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15 August - ABBA cover leaks online
Just in time for the ABBA revival of 2008, Madonna fans finally get their hands on Madonna's cover of the ABBA song Like An Angel Passing Through My Room. The track is the closing song on ABBA's final album 'The Visitors' released in 1981. Madonna covered this sorrowful track in 2000 with William Orbit during the Music sessions and it stays true to the ABBA version with Orbit's bubbly production and Madonna's gorgeously deep and warm vocals, paying homage to Frida's original rendition. It is unfortunate that the other Orbit produced-tracks were included on Music and not this great cover. The track surfaced on a rare William Orbit box set that was supposedly given away at his Space Event earlier this year. The 4 disc set contains more Madonna-related tracks: instrumental versions of Time Stood Still, Mer Girl and the ABBA cover itself, a stripped down demo of Liquid Love (same vocals as in the version leaked 2 years ago), a different instrumental demo of Drowned World, the Guerilla Beach Mix of I'll Remember from 1994, 'Purdy', the music used in Madonna's H&M commercial from 2007, and the famous 'humming song' Wonderland that was famously used as the Mad-Eyes intro, which is now credited as 'Madonna & Rupert Everett'. You can hear the ABBA cover here and you can read the lyrics here.

14 August - Liz Rosenberg kills negative buzz
The fate of Madonna's Sticky & Sweet tour just got a whole lot sweeter.
Despite rumors that the pop icon's elaborate world tour would be scrapped on account of illness-inspired by a seemingly sprained ankle-a rep for the singer's concert promoter, Live Nation, tells E! News the show will go on.
"We haven't canceled any shows, it's a full go starting on [Aug.] 23," says the rep.
Meanwhile, the singer's longtime rep Liz Rosenberg came to E! News to set the record straight on reports that the Material Mom is thisclose to adopting another child…
"There are several totally untrue rumors currently floating around about Madonna. One is that she is canceling shows, canceling a birthday party, that she's adopting a second child from Malawi and that she hurt her ankle. None of these are true," Rosenberg tells us.
British media are reporting that Guy Ritchie has an authentic English bash in store for Madonna this weekend at their Wiltshire estate. The celebration of Madonna's big 5-0 reportedly will include traditional English ale and pals Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney and Trudie Styler. (source: E! Online)

13 August - Contrasting fortunes as Madonna and Jacko turn 50
Madonna & Michael Jackson @ Academy Awards 1991Pop icons Madonna and Michael Jackson turn 50 later this month, but the contrasting fortunes of the two music legends could not be more stark as they usher in their respective birthdays.
Madonna, who celebrates her birthday on August 16, will bring up the half century with her career in rude health, less than one year into a groundbreaking 120-million-dollar, 10-year deal, and with a recent #1 album.

But "King of Pop" Jackson, who is 50 on August 29, will mark his birthday still struggling to rebuild his career following a 2005 acquittal on child molestation charges, and with his finances the subject of intense speculation.
In the 1980s, the duo ruled the music world, with Jackson riding high thanks to the phenomenal success of his seminal 1983 "Thriller," which with more than 50 million copies sold remains the best-selling album of all-time.
Madonna enjoyed similar success, exploding on to the scene with 1983's Madonna, and following it up with the multi-platinum Like A Virgin a year later, which has sold 21 million copies worldwide.

Yet while Madonna consolidated her success in the 25 years since her debut, Jackson's star has waned, an outcome that few would have predicted in 1983.
"It's interesting, you know, they're both the same age, they're both monster superstars, cultural myths almost, from the 1980s into the 1990s, but in so many ways they're hard to compare," said Robert Thompson, professor of television at the University of Syracuse.
"One could argue that as a musician, a dancer and an entertainer, Michael Jackson has it all over Madonna by a factor of 10," Thompson said.
"He's the guy who's up there with Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, one of the top musical performers in our cultural history."
Yet Madonna, Thompson said, has prospered from her extraordinary ability to reinvent herself, a skill that allows her to remain relevant despite the march of time and changing music tastes.

According to Geoff Mayfield, chart director of Billboard, Madonna achieved solid success with her latest album Hard Candy, which topped the charts earlier this year.
"It didn't sell as well as her music did a few years ago, but it was a number one album, and if anyone has ever proven that she's able of reinventing herself, that's Madonna," Mayfield said.
Jerry Del Colliano, a professor and music industry expert at the University of Southern California, also cited Madonna's chameleon-like ability to adapt.
"Madonna has managed to stay creative, and to stay relevant. I think she still is in the popular music scene," Del Colliano told AFP. "I don't know what she'll be like at 60, but Mick Jagger is there and he's rocking and rolling.
"There's no shrewder businesswoman. She could probably run a music studio."

Analysts were less optimistic about Jackson's ability to pull his career out of its prolonged nosedive of the last decade.
According to Thompson, Jackson's problems can be traced back to the astounding success of "Thriller" and the fame it earned him.
"He got to the point that he was so rich, so powerful and so famous, that he was allowed to kind of withdraw from any kind of reality," Thompson opined.
"Michael Jackson is the example of someone who was truly spoiled -- and by spoiled I mean ruined -- by the level of fame that he achieved.
"He accidentally turned himself into a parody of himself, and then it's kind of hard to re-emerge as a serious performer," Thompson said.
Both Thompson and Del Colliano expressed doubt that a Jackson comeback was feasible, saying the stigma of sex abuse allegations would continue to haunt the singer despite his acquittal.
"I don't think it's impossible, I think he's still got talent, but then you tie that in with the trial, and that made an awful lot of people terribly uncomfortable," Thompson said.
Del Colliano added: "Jackson withstood a trial, which was very ugly, and was vindicated. The idea that he could be a pedophile, having that in the news is not going to make your career any good."
A spokeswoman for Jackson did not respond to questions about how or where the singer would be celebrating his birthday.
Madonna, however, was reported to have postponed a star-studded party set for Saturday at the English country home she shares with husband Guy Ritchie after twisting an ankle during rehearsals for her forthcoming world tour. (source: ABS-CBN)

13 August - At 50, has Madonna surpassed the Beatles?
A quarter century after she emerged, the icon's allure is still in full effect
Burning UpThere's no easy way to say this, so I'll just come right out with it. As Madonna's 50th birthday approaches on Aug. 16, it's looking like her influence on pop music has outshone that of the Beatles.
Let me qualify the above statement before all the peace-and-love baby boomers start hating. It's Madonna's impact on the course of pop music that bests the Fab Four, not her sociological importance, songwriting skills or recording innovations. Influence means an artist has an effect on the future direction of music. While the Beatles influenced scads of artists in their time, after their breakup, their sound became yesterday's news. Artists that tried to copy them (Badfinger, the Raspberries, Squeeze) seemed quaint or quirky.

But a quarter century after Madonna emerged, artists still use her ideas and seem modern and edgy doing so. Beyond the obvious Madonna wannabe 1980s singers, Madonna's influence is felt in artists from Gwen Stefani to Britney Spears to boy bands, who found in the 1990s there was an audience beyond the old rock crowd.
Madonna, like Elvis, recast the focus of popular music. By emphasizing modern R&B grooves where most singers used rock beats, she was the catalyst that changed music from being rock-centric to being dance and R&B-oriented. (Disco, which influenced Madonna, might have done the same thing had it not died because of rock resentment.) It's worth noting that before Madonna, most music mega-stars were guy rockers; after her, almost all would be female singers.

Combining genres, inventing styles
How did this happen? Let's scroll back to 1983, the year of Madonna's first album.
Like A Virgin @ MTV VMA 1984Like Elvis and the Beatles, Madonna combined genres. So her first two singles (Everybody and Burning Up) may have been lost on people because of the way they didn't quite fit in with R&B or rock. Top 40 and MTV back then treated black music like a subgenre - not the backbone of 20th century American music, as it's recognized now. With her music and videos, Madonna sliced away at genre straightjackets like a surgeon, opening the doors for the future hip-hop explosion.

As for style, well, Madonna's rag-tag early clothing get-up defined much of what was to come in the 1980s. She was also perhaps the ultimate video pioneer, because her videos were integral to her presentation, not an appendage of it.
Her career highlights came early on. She famously rolled around on the stage singing Like A Virgin in a wedding dress at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards. She had a featured role in Desperately Seeking Susan and got a huge hit out of that with Into The Groove. She topped the charts with Crazy For You, which wasn't even on one of her albums. Forbes recently dubbed her the richest woman in music. The Billboard Book of Top 100 Hits lists her as the top female pop artist of the 1980s. (For a roll call of her accomplishments, check Wikipedia or Madonnalicious.)

Women's work
The word "female" is significant in that assessment of Madonna because she presented herself in a fresh way for women artists. She didn't try to be one of the boys, but she wasn't a girly-girl or a singer-songwriter.
Like A PrayerWhen the Beatles hit America, they changed the paradigm of performer from solo act to band. Madonna changed it back - with an emphasis on the female. With female artists everywhere these days, it's easy to forget how revolutionary her success was (historically challenged Millennials especially seem not to realize this). But look at old music magazines or Billboard charts for proof that in the pre-Madonna era, women were the aberration, not the norm.
Madonna's countless hit records opened people's minds as to how successful a female artist could be. Nineties artists such as Tori Amos and Bikini Kill have zilch in common with Madonna, but benefited from her opening the ears of teen-female pop fans to something other than the usual heavy metal shouters (trust me, teen girls in the 1980s loved that stuff).
Her early audience was the recipient of some panic-stricken journalism early on, much of which took the tone of: "Madonna's come to ruin your daughters!! Arghghgh!" The consensus then was that Madonna probably wouldn't have the longevity of Cyndi Lauper (who immediately preceded her) and would disappear like other recent suggestive singers (remember Dale Bozzio? Terri Nunn?).
But Madonna also had the Beatles-like tendency to anticipate the maturing of her audience and also the ability to reinvent her style. Her personal life became fodder for 1989's Like A Prayer, just when her audience was looking beyond dance music. When Gen X grew more mature, she told erotic Bedtime Stories and unleashed her "Sex" book on the world.

Still in vogue
The Girlie ShowMadonna's no-holds-barred example broadened the palette of what artists - especially female artists - could attempt. Liberate yourself, Madonna seemed to say, and the rest will follow. When her popularity didn't fade, as predicted, people - especially skeptical Boomer critics - were forced to take her seriously.
Madonna was also responsible for throwing off some of the unconscious modesty of pop music. Peripheral artists had attempted this, but Madonna was unique in that she brought a no-apologies approach to sex to her music. As she sung in Burning Up: "Unlike the others, I'd do anything / I'm not the same, I have no shame." She could be calculating one minute and coy the next. Her concert tours, like 1993's Girlie Show, brought this to the fore, blurring sexuality, satire and social commentary.
The late rock critic Lester Bangs observed in 1975 the Beatles' jangly sound and somewhat naive worldview was unable to transcend its 1960s origins. Bangs never gave the band enough credit for their songs, but he was right that some of their continuing appeal was fueled by hippie era nostalgia. That's still the case.
It's hard to get nostalgic about Madonna, though, because her influence stayed current. Not bad for someone who is about to hit the half-century mark. (source: MSNBC)

12 August - Givenchy to help dress Madonna for her world tour
Madonna wearing Givenchy in May 2008The upscale French fashion house Givenchy will help dress Madonna for her upcoming Sticky & Sweet world tour, a spokeswoman for the label said Tuesday.
Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci worked with the pop star to create two outfits, one of which Madonna is expected to wear during an opening number, Givenchy spokeswoman Caroline Deroche-Pasquier said.

The opening outfit is a frock coat in black stretch satin, she said. The other ensemble, to be worn in the third act of Madonna's, is a long cape worn over a black dress embellished with colored ribbons "to give it a Gypsy look," she said.
Deroche-Pasquier said other designers will also dress the star for the tour but declined to say who.
Madonna has a long history of working with French designers. Frenchman Jean-Paul Gaultier was behind the pointy cone bras that were the hallmarks of Madonna's 1990 Blond Ambition tour.

Her Sticky & Sweet world tour kicks off in Cardiff, Wales, on Aug. 23 with stops across Europe, including Berlin, Rome, London and Paris, before going to North America.
Tisci, who hails from the Italian port city of Taranto, has been with Givenchy since 2005. Known for his Gothic-influenced pieces and use of sumptuous, dark fabrics, Tisci's latest collections have garnered rave reviews. (source: AP via Yahoo)
~ You can see the costume sketches on our tour spoilers page.

12 August - Digital Spy readers' Top Ten Madonna Singles
British entertainment website Digital Spy is currently holding a Madonna week and they revealed the results of their poll about Madonna's all time Top Ten Madonna singles. As a nice celebration of her 25 years, let's look at which 10 singles were chosen by the readers as Madonna's very best:

4 Minutes10. 4 Minutes
Album: Hard Candy (2008)
UK chart: #1 US chart: #3

Produced by R&B super-producer Timbaland and featuring vocals from Justin Timberlake, this hard-edged urban pop song became Madonna's 13th UK #1 in April, placing her fifth on the all-time list. It's not one of her most melodic moments, but the urgent, horn-driven 4 Minutes grows in stature with every spin.

Crazy For You9. Crazy For You
Album: Vision Quest OST (1985)
UK chart: #2 US chart: #1

Taken from the soundtrack to long forgotten eighties flick Vision Quest, Crazy For You is the only real ballad in our top ten. "I never wanted anyone like this," Madonna swoons on the chorus, proving that when she isn't trying to shock or draw attention to herself, she's actually capable of being a bit of a softie.

Like A Virgin8. Like A Virgin
Album: Like A Virgin (1984)
UK chart: #3 US chart: #1

She didn't write it, but Like A Virgin suited Madonna to a tee, its playful, suggestive lyrics giving her plenty of scope for grabbing headlines. That she did with some style, writhing around onstage in a wedding dress while singing it at the MTV Awards in 1984. And we all know what happened when she homaged that performance with Britney and Christina in tow nearly 20 years later.

Papa Don't Preach7. Papa Don't Preach
Album: True Blue (1986)
UK chart: #1 US chart: #1

An early example of Madonna's willingness to tackle taboo subjects, Papa Don't Preach tells the story of a teenage girl who gets pregnant by her high school lover and vows that she's "keeping my baby". The lyrical content isn't quite so controversial today, but Papa Don't Preach still sounds urgent and full of drama - just as long as you block out Kelly Osbourne while you listen.

Into The Groove6. Into The Groove
Album: Like A Virgin (European reissue) (1985)
UK chart: #1 US chart: #5

This dance-pop classic, featured in her hit film Desperately Seeking Susan, became Madonna's first UK #1 in August 1985. Its drum sounds may seem a bit weedy in the cold light of 2008, but Into The Groove is so joyous and so convinced of music's ability to "set you free" that it still makes for a terrific listen today.

Ray Of Light5. Ray Of Light
Album: Ray Of Light (1998)
UK chart: #2 US chart: #5

Based on 'Sepheryn', an obscure track by 70s duo Curtiss & Maldoon, this techno-pop floor-filler is one of Madonna's most energetic, thrilling singles. Memorably performed by the pop queen at the Live 8 and Live Earth concerts, and given a rock makeover for her Confessions Tour in 2006, Ray Of Light has earned its stripes as a latter-day Madonna classic.

Frozen4. Frozen
Album: Ray Of Light (1998)
UK chart: #1 US chart: #2

After her Golden Globe-winning turn in Evita, Madonna returned to the cutting edge with this gorgeous, haunting electronic pop song. Combined with a memorable video in which La Ciccone turned into a flight of crows and a Doberman, Frozen proved unstoppable, giving Madonna her first UK #1 since Vogue eight years earlier.

Hung Up3. Hung Up
Album: Confessions On A Dance Floor (2005)
UK chart: #1 US chart: #7

Madonna wrote personally to Abba's Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson to clear the sample from 'Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)' that underpins Hung Up, her biggest hit of this decade. An irresistible combination of pop exuberance and disco drama, it reached #1 in a whopping 45 countries.

Vogue2. Vogue
Album: I'm Breathless (1990)
UK chart: #1 US chart: #1

Inspired by a New York dance craze in which clubbers would strike a series of angular, model-like poses, Vogue was originally conceived as a B-side. Realizing she had a hit on her hands, Madonna quickly added it to the Dick Tracy soundtrack album and it went on to reach #1 on both sides of the Atlantic. Probably the definitive example of her ability to bring underground trends into the mainstream.

Like A Prayer1. Like A Prayer
Album: Like A Prayer (1989)
UK chart: #1 US chart: #1

Like A Prayer is the quintessential Madonna single because it blends the three fundamentals on which she's built her career: an unforgettable chorus, a generous helping of controversy and oodles of ambition - well, who else would try to do something like this? The lyrics could be about sexual love, religious love or both, an ambiguity that the video capitalised on to Pope-baiting effect.

12 August - Final North American tour date added + Detroit sales announced finally revealed the last missing date of the North American leg of the Sticky & Sweet Tour: Boston, Massachusetts is getting a second show on Thursday, October 16th in the TD Banknorth Garden. The tickets will go on sale on Monday, August 25th @ 10 am local time while the ICON presales are set to Tuesday, August 19th @ 10 am local time.
The sales date of the Detroit show was announced as well: Saturday, August 23rd @ 10 am local time with ICON presales on Tuesday, August 19th @ 10 am local time.
Now both the European and North American schedules of the tour are full, we're awaiting the announcement of the South American shows. Click here for the current tour schedule!

10 August - More costume sketches and details
More interesting details are revealed about Madonna's fantastic tour costumes. Click here to find out!

09 August - Madonna gets VMA nomination
The electrifying choreography with Justin Timberlake in the 4 Minutes music video earns Madonna a MTV Video Music Awards nomination for 'Best Dancing In A Video'. Her competitors are Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Danity Kane & Pussycat Dolls. This is Madonna's 72nd VMA nomination, the most ever for any artist in the history of the VMAs. This year the VMA nominations are chosen by the viewers, you can vote for your favourite videos in different categories on The 'Video Of The Year' nomination is not decided yet, so even though Madonna did not get any nominations for 'Best Female Video' or 'Best Pop Video', she still has a chance to get more than one nomination at this year's show. The 25th VMAs will take place on Sunday, September 7th in Hollywood, so it is highly unlikely for Madonna to appear at the show live because she'll be touring Europe at that time.
Check out Madonna's impressive list of awards & nominations here!

08 August - Another tour costume revealed
Check out our tour spoilers page to see a new costume sketch for the Sticky & Sweet Tour.

07 August - I Am Because We Are book out in January
I Am Because We ArePowerHouse Books is pleased to announce the January 2009 release of I Am Because We Are. Photographs by Kristen Ashburn. Foreword by Madonna.
I Am Because We Are is the companion volume to the acclaimed forthcoming documentary film directed by Nathan Rissman and written and produced by Madonna. This book of images by award-winning photojournalist Kristen Ashburn--culled from her own work in Malawi and Africa over the past seven years as well as from her specially commissioned photographs for the film--provides an intimate look at the lives of eight Malawian children featured in the film and reveals the harsh reality of the AIDS pandemic throughout southern Africa.

The title is derived from the concept of "Ubuntu," an idea in African spirituality that states that all of humanity is connected, that we cannot be ourselves without community, that an individual's well-being is dependent upon the well-being of others.
These heart-wrenching stories are a call to action. In Malawi, a country of 13 million people, over one million are orphans. Looking into the hearts and minds of children who have suffered more than one can imagine, the book provides an unflinching view of life at the center of the global AIDS crisis. This is not just a story about orphans in Malawi, but about global responsibility and human interconnectedness.

I Am Because We AreI Am Because We Are includes a foreword by Madonna, an afterword by Ashburn, excerpts from interviews with Malawian children, their biographies, and extended captions. Author proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the charitable organization Raising Malawi for their extensive work with orphans throughout Malawi.

Kristen Ashburn's photographs and stories from the Middle East, Europe, and Africa have appeared in many publications worldwide. Her accolades include a 2007 Emmy Award nomination, two World Press Photo prizes, a Getty Foundation grant in 2006, Canon's Female Photojournalist Award in 2004, and other honors. She began photographing the impact of AIDS in southern Africa in 2001, and since then has also produced stories on the war in Iraq, Jewish settlers and suicide bombers in Israel's occupied territories, and the aftermath of the tsunami in Sri Lanka and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. In addition to her humanitarian photography, Ashburn is one of the directors of Through the Eyes of Children: The Rwanda Project, a charity that teaches photography to Rwandan orphans of the 1994 genocide and supports them through the sale of their images.

Click here to preview and/or pre-order the book.
For more info about the 'I Am Because We Are' documentary, please visit (source:

05 August - Live Nation confirms Detroit show
Ford Field will be getting a lot stickier and a lot sweeter Nov. 18 when Madonna brings her world tour to the Detroit Lions' home.
Madonna made the announcement that her Sticky & Sweet tour would be coming to Michigan -- marking her first Metro Detroit concert dates since 2001's Drowned World Tour visited the Palace of Auburn Hills -- while visiting the Traverse City Film Festival on Saturday. Tour promoter Live Nation confirmed the date Tuesday afternoon.
Ticket prices and an on-sale date will be announced next week. Tickets in other markets have ranged from $55-$350.
Madonna, 49, skipped Metro Detroit on her 2004 Re-Invention tour and on 2006's Confessions tour. Her Sticky & Sweet outing is her first tour since inking a deal with Live Nation that covers her touring, albums and merchandising.

The Sticky & Sweet tour follows April's Hard Candy, Madonna's 11th studio album. The tour kicks off Aug. 23 in the United Kingdom, and begins its two-month North American run Oct. 4 in New Jersey.
In June, Live Nation announced the tour had already sold more than 1 million tickets. Tickets still remain in some markets, however, including the Oct. 27 date at Chicago's United Center.
Prior to skipping Detroit on the Re-Invention and Confessions Tours, Detroit was a regular stop for Madonna, who was raised in Rochester Hills and graduated from Rochester Adams High School. In 1993, Detroit was one of only five North American cities she played on her Girlie Show tour, and she also included Detroit on 1990's Blond Ambition tour, 1987's Who's That Girl tour and 1985's Virgin tour. (source: The Detroit News)

05 August - Tour costumes and designers revealed
The costumes and their designers for Madonna's upcoming tour have been revealed! Check them out on our tour spoilers page!

04 August - Madonna's 'sweet' tour leaves kids feeling sick
Superstar Madonna's Millennium Stadium gig has forced a charity to cancel a children's football final – 22 days before the concert takes place.
Youngsters from 48 teams across Wales were left heartbroken when their dreams of playing on the world famous pitch were dashed.
A total of 336 kids had been looking forward to donning their kits for the annual Champion of Champions final yesterday, which has been held at the stadium since 2000.
But organisers at the Neighbourhood Watch Sports Trust were e-mailed and told the date was "no longer available" because "the period of the 1st to the 26th of August 2008 (is) now confirmed as required for the Madonna concert".
The American star will open her Sticky & Sweet Tour in Cardiff on August 23.
But Ian James, manager of Barry team Cadoxton Imps, was gutted when he found the team would not be able to play in the stadium – which has hosted FA Cup Finals as well as major international games – because the Queen of Pop needed so long to set up.
He said: "Give us that one day. You don't need that one day. It's three weeks until the concert. We can take knocks, but they are kids."
And the Neighbourhood Watch Sports Trust's chairman, former builder Gary Reade, 63, said: "I've spoken to the team managers and they are sick. Some of the kids have had holidays with their families withheld so they can go to the stadium and now they are not going which is a bit cruel."
Teams from Cardiff, Barry, Bridgend, Swansea, Merthyr Tydfil, Carmarthen, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Port Talbot, Neath, Powys and the Rhondda had all planned to travel to the capital for the soccer showdown.
Cardiff Council deputy leader, Neil McEvoy, called the stadium management "deplorable".
He said: "The stadium gave the trust a date of August 3, 2008. This was given in March. Despite many attempts the stadium would not confirm the date.
"At the start of July I intervened and asked if the stadium could confirm the date. By this point the trust had already spent up to £3,000 in putting the event on. The attitude of the stadium manager was deplorable."
Millennium Stadium manager Gerry Toms said: "When we set the dates, which we do quite early, we do say that if a commercial event comes in then we may have to push you out, so to speak. They agree to that when they sign up.
"In fairness to this group they have been here for several years, but this year we are contracted to Madonna, and explained 'we are awfully sorry, we cannot do it'.
"I said, 'What do you expect us to do? To tell Madonna not to bring the show in because you've got a sports day?'." (source: WalesOnline)

04 August - Madonna tour to hit Detroit
When Madonna toured in 2004, she skipped Detroit. When she hit the road in 2006, she sidestepped her native state again. When her latest batch of U.S. dates was announced in May, same story: no Detroit.
Now, Michigan fans can at last get their ticket money ready: Madonna will play Ford Field in mid-November, the Free Press has learned -- the pop superstar's first Michigan show in more than seven years.
Tickets will go on sale in about three weeks, says a music industry source.
Word of a possible Ford Field date has circulated inside Detroit concert circles for many weeks, and sources say the show was on-again, off-again as negotiations went on.
Madonna alluded Saturday to an upcoming concert in Detroit, telling an audience at the Traverse City Film Festival that she'll play the city on her new tour. The 49-year-old star was there for the premiere screening of her film I Am Because We Are, a documentary about orphans in Malawi.
The North American leg of Madonna's world tour is scheduled to start Oct. 4 in New Jersey. The Detroit show will be her first area performance since a pair of shows at the Palace of Auburn Hills in August 2001, one of which was aired live by HBO. (source: Detroit Free Press)
~ Detroit seems to be one of the missing 2 North American dates.

03 August - Madonna returns to Michigan roots to show her film
Madonna @ Traverse Film FestivalShe might be known worldwide as the Material Girl, but there's more than a little of the small-town Michigan girl left in Madonna.
The pop superstar arrived in this northern Michigan resort town Saturday to introduce her documentary, I Am Because We Are, a highlight of the Traverse City Film Festival. The event was co-founded by filmmaker, author and fellow Michigan native Michael Moore.
Hundreds of fans cheered from behind barricades as Madonna, wearing a black dress, high heels and sunglasses, stepped out of a black sport utility vehicle that pulled up in front of the State Theatre. She hugged a waiting Moore, who sported an orange baseball cap, and posed for photos with him.
Madonna and Moore shared the stage at the theater before a screening of the movie, which deals with the orphans of Malawi, the African nation where she and husband Guy Ritchie adopted a son.
"It's great bringing my movie to a place that I feel familiar," Madonna told the audience. "Not like the Cannes Film Festival, where nobody's speaking English, or the Tribeca Film Festival, where no one sits down.
"There's something poetic about coming back to the place where I used to come for holidays - camping trips with my dad and stepmother and my very large family," said the 49-year-old singer, born to the southeast in Bay City and raised in the Detroit suburb of Rochester Hills.
Madonna, Nathan Rissman & Michael Moore @ Traverse Film FestivalMadonna was accompanied by her 11-year-old daughter, Lourdes, and the film's director, Nathan Rissman. Ritchie was not present.
Moore, who won an Oscar for his 2002 documentary "Bowling for Columbine," said he was humbled to be able to call Madonna a friend.
"She has such an incredible heart and such a generous spirit," he said. "She does so much out of the glare of the lights to make the world a better place."
Madonna had praise of her own for Moore, 54, a Flint-area native who has a home near Traverse City.
"There aren't a lot of role models for us in the world, or people we can look up to," she said. "People who are not afraid to stick their neck out, people who are not afraid to stand up for things and be unpopular, to go against the grain, think outside the box.
"And we need, and I need, Michael Moore in my life."
Madonna appeared amid the release of a tell-all book by her brother and speculation about her relationship with New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez. Madonna and Rodriguez both deny an affair. She did not address the dust-ups in her appearance Saturday. (source: AP via Yahoo)

Madonna @ Traverse Film Festival Madonna @ Traverse Film Festival Madonna & Michael Moore @ Traverse Film Festival Madonna & Michael Moore @ Traverse Film Festival Madonna @ Traverse Film Festival Madonna & Lourdes @ Traverse Film Festival

02 August - Will Madonna have the most #1s on a Billboard chart
From Fred Bronson's Billboard column, Chart Beat Chat:
Hi Fred,
Great informative column as always! With Madonna scoring her 39th No. 1 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart, how close is she to being the artist with the most No. 1s on ANY Billboard chart? I also find it amusing her two most recent chart-toppers had numbers in their titles: 4 Minutes and Give It 2 Me. These are her only numerical titles to ever chart.
Jim Maino
Manahawkin, N.J.

Dear Jim,
Madonna owns the record on Hot Dance Club Play, and while there are at least two other artists ahead of her on other charts, she does have a chance to surpass one or possibly both of them and become the all-time champ when it comes to number of No. 1 songs.
On Hot Country Songs, Conway Twitty held the record for years with 40 No. 1 songs. His record was broken by George Strait, who has continued to collect No. 1s and now has 43 to his credit.
Since Strait and Madonna are both likely to continue collecting No. 1 hits on the country and dance charts respectively, Madonna will have to step up the pace to overcome Strait's lead.
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01 August - Madonna in Woman & Home magazine
As Madonna approaches her 50th birthday (16th August), she opens up to Woman and Home about planning her best decade yet with a focus on giving back
Madonna on the cover of Woman & HomeThe success of Madonna's eleventh album, Hard Candy, and sell-out performances show her enduring popularity. She recently turned her hand to directing with the well-received comedy Filth And Wisdom, and she presented the documentary I Am Because We Are, which highlights the plight of AIDS orphans in Malawi, her two-year-old adopted son David's homeland. Madonna's other children are Lourdes, 11, from her relationship with actor Carlos Leon, and Rocco, eight, from her marriage to Guy Ritchie.

Madonna on turning 50
The number 50 is not a bad word! I feel fine and am not sensitive about anyone talking about it. I see it as another excuse to have a party. I'm enjoying life as much as ever, as well as all the different things I do – directing, making music, having a family.
I am a multi-tasker. In working, I am using the right and the left side of my brain non-stop. Consequently, I don't sleep very much. But I have an incredible team around me and it's a support system I couldn't do without. I'm also a highly organised person, so between that and my obsessive-compulsive disorder, I get a lot done!

Madonna - On motherhood
Having children has had an enormous effect on me as a person, and creatively. When you have children you look at life differently. You have a much fuller sense of appreciation and for the fragility of life, and how magical we all are as human beings.
As a mother, I would fall into the category of the disciplinarian. I make my children tidy up their bedrooms. I do not like them to play video games or watch television, and I make sure they do their homework.
Among my children, Lola [Lourdes] rules the roost. She is extremely maternal towards David. He is the apple of everyone's eye right now. Lola is in major competition with Rocco and he's starting to fight back. But, when nobody's looking, the two of them still creep into bed and cuddle. It's a closet kind of love.
I lost my own mother to breast cancer when I was six. Children always think they did something wrong when their parents disappear. You're aware of a sense of loss and feel a sense of abandonment.

Madonna - On Malawi
I first became involved with Malawi as I got to know someone who lived in the Ivory Coast. He was friends with Victoria Keelan, who had come to his rescue because there had been a water shortage in the Ivory Coast. She asked if he had an idea of someone who could help with the situation with the orphans in Malawi. He had something to do with the distribution of my children's books in the Ivory Coast. On the back of the book it says that all the proceeds are donated to a children's charity. So he thought, "Madonna's interested in children". He got in touch with me and that's how the whole ball got rolling.
I think the criticism that celebrities face when they are tackling humanitarian issues is down to the cynicism of the public. People like to criticise. It's human nature. They can't imagine someone could be doing something for an altruistic reason, because they are feeling generous.
But I believe that if you have one iota of compassion, you can't ignore what's going on. You have to figure out ways to be a part of the solution.
Everything that's going on in the world is pretty scary. And people know we are living on borrowed time – whether it's global warming, the 36 wars that are going on at any given time or terrorism. A lot of people in privileged positions are waking up and thinking it's a little bit absurd to be thinking about what their next film is going to be.
The planet is only going to be around for another 50 years if we don't wake up and do something about it. It seems a little bit futile just to be worrying about your next position in the charts. So there is a lot of social consciousness going on and that can only be a good thing.
I certainly hope that people realise there's a lot more to being Madonna than taking off my clothes. I hope that the Sex book [which came out in 1992] is not the only thing that I'm identified with. I have done and plan to do many other things.
To find out more about Madonna's documentary on the plight of orphans in Malawi and what you can do to help, visit!
Read this interview in full in the September issue of Woman&Home.

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