Madonna news - Dec. 2010

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31 December - Pharrell Williams confirms new Madonna collaboration
Pharrell WilliamsAs one half of the producer duo The Neptunes, Pharrell Williams confirms to, alongside other new projects, that "We've also got some stuff going on with Madonna." Madonna first collaborated with Pharrell 4 years ago, initially on the charity track Hey You and then The Neptunes ended up co-writing and co-producing 7 songs on Hard Candy. The Neptunes has been a prominent beatmaker duo for more than a decade, producing many high-profile pop artists, the most recent being Shakira.

Please note that each and every Madonna studio album in the past 20 years started as a collaboration with a previous producer but most of them eventually went into a different direction.
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28 December - Madonna sends gifts to Malawi orphanage
It was a very Madge Christmas for the 25,000 orphans in Malawi. Madonna shipped boxes and bales containing toys, chocolate and sweets to six orphanages in the birth country of her adopted daughter, Mercy. Along with the goodies, the 52-year-old star included a handwritten note that read "To my Malawi children on Christmas and Boxing Day. I wish I was with you. See you soon, M."
Officials at Madonna's charity, Raising Malawi, distributed the items and other miniature Christmas cards signed by Madonna and children Lourdes, 14, and Rocco, 10. The notes read: "Mercy, David, Rocco, Lourdes and I send you a blessed Christmas to all of you!"

Also in the bales were new clothing and items that Madonna, Lourdes, Rocco and Mercy have outgrown and can no longer use, officials tell
Madonna also threw an open-air party at Consol Homes, an orphanage near Lilongwe, the town where she teaches a Kabbalah spirituality class to children.

Over 1,000 people from the surrounding villages were invited to celebrate with the 2,500 orphans and underprivileged children. "Madonna says she always enjoys the traditional dances the villagers perform for her when she visits," Yacinta Chapomba, director of Consol Homes, tells Us. "She asked us to invite as many villagers as possible for the Christmas party." (source: US Magazine)

23 December - Madonna is most-mentioned celeb in UK print media over the last decade
Madonna has been crowned the most talked-about celebrity of the noughties. The 52-year-old has had her name mentioned in UK print media more than any other star since 2000. Brian Merron, of researcher Kantar Media, said: “This shows why she’s hailed as a legend.” X Factor judge Simon Cowell was the most talked about in 2010.

Decade’s top 10:
1 Madonna, 46,017
2 Simon Cowell, 29,888
3 Robbie Williams, 28,563
4 Kate Moss, 28,056
5 Britney Spears, 27,588
6 Victoria Beckham, 25,833
7 David Beckham, 24,953
8 Michael Jackson, 24,688
9 Paul McCartney, 21,556
10. Kylie Minogue, 19,694
(source: Daily Mirror)

17 December - Madonna is ready to make new dance music!
The Dancing has just posted this statement from Madonna herself:

"It's official! I need to move. I need to sweat. I need to make new music! Music I can dance to. I'm on the look out for the maddest, sickest, most bad ass people to collaborate with. I'm just saying......" - Madonna

Please note that a collaborator does not necessarily mean another singer, but songwriters and producers as well that Madonna always works with when creating music. It is unknown when Madonna will actually enter the recording studio and when the fruit of that will see the light of the day, but it's more reasonable to expect something in the third quarter of the next year at the earliest.

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