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07 September - Madonna Leak Galore: 8 demo tracks surface online
It seems almost a tradition: in times when Madonna isn't releasing any new music, old demo tracks surface on the Internet. The past few days, we saw no less than 8 tracks leaking online. Some we had heard of before, others are totally 'new'. All are from recording sessions of the past decade, with mostly Mirwais, Timbaland and Paul Oakenfold. Here's an overview. Click on the titles for lyrics and more info.

It's So Cool: a demo from American Life, a Mirwais/Monte Pittman collaboration. Two versions have leaked, both different from the iTunes bonus track, which Paul Oakenfold reworked for Celebration.
Miss You: a demo from American Life, most likely a Mirwais collaboration.
Madonna performs La Isla Bonita/Lela Pala Tute at Live Earth If You Go Away: recorded during the Hello Suckers! sessions, a cover based on Jacques Brel's "Ne Me Quitte Pas", a standard recorded by a lot of artists.
Pala Tute: the track that everyone confused with "La La" or "Latte", which was in fact a song written around "Lela Pala Tute", the gypsy song that was performed on Live Earth and Sticky & Sweet.
Infinity: a demo from Hard Candy by Timbaland. The lyrics were later re-used for Give It 2 Me, while the melody was reworked to fit the Neptunes' track.
Animal: a demo from Hard Candy, most likely a Timbaland collaboration.
Across The Sky: a demo from Hard Candy, a Timberlake/Timbaland collaboration, a much clearer, but slightly different version from the leak earlier this year.
Broken (I'm Sorry): a demo from the Paul Oakenfold sessions in the Spring of 2009, which was intended for Celebration. It features a lot of lyrical references to older Madonna songs.

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