going to score her 61st Top 10 single with the ultra-catchy Give It 2 Me! Keep checking our chart news page for more on the chart performances of Hard Candy and now its 2 singles, 4 Minutes & Give It 2 Me!

14 June - Mexico is officially added to the tour schedule *official*
Breaking news! has officially announced that Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour is going to make a show in Mexico City, Mexico on Saturday, November 29th! She's going to perform at the Foro Sol. It's Madonna's first show in Mexico since The Girlie Show 15 years ago! Tickets will go on sale Wednesday, June 25th at 11 am local time and the ICON presales will be held on Thursday, June 19th at 11 am local time. Congratulations to the Mexican fans, and let's hope that more Latin American dates will be announced very soon!

14 June - Chilean government offers National Stadium for Madonna show
In less than 24 hours, the government has changed its mind and now says it will allow the National Stadium to be used for Madonna's upcoming concert in Chile. The decision was announced this morning by the spokesperson for the government administration, Francisco Vidal, after he met with the sub secretary of Chiledeportes, Jaime Pizarro, and Deputies Álvaro Escobar and Marco Enríquez-Ominami to address the issue.
"Madonna will perform, because it works with another event that Jaime (Pizarro) had with the Telethon, who had asked to reserve the stadium during the end of November, and you can all understand that the Telethon holds first priority, but it is possible as long as the agreements reached with Chiledeportes are complied with." announced Vidal.
"Now, even I am excited about Madonna, she is coming, and I'll see you on December 10th in the National Stadium as well", added the minister.
The controversy over the use of the Nuñoa facility for non-athletic type activities returned with a vengeance yesterday after Vidal backed Chiledeportes' decision not to offer up the location for the "material girl". (source:
~ It's looking good for the Latin American fans, hopefully the official dates will be announced very soon.

14 June - Madonna shows off serious pop star moves in Give It 2 Me
Take a look at Madonna's hot new video for Give It 2 Me and keep in the back of your mind that she turns 50 this summer. She struts her stuff in heels and clothes that show off a still stunning body, and, thanks to assistance from Pharrell Williams, the song is as current as anything else on the pop music makret.
Once again it's time to be in awe of Madonna's amazing staying power as one of the world's top pop stars for 25 years. Don't get wrapped up too much in the superlatives. Just enjoy the video. (source:
~ You can watch Give It 2 Me on our video blog

13 June - Fedde le Grand remixes Give It 2 Me
After Junkie XL remixed 4 Minutes, another Dutch DJ gets his hand on a Madonna single. It was announced in the Dutch media today that Fedde le Grand made a remix of Give It 2 Me and is going to be available on his MySpace. It is currently not known if his remix is going to be commercially available on a physical or a digital single. Fedde le Grand is already popular among Madonna fans since the Hard Candy Promo Tour, where Kevin Antunes, Madonna's current musical director created an electrifying mashup between Fedde's 2006 hit single 'Put Your Hands Up For Detroit' and Madonna's own megahit Music.

13 June - Pharrell: "I made Madonna cry like a baby"
Pharrell WilliamsProducer reveals he turned Queen Of Pop into sobbing wreck
Pharrell Williams admitted he reduced Madonna to a sobbing wreck while working on her recent album Hard Candy.
The producer said he made the icon cry like a baby during recording sessions for the record.
"I totally made her cry like. Like a baby. I had to get her a towel," he told Shortlist. "We were alone recording the album and she kept talking a lot of rubbish, so I shouted a lot of rubbish and she started crying her eyes out."
The N.E.R.D man admitted he had been quite nasty to Madonna, but said he had no plans to make their scrap public until the singer spoke about it herself.
"I just said some really nasty stuff, I guess. And yeah, she cried for a really long time actually," he said. "To be honest I can't believe she told someone about it. The whole situation was quite intense. It's totally weird to make Madonna sob, but even stranger when she tells everyone, 'Pharrell made me cry'. (source: NME)

12 June - Vienna, Austria added to Sticky & Sweet Tour schedule has finalized another European tour date: the Sticky & Sweet Tour is going to stop by in Vienna, Austria on Tuesday, September 23rd! The show will be held on the Danube Island and is said to be a general admission concert, just like the one in Lisbon. Tickets will go on sale Monday, June 23rd 10 am CET and ICON fans will have presales on Wednesday, June 18th 10 am CET. This is surely a fantastic treat for all the Eastern-European fans!

12 June - Madonna turns 50 soon: Highs and Lows
Three of pop music's biggest stars - Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince - celebrate their 50th birthday in 2008.
Full name: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
Born: August 16, 1958, Bay City, Michigan, USA
Also known as: The Queen of Pop, Material Girl, Madge, Esther, Mrs Ritchie.
Biggest hits: Holiday, Into The Groove, Like A Prayer, Vogue, Ray Of Light, Music.
Quote: "A woman who pulled herself up by her bra straps and has been known to let them down occasionally" (Bette Midler, introducing Madonna at Live Aid in 1985).

Madonna's mother, also called Madonna, dies of breast cancer. The tragic event has a lifelong impact on the singer. "You walk around with a big hole inside you, a feeling of emptiness and longing," the star says later.

Madonna in 1983 (by Gary Heery)1982-1985 - INITIAL CHART SUCCESS
Madonna moves to New York in 1977, where she studies with choreographer Alvin Ailey and takes modelling jobs.
Early music demos recorded with her boyfriend Stephen Bray make their way to Sire Records boss Seymour Stein, who demands to meet her, even though he is in hospital with a heart condition. Impressed with "the drive, the zeal, the ruthlessness" of a young Madonna, he signs her on the spot. But her first few releases only make an impact in clubs.
Holiday becomes Madonna's first breakthrough hit in the US, reaching number 16 in late 1983. Her first top 10 hit comes a year later with Borderline, a song she later disowns. She is more proud of the subsequent, career-defining hits Like A Virgin and Material Girl. The sell-out Virgin Tour begins in 1985 with support from the Beastie Boys.

Madonna receives rave reviews for her first "proper" film, Desperately Seeking Susan. (she previously made low-budget sexploitation movie A Certain Sacrifice in 1979).
She also hits number one with Into The Groove, plays Live Aid, and marries actor Sean Penn on a Californian clifftop, their vows drowned out by the roar of helicopters circling overhead.

True Blue, the album1986 - TRUE BLUE
True Blue, with its iconic Herb Ritts cover, cements Madonna's reputation as the first lady of pop, reaching number one in 12 countries and spawning five hit singles.
Papa Don't Preach, which deals with teenage pregnancy, confirms the star's willingness to tackle controversial issues while Live To Tell's raw vocals (recorded on the first take) show new emotional depth.
But Madonna's film career takes the first of many serious beatings with the release of Shanghai Surprise, while the Pope advises Italians not to attend her Who's That Girl World Tour.
A year later, she separates from Sean Penn, and the couple are granted a divorce in 1989.

The release of Like A Prayer marks the moment when critics first begin to describe Madonna as an artist, rather than a mere pop singer. The title track's video, which shows the star kissing a black saint, causes storms of protest – but sends her straight to number one.
She follows up the album with the hit single Vogue and the lavish Blond Ambition Tour. At the end of 1990, Madonna seals her reputation with a Greatest Hits album – The Immaculate Collection.

Madonna in SEX1992 - SEX
A coffee table photo book, Sex, finds Madonna in a number of sexually explicit poses with the likes of Naomi Campbell and Vanilla Ice. The book is derided in the press, and the dark and seedy Erotica album suffers as a result.
Two years later, she makes a bizarre, expletive-filled appearance on David Letterman's talk show. Madonna asks the host to smell her underwear, smokes a cigar and quizzes Letterman on whether he urinates in the shower. When she refuses to leave the stage, several audience members shout "get off".
The show marks a low point in public perception of the star.

1996 - EVITA
Madonna's casting in Evita helps to rehabilitate her image - and her film career. Meanwhile, she falls pregnant to fitness trainer Carlos Leon, giving birth to her first daughter, Lourdes, in October.

Ray Of Light, the album1998 - RAY OF LIGHT
Ray Of Light marks a musical return to form. Its laid-back blend of dance and electronica catches the pop superstar in a reflective mood, musing on fame and parenthood. She continues to mine this rich seam of futuristic pop with Beautiful Stranger in 1999 and Music in 2000, albeit with diminishing returns.
In the meantime, she meets Guy Ritchie at a party thrown by Sting's wife Trudi Styler. The couple have a son, Rocco, before tying the knot in Scotland days before the new Millennium.

After the lacklustre American Life album, Madonna looks to the past for her Re-Invention Tour. Highlights including the yoga-inspired dance routines of Vogue, and a bagpipe version of Papa Don't Preach.
She follows it up with a love letter to disco, Confessions On A Dance Floor, produced by the tour's musical director Stuart Prince. Based around European dance music - including a prominent Abba sample on Hung Up - sells 8 million copies, but its singles perform badly in the US.
The accompanying tour draws flack when Madonna performs Live To Tell while strapped to a mirrored cross, wearing a crown of thorns.

Live To Tell @ Confessions Tour- click to enlarge2006 - ADOPTION
Madonna visits Malawi, arriving by private jet in the capital, Lilongwe. She says she is in the country on a humanitarian mission to visit Aids orphans, but government officials say plans to adopt a child.
A week later, Yohane Banda tells the Associated Press news agency the star has adopted his 13-month-old son, David. "I know he will be very happy in America," he says.
Madonna denies she has used her status to "fast-track" the process, and the adoption does not receive final approval until 2008.

Showing no signs of letting up the pace as she approaches 50, Madonna parts company with record company Warner Brothers to sign a ground-breaking contract with concert promoters Live Nation.
She is also inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, releases an album, Hard Candy, directs her first film, Filth and Wisdom, and produces I Am Because We Are, a documentary about Aids orphans in Malawi.
After celebrating her 50th birthday, the megastar is due to embark on another world tour in September. (source: BBC)

12 June - Madonna bro ready to tell all about sis
Look who's expressing himself.
Madonna's younger brother, Christopher Ciccone, is penning a memoir about his famous sister set for release next month, publisher Simon & Schuster announced today.
"Ciccone's extraordinary memoir is based on his life and 47 years of growing up with and working with his sister-the most famous woman in the world," the company said in a press release.
The publishing house has ordered a monster first printing of 350,000 copies of Life With My Sister, set to hit shelves July 15.
Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, said there would be no comment "at this time."
The book was cowritten by Wendy Leigh (whose oeuvre includes salacious bios of JFK Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger, Liza Minnelli and Princess Grace) and will be released on the Simon Spotlight Entertainment imprint.
The company began telling retailers several months ago that it was readying a major celebrity tell-all but kept the identity of its subject a secret, asking booksellers to order blind.
No word yet on what exactly the younger Ciccone, a noted Miami-based designer, plans to dish about his famous sibling, with whom he's worked closely in the past.
He helped mount and direct two of Madonna's biggest world tours, 1990's Blond Ambition and 1993's Girlie Show. Most recently, he popped up as a guest judge on season three of Bravo's Top Chef. (source: E! Online)

11 June - Madonna trades acting for directing
Madonna as Breathless Mahoney in Dick TracyMadonna has vowed never to act again - because she would prefer to establish herself in Hollywood as a filmmaker.
The star has repeatedly tried her hand at acting since launching her singing career in the 1980s, playing lead roles in films such as Desperately Seeking Susan, Dick Tracy and Evita, for which she won a Best Actress Golden Globe in 1997.
But since directing the upcoming comedy Filth and Wisdom, the 49-year-old insists she has found her calling.
When asked if she still dreams of an acting career, she responds: "Absolutely not, because now I've tasted directing. It's like Eve and the apple, I have to have a second bite. If you're an actress, it's not your vision.
"The director tells the story, you are the chess piece that is moved around. That doesn't suit my personality."
And the Holiday hitmaker is so fond of filmmaking, she insists she even prefers it to making music: "You have more time to tell a story. You have an hour and half or two to save the world." (source: Contactmusic)

11 June - Madonna to make documentary about Israeli-Arab conflict?
She's busy promoting her first documentary and her seventh No. 1 album, but the world's most famous kabbalah devotee already has her sights set on a new project: a documentary about the Arab-Israeli impasse.
Pop diva Madonna has said that her film would focus on children and would provide a second chance for her to collaborate with director Nathan Rissman, who once served as the singer's gardener and as her children's nanny.
At the Cannes Film Festival, the pair spoke about and promoted I Am Because We Are, a documentary that Madonna wrote and Rissman directed. The film is about the more than 1 million children orphaned in Malawi because of AIDS. The singer adopted an infant from the country in 2006.
That's all well and good, but Israelis who are certainly accustomed to hearing foreign celebrities' vague proposals for projects involving their country have other pressing concerns, such as whether the singer will stop in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem on her upcoming concert tour.
The 49-year-old visited Israel last year as part of a High Holy Days pilgrimage with The Kabbalah Center.
The singer, who also visited Israel in 2004, last performed a concert in the country in 1993. (source:

10 June - Mad-Eyes visitors want Miles Away for third single
The Mad-Eyes team held a poll about the preferred 3rd single for Hard Candy and the results are in: Miles Away won by a landslide (30%), 2nd place is for Beat Goes On (19%) and the 3rd is Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (16%). Thanx for the participation and be sure to vote in the fan favourite poll: Several Madonna singles haven't been performed on tour in a long while. Which one would you definitely like to hear on the Sticky & Sweet Tour? (part 1: 1983-1989). Vote here!

10 June - Greek fans to get Sticky & Sweet in September
Fantastic news for Greek fans: just added Athens, Greece to the Sticky & Sweet Tour schedule! Madonna is going to perform in the Olympic Stadium on Saturday, September 27th. It's Madonna's first ever show in Greece. Tickets will go on sale Friday, June 27th at 10.30 am local time while the ICON presales will start on Tuesday, June 24th at 10 am local time. There are likely 3 more dates to be officially confirmed in Europe: one date between Lisbon and Paris and two dates between Paris and Athens.

10 June - Give It 2 Me video TRL premiere
According to Madonna's new video Give It 2 Me is going to make its debut on the show Total Request Live today, June 10th at 3.30 pm ET/PT. This is great promo, the lighthearted video that features Pharrell is surely going to catch the audiences and hopefully viewers are going to vote for it on the video countdown of the show. Give It 2 Me is expected to stabilize sales of Hard Candy as 4 Minutes is cooling down after nearly 3 months of great radio airplay and amazing sales. You can help Give It 2 Me with streaming the video here (streaming points are counted for the Billboard Hot 100) and keep an eye on its chart performance along with its parent album on our chart news page.

08 June - Give It 2 Me radio release news
Madonna's new single Give It 2 Me, produced by The Neptunes, is kicking off at US radio on June 17th (according to Meanwhile, the UK's Radio 1 already has it on its B-list. There's no official info on the physical releases, but it's likely that just a selected few countries are going to get the new physical Madonna single. HMV has a tentative release date set to July 7th, while mentions July 14th, as reported earlier.
UPDATE: The radio add date has been pushed back to June 24th!

07 June - Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson turning 50
Prince performing at the Superbowl in 2007How will pop icons handle turning 50?
Besides being three of the most famous (infamous?) musicians of their generation, Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson have something else in common:
They're all turning 50 this year.
Prince's birthday is today. Madonna and Jackson get to blow out their candles Aug. 16 and Aug. 29, respectively.

So is this cause for celebration? Or alarm?
"In two of the three cases, I'd say it's cause for celebration," says Jonathan Cohen, senior editor of the music trade magazine Billboard.
"As for Michael Jackson . . . it's just sad. Knowing how old he is just makes it all the more creepy."
Jackson's career has yet to recover from allegations of child molestation (despite his acquittal in a 2005 trial), financial woes (he narrowly avoided foreclosure on his Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos, Calif., this year) and increasingly strange behavior that have earned him the nickname Wacko Jacko.
Prince, on the other hand, is riding high after a scene-stealing performance in April at Coachella, an ultra-hip music festival in the California desert. And don't forget His Purple Badness' rain-soaked halftime show at last year's Super Bowl, too -- as if anyone who caught the electrifying performance could.
"Prince is sui generis," says music industry analyst and former record company executive Bob Lefsetz, publisher of the Lefsetz Letter blog.
Prince "has the icon status of a Paul McCartney," Lefsetz says.
As for Madonna and Jackson, "they've both had too many visits to the plastic surgeon," Lefsetz says. "They're trying to be young, trying to be somebody they're not."

On the new Madonna album, Hard Candy, the Material "Girl" collaborates with several younger hitmakers, including Timbaland and Justin Timberlake. They're featured on 4 Minutes, a Top 5 single.
"This record feels like a bit of a cop-out," Cohen says. "Ten or 20 years ago, Madonna was the one discovering hungry new talents and presenting them to the world for the first time. It's not the case anymore.
"I can't say I'm a huge fan of Madonna's new music, but it seems to have revitalized her a bit, after uneven responses to her past couple of projects. She remains a huge superstar internationally, if not so much here in the United States."

It's business as usual for Prince on his latest album, "Planet Earth," released last year.
"Prince is still writing the same kinds of songs he's been writing forever," Cohen says. "The messages are timeless. You don't hear him coming out with confessional acoustic ballads about middle age or things like that. I don't think anyone really wants to hear that from him anyway."

Jackson's landmark 1982 album "Thriller" has sold 27 million copies in the United States alone. It's second only to "The Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975" on the Recording Industry Association of America's list of the best-selling albums of all time.
Jackson hasn't put out a new album since "Invincible" in 2001.
If nothing else, Prince, Madonna and Jackson can take some consolation in the fact they'll always be younger than the Rolling Stones.
Mick Jagger -- oops! We mean Sir Mick Jagger -- has never lived down saying he'd rather be dead than singing "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" when he was 45.
Jagger (the same guy who once sang: "What a drag it is getting old") turns 65 next month. The rest of the Stones are sexagenarians, too. And "Satisfaction" is still on their set list.
"A lot of artists from that era are still performing," says Jim Henke, chief curator at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.
"This idea of Hope I die before I get old' doesn't really hold true in pop music anymore," Henke says.

Jackson is a two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, enshrined for his accomplishments with the Jackson 5 and for his solo career. Prince and Madonna are inductees, too.
"I don't know how many teenagers are listening to any of them, but they still have their audiences," Henke says.
As they pass the half-century mark, Prince, Madonna and Jackson are entering largely uncharted territory. In pop music, "maturity" can be a dirty word. Growing old (or older) gracefully is tricky business, a contingency some pop stars didn't count on.
"When people said they couldn't foresee doing what they're doing at their ages -- well, they couldn't foresee doing something else, either," Lefsetz says. "When you're 20, you don't even believe you're going to be 50, never mind what you'll be doing.
"This is what they do. Wannabe musicians don't give up when they reach 50. Why should the stars?"

All indications are Prince and Madonna will remain major players for years to come.
"I believe Prince will be like an old jazz musician, playing until he drops," Lefsetz says.
"With Madonna, does she retire? One would think not, because she loves the spotlight too much.
"Does she reinvent herself as some kind of torch singer? Unfortunately, she doesn't have a good voice.
"I think her next move is to act her age and try to get her audience to rally around her."

Madonna is set to kick off a world tour in August. Last fall, she inked an unprecedented recording and touring deal with mega-promoter Live Nation, worth $120 million.
"A lot of people were skeptical about the deal, because there aren't a lot of models of female pop artists who are still out on the road as they're approaching 60," Cohen says.
"God knows what her show will be like at that point, but I would never write her off. Given her prior history, I'm sure she'll find a way to make it cool."
As for Jackson's prospects, your guess is as good as the experts'.
"Michael Jackson has become a joke, for all the obvious reasons," Lefsetz says.
Still, you can't entirely rule out a comeback by the artist formerly known as the King of Pop.
"No one can predict what he'll do next," Lefsetz says.
Adds Cohen: "If he could get his act together, behave like a normal person, put out a record and go on tour, he could do huge business. People are clamoring for that." (source:

07 June - Let's party like it's 1958!
Madonna at the Rock and Roll Hall of FamePrince, Madonna and Michael Jackson -- all born in the Midwest in the summer of '58 -- became three of the biggest music superstars of the 1980s and remain revered pop-culture icons despite roller-coaster careers. As Prince turns 50 today, we compare the lives of the Purple One, the Material Girl and the King of Pop. (by the Star Tribune)

Prince: Minneapolis, Min., June 7
Madonna: Bay City, Mich., Aug. 16
Michael Jackson: Gary, Ind., Aug. 29

Prince: 2/2/1 (deceased)
Madonna: 2/1/3
Michael Jackson: 2/2/3

Prince: 1984's "Purple Rain" movie, soundtrack and tour
Madonna: 1990's Blond Ambition Tour and its documentary, Truth or Dare
Michael Jackson: 1983's "Thriller," the second best-selling album ever

Prince: His 1986 movie "Under the Cherry Moon" with Kristin Scott Thomas
Madonna: Her 1986 movie Shanghai Surprise with first husband Sean Penn
Michael Jackson: His 2005 trial on child-molesting charges (he was acquitted)

Prince: Giving away free CD to every concertgoer on "Musicology Tour"
Madonna: "Sex," a book of soft-core photos of herself (and Vanilla Ice!)
Michael Jackson: National TV interview with then-wife Lisa Marie Presley

Prince: Changed his name to a glyph as protest against Warner Bros.
Madonna: Sacrilegious video for [Like A Prayer]
Michael Jackson: Paying off family of a young boy whom he allegedly molested

Prince: Purple suit and gold tie with the perfect accessory, Beyoncé, on the 2004 Grammys
Madonna: Jean Harlow-style glamour on her video for Vogue
Michael Jackson: Big Afro and his original nose on his video for "Ben"

Prince: 39.5 million (top seller: "Purple Rain," 13 million)
Madonna: 63.5 million (Immaculate Collection, 10 million)
Michael Jackson: 60.5 million ("Thriller," 27 million)

Prince: 5
Madonna: 12
Michael Jackson: 13

Prince: "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" (No. 3, 1994)
Madonna: 4 Minutes (No. 3, 2008)
Michael Jackson: "You Are Not Alone" (No. 1, 1995)

Prince: Super Bowl halftime show, 2007
Madonna: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech, 2008
Michael Jackson: Can't remember (OK, 1988's Bad Tour)

06 June - Madonna's gonna dress herself up in Heatherette for Sticky & Sweet Tour
If you happen to catch Madonna's worldwide Sticky & Sweet Tour this summer, pay careful attention to the Material Girl's onstage garb. That's because she may be wearing creations from the collective mind of Heatherette, the New York-based design duo who've helped the likes of Gwen Stefani, Pamela Anderson, Mya, Kelis, Pink and Paris Hilton look their best.
On May 23, at the "M Is For Madonna" exhibit at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery in Los Angeles, where more than 100 artists from around the globe showed off their Madonna-inspired work, MTV News caught up with Heatherette's Traver Rains and Richie Rich. They told us they've been approached by Madonna's camp about designing the outfits she'll be sporting when her tour kicks off August 23 in Cardiff, Wales. The trek picks up stateside on October 4 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
"Liz Rosenberg, her publicist, just contacted us and said that she wants us to come up with some sketches, some ideas and some inspirations for her tour," Richie Rich explained. "I think, basically, for Madonna's tour, we'll come up with some sketches, some inspirations and listen to the album to get some ideas, and as young designers, we'll come up with what we think is happening right now. That's why Madonna's a genius - she picks out the new blood, and we'll see what happens."
But for Heatherette, their mission will be especially challenging, given Madonna's iconic, ever-changing style over the years. They said they're intent on not replicating any of the styles she's rocked in the past, but they're certainly up to the task.
"She already did the cowboy hat, so we'll need to think of something else," Rich joked. (source: MTV Newsroom)

06 June - Hard Candy has been certified Gold in the USA
Madonna's new studio album Hard Candy has been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Gold certification means shipments of 500,000 copies at retail. Up to this point, the hard sales of the record are actually exactly half a million, so it's likely that the album is going to get a Platinum certification when the US leg of the Sticky & Sweet Tour kicks off, or when the new compilation is released. Madonna is now certified for 63,5 million albums in the USA, which puts her just above Mariah Carey, who both are only second to Barbra Streisand among female artists, but while Mariah's latest album is not certified yet, Madonna has several undercertified catalog albums.

Hard Candy, the albumMadonna's album certifications in the USA:
Madonna / The First Album: 5x Platinum
Like A Virgin: 10x Platinum
True Blue: 7x Platinum
Who's That Girl: Platinum
You Can Dance: Platinum
Like A Prayer: 4x Platinum
I'm Breathless: 2x Platinum
The Immaculate Collection: 10x Platinum
Erotica: 2x Platinum
Bedtime Stories: 3x Platinum
Something To Remember: 3x Platinum
Evita: 5x Platinum
Ray Of Light: 4x Platinum
Music: 3x Platinum
GHV2: Platinum
American Life: Platinum
Confessions On A Dance Floor: Platinum
Hard Candy: Gold

06 June - No show in Croatia, but likely in Montenegro
According to the Croatian promoter, the Zagreb date fell out because they were unable to pay the demanded price for Madonna. The same happened with Belgrade, Serbia so Madonna is supposedly going to perform in Budva, Montenegro on September 23rd, who managed to pay the price. Another date could be added in Vienna, Austria for September 25th. Keep in mind that this info is not yet on or on Live Nation, but it's likely to be the real deal. No further news on the missing European dates, like Spain or Greece, but not looking good for them at this point...

06 June - Sony Ericsson phones to come pre-packaged with Hard Candy
Sony Ericsson and Warner Music International are partnering to bundle Madonna's latest album, Hard Candy, on handsets in 27 countries. Starting this month, the bundles will come in two versions - one with five tracks from the album, another with the full release plus extra wallpapers and ringtones.
Sony Ericsson already started offering vouchers with its W890 Walkman, allowing those in Scandinavia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to buy the album later, and those in Belgium and Czech Republic get a CD with their W380i handsets. Now the handset maker is bundling the album digitally also in south and central America and the Caribbean.
Samsung had already struck a deal to pre-bundle Hard Candy on its F400. Sony Ericsson said it hoped its move would drive up mobile music adoption, which still languishes behind expectations. SonyEricsson has previously pre-loaded Def Jam artists on to another of its handsets and SonyBMG has stated its intention to make a bigger splash in all-you-can-eat mobile music downloads. Vodafone got the exclusive on the Madonna album but staggered track releases by the week. A special remix of the 4 Minutes single has also been doing the rounds as a mobile offering, also used by Verizon. (source: Yahoo! Finance)

05 June - New York City gets a 4th show
A 4th show was added for Madison Square Garden, NYC for Sunday, October 12th. Tickets will go on sale on Friday, June 13th at 9 am via Ticketmaster, while members of ICON are having presales on Monday, June 9th at noon. The 4th show in MSG is most likely the last date to be added to the US itineary of the Sticky & Sweet Tour.

05 June - Ticket sale Saturday for Madonna in Traverse City
Tickets go on sale Saturday for Madonna's appearance at the Traverse City Film Festival.
But don't bother trying to order them by phone or online. They'll be available only at the State Theatre in downtown Traverse City, where the pop star will show her new film, "I Am Because We Are," on Aug. 2.
Festival founder Michael Moore has said Madonna will personally introduce the documentary, which describes the plight of impoverished people in the African nation of Malawi.
Madonna and Moore are friends and Michigan natives.
The theater seats about 540 people. Tickets cost $25 each. Moore said Wednesday that all the money from the ticket sale will go to Madonna's Raising Malawi Foundation. (source: AP via Yahoo)

04 June - Impossible for Madonna to perform Peru
It would be impossible for Madonna to come to Lima on her Latin America tour, which is to begin in December, said Jorge Fernandez, an entrepreneur in the entertainment business at Show S.A. company.
Fernandez assured that it was not likely for the Queen of Pop to make an appearance in Lima due to the fact that she charges approximately $4 million per concert.
He explained that this amount could not be raised in a concert in Lima even if the National Stadium were filled to its full capacity.
"I am aware that a group of businessmen have come together to try and get the money but they themselves know that producing this event in Peru is a utopia. We don't even have a decent stage or good sound equipment to host a show like the one Madonna will put on in her new world tour," said Fernandez to Terra News.
According to Terra, the experienced producer said that the Andean country would be ready for a concert of this magnitude next year.
"We need more places to host events, more companies that provide sound, lights and scenery. After taxes were reduced things have taken off, that's why now there is more demand than offer and that is hurting us," explained the producer.
Madonna, who was ranked the "Best Selling Female Rock Artist of the Twentieth Century" by the Recording Industry Association of America, is scheduled to perform in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico near the end of this year. (source: Living in Peru)
~ Keep in mind we've had no official confirmation about Latin American tour dates yet, but those 4 countries are likely to be visited by Madonna after she wraps up the US leg of the Sticky & Sweet Tour on November 26th in Miami.

04 June - Give It 2 Me video officially premieres online
Madonna's new video Give It 2 Me can now be streamed online at Yahoo and is available for download on UK iTunes. Meanwhile, online record shop published the supposed tracklist of the UK release of the single, and according to them, the release date is set to July 14th.

01 June - 4 Minutes becomes Madonna's longest running single in UK Top 10
Madonna's duet with Justin Timberlake is now the Madonna single with the most weeks in the Top 10 of the UK singles chart. With its 11th week in the Top 10, it breaks the tie with Hung Up, the only other Madonna single that spent double-digit number of weeks in the Top 10. 4 Minutes has not left the Top 10 since its release, and after it became one of Madonna's longest running UK #1s with 4 weeks at the top, the Top 10 run record is a fantastic addition to its incredible chart performance! Check out our chart news page for more on Madonna's current appearances on worldwide charts!

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