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14 February - Madonna directing 'W.E.'
Madonna, the queen of pop, has her eye on a king.
She's set to direct "W.E.," a biopic about the affair between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson that led to the Brit royal abdicating from the throne to marry his divorcee lover.
Vera Farmiga ("Up in the Air") is eyeing the plum role of Simpson, who precipitated the most severe constitutional crisis in the English monarchy in the 20th century after Edward proposed to her, only months into his reign.

There is no word yet on who will play King Edward.
Madonna is writing the script with Alex Keshishian, who directed the multihyphenate in Truth or Dare.
Former Miramax exec Colin Vaines and David Parfitt are producing the pic. CAA is handling domestica sales while IM Global has international.
This will which will be Madonna's second directorial effort; her first, Filth and Wisdom, preemed at Berlin in 2008. Simpson led a colorful life, having been married twice before her romance with Edward. The two of them, who lived the rest of their lives as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, spent the best part of three decades living a life of leisure as social celebrities around the world. (source: Variety)

12 February - Madonna's statement in memory of Alexander McQueen
Access Hollywood published Madonna's statement on Alexander McQueen's unexpected death on February 11th:
"Lee McQueen was a truly unique visionary in the world of fashion. A creator of beauty. What a tragedy."

12 February - Malawi government backs Madonna over school
Malawi's government has told a group of villagers they will have to move to make way for a $15 million girls' school being built by pop star Madonna.
Residents have refused to leave the site just outside Lilongwe, the capital.

Lilongwe District Commissioner Charles Kalemba told 200 villagers Thursday that the government land has been handed over to Madonna. The villagers have been offered other government land.
Anjimile Mtila-Oponyo, who will be principal of Madonna's school, says the singer paid the villagers more than 16 million kwacha (about $115,000) to compensate them for their houses.
Headman Binson Chinkhota urged residents to move, saying the school would benefit their children. (source: AP via Yahoo)

11 February - Madonna to appear on The Marriage Ref
According to Madonna's official site, she's set to appear on Jerry Seinfeld's series The Marriage Ref. Fan club ICON members of the NY / Tri State area are encouraged to take part in a competition to attend the filming, taking place on February 24th in NYC. Check out for more info.

10 February - Liz Smith: Madonna waited 50 years for Jesus love
Madonna & Jesus in 2009 "To think, I only had to wait 50 years for this!" That's what Madonna told a friend months ago discussing her love affair with the 22-year-old Jesus Luz. (And she wasn't just talking about the sex.) Mr. Luz is apparently attentive, tender and in tune with Madonna in a way she feels she missed out on with her two ex-husbands and, well, others …

Nobody believes me when I say it, but Madonna is an old-fashioned romantic. A bouquet of daisies and a candlelit dinner go a long way with famous women who can buy and sell any guy they meet. (As Elizabeth Taylor remarked of her last hubby, Larry Fortensky, who was 20 years her junior. "No boy is poor if he has a loving heart." And, no boy is poor if he can make a killing in the divorce settlement.)

Talk swirled last week that Madonna and Jesus had split. Within 48 hours of this gossip flurry, there they were in London, kissing up a storm at a movie premiere. She also chatted up her ex, Guy Ritchie, at the same event. And she danced like a dervish with a bevy of hot men at the after-party. (Insiders insist that Jesus will accompany Madonna to Rio on February 14 for Carnival.)
Do I think Madonna might marry Jesus? Not likely. She may be a romantic but she's not a fool. Still, I expect this relationship to endure for several more happy years. More power to them both. (source: Liz Smith @ Wowowow)

10 February - Madonna leads celebrity charge to Rio for Carnival
Madonna on Tuesday led a charge of celebrities descending on Rio de Janeiro for the city's famously sexy Carnival starting this weekend.
Madonna visits Dona Marta shantytown in Rio de Janeiro The US entertainer triggered screams from fans as she checked into an upmarket hotel on Ipanema beach with her children in tow, Brazil's Globo news websites reported.
The frenzy added to a crowd already gathered in front of the hotel because of another singing guest lodged there: Beyonce, who was wrapping up a series of pre-Carnival Brazilian concerts as part of a Latin American tour.
Rio's attraction this year for the rich and famous owes much to the city's rising profile as host of the 2016 Olympic Games and as a beachside showcase of the economic bonanza Brazil is currently enjoying.

The fact that much of the US and European jet set are fleeing freezing temperatures at home might also have something to do with the influx.
Other celebrities expected to show up for Carnival, which runs from Saturday to next Tuesday, include Alicia Keys and Paris Hilton, according to star-gazing website O fuxico.
Hollywood heart-throbs Leonardo DiCaprio and Lindsay Lohan, however, cancelled their plans to visit, the daily O Dia said.
Madonna reportedly was to mix in a bit of work for her children's charity Success for Kids, heading to Sao Paulo on Wednesday to rustle up donations.

On Friday, she was to return to Rio to accompany Brazilian politicians on visits to slums before throwing herself into the festivities of Carnival.
That swirl of street partying, balls and parades hits its climax Sunday and Monday night when Brazil's top samba schools file past packed stands in a glitzy display of fantasy and bare-breasted dancing queens.
Madonna and the other celebrities will be in exclusive VIP boxes along the parade route. (source: AFP via Yahoo!)

05 February - Madonna sets the record straight: still with Jesus, no audition
Back off, cougars of the world --Jesus Luz remains Madonna's man.
Despite rumors the Material Mom had dumped her Brazilian boy toy, we hear the two appeared very much together at the London premiere party for "A Single Man" on Monday night.

"They were all over each other and were even kissing in front of everyone," a spy on the other side of the pond dishes of the duo, who snuck into the famed Harry's Bar around 11 p.m. "They looked like they were still very much an item," although the snitch added that while Jesus snuck out right before the party ended, Madonna stayed until the venue closed.
"Tom Ford was there, and she looked like she wanted to talk to him before she left for the evening," the source says. "But there's no doubt she and Jesus were at the party together."

Madge even buried the hatchet for the evening: She was also spotted chatting with her ex, Guy Ritchie.
While the Queen of Pop may not be single, that doesn't mean she can't mingle: We hear she also enjoyed herself in NYC on Wednesday night — having a great time but certainly not stepping out on her man.
"She came into SL with a huge entourage of guys, but it looked very friendly," a snitch dishes. "At first, she was blocked off by security, but as the night went on she was having such a good time that she was out dancing like everyone else."

The 51-year-old still knows how to party: Our spy says that she even had a dance-off with the members of her posse, which included Knicks player Danilo Gallinari.
"They made a huge circle, and Madonna looked like she was competing with ["The Hurt Locker's"] Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner. Madonna looked really happy and like she was having a good time, but any attention she got from the men was definitely platonic."
Well thank God - err, Jesus - for that! (source: New York Daily News)

05 February - Madonna holding dancer auditions at NYC club?
Madonna seemed to be holding auditions at Meatpacking District hot spot SL on Wednesday night. "She was looking for new dancers for her upcoming tour," said a source. More than 30 wannabes formed a circle around her and conducted a dance-off. "It was pretty epic," our spy says. "Some professionals were doing flips and spins, while the amateurs sort of just stared." Madonna's own deejay, Tony Touch, got on the turntables while Knicks star Danilo Gallinari and singer Eve looked on. (source: NY Post)

02 February - Madonna nominated for 2 International Dance Music Awards
The 25th Annual International Dance Music Awards will take place on February 26th, as part of the Winter Music Conference.
This year, Madonna is nominated in 2 different categories: Best Pop Dance Track (Celebration) and Best Solo Artist.
Votes are now open, so make sure to visit the devoted page before February 26th! Please note that you can only vote once. Multiple submissions will be disqualified.
Good luck Madonna! (source:

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