Celebration Tour - Setlist

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The Celebration Tour is Madonna's very first tour that doesn't promote any new material. Instead it focuses on her greatest hits of the past 4 decades.

First Segment

Nothing Really Matters
Into the Hollywood Groove
Burning Up
Open Your Heart
Live To Tell (with elements of In This Life)
Like A Prayer (with elements of MDNA Tour intro, 'Unholy' & Act Of Contrition)

Second Segment

Living For Love / Up Down Suite (interlude)
Erotica (with elements of Papa Don't Preach)
Justify My Love (with elements of Fever)
Hung Up
Bad Girl
Vogue (with elements of 'Break My Soul' (Queens Remix))
Human Nature
Crazy For You

Third Segment

The Beast Within (Re-Invention intro interlude)
Die Another Day
Don't Tell Me
Mother and Father
'I Will Survive' (in North America: Express Yourself)
La Isla Bonita
Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Fourth Segment

I Don't Search I Find (interlude)
Bedtime Story
Ray of Light (Sasha Ultra Violet Mix)


'Billie Jean' vs. Like A Virgin (interlude with elements of Angel)
Bitch I'm Madonna
Celebration (with elements of Music)


Since the opening night in London coincided with Lola's birthday, Madonna performed Little Star as a birthday gift.
During both concerts in Lisbon (Nov. 6 & 7), Madonna sang Sodade by Cesária Évora.
On the opening night for the North American tour leg in Brooklyn, Madonna performed I Love New York.
Starting from the concert in Boston (Jan. 8), 'I Will Survive' was replaced by Express Yourself.
Frozen was rehearsed, but last minute replaced by Rain. In Toronto (Jan. 11 & 12) and Detroit (Jan. 15), Madonna performed Frozen instead of Rain.
In New York City (Jan. 29), Tokischa joined Madonna on stage to perform Hung Up.
In Chicago (Feb. 2), Madonna performed This Used To Be My Playground acapella.
In LA (March 7), Madonna and Kylie appeared on the same stage for the first time ever. They performed 'I Will Survive' and 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' together.
In Rio (May 4), Madonna performed a special rendition of Music with Pabllo Vitra and Brazilian samba players (replacing Don't Cry For Me Argentina in the setlist). Mother and Father was omitted that night.

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