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12 March - Madonna attends Britney's NYC show
Britney opening her first Circus Tour show in New OrleansProving that she has nothing but love for Britney, Madonna made a surprise appearance at Brit's sold-out show Circus show Wednesday in New York City.
Shortly before Britney Spears took the stage at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, Madonna, 50, arrived with her manager Guy Oseary and headed to one of the VIP suites.
Madge didn't go incognito either! She made it very obvious to fans that she was in their presence, even opting to "use the main stairs in front of everybody so they would all notice her."

"Celebrities definitely don't need to go up the main stairs to get to their suites," said a spy who spotted the Queen of Pop.
She stayed for most of the 90-minute show but left right before Spears' encore of "Womanizer."
"Britney was thrilled to have her there!" read a message on Spears' Web site. Who wouldn't be? It's Madonna! (source: Hollyscoop)

Madonna in NYC, dressed up for Purim party12 March - Madonna dresses up as a schoolgirl for Purim
Madonna's drive to reinvent her look appears to have taken a detour through daughter Lourdes' closet. The pop icon showed up to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim at New York's Kabbalah Centre Monday night in a black wig, schoolgirl's tie, striped arm warmers and retro glasses. Purim, which celebrates the ancient Jews' rescue from annihilation, is often celebrated with costume parties. Madge once attended dressed up as, of all things, a nun. Her boy toy, Jesus Luz, showed for the latest celebration dressed as "The Dark Knight's" Joker. He arrived holding hands with Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Jessica, who came in costume as Cleopatra. (source: New York Post)

12 March - Madonna in cut-rate concert
Pop star Madonna will be paid her "lowest-ever" fee for a concert in St. Petersburg in August, the concert's promoter said Wednesday.
The singer will perform on Palace Square on Aug. 2 as part of her Sticky & Sweet Tour. She won't visit Moscow.
"It will be the lowest fee in the whole history of Madonna. Madonna really will receive little. She wanted to come to St. Petersburg herself," said Yevgeny Finkelshtein, the president of PMI Corporation, RIA-Novosti reported.
He did not give a figure for the fee.

Madonna will be performing on Paratroopers Day, a notoriously rowdy holiday when servicemen usually gather on Palace Square. They may be moved to the Field of Mars, Finkelshtein said.
The 50,000 tickets go on sale March 16, costing from 2,000 rubles ($55).
Madonna does not reveal how much she makes for each show but has said she sold more than $280 million in tickets for 58 shows last year. Billboard magazine says she earned $242.2 million in 2008, making her the top-earning musician.
Madonna gave her first and only Russian concert in Moscow in 2006 as part of her Confessions Tour. The tickets sold out in four days, despite a warning from the Russian Orthodox Church, which disapproved of Madonna staging a mock-crucifixion during the show. The date and venue were changed by organizers two weeks before the concert, forcing 36,000 fans to exchange tickets. (source: The Moscow Times)

Palace Square, St.Petersburg 11 March - From Russia with love
Madonna fans, we are happy to announce that Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour will stop at St. Petersburg's Palace Square on August 2nd.
Please note that a devoted fan club presale will start on March 12. The public ticket sale will start on March 16th at 10am local time. (source:
~ This will be Madonna's second visit to Russia after her controversial stop in Moscow with the Confessions Tour, which was moved to another venue because of security issues.

08 March - Madonna to dominate air & sea during Finland show
Madonna has applied to close the seas around Helsinki, Finland so she can commandeer a small island to stage a gig for 80,000 people, according to reports.
The Holiday hitmaker is taking her Sticky & Sweet world tour to Jatkasaari, Helsinki in August (09).

West Harbour, Helsinki And she has applied to officials to close the sea and airspace over the area to prevent ticketless fans from enjoying the spectacle for free, reports Britain's Daily Star Sunday.
A source tells the publication, "Madonna couldn't find a stadium in Finland big enough for all her fans so instead she's taking over an island.
"But to stop people watching from the water on boats, she and the promoters have applied to close the sea. She's also worried people will hire helicopters to watch from the sky so she wants to close the airspace over the site as well."
But locals are not happy with the request and are worried about the effect the concert will have within the community.
One says, "Who does Madonna think she is? To have 80,000 people in such a small area is a joke. We don't have the facilities to cope with so many people." (source: ContactMusic)

06 March - Madonna to launch another clothing line?
Madonna set to team up with designer Christian Audigier for his label Ed Hardy.
Madonna wearing Ed Hardy T-shirt in 2007 Madonna is a huge fan of Ed Hardy tees, often spotted wearing the the label's iconic tattoo print and skull and heart motifs on her days off. Now she could be set to collaborate with the brand on her own collection. The Mirror is reporting that Madonna finalised a deal to design her own collection with Audiger (who is also creating costumes for the up coming Michael Jackson tour) while in L.A. for the Oscars last month.
The designs are rumoured to include tattoo printed T-shirts and crystal encrusted bodices. A complete 180 from the ladylike designs Madonna created for her range at H&M - but maybe the material girl is looking to change her style now that she is single again. (source:

06 March - I Am Because We Are premieres in France
Madonna and Nathan Rissman's 'I Am Because We Are' documentary will be released on March 25 in France. In the meantime, Nathan attended two of the previews organized in Paris (March 3rd) and in Lille (March 5th). As the documentary's director, he took the time to answer the audience's related questions and to share his thoughts about the situation in Malawi.
Working on the project for more than 2 years and spending a lot of time with children in orphanages helped Nathan to turn the documentary into an amazing and touching story made of what those children have to deal with on a daily basis. Suffering from AIDS, infections and malnutrition, most of the children in Malawi have lost their parents and are in need for proper education and guidance.
More than just a story about Malawi, 'I Am Because We Are' provides the audience with keys to help changing the situation but also spreads hope for a better world.
For more info about 'I Am Because We Are', please visit (source:

Performing Ray Of Light in Paris06 March - Paris gets a Sticky & Sweet show in 2009 as well
Now that all the announced dates went onsale, Madonna keeps shocking her European fans: after playing to more than 130,000 fans in Paris last September, she adds a Parisian date for the 2009 leg of the Sticky & Sweet show. She's scheduled to perform in Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy on Thursday, July 9th (ICON presales: Monday, March 9th @ 10 am; general ticket sales: Thursday, March 12th @ 10 am). This is a very bold move because on July 7-8th Madonna is doing the double in Manchester. Considering July 10th is a Friday and Madonna is performing in Belgium on the 11th, it's probably going to be the only Paris show this year, unless she goes back there after Belgium or after Spain, who knows... There are now two occasions in the schedule where Madonna performs 3 dates in a row without a break, we seriously hope that both Madonna & Live Nation will hold all the announced dates and they won't be forced to cancel a few because of exhaustion...

04 March - Madonna honored at RIAJ Gold Disc Awards
Hard Candy, the albumJapanese pop act Exile and Madonna were among the winners at the 23rd edition of the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) Gold Disc Awards at Tokyo International Forum in the Yurakucho district of Tokyo. The awards, held March 2, celebrate the artists that have sold the most in sales categories that range from singles and downloads to albums and total sales.

Madonna, on the strength of her Hard Candy (Warner Bros) album and digital download single Miles Away, got the Japan Gold Disc award for international artist of the year. She also won the mastertone of the year award for the same track.

International Artist Of The Year - Madonna
Miles Away, the singleInternational Ringtone Clip Of The Year - Miles Away - Madonna
International Full Song Ringtone Of The Year - Miles Away - Madonna
International PC Download Of The Year - Miles Away - Madonna

According to the RIAJ, Madonna sold 314,595 albums last year & 1,005,523 downloads sold last year! Hard Candy sold more than 250,000 copies, while Miles Away, thanks to the tv show Change, sold more than 800,000 digital downloads in Japan!

Madonna's Hard Candy is in the top 3 Best Selling International Albums Of 2008, along with Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida' & Ne-Yo's 'Year Of The Gentleman'. (source: via & LostAvenger @

03 March - Something to remember: Her voice can take us there
Like A Prayer, the videoIt's no exaggeration that March 3rd, 1989 should be mentioned in history books. Twenty years ago, all eyes were on Madonna. Coming back with a complete image makeover, an incredibly well-written single and the latest controversy that seemed to be the biggest ever, Madonna premiered a very special music video on MTV. Our M elevated the music video medium to a higher level.

Before Like A Prayer, nobody thought one could handle so many issues in less than 6 minutes. Madonna's video dealt with racism, bigotry and broke down all the taboos between religion and sex. The images of the woman called Madonna having the stigmata on her hands, dancing in front of burning crosses and getting sensual with a black saint were far beyond the limits of the conservative world. The controversial nature of the video eventually ended Madonna's contract with Pepsi for a commercial, which featured Madonna's own Like A Prayer track and premiered a day before the clip, that was instantly removed from airplay.

The idea behind the clip, in Madonna's own words:
Well, originally, when I recorded the song, I would play it over and over again, trying to get a visual sense of what sort of story or fantasy it evoked in me. I kept imagining this story about a girl who was madly in love with a black man, set in the South, with this forbidden interracial love affair. And the guy she’s in love with sings in a choir. So she’s obsessed with him and goes to church all the time. And then it turned into a bigger story, which was about racism and bigotry. I wanted to put something in about Ku Klux Klan, use burning crosses… but then Mississippi Burning came out and I realized I was hitting the nail on the head a little too hard. Too obvious. So I thought I should take a slightly different approach. My original idea was much sadder. Kind of: this is reality, and reality sucks.

Then Mary Lambert got involved as the director, and she came up with a story that incorporated more of the religious symbolism I originally wrote into the song. The whole album has a lot of religious imagery in it. The video still has the sadness, but it’s got a hopeful ending. I mean, I had these ideas about me running away with the black guy and both of us getting shot in the back by the KKK. Completely insane. So Mary made it more palatable.

The message of the video was so strong that even longtime Madonna collaborator Niki Haris refused to appear in the video because "as a black woman, burning crosses mean something to me". The thought-provoking clip remains groundbreaking up to today and regularly appears on all-time best list, and its importance cannot be underestimated in the waning days of the classic music video era.

Fortunately this project remains one of the very few occasions when the controversy did not overshadow everything: the Madonna/Patrick Leonard pennedLike A Prayer @ Blond Ambition Tour song itself remains one of the most loved pop songs of the last two decades with its exceptionally catchy melody and innovative song structure. The track, which features a loud electric guitar solo as the intro, verses sung a capella, a choir accompanying Madonna and a funky bassline, broke genre restrictions and perfectly infused everything into a fantastic feel-good pop song.

Like A Prayer ended up being Madonna's best selling singles ever, reaching #1 in countless charts. It also marks the first single in Madonna's career that got the remix treatment: Shep Pettibone turned the single into a real dance track with adding house beats, which was immortalized on The Immaculate Collection and as the basis of all live renditions of the song: the Blond Ambition Tour saw Madonna performing the track in ecstatic fervor, the Re-Invention Tour brought a dancy-folk singalong, and 2008 marked the birth of a current fan favourite, the high energy house-rave mix of the Sticky & Sweet Tour. Whenever Madonna sings this song, everyone dances & sings along; we have no choice, we hear her voice!

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